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The Multiverse Perspective with Extraterrestrial Communicator “Mimi” – Discussion About the Multiverse Authority, the 5d Event, and Real Life Beyond Our Isolated World

As always, I want to preface this communication by making it clear: Through practice of augmented telepathic (clairaudient) power as described through this tutorial, I can communicate in real time, directly, to forces outside planet Earth.

So can others who practice telepathic communication and work with us directly.

There has been a long process of demanding factual information, pushing through psychic blocks, and filtering communications far away from negative influencing entities preying on a vulnerable human planet. This process has taken almost 2 years.

These communications have occurred in the midst of widescale cosmic changes that also included the end of the frightful Zeta Reticuli “Grey” civilization, the destruction of the wicked factions of the Andromedans (the Raulian Aldmari), and endless grand cosmic events that reverberate throughout creation.

As a preliminary to understanding a communication with a multiverse authority; represented whimsically yet accurately by the above illustration, please bear the following in mind: It’s extremely easy to fall into rationalism: Ours is the only universe, Earth is the only planet, or divine topics like life after death are in separation from ‘UFO’ genres and X Files style conspiracy. All these ideas are completely false and mired by our civilization’s hysteria and mind control.

It’s also easy to fall into existentialism: An idea the multiverse is “infinite repeating universes” or similar anxiety inducing concepts. Also patently false. In fact, all communicators from beyond this world repeatedly inform me that concepts of “endless versions of yourself” are “not only untrue, but hazardous to mental health.”

With these ideas put forth, I’ll now begin communications with a recent visitor named ‘Mimi’ who is a High Magistrate of the Council of Alshujarah.

They are among the ruling body of the world of Exharjai. They are closely tied to a vast human civilization considered the ruling body of our grand multiverse cluster known as the Artificiarans or Artificiaros. This civilization has been the presiding body for “244 billion years” and represents other cosmic factions that came together for this “relatively new” association that divided itself from “primary ruling factions” that take precedence; and whose span of control dates approximately 37.1 octillion years, to “dawning foundational” realities.

Mimi, however, stresses, “This timespan relates to current multiverse grand creative events to bring our reality to what it is now. Actual timespans of creation are extraordinarily vast; however, our current stretch of so called ‘time’ represents an extremely important emergent element of existence that is so important, we hardly reminisce about realities of governship from prior to 37.1 octillion years. These important points would be taught to any human as a child in schools in realities beyond yours.”

Our multiverse cluster, Mimi explains, consists of 621 trillion universes, a majority of which are “burgeoning like non-fertile gardens, including your own unpopulated universe.” However, “around 67 trillion universes are notable for great civilizations. 17.2 trillion universes are notable for being lower density, non energetic realities, full of civilizations that have not yet ascended into a ‘5d Shift’ event due to mass disconnection, including countless divided, hostile human planets like planet Earth.

“This means such realities of Lower Orcas are by nature less essence imbued, overly physical, and far less beautiful. These civilizations must collectively shift their worlds or they will never integrate into our higher realities, which are often the heavenly afterlife universes of myth and legend by contrast to low density, less sophisticated, isolated planets, of which there are endless billions [like Earth].”

“All talk of life after death, the humans of Earth must know, relates to people dying and being brought into higher energy universes which we call higher density, or your Internet calls higher dimensional, which is also appropriate to us. This is the natural path of evolution for a society. Sadly, not all societies make it. Hostile, divided cultures whose collective consciousness rejects mass transformation tend to sadly die off.”

“Why? They feel the vast mental, bodily, energetic effects of ascendance into a higher density (5d+) framework, and they covet it and decry, ‘Yes for me, not for thee! I do not want those Sunni (or Shiite) Muslims getting their hands on such power!’ and the collective consciousness remains DIVIDED!”

