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About Cyrus Kirkpatrick

This page represents the work of Cyrus Kirkpatrick, an author and investigator who concerns primarily in the realm of the supernatural, communications beyond our world, mediumship, telepathy and paranormal investigation. He lives in Tucson, AZ. Formerly Los Angeles, CA.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick released Understanding Life After Death in 2015 followed by The Afterlife and Beyond in 2018. Both of these books investigated realities of the Spiritualism movement, scientific investigations into survival of consciousness. During this time, Cyrus has appeared as a speaker for the Afterlife Research Education Institute, and numerous media appearances. This also included the founding of the Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics YouTube and Facebook communities.

(Please see The Cosmic Shift of Mankind for the current YouTube community, as in 2021 Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics suffered an account hack and is no longer accessible.)

Cyrus’s focus shifted primarily into direct, clairaudient communications with “worlds beyond Earth”, including verifiable or cross corresponding telepathic sessions that relate to often “grand sagas” that exist beyond our one planet, and how many subjects link together, including life after death often misidentified as a spirit world but is actually a higher reality, magical cosmos that is both physical and endlessly ancient.

This discovery led to the forthcoming release of the book The Cosmic Shift of Mankind which documents many communications with important characters from Nikola Tesla to forces of the higher multiverse continuously spreading a message about a ‘5th density or ‘5d Shift’ that will bring Planet Earth into the realities beyond our own. That includes entire worlds which we would deem as our afterlife realities that are ‘extraordinary’ versions of our planet and culture.

Cyrus has also learned of a repeat warning of major calamitous events that may arise from higher forces who are required to gain a foothold against negative soul collectives and factions of Earth that “repeatedly turn into mafias, cabals, or negative starseeds bent on conquest of a world of power, Gaia.” Cyrus is repeatedly told, “Souls of Planet Earth must be prepared to make harsh choices between relentless, mindless career ambition, disconnection from divinity, versus joining the higher realities; as the higher realities will eventually find Earth at the end of a blade.”

Cyrus spent time as a travel journalist and writer, documenting issues in North Korea in a 2012 mini documentary North Korea Uncloaked, with his writing and work referenced by CNN, Los Angeles Times, and numerous other media.

Cyrus works as well as a publishing expert and editor for clients. He spends his time enjoying clairaudient communications, writing, and games.

You can reach Cyrus at:

For readings: Please book in advance, these are for donations and include written communications via mental syncing.

More: See Afterlife Topics website.