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Channeling Emanuel Swedenborg – The Great 18th Century Theologian

Telepathic Communication with Emanuel Swedenborg – 18th Century Theologian and Enlightenment Scholar – Life on an Angelic World, Unrevealed Truths of His Life, Devious Sexual Behavior in the Modern Age

Taken from the book The Cosmic Shift of Mankind. See: The Great Cosmic Shift on YouTube for more information, Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics on Facebook.

Greetings to those reading this anthology. What a great pleasure it is to be here and to write through the very fingers of this young man, Cyrus, who has grown into a talent we can recognize throughout the ages. It [communications like this one] is nothing new, and is a normal occurrence on your world. What is very different, however, is the nature of any creative, artistic pursuit that attacks at the truth, so to speak—which illustrates the importance of this work.

My message for those reading comes a full two-and-a-half centuries since my passing. Yet, you may be reading this book at some ungodly date into the far-flung future. In which case, add as many zeroes to that prior date as you like!

Most importantly, I want to talk about a few prime concepts, potential misconceptions, that concerns work some are familiar with like Heaven and Hell. And also importantly, reminders about the very nature of the migration of souls from the terrestrial, to the less-than-terrestrial. To the higher realities. To the heavenly realms.

This is of especial importance to the former reality of this man Swedenborg; for my world—the Earth—was a battleground planet, a testing center between light and darkness. A prelude to great judgments that were borne upon the realities far and between. From the realities of spirit where I once dwelt to the grand, heavenly planets of the Archangels themselves (where I exist now)—a magnificent contrast exists for those souls migrating from a world like yours into what awaits.

As such, a topic I never quite discussed on your world were the specific details of my encounters with divine beings, and how that would someday lead to my life among such angels. Such mysteries will be revealed in these forthcoming pages.

It was long a prerogative of mine to understand the very naturalistic, even biologic elements of what a heavenly reality would be like. This became almost an obsession of mine. Surely, in the olden days at Uppsala University, I would have taken an angel and used every lovely ancient device of microscopy to investigate those angel feathers. Back then, we had scant knowledge of subjects like atoms and molecules—just traces of the truth—but armed with such traces of knowledge, I’d been very concerned with trying to understand the compositional elements of a divine being. Why? Well, surely, the angelic being must exist in a naturalistic state; for what would not be a naturalistic state? All must derive from nature, including realms of divinity. This was my view. Who else thought this way? Few, if any. I was standing out like a peacock in the sun. Also, because I thought, “Surely, we must understand worlds beyond this one in literal terms. For most people, it seems divinity is understood in the realm of faith alone. Faith is most important, yet what will I be doing in heaven? I’d very much like to continue my sciences. I wanted to understand my future life not purely in the light of faith, but also through science and inquiry—the literal imaginings of it all.”

At this time, I faced an enormous amount of criticism from ecclesiastic authorities because I dared to think in such a way. Why? Because literal terms should be placed into the “faithless fire”, as they would say. Instead, we trust in the Word and place the material sciences, the literality of things, into the realm of Man. Odd, I would say, as this perspective did not appeal to me. Yet, subjection to criticism can wear on any soul, as it did my own, faced by such a constant barrage.

Criticisms arise, however, in light of publicity and reputation. What occurred to much attention were my direct communion, and communication, with angelic beings. This is important to point out because there was a host of them, including communications I dared not reveal publicly, including that of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

To reveal the extent of these visitations would place me in a lot of hot water. Possibly even now, upon your world. However, this will not ward me away from revealing these stories. Some of my tales were known about, a scant bit of it I would say. For example, Jesus Christ did visit me in person. And as a rationalist, I did not attribute it to hallucination. And those who knew me understood the reality of such claims coming from a level-headed, rationally minded, scientific authority as myself. What I did not reveal, however, is that I ate with Jesus, dined with him as a house guest. He even stayed in my home for a night. When our communion finished, he called me his brother and he left my home.

Strange, how do you parse such a reality entering your life? It’s very hard to do it. But I am an inquisitive mind, and I’d have preferred the Lord Savior Jesus Christ to stay a while so I could poke at him with scientific instruments and figure out the physicality of his existence. Sadly, this event did not go in such a direction.

