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Misconceptions About Life, Death and Channeling: A Chat Between Dr. Michael Persinger and Cyrus Kirkpatrick

“Spiritualism is wrong on almost every major level,” explains Dr. Persinger, a Canadian psychologist and parapsychologist who died in 2018 only to discover his consciousness in complete continuation.

“A major focus of my area in parapsychology was telepathic research and its correlates to the environment, the Earth, geomagnetism, cyclical rotation, etc. What I would not speak openly about and face ridicule for was the concept of telepathic communication with deceased people: Something I would periodically do but foolishly write off as an auditory hallucination.”

Persinger continues, communicating to me through an advanced form of telepathy where I can hear his physical voice. “I was right, it turns out. The Schumann Resonance is a perfect example because the actual correlate is the collective consciousness and its ability to integrate into an energetic field effect that alters humanity’s powers. The Schumann Resonance actually relates to global events, and its electromagnetic field’s relationship to human psychic energy. Schumann Resonance goes up, your world starts to change into our world. That simple.”

“Pretty cool, huh?” says Persinger, at his office in another London, decorated by “bowling trophies”.

“How mundane is that?” asks Dr. Persinger. “My office in the afterlife has bowling trophies.”

Cyrus: “Dr. Persinger, I can currently hear your voice and we are chatting in what seems like a whispery auditory telephone call. Did you ever think telepathy was possible like this?”

Dr. Persinger: “Funny enough, I experienced something quite similar several times in my old life! Including with an old mentor of mine, and you’d never believe this, but his name was Dr. Carl Sagan! I should have kept these communications alive, but it was sending me down a mental spin-zone of existentialism. Haha, I am so dumb when I think back to my rationalizations.”

Cyrus: “You said Spiritualism was wrong in your opening message. How so?”

Dr. Persinger: “This was my area that I felt strongly disagreeable about. It also led me to your first book “Understanding Life After Death” because perhaps in 2016, I felt my days were narrowing down. My favorite aspect was the beginning concerning the mathematical certainty that non-existence is impossible. Your book favored Spiritualism, yet even now post-death, I can say there’s great misinformation about how reality is structured on my old planet. It’s terrifying, actually.”

“To put it bluntly: Dr. Persinger is not a white floating cloud of consciousness, nor am I keen to spend further time in what is considered the defacto afterlife state: The Spirit World. Unfortunately, there’s a conceptual, perceptual-basis block about life, death, other worlds, other realities.”

“Right now, reading this, many would dismiss it as rubbish. Just total bologna. Why? Predictive programming. Everyone on my world knows this. Contact to your planet is like futility incarnate because people are in conflict with their own psyches; believing horrible concepts like perpetual soul destruction at death, while simultaneously wanting to feel cool or favorable by the greater society by rejecting a concept like an author, only marginally known about, is speaking to a dead psychologist. Absolutely impossible. But why? Who is the gatekeeper? Who is guarding this subject and making you feel uncomfortable as you read this? I ask specifically the reader of this article.”

“Many times, our world is close to giving up. Scant evidence arises. Sometimes, images come from our world. The image below is from our London and is the wife of a famous medium who could transmit images into his electronic apparatuses; otherwise known as instramental transcommunication (ITC). Take a nice look at her.” (Cyrus’s notes: She is from a different world than Persinger’s, known as Shamballah or Shih’nara).

Courtesy of Silva

“More images come in routinely via the man named Dr. Nikola Tesla. He is on my new world. He operates a research station that transmits images directly to the Sonia Rinaldi Institute on your world, where deceased people from my planet beam straight down via a similar process.” Sonia Rinaldi’s Image Gallery (wordpress.com)

“The next is a favorable image of a waterfall. This was another image straight from my world to a great renowned medium now on our world named Douglas Osborne. This image was the result of psychic manifestation into the medium’s camera. It took a photo somewhere like Tasmania on your world. It connected to the corresponding location upon our world.”

