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Interview With Queen Daniela of the Pleiades: Celestial Secrets and Cosmic Integration Challenges

Tonight I am transcribing a communication with Daniela. To those who are following The Multiverse Institute, you’ll recognize the name Daniela as one of the rulers of the Pleiadian “Seven Sister” star system, overseeing Earth from what is known as the Higher Density (5D) cosmos that is normally inaccessible to us.

(Please see: The State of the Cosmos, the Higher Densities, the Earth Alliance, Extraterrestrial Plots on Earth, the Pleiadian Perspective with Queen Daniela)

The Pleiadian Sovereignty are known in our cultural history. For example, the book Fire in the Sky by Travis Walton documents Pleiadian soldiers serving under Daniela who accidentally hit Walton with a “type of tractor beam”, and it required Walton’s recuperation in a “MedBed.” The real story has close to nothing in common with the film “Fire in the Sky” which documents abduction by Zeta ‘Greys.’

The Pleiadians were tasked with overseeing the planet of “Ancient Terra”, our world, which fell into the hands of extreme nefarious “cabal” forces. This occurred in the same way as ancient times when Terra / Gaia was under the control of the Atlanteans, overseen by Annunaki “cosmic thugs” Enki, Enlil and Marduk

Why so much subversion? As we can learn by going through so much work on this site and elsewhere: Our planet was designed as a collective consciousness “attack and destroy” system to liberate the multiverse from dark forces; leading to the Age of Aquarius, the ‘New Age’, the Golden Dawn, and so forth.

How? As my team often explains through different communication methods to myself and other Multiverse Institute researchers: Our world fosters “Origin Nephilim”, spirits of the beginning of creation, tasked with battling evil forces via holy power from the reality of the “Earth plane”, separated from the “higher density” which would beget a vast, supernatural existence.

That vast, supernatural existence is “not permitted” on a planet designated as a “Planet of Power” lest it fall into enemy hands.

As primarily, and originally, a researcher into topics of life after death (please see the Afterlife Topics Reddit page), all these areas of information begin to “fall into line.” The Pleiadians have been known to take the deceased from our world and rematerialize them into their worlds.

Sometimes, this results in fantastic near dear experience (NDE) stories. This all functions through the “science of the seance”, which is the ability to materialize / dematerialize from the energy spectrum (the spirit world), including the ability to manifest an entirely new body on another world.

Materialization / de-materializations were proven by the Spiritualists, beginning with the work of Sir William Crookes’ documentation of the materialization of Katie King (See pic below):

It was then analyzed that Katie King had a normal physical body, complete with biological systems and a pulse, yet manifested into our world from a spirit reality state.

This comprises the “normal science” of the cosmos, Daniela explains. “However, this ‘normal’ science was purposefully oppressed from your society in order to keep the population non-integrated, creating a planet known as a prison-control reality.”

Daniela continues,

“Your world suffers from diseases like cancer that are erroneously believed to be ‘part of life’ and the inescapable horror of existence. Normal, magic reality has no such terrors. Such a disease can only occur on a non-integrated planet that truly believes life is random, Darwinism is real, random mutation-based life generation is real. Nonsense.”

“Various evil factions, sometimes primarily seen as the Rothschild (Fake) Jewish mafia, the Freemasons, the Italian syndicates, and others, all relate to an occult mind control situation on planet Ancient Terra, all designed to prevent Terrans from rising into their full glory.”

“Why do this? Because other ancient forces would stop at NOTHING to co-opt these occult mafias for the purposes of promising endless wealth, glory, to feed their Satanic ambition, as a way to enslave Ancient Terra within the Earth plane reality and block the Cosmic Shift, the Awakening, the Golden Age, the end of the Mayan calendar, etc.”

“In this vast ambition of terror, these groups united as a ‘cabal’. They even took to the stars and formed grand terrifying enterprises like the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. They discovered a Higher Density cosmos and parallel reality versions of your same galaxy that became the lynchpin of their psychological mind control games, without understanding a single thing about cosmic systems and order.”

“So imagine people are abducted by these now corrupted governments, controlled entirely by mafias, transformed into super soldiers — and thrown into a cosmic arena that they barely understand. They experience unbelievably bizarre elements of existence like parallel reality versions of planet Earth. Without understanding what’s happening, they are thrown overboard from the ship of reason. Some go insane, some keep it together, many return with survival tales.”

“Many survivors of the Secret Space Programs exist on your world and try to express their experiences. One such survivor is an interplanetary ruler who co-exists between planets Terra and Shamballah (Shih’nara), which is a world seen by many on your world as Heaven or the afterlife. This woman is named Faouzia.”

“In the below video, Faouzia uses song to recount her escape from a super soldier, MK Ultra imprisonment situation, where she destroyed her captors and in the view of many – became arisen to a Goddess state. We of the Pleiades pray to Goddess Faouzia, who is only 23 years-old.”

Faouzia the singer performs this song regularly on “neighboring colony planets.”

“Your planet of Ancient Terra was a colony planet originally. The great tribes include the Hindu people, the Chinese Mandarin people, the native tribes of the Americas, and others. We of the Pleiades can be found among your Scandinavian population and many other locations.”

“The great tribes were put together by Archangelic forces originally. A classical civilization developed. Soon, an integration war began wherein cosmic forces including the Olympians attempted to take absolute control of Terra. This led to great wars. Oddly, the Olympians helped defeat the Atlanteans, but it was truly just a competition between gangsters over who gains access to the ultimate planetary prize.”