So, herein lies the challenge going forward, so we can be pithy for my role in this anthology: Your world is in a state of confusion about divinity, theology, religion, spirituality, magic and God. The first is an inability to adapt to change as it arises. The very element of the heavenly kingdoms is adaptation to change, and allowing so much to flow. I shall speak shortly of my meetings with the Archangels; and my eventual migration to their realms. However, this point about the turmoil facing your world must be elucidated to a stronger degree first.

For you see, institutes, and I shall include even the Swedenborgian fellows, should bear in mind that half truths are worse than lies. I am not speaking ill of any such persons who continue forward in my name, but these plights are simply things that occur, do occur, and must be approached vigilantly. A half truth occurs when one element is correct, another element is false, and the package is presented. No one knows how to unravel it, or understand what goes where, and soon an idea persists, like among Lutherans, that masturbation is such an immoral act you can soon be sent into hell.

In fact, to see masturbation in a shameful lens creates a host of psychological issues among people. For one thing, it causes an internalized sense of guilt and shame for elements of nature, completely unrelated to mentality, morality, are classified as such.

It creates a sense in a soul that reality is out to get them. That God’s rules do not fit with what is occurring in their midst. It also causes a sense that we are walking a path down a treacherous road with cliffs on either side, in the dark, and despite our best attempts at survival, we could fall into hell at any point.

Finally, with life’s hardships, if we should step onto a road like sexuality for too long, it’s the devil’s fruit and we are off to the classification of sinner, which only makes the hardships worse.

We could go on, and on. Yet, do keep in mind, this was all my strong belief set during my day. I believed masturbation was most certainly a detraction from the Lord, and a blasphemy against a sacred part of life—the holy conception of a new soul—which should be relegated to a brief important moment of sperm fertilization of an egg—the act of biological fertilization that I was endlessly interested in. However, to explore this beyond that sacred moment was a plight against God and an indulgence. Hmm. Most interesting.

In order to prevent battles erupting between various factions, there are elements I never spoke about publicly on your world, such as the extent of my visitations with Jesus in my own home. In this same regard, subjects like the churches’ view of m-sturbation, spoken of in such a plain fashion as in this essay, could be quite a new experience for certain long-time readers of mine—especially considering my own standpoint has altered considerably since my days on your world. As you can imagine, there are a great many subjects I’d love to get of my chest given this opportunity and platform to speak to an audience within the Lower Earth.

As some recall, in my work I often spoke of the nature of angels—souls that were us, from our world, surely, transformed into angelic status in realities that are certainly as real as ours. I would reinforce how the natural world must remain natural. What is the world of spirit by contrast? Ah, the mysteries of trying to understand where matter and spirit converge. I can see from the rest of this anthology other authors have spoken much about this subject—the soul collective versus the manifested, higher realities. I will not delve so deeply into what has already been explained. However, to put it in simple terms: My work would focus on the organic spirit of life, and not the mental realities, although I would spend much time in the mental reality after my passing, before walking through those gates into the true dwellings of the Archangels.

Angels, as I have spoken of before, certainly do originate from our world—but the cosmos is vast and wondrous and those souls elevated to angelic status extend far beyond just the trappings of our one, single planet. Creation is too bountiful to be exclusive to just our one meager world. Unfortunately, ecclesiastic authorities in my day saw things very different.

In time, I would prove to myself the existence of greater realities, where angelic authority extends far beyond the reaches of the Earth—even though my constituents saw things very differently, that Earth was a singular creation. The idea of other planets constituting a divine reality was outrageous. I speak now to an audience where perhaps such notions are no longer so outrageous.

Before we continue exploring such outrageous ideas, I’d like to summarize a little more my exodus from your world: It was a great series of steps to arrive to where I am now, upon an Archangelic, divine planet. And much of this relates to that very concept of moving from the reality of the ‘bardo’, the mental lucid states of the mind and spirit, even among heavenly realms of such an existence, and into the Divine Manifested Reality, as I shall term it. So, my life has gone through transformation after transformation.

If only I knew back then, [in my era], what I know now, so much I would have written differently, so much I would have added or changed, and I most certainly wouldn’t have been going on with my peers about the great folly of masturbation. Certainly in my day there were greater, pressing concerns.