“Here is the original transcript by the late (to your world) Leonard:”

Now, there is a story behind this photo! I was told by my circle controls to put an empty roll of of film in my camera,and to walk up to a high plateau at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. When I got to the plateau, it was very flat, with brown grass as far as the eye could see..My Spirit friends told me they were going to give me a picture of the Spirit World..right where I was standing, and instructed me to point the camera at the horizon, and take just one photo. Then I was to wind the film on for processing. I took the photo, and what should have been on the film was a single photo of a plain of dry grass! When I picked the photo up from the shop, I was utterly amazed! There are small human faces in this photo, but you have to look at the photo side on to see them properly, but a waterfall and foliage with ferns is easily seen. Crystalline shapes as well. The beautiful blue colour was on the photo already.. I have not changed it in any way.( This reminds me of the “Blue Island” in the Spiritual communications from W.T. Stead, who passed away on the Titanic.) A unique and wonderful picture of the Spirit World, right where I was standing!

A Tasmanian forest on the Ethereal Spectrum.

“Our world is regarded by some of your communicators as the Ethereal Spectrum or the Ethereal Plane. Now, wasn’t there a book titled On the Edge of the Etheric by one Arthur Findlay? The issue, pertaining to the opening of this article, and the message by Douglas Osborne, concerns how the lovely waterfall is described as The Spirit World. We are in a serious level of controversy, aren’t we? Oh, dear. Because I am unsure if many of the Spiritualists were ever able to get this one quite right. The spirit world versus the etheric world. This pertains to Findlay’s work, as well, because everything takes on a funny perspective when your world tries to understand us, and when I read Findlay’s book it did not resonate.”

“The fascinating thing is that the reality behind the waterfall above is that if you were to step from your body into that reality prior to your world’s gradual Shifting event (which may be in process by the time you read this article), you would be effectively destroyed. How? Because that waterfall exists on the planet I was transferred into after my death. Your psyche, in your current physical brain, would be overloaded by such an extreme amount of energy, power, and actual deadly levels of excitement and wonder caused by integration into a magical reality. Wait, is that even a thing?”

“Haha, yes it is… On our world we simply integrate into such settings. Can someone die from over excitement? Yes. How about extreme absorption of spirit essence? You know the feeling of wonder during the holidays? Multiply that many times over. Even brief encounters with our plane of existence would change someone’s life for the positive, but if you were to just hang out here from your body, stepping through a portal, you would have to immediately be put into a giant hibernation integration coma in one of our hospitals and spend years adapting into the environment before the staff would release you. During that time, your body absorbs cosmic energy to a point where you are spiritually transformed and your body is no longer your same molecular physics structure.”

“That cosmic energy absorption causes an absolute alteration to the psyche, as well. You adapt and transform into your environment. My world is sometimes known as Mal’dreza or perhaps Nibiru among certain circles. You’d become a true Mal’drezan / Niburian very quickly to a point of reincarnation. You’d hardly be the same soul anymore. See the issue? This whole dilemma requires MASSIVE care.”

“And life in that cosmic energy? Feels nothing the same, really. Everything is bursting with magical energy, radiance, and your body feels a bit like you’re an ethereal person lingering somewhere around Cloud 9, or perhaps Cloud 10, I lost track.”

“Yet, the body / mental complex adapts into all of it and you end up with Persinger on this world, stuck in traffic sometimes in London, and returning to a normal flat where I have bowling trophies.”

“Did I create those bowling trophies out of my mind? No I did not. Because I am not in the Spirit World as many of your world’s authors and mediums misidentify.”

“If you visit our world in dreams or sleep, surely dear reader, this is not the entire thing and this is where confusion arises. People misidentify a dream projection experience with the real thing. There is a grand natural way to visit other realities by appearing briefly in a projection form and experiencing the physical environment, suddenly inhabiting two bodies at once. Normal for us. You can then view another world on my spectrum through a kind of mental, spirit reality virtual reality experience. Your world calls this astral projection, but it does not mean the ‘astral’ is involved.”

“To hopefully be succinct about these matters: The spirit world is a kind of natural technology. It’s not actually anyone’s home, per se. Ancients called it The Construct of Creation. It manifested when creator powers were very busy an era of ‘time’ ago that can barely be fathomed. The spirit reality intermixes within gradients of physical creation, and lo and behold, a term like Etheric develops; where our planet sometimes phases in and out of your solar system to confuse astronomers.”

“So, we are another universe, another dimension, nonphysical matter carefully constructed as physical matter that is nigh impossible to tell the difference between, and a system where the deceased appear here in the aforementioned integration facilities which can take months or even years of adaptation to be able to leave.”