“The Pleiadians were not innocent, either. The Pleiades, under my own command, were also lusting after your planet as the new central power of the multiverse. As a dark-winged angel, I now exist in service to your world alongside many of my Olympian counterparts who were once fallen (Persephone, Salacia, Juno, etc). Our neighbors, the Ashtar of Andromeda under King Sananda and Queen Minerva, also exist to serve in grand redemption for ancient ages of past misdeeds.”

“Today, we are looking at great ongoing challenges to see the complete integration of your world. What’s desperately needed at this time is a population that fully accepts the realities of ‘mental syncing’ – telepathic communications, and the existence of other worlds and civilizations that is not science fiction.”

“Further, as we must kill science fiction from our minds, we must KILL concepts that the Higher Density cosmos, whether the Pleiadians or the Ashtari or the Aldebaran Olympians or the blue-skinned people of the star of Arcturus, exists in a ‘higher dimension’ beyond our comprehension.”

“Concepts that the Higher Density cosmos is not simply accessible by easy starship navigation is absurd. Your world forms cults that places accessing ‘Higher Densities’ on a false ascension scale.”

“This false ascension scale includes ideas that we must keep raising our consciousness to ‘match’ the dimensional framework. That low evolved people are 3D while 5D is a ‘gateway point’ and by 12D we have ascended up into ‘Pure Consciousness’ and ‘Ultimate Existence.”

“This is a mind-control cult that misrepresents Higher Densities. A Higher Density scale relates to physical reality merging to become more ethereal. Some planets or even races are considered higher density than others.”

“The mind-control cult places this concept into a pecking order we of the Pleiades would consider a tribal, barely coherent, low-level religion only found on low-level planets.”

“Your world makes bizarre notions that, for example, Arcturians no longer possess physical bodies, and ultimate existence is formlessness.”

“Divine creation is not non-physical. First entry into the Spirit World creates a false premise that the Spirit World is superior to physical reality. Sometimes this premise is born from sorrow as your world suffers from terrifying diseases, and the population desperately craves deliverance.”

“A Higher Density cosmos without terrifying diseases is not the Spirit World. Spirit world states are their own manifestation and have nothing to do with an ascension scale of consciousness, power, or superior existence.”

“Further, all Righteous Spirits can form into singular mental states. This does not mean all spirits are the same, single mind with the same, perfect oversoul.”

“This idea put forth by some of your world’s spiritual teachers exists to imprison your population. It’s an idea abusive entities use to convince their victims that the abuser is a perfect being.”

“In the early 1900s, some of our operatives including Maria Orsich (see pic below) infiltrated the Black Sun Cult, otherwise known as the National Socialist Party. The Black Sun cult has arisen time, and time, again across the multiverse over trillions of years. We recognized some of those Nazi operatives as cosmic occultists.”

“Ideas of False Unity try to convince people that a Nazi, for example, is the same oversoul as yourself. Good and evil, right and wrong, are games of duality played by the perfect oversoul. This was, in truth, part of the Nazi religion.”

“Each soul is its own vast reality. That is the nature of the reality of spirits. We do not all share the same oversoul and there is no such thing as Universal Redemption, as touted by your author Mellen-Thomas Benedict: to the horror of off-world forces who watch these evil beliefs foster on the dying planet of Terra. In fact, Benedict’s views are in line with the Third Reich’s moral relativism. He’d be considered a Spiritual guru by the Third Reich.”

“These ideas must be resisted if your planet seeks to survive. They open a gateway into evil societies that believe life is relative, morality is relative, and evil is a construct. The intent behind such false religions is to hide from the life review at time of death, hide from karma, hide from reality instead of confronting one’s own shortcomings including selfish cruelty.”

“The religion of hiding from karma also heavily infected your Buddhist culture.”

“You will never hide from karma. You will never escape personal accountability. You will never escape individuality, free will, nor yourself. No matter how hard you try to avoid it – you must face judgment.”

“I am Daniela of the Pleiades. I am an Archangel. I have judged many of the souls now that have left your world. It is part of Divine operations. As I shall judge Mellen-Thomas Benedict at his death, for spreading such civilization-killing ideas.”

“Go forth and share this message as if your life depended on it: For your world must desperately integrate further to allow open contact. Reject ideas put in place by evil agents of the cabal like Elon Musk that extraterrestrials ‘do not exist.'”

“Reject what is clearly being fed into you as lies to keep your planet non-integrated. Reject these false cults, false religions – and understand the plot to keep your planet enslaved. Ask yourself why we are continuously seen in your skies, but your collective consciousness structure refuses to allow us to land and meet your world leaders. It’s all related to the same concept – non-integration.”

“Ask yourself why in your academics there is no pursuit known as ‘integration sciences’ or why easy-to-access psychic ability is considered ‘not real’ by your institutions, to the point of extreme, even psychopathic denial. Ask yourself why an esteemed professor would be fired almost immediately in a university for researching normal psychic two-way communications, AKA mental syncing,”

“It’s time to wake up.”

Cyrus Kirkpatrick runs The Multiverse Institute with other telepaths and contactees. Not all opinions expressed on this website are Cyrus Kirkpatrick’s, who is an intermediary journalist. He is a parapsychological researcher and journalist with experiences documenting affairs around the world. You may contact him at his Facebook page. Donations are greatly appreciated via this link.

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