So, what is this realm of Archangels I exist in now? Ah, yes. I live in a kind of study hall. Much to my liking. For you see, the realm of the mind, the spirit world, never did suit me as I prefer a naturalistic environment. In a realm of the mind, I never did come to suitable conclusions about the biologic nature of heaven; for my mental reality was constructed in a synthetic fashion. Two different modes of being. That is what I learnt, actually. And an important lesson, for the realm of the mind feels physical to the touch, and is confusing, until it is clear the nature of such an existence. So, the Archangelic forces I first encountered back during my life upon Earth were eventually ready to accept me at a certain point in the evolution of my soul into their reality. Indeed, even before my passing, I had developed a relationship among the highest order of angelic authority that would of course influence my work and my life’s purpose.

Now I shall speak of who I met before within my Earthly life: The Archangel Jophiel. This was the great, wondrous figure that summoned me to her court from my own home.

Wait, surely not Jophiel! Ah, the controversy should begin. Jophiel is a figure from Angelicanism and the Kabbalah, of all places. My credibility would be flame-roasted and toasted. It would be as bad as finding out I was masturbating, to have a visionary experience with the Archangel Jophiel. Yet, that is precisely what occurred. And I couldn’t tell a soul any of the details until now.

No less, it was not merely a visionary experience but I was taken to Jophiel’s reality. It should be understood Jophiel is written as companion to the Archangel Ariel. This is surely true as well. Ariel now resides around this reality; yet, not a permanent resident, as Ariel is a guiding power and watcher; and of course, she is also known as Alessa or Akiane.

Jophiel, in a great assembly, is in power along her deputies, Michael and Gabriel, and ascended above them is the Archangel Ariel. There are many more in this assembly to note, including grand elder beings of the cosmos—dating to the dawn of creation—something unfathomable yet real—with names never before uttered among the lips of people from your world.

Even this information shared so far would have caused too much controversy during my day. Perhaps of a deadly variety against myself or my loved ones. It is not something to trifle with—the extremities of the church, and the power of such authority in my era of the 18th century.

Yet, there I was under the magnificent throne of the Archangel Jophiel, who was the ruler in her kingdom. Others surrounded her with wings, many with armours, and weapons, and flaming swords, and there she sat on a golden throne in every bit of illumination, glory, grandiosity one could imagine. Yet, there I was, noticing the small details: What was this environment? A real place, literally. And there were others, I noticed men with beards and adornments and offering her praise, or pleading to her, and she appeared to be a very busy woman.

So I quipped, “Archangel Jophiel, you are a very busy woman and here I am, mucking about. So sorry for my troubles.”

Of course, Jophiel went straight to my mind, and said, “No, Emanuel Swedenborg, come hither.” And so I did.

So, up some marble steps I went, quite contented to be in heaven. For heaven appears as anticipated as it had been for me in my life. And, to think: On my mind were the opportunities of this world. Surely, this reality would be ideal for a man like myself. I could see myself among those bearded blokes over yonder, maybe a scribe or a scientist in the court of these angels.

But most importantly, I felt to be in a reality that was not my own. No, certainly not, because every moment of this reality had magic behind it. Every scent, every perfume, every glance of every being, every communication occurring mentally—often rapidly—every moment felt an awe-inspiring gravitas that cannot, could never, be described in words. We must not even try. Yet, manifested in physical reality, it was!

Jophiel looked at me and spoke, “You may also call me Flourella.”

Ah, what a beautiful name: Flourella. Surely, this Queen of Archangels’ true, beautiful name had never been uttered on my world before. Therefore, I can simply go revise the ancient Kabbalah, rewrite current scripture, and be thought of as a madman. Alternatively, I shall keep the name Flourella somewhere near and dear in my heart, while at the same time never revealing the full extent of this particular experience lest I fall into a kind of civil war upon my return to my old reality.

Ah, yes, the great taboos of orthodoxy come home to roost, as they say. Fortunately, the Archangelic powers work in mysterious ways. Yet, so does the Lord—and what Jophiel intended of me was to take my reality, and turn it upside down. Jophiel’s plan, to summon me to her kingdom, was initiated because of my great influence. At the time, I did not consider myself to have a great legacy that would echo over the ages, perhaps turning into its own denomination. The Archangels saw it differently; and intended to bring me into their world for a set of valuable lessons.