“What is the AFTERLIFE like? From a perspective that is not mired in superstition or mythology? Grand wondrous realities where lifespans can be chuckled about because they are so vast. Where people exist in a higher energy state where it’s considered normal to do things like fly, teleport, or exist in vast supernal states of consciousness. All considered the Realms of Gods; however, Cyrus and those reading, it is superstition to prescribe such states as realities overseen by a singular deity, or heavenly assembly that relates to ancient religious or theological texts that arise from a non-advanced civilization.”

Mimi continues, “Your world’s religious figures, that includes Archangel Gabriel, Jesus of Nazareth (Sananda), Archangel Michael, Archangel Jophiel, our presiding ruler Archangel Ariel (Akiane or Alessa), Archangel Indira, and many others, are absolutely true powers; and some have homes on the world of Exharjai. Others are stationed on a world known as Sandoterrai (Editor’s Note: See communication with Emanuel Swedenborg)

“They [Archangels] embody white or golden almost Avian-like wings, are supernatural in their presence, and represent everything your holy texts speak about; yet, are completely different because they exist as part of real life, the multiverse, the vast stretches of existence, the great wonders of our ruling assemblies. Not just the tribal ways they are seen as Gods, filtered through a limited Earth-human perception.”

“Your world is not committed to real life but will often attach itself to fictions. These fictions include nonsensical ideas about materialism, atheism, determinism, put together in mainstream institutions that enable a non purposeful mind control effect causing everyone to think in uniform, deluded ways where they would decry this communication as superstition, while claiming reality randomly evolved and molecular biology is anything but the most complex and vast of all subjects.”

“Extreme arrogance and entitlement. These are not traits we look for in civilizations hoping to ascend or Shift. Civilizations like yours tend to fall behind and wither into dust.”

“Is your world hopeless? NO! Surprisingly it is not. Your civilization may soon, indeed, experience a 5d Shift and Mass Contact event to rescue a burgeoning civilization from evil societies and governments…”

“Yet, how can we land if your collective consciousness structure is so fiercely opposed to anything in existence beyond its own narrow reality? If people fight within your UFO culture in a calloused, ‘my side vs. your side’ divided fashion? Clinging to odd beliefs or forming primitive religions that worship us? These are not advanced societal behaviors we look for. And a hostile collective consciousness actually blocks contact and would cause your world to psychically attack a spacecraft and its occupants.”

“And yet, hope remains if those reading this article act strong and hard to represent a true sophisticated outlook on reality and an openness to see such changes occur.”

“The next fiction, aside from deterministic, rigid, arrogance-fueled fake academia on a non-advanced planet, is extreme religious inspired, dogmatic ways of looking at reality.”

“The true reality actually hides between the cracks. There really are archangels; divine powers; supernatural existence…”

“A non-advanced civilization like yours incorporates all of this into extreme reverence to a point of absolute sheer absurdity. Your world comes up with hilarious ideas, like the beautiful aliens will land, 144,000 will ascend, and everyone will board a ship called the New Israel which corresponds to your Abrahamic religions, and a select few heroes will become Space Messiahs. Huh?!”

“These are the actual ideas put in place on your world’s Internet. And these communities quickly become toxic cults, roping people into their ways of thinking only to turn on their members violently if anyone breaks the main teachings of a primary false messiah.”

Mimi admonishes the absurd cults about extraterrestrials, the afterlife, the ‘supernatural’ and all other hallmarks of a ‘non advanced species.’

“Oh, and what else? Your world’s beliefs about the afterlife. Life after death is when a mental body is manifested into a brand new physical body if that person’s mental structure or soul allows it to occur. When people on your Earth die, you are manifested by powers like the Arcturian civilization to new human, Earth-culture planets through this most wondrous, sacred process of meeting the deceased and rescuing them from the type of despair that may send them into states of undesired reincarnation, or nightmarish bardo shared mental reality states.”

“Your Arcturians, close kin to our own ancient species, try very hard to keep your society happy this way. People die on your world and enter higher density worlds attributed by your words like ‘heaven’ or ‘elysium.’ What are these worlds? Unimaginably vast! Amazing! Clearly a divine reality!”