“As for me? I was stuck in a kind of atheist nightmare spirit reality until my good friend Cyrus felt my presence and helped rescue me out of it. And so, without even appearing in an integration situation, I was now on this new world, in a new cosmos. As physical as can be. Not a puffy white cloud, a ghost, a specter, or a spirit world embodiment. Yet, here is crucial: I could become ANY of those things with a mere intent, appearing on your world as a Pac Man looking ghost potentially at a seance. It does NOT mean I am ‘THAT’ as my true form! Again, I have a dog named Tulip and we have Tesco Petrol stations here for my Buick! Yet everything is also magical and unbelievable and everyone lives forever, almost. Let’s all get over it! Collectively!”

Multiverse Institute Telepath Jo Ann Rescigno (see pic) contacted Michael Persinger independently.

Jo Ann: “What changes the most when we pass over, physically for instance?”

Persinger: “Hello Jo-Ann: This is always one of the weirder areas, isn’t it? We must be clear that what changes the most is the psychological state of those who enter the ethereal spectrum. It’s corresponds thenceforth to the physiological changes. We cannot prescribe an end to biology. This was always the severe mistake imposed by the Spiritualism movement, I am afraid.”

“What led to this mistake? A mistrust of the physical existence that we often call the celestial existence and imposing hard rules between physical and non-physical, based on the laments of the Earth plane: terrible diseases, body aches that are relentless, old age, the reduction of the mind via the brain’s malfunctioning with age.”

“These physiological issues are so drastic, those born on subjugated ‘Gaia’ worship the mental plane, to be done with physiology completely, forevermore.”

“In cosmic theology, the true theology, this is not adequate. The physical organic systems of existence were created at the onset of creation. Not as a cosmic joke, a stageplay, nor a ‘learning experience’ before ending the physical. These are all beliefs stemming from trauma.”

“The actual physical, celestial existence is on this side of life. I dare anyone to explain cellular biology. Do you think you understand the Krebs cycle of energy creation? You probably do not. It is so unbelievably masterfully put together, that the concept physical existence begins and ends on your planet, was a cosmic evolutionary ‘mistake’, and is betrothed and subject entirely to nonphysical dreamstate or astral existence, is an absurdity those on my side liken to vast, cult hysteria.”

“It is also due, in part, to our friends in India who put together vast religious movements to leave Earth and enter the astral spectrum of planets. All elements of the ‘astral’ if without physiology is in a mental perception existence. Think about it logically. With no physicality, it’s the mental reality. As in an astral projection state, it emulates a physical reality, but it is not. It’s all a giant projection form, actually, like a great vision state.”

“Some aspects of this religious movement prefer it as a way to create one’s own reality. Yet, this is also an illusory concept, built by the minds of solipsists who desire to build a reality of their own rather than sharing a reality. This appeals to immature people on your world, who hate society and demand to childishly gain the ‘cheat codes’ of life.”

Jo Ann: “What can you talk about in regard to integration facilities people end up in?”

Persinger “When someone dies, they will likely be brought by a psychic in the Higher Earth to manifest into a new proto-physical, ethereal body. What’s it like? Your body mostly feels like your old body yet imagine awakening young again, with an unusual buoyant lightness about it.”

“A new arrival, quite simply, does not integrate into a reality where you feel spirit essence absolutely everywhere and you have comparable superpowers compare to your old life. And the very essence of now being in the afterlife which immediately lives up to its reputation as ‘Heaven’.”

“This process involves undergoing a slow psychological transition, to where a new arrival may break out into tears, weeping at the sight of an oak tree. Why? Because on this side, encountering an oak tree becomes a vast spiritual experience because one can feel its energy and essence pouring out from it like this vast holy power. On your world, such is impossible. Imagine integrating into encountering a tree! That gives some example of this vast process that many of my friends work within.”

“On your side of life, I was heralded as creating the God Helmet. I should note: This was never intended to be a rationalistic answer to matters of divinity, to deduce and reduce reality into its constituent parts. No. The God Helmet works because it starts activating parts of the brain with the ability to translate the mental, energy body into physical reality. Suddenly, people may start experiencing aspects of this existence.”

“I shall leave everyone with this image below of a street scene in the Higher Earth version of California, where many thousands to even millions have found themselves after death.”

Cyrus Kirkpatrick and Jo Ann Rescigno are Multiverse Institute telepaths. Cyrus Kirkpatrick lives in Arizona and works in publishing while helping enable ‘the Shift’ through mediumship and communications. For more, see Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics on Facebook.


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