Some of these lessons I did bring back to my flock. An important lesson would concern the nature of the angelic powers in a cosmological perspective. This led to my understanding of planetary bodies, in existence within a higher strata of life. That the planetoid is not a random encumbrance of nature, but a divine recognition that casts its power into all creation, as dwellings of civilization and great existences beyond our own.

I was taken to see, through mental power, the entire embodiment of the planetoid I was on. A planetoid of divine power. Angelic power. And this was heaven? Ah surely, who would believe that heaven existed as a planet. Yet, if we are to imagine heaven, why not a planet? Planets are a part of creation, so let us rejoice that planets exist within our great hereafter as the physicality, tangibility, molecular sense-making of divinity.

Next, The Archangel Fluorella sent me to meet the Archangel Lashiandros. Not a name known about in our histories, yet for me to even be concerned about this matter tells many tales: For those on the Earths, at least per the age this book is written, tend to consider their denomination to be infallible, completely understood, and no new knowledge is allowed. There is a great prophet, that prophet arises, the prophet’s word becomes holy scripture—and nothing else should be taken away nor added to it. Period. Ever. And so, I have even suffered attacks against me most recently by those who reject that I am truly Emanuel Swedenborg for the simple matter of having had changes in perspective. Apparently, the real Emanuel Swedenborg is sitting somewhere in a cloud, quite upset about this imposter running around with stories of Archangels with names other than those taught in ancient texts. Oh, dear.

And, well, Lashiandros was a woman with fiery auburn hair, a few freckles here and there, and a lacy garment like a form-fitting white tunic that appears with ruffles around the edges. Lashiandros was a bit taller than myself, and wore silver and leather boots—a bit like a cowgirl, I suppose. So, she took my arm, and brought me from the throne of Fluorella and off to tour the realities of heaven.

To make matters even worse, Lashiandros told me the name of her world was “Sandoterrai”. Alright, and so heaven is named Sandoterrai? Surely, I shall go out amongst my fellow clerics and let everyone know with great zeal, “Heaven has a name! It is Sandoterrai!” And everyone can celebrate Swedenborg having finally lost his mind completely. It’d been a ways coming, but it finally occurred.

What was this reality like? Let’s put it this way: I was no longer in my home. My bed was empty. Much like Ebenezer Scrooge, I suppose, I was taken away to this other world from out of my bed. Maybe another analogy could be Peter Pan. My embodiment on that world was my former body that had, moments prior, been tucked away into my wool blankets. Why former? Because through being physically exposed to a reality I would later know by its technical terms—6th density—my entire bodily composition began to transform. And that transformation remained even after I returned home.

I became a different type of man. I said I was transformed by the miracle of heaven—and people did not know what it meant, but truly my molecular composition turned into a more robust, more energetic existence by virtue of entering the 6th density-molecular composition. It would only be much later—after my physical death—that I learned the true nature of physics as they relate to divinity—as I was always curious about, and the true nature of the transformation I had undertaken.

After this tour, I was taken by Lashiandros to an adjacent temple that appeared in almost different colours than we’d ever imagine. Our same colours—yet on a higher magnitude. And up the stairs we went into this magnificent temple of beautiful pastel colours and engravings signifying ancient histories beyond my scope of imagination.

By the time I left that temple complex, things had changed quite a bit for old Swedenborg, because I was forced to reevaluate certain principles.

I was brought back to the throne of Archangel Jophiel. She had a laugh, a very lovely laugh from this thin-framed woman with long dark hair. She said, “I hope you enjoyed our world, Swedenborg. I want you to please take the wisdom of our reality back to your Earth so we can spread greater knowledge, and work toward the eventual great shift of your planet into our realities.” It’s like she snapped her fingers, and I was back in my bed.

Now what am I eluding to? The worst, most blasphemous thing of all that could never be repeated or I could have literally found my head on a pike outside the Swedish court: Lashiandros favored my rebellious nature, my predilection toward upending the clergy in a most subversive fashion, my ability to balance multiple realities at once, but was disturbed about my views on sexuality, deeply embedded through my religious heritage. Lashiandros, over the course of about 45-minutes, decided to introduce a different perspective to me, and certainly you understand what I mean.