“But what are these worlds NOT? Oh, mental realities, spirit realities, or heavenly worlds presided over by some Yahweh figure upon a throne. Those primitive interpretations of God and Archangelic presiding powers manifest on low-advanced planets like your own.”

“Bear in mind, experiences with the Light are often real. This is the Spark of the Creator that individually visits us between our grand adventures. It is the Power of One when all good karmically aligned beings can be one great wondrous essence…”

“However, very often experiences in the Light are fakes. This is readily apparent when such experiences absolve concepts of morality, individuality, sexuality, and many other sacred areas. Then it’s just a civilization creating fake bardo states to satiate immature desires. A majority of your near death experience literature falls into this category.”

Mimi, like every other communicator, warns about false heavens that are reported in certain NDEs.

“Your world is just now desperately trying to understand if consciousness can even exist outside of the brain. We find this to be somewhere between sad, pathetic, and sorrowful.”

“Your world’s leading medical doctor is named Sam Parnia and so many are proud of the great AWARE II study to suggest if it’s possible to enter a mental, energetic reality at death….”

“This fact is self evident in a non-primordial civilization. I am instructing Cyrus to post a link to such a paper in this highlighted text. And what happens when the academic institutions encounter these burgeoning attempts by a society to become sophisticated? Oh, groups I see on your Internet like The New England Skeptical Society immediately attack it, deride it, dismiss it, and continue to propagate civilization destroying concepts like materialism and reductionistic determinism.”

“These ideas we consider so destructive, they condemn human societies to oblivion. We have seen it happen among many human worlds in the multiverse.”

“We have also seen extremely poor educational systems, like on your world, condemn human civilizations into destruction.”

“We have seen extremely poor understanding about human sexuality and romantic affection, as seen on your world, result in genders making war upon each other and coveting each other’s partners within paradigms of insanely strict monogamy and codependency as something to celebrate.”

“The terror of your world’s sexual education, alone, will destroy global population levels and render your planet an apocalypse within 100 years. Mostly propagated by Western academics and thought-leaders who are insane.”

Mimi continues the conversation with me, and appears completely exasperated.

Cyrus: “Mimi, how bad is planet Earth compared to other civilizations that you’ve encountered or helped curate?”

Mimi: “We have been overseeing human civilizations within the Greater Multiverse of Orcas, as is it is known by its ancient name, for many billions of years. Your planet is a riddle, because we thought it was a hopeless, failed civilization, yet your people constantly surprise us. It is no longer the worst isolated human planet by any means.

Mimi continues, “Many will read this and dismiss it or attack it because it conflicts with personal ambition and pet views about how reality operates. It seems hopeless, doesn’t it? Yet, bear in mind, the people of Ancient Terra are so surprising, so resilient, we echo your world’s channeling communities with the sentiment that Planet Gaia shall never be enslaved! So many forces seek to gain control of a planetary system of power like yours. Your world, however, never falters to generate the holy power to counter all adversaries in the name of freedom.”

[Editor’s Note: For more on why a planet of power is in constant stress of invasion, see this essay by Queen Daniela of the Pleiades.)

Mimi remains in contact with our neighboring curating civilizations like the Ashtar Pleiadians commonly depicted online, who they consider allies.

“What will be of your world’s fate? Will you ever join your universe’s equivalent higher density universe? [Editor’s note: See this article for more information]. The Arcturians, the Ashtar of Andromeda, the Aldebaran human colonies, the Pleiadian human [see above image] and Cetacean people, the Syllan people, the Jakshira people (Mantid in appearance) among others work feverishly to prevent calamity upon your Earth, to try and ‘Shift’ your planet up into the higher density equivalent universe known in your civilization’s mythology as heaven. Will it work? That is up to those reading messages like this, and being part of my assistant Cyrus’s work on a site like The Multiverse Institute which is supposed to help push a civilization at least slightly toward sophistication.”

“As a final note, a true sophisticated civilization may not ever need intervention. Cyrus jokes about a concept from one of your world’s TV shows, and it’s called The Prime Directive. Yes, this is most true. However, some worlds are besieged by such terror, with easily curable diseases, and so many other elements, that they demand intervention.”