The issue is this: Such an experience was reserved for one like myself. A sexual experience of such caliber on your Earth could potentially disrupt a man’s life. The reason for this is the Archangelic reality, and higher worlds in general, transcend far beyond anything the people of Earth could understand or fathom. And so, a man of the Earth may lose the ability to integrate back into their old life after experiencing such splendor. And what is that splendor like? Well, on a surface-level, it might ‘appear’ similar to your own existence. For example: My sexual organs were quite functional, to say the least. Well, that’s terrible! We must move beyond those fleshly instruments. This does not sound so divine at all, Mr. Swedenborg! This is surely not the words of this great man. Heresy!

Not so fast. I would daresay these organ structures have existed in human fashion for an unfathomable era since the dawn of creation. It’s just on our world, sexuality is a muted experience. [Editor’s note: Asterisks added or FB will remove the post, ban me, lol.]

Not on this world of Sandoterrai.

Through manifestation on that world, one is now a part of that existence and suddenly our old Earth is just… a bunch of silly nonsense. An average person, taken in sexually by a woman—an angel—like Lashiandros, would enchant that man (or woman) to such an extent he or she would never be able to think about anyone else, or possibly anything else—ever again—and certainly not clunky, mortal sexuality.

However, for better or worse—Swedenborg was a special circumstance. This was done to me because of my growing, enormous influence which threatened to throw together another puritanical movement of sorts. This was made clear to me through a vision Lashiandros embedded into my mind, that it would be bad for society. That my great influence and work threatened to cause mass societal condemnations against prostitution or even pre-marital affairs, perhaps to pain of death, as occurs during such radical reformations many times throughout history. It was Fluorella’s plan to exorcise this belief out of me. And what better instrument than Lashiandros.

And I blew it. You see, this was the great, magnificent experience of all time. Truly. I returned to my bed, my old life. As months passed, I thought long and hard, very philosophically about every element of my “ultimate vision” and finally concluded: The sexual experience was meant for me, and only me. In fact, that type of divine experience was a way for the angels to test me, and I should double-down on my views of s*xuality as a sacred experience reserved for husband and wife, and lessened to preferably procreation purposes. How could I backtrack? I think part of my mind could not handle that reality, that life, that entire method of existence, and so I put it out of my mind for about the next two hundred-years .

More recently, it’s been very important to reevaluate these elements in light of so many from these realities springing forth across your higher cosmos; and my ability to return to the world of Sandoterrai and discover how reality here, on a day-to-day basis, is everything I imagined it to be during my first visitation—and so much more.

Most importantly, however, there is no condemnation for a sexual experience to occur, even if it were among a divine, angelic being and perhaps a man—or a woman—who is already wed. Why? Because as it turns out, s*xuality was a creation at the dawn of all reality—the Grand Creation as they call it on Sandoterrai—and everything is put to the scales, as they say here. That is to say, all is tested and weighed on a karmic platform. There is no inherent sin in such experiences, at all.

Yet, there is still great sin within realities of sexuality—exploitation, manipulative prostitution, human trafficking, or even the greedy, zealous, covetous nature of those who collect sexual partners for power, social status, money, or just an attempt to use, exploit, and suck the magic and energy from a victim via sexuality.

Great sins of sexuality are found in abundance across your world—especially amongst your youth—that encompasses both men and women. Yet, it takes an especial interest in rotting away the minds of your youth via “dating apps” that further suck the life-spirit away from the sacred elements of sexuality, turning it frivolous and status-based.

Imagine a “dating app” on my world, or even your higher density world known by some here as Mal’brega—it would be just fine, and certainly a lot of fun. On your world, full of so much sin, a spirit of corruption constantly infiltrates. I call this the spirit of the Devil, seen in a myriad ways, in so many frightening incarnations, and sexuality is just one aspect of it.

From my vantage, in the Angelic World, I see this dark spirit possess young people’s minds—viewing life as a game. For example, the female youth seeking to obtain the hottest, hunkiest male partners off the lower Earth’s infernal dating apps, competing with other ladies for the greatest catch. Worse yet, often with the most superficial of standards in place—“Oh, Brad is a surfer. But I am really hoping my next catch is going to be even hotter than Brad, with larger muscles. Or maybe I’ll find a real dangerous bad boy. A thug or criminal. So hot.” As if this is all that matters. It’s a social disorder with priorities based on media imagery and a need to impress peer groups by being extreme, “gangster” .

I see it when I view youth at a party, taking harder and harder drugs, laughing hysterically about things that are not funny, trying to impress each other with how edgy they are—to be more calloused, to be more like some mean character from a gangster rap music video—the more a youth steps into that arena, the more impressive they become to their peers. It’s like this behavior begins in high school and does not stop. They all encourage each other to become worse, meaner, more salacious, scandalous. Ah, because this is part of being rebellious, part of being cool. Or is it? No! Just media, cultural programming. Much of it introduced on purpose by the terrifying cabal of the Earth. Infectious in people’s minds. It becomes “cool” to do the opposite of what is seen as right—for what is seen as right is boring, cliché, uninteresting. Yet, this is absurd. So, let’s value hurting people, or being criminal, or admiring criminals, or turning each other into sexual objects and destroying people’s self worth—while laughing about it, being catty about it, fist-bumping over it.

See, as a spirit guide, I get into people’s minds, memories, and I see things play out in such a way, and in this perspective, within this arena of cultural programming, I witness the “hook up culture” and its aftermath; I see broken situations everywhere. I see young men feeling neglected, completely unable to live up to unfair, sometimes terrifying standards imposed by extremely domineering women who pass even extremely high quality men by any normal civilization’s standards. No, such a man is still not good enough, only a top percentile are worthy, as female peer groups reinforce strict criteria of being “the prize.”Therefore, only selecting men based on standards of either bad boy, thug or criminal behavior, or archetypal offerings of social roles—tall, dark, handsome businessmen who are dangerous, cowboys driving only the largest trucks with the most oversized wheels, some surfer who fits something they saw on TV. This almost sounds silly to speak about, doesn’t it? No. It is not silly at all. This is deadly serious. Young men everywhere feel this intense social standard that sends them spiraling into depression.

On the flip-side of the gender spectrum, I see young women feeling used and worthless.I see men with an attitude to use women for sex—men who fit a particular social criteria and standard of attractiveness achieving the privilege of boasting about his conquests with all of his “bros”. The men I witness in this terrifying “hook up” culture then turn it into a masculine show of force about how many women they are with, to “hit it and forget it” they say.

Yet, why? Why forget it? Ah, the same insanity—to make “cool” and “edgy” terrible, antisocial behavior rooted in the seven deadly sins. Use someone for their essence, then discard the rest, laugh about it, and move to the next victim. This attitude can then be found in abundance in your p-rnography. Now, even men not fortuitous enough to participate in “hook up culture” can fantasize about it with degrading videos on the Internet where they imagine they are experiencing what that slim percentage of sexually worthy males can achieve through “Tinder” or whichever app your world prefers.

The women, careful to keep this side of their lives hidden, chat about it in a very catty way to all their friends, perhaps making size comparisons of the latest catches’ packages, contrasting to the man from the prior week, and from the week before, or perhaps multiple men all in the same week. Judging them based on physical criteria so merciless, the “dating world” of your Earth becomes a terrifying reality for youth everywhere, causing innumerable social problems, plain as daylight among those from my vantage in life.

Where is the relationship between that strange, hedonistic, blasphemous way of life, and my experience with Archangel Lashiandros? Hah! There is no relationship. None at all. A different reality entirely, on a spectrum so wondrous, those sinful youth of your world be in envy of it, and want to experience—only to find it is impossible within their spiritual framework that is so dirtied. That shows you the spectrum of righteousness that I hope I am making clear through this essay.

To finish this text, I want to say that the scales of sin are not outright and apparent. It is never black-and-white. It is hard to always track down. The “hook-up culture” that arises on the Earths, occasionally even the densities due to your Earth’s influence upon our worlds, has the potential to take the aforementioned form, where everyone is using each other. But how do we spot it? How do categorize it? It is never easy like people think.

You see, souls may go from living within divinity and creation to throwing it away, and seeing reality from a most-selfish angle. This occurs sporadically among certain souls, in particular souls on a newer path and not yet reaching a point of karmic ascendance. No angel on my world would ever start thinking this way, but juvenile souls, fickle souls, souls easily corruptible in different directions, are likely to begin treacherous paths.