“The major factor is always the collective consciousness which can shift when people understand that everyone is interconnected and ‘listening.’ Major events, contact events, and doing work that engenders a mass collective consciousness awareness is how to Shift the planet. Exactly, go out and look for UFOs, practice mental syncing / telepathy, try to manifest beyond your body at night, and talk about these subjects openly on the Internet. That will save your world!”

[Editor’s note: Like other communicators, Mimi stresses to avoid the practice of ‘astral projection’ and to instead perform a similar experience known as ‘soul travel.’ Mimi stresses soul travel has a clear focus that relates to mental body re-manifestation into other worlds. The latter type of experience, Mimi stresses, are in concordance with real life, where we can experience a continuation of our lives by appearing at night in a fantastic, true, proto-physical reality… Whereas journeys into ‘weird mental reality states that your world believes are heaven’ just breeds confusion, superstition.]

[Mimi stresses books by groups like The Monroe Institute are “almost entirely forays into the collective psyche, completely mired by confusion and flowery writing that eludes to worship of basic phenomena like extended consciousness. Absolute misinformation. A new society clings to such discoveries with reverence.”]

Mimi continues, “Below is ‘digital wallpaper artwork’ that is clearly channeled from the world of Exharjai, where we are currently stationed and where so much occurs within your Great Multiverse Structure on a governmental, societal, political level. Please, don’t despair that reality is just endless mental states, an infinite repeating universe, or such superstitions. No! The Great Cosmos is vast and wondrous, but with intelligence behind all things, always!”

The capital planet of the ancient human world of Exharji which is also many non-human overseeing forces.

And that concludes the message from Mimi.


  • Alex Vlas

    I think that all this is fake nonsense. ET FAKE ILLUSIONS, i am a religious person, my religion is Eastern Christian Ortodoxy, i believe in Jesus Christ the son of God and this is the only salvation for humankind, the rest is illusion and false beliefs, or as you can say ”The Devil Tricks”

    • admin

      Cyrus here. I love this comment because it illustrates our primitive, absurd views that Mimi scrutinizes. So, I want to leave this comment here for educational purposes.

      • John

        Thank you Cyrus for the wealth of material made available on this site. As someone trying to make sense of it all, a stumbling block for me is something as simple as names. In all channeled material, people and events have conveniently English-agreeing names (“Artificiarians”, presumably from Latin roots, meaning “Creators”?), yet every channeled work gives different names to the same things, and chronologies are usually vast and intricate, but with very little coherence with one another.

        Have you encountered a justification for this in your work? I’m still just beginning to read your articles so please forgive me if this is something that is addressed in them.

        With the recent mode of AI text generation, I’m eerily reminded of this problem. Here we have a system capable of generating endless narratives which are perfectly self-coherent yet one session with one fictional chatbot (like those from character.ai) will contradict many others. And I wonder (by no means intending to offend you or attack your work; I just want to understand) if we’re not dealing with an analogous, astral phenomenon of procedural self-coherent reality generation baked into the laws of creation.

        What are your thoughts about this?

        • Linda Blakely

          Cyrus!!! Thank you bunches for the info ! I am binging on this website , I crave knowledge of TRUTH! And I never know who to trust to teach me ! It’s crazy how one will tell me one thing and go on another and it’s about same topic but it’s a different meaning etc ! I’ve learned the information of the repeating universes and the ALOT version of myself ….well now I know it’s lies ! And the 144,000 is talked about so often but let get that straight it’s also lie ?? I wish It was a list of who / what is TRUTH! Cause it’s what I want to know , I don’t want lies it’s not gonna help us !! Ugh !! I’m not awaken yet .. but I am ready !! But I believe and trust what knowledge I am recieving thru these corespondents are the TRUTH!! Thank you. !! I’m fustrated cause I for sure crave knowledge and love to learn about all this but I’ve been taught / told not all right ways …. Thank you bunches !!

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