There is a very specific behavior I have surmised upon studying this phenomenon, in order to track the “trappings of sin”—and it’s the process of turning inward. No longer do we see the majesty of another soul and experience that majesty, we think, “What can I take from the situation to further my own ends?” This attitude can manifest anywhere, and it is not black-and-white. Someone thinks like this because they have an aspiring political career, or perhaps a young woman is an aspiring social media star seeking one million Instagram followers. Now, they will use this power for great good of society—or so they think—so they adopt a very inward-perspective to view everything through a political lens. Perhaps it will even work. They will look back and think, “Boy, I sure was ridiculous in my rise to the top. Yet, I’m so happy I’m here to make the world a great place.”

Yet, this strategy can go terribly wrong—for with it, everything has motive behind it. They choose where they eat carefully to gain the most social media attention via those selfie-sticks at a trendy restaurant popular among the youth, or whatever is trending to amass as much popularity and approval as possible.

Well, such a person will view others through this same lens of constant political leverage. They will choose sexual partners in a way to boost fame, attention, social desirability, and power. All part of the “master plan” that ends with being some type of God or Goddess, supremely popular, wonderful, amazing, and as beautiful as the Archangel Ariel, or the Archangel Mandrasa (who you would know as Mary Magdalene). In their desire to reach the beauty of heavenly planets like my own, they will stop at nothing to gain as much popularity as possible. For some, it begins on your Earth, and extends after death into the higher density, cosmopolitan worlds that await so many from beyond the Lower Earths.

Much can be spoken about “hell” to finish this essay. Let us put it this way: Vast bardo states exist, as spoken of by certain Buddhist sects, that are mental realities where souls enter realms of pain and suffering. There exists hellish realities where truly evil souls face the judgment of divinity. There is, however, no system that automatically casts people into any such state based upon some ridiculous arbitrary criteria, and let’s not even discuss the absurdities of words like “eternal” in this context.

However, another type of hell exists for people on a path like this, which is the torture of disconnection from God. Take such a person as I described, and deliver them up to the Angelic World of Sandoterrai, and watch as they feel and experience none of the majesty. Such a person surely would have a plastic smile on their face, wanting to take photos to return to their world in the lower density—to seem as cool as possible for being taken to such a reality.

Meanwhile, they are experiencing an angelic world and being utterly cast away from it. In complete darkness to it. Cordoned away from divinity. Existing in a state of mock happiness, mock satisfaction, but only generating the magic of life via an internal state of consumption and greed. Often seeking the magic and wonder from other souls, wanting to experience their joy, and perhaps using tools like sexuality to siphon it out of people.

Such souls could eventually end up in a truly terrifying external reality. Nevertheless, with their plastic smiles and pretenses of spirituality, yoga poses on their social media accounts, or adherence to the latest spiritual fad of astrology or channelings. All are practices enjoyed by the very teachers of this world! Even astrology has fun significance for people. But what I speak about is the pretentious, indulgent, fake spiritual practices use to gather social media followers, likes, attention, and a pretense of importance, a moral high-ground from whence there is none to begin.

These souls already exist in a blasphemous, sad, debilitating type of life that they think is enlightened, beautiful, and wondrous through the advent of supreme rationalizations. Take such a soul to glimpse upon the beauty of a world like mine, and watch as they are overgrown with jealousy, and a desire to become as popular as the angels.

To resist this way of being, education is needed on your world. An educational system must remain in place that teaches the true nature of divinity as passed on by the angels. The New Angelic Scriptures exist around my worlds which pass so many tales of wisdom and understanding to help lead us into a new, greater reality united between all the Earths.

I would suggest to keep these concepts in mind, as every single person with goodness in their heart has the capacity to help lead us all toward a less sinful, and by definition, more wondrous and beautiful existence—a lesson needed most of all on a greatly disturbed society known as the Lower Earth.

With love, that concludes my essay for this anthology. Now, there is a host of Swedenborgian fellows that wish to speak with me, many skeptical that it is really myself, as they have never been to my world and find my continued existence to be strange—as they expect me to be inaccessible, on some higher vista than they are. So strange to me, which is why I need to go slap some sense into them. Farewell.

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