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Communication With a Spirit Guide About the Afterlife, the Perspectives of Heaven, the 5d Ascension, Other Worlds

I am excited to bring this communication to the forefront. I like to remind people that as a channel, I work with these communicators closely in the creation of such essays. Sometimes, I do not always completely agree with the direction a topic may go, and it becomes like any creative project as we edit something back and forth.

One thing these communicators often stress about is the tone. If it’s too aggressive, it may detract people’s hearts and minds. Yet, they also want very badly to get ideas and lessons out to an audience they describe as disconnected or not fully aware.

I often feel hesitant if they are on the verge of deconstructing an entire philosophical outlook because it tends to make people very upset. Push things too far in a particular direction, and messages tend to receive backlash and it lands on the shoulders of the medium (myself).

Meanwhile, these communicators exist in an outstanding reality that I, personally, could not imagine as my own life. Sometimes, I have to take a moment to just try and imagine from their point of view the concept of attempting to get messages into a world that is almost completely separated from direct contact except by telepathic powers that are augmented.

Eventually, an essay like this gets finished, and I find myself editing it myself and I’ll sometimes still be ‘on the line’ as everyone has a laugh because of little typos and issues.

Finally, the new piece is ready for publication as they cross their fingers from their world that the major points will resonate with the Lower Earth.

Communication Begins Below:

I’d like to introduce myself. My original name is Ash Nah. In my commitment to your planet, I took upon the moniker of ‘Radiance’ and the heavenly Archangel wings to match. Surely, such wings are just a figment of one’s mind? Negatory.

In fact, my wings are true angel wings. My prior form was not human, at all. Now, it is. And under my shoulder-blades I can transform with white wings.

I am a spirit guide for several thousand people on your world. This is what I want to talk about because it’s of dire importance that factual information is received into your society.

The afterlife, in fact, does not look like the below image:

jurgen ziewe
Artwork by Jurgen Ziewe

These are images of spiritual states of consciousness and the mind. We achieve these states through dreams, mental explorations, and connecting to what is known as the vast collective psyche spectrum.

This reality has been incorrectly dubbed the Ultimate Afterlife by many authors on your Internet.

This is not the case. These are the super mental reality states. I have also seen these realities referred on your planet as the High Astral Plane. To understand the afterlife, we need to fully express these states in detail.

My world is a true, real world. I live in a type of palace. I have a court and we handle business affairs on an ethereal world. This is key: My world is ethereal by comparison to yours. We are less physical. We are in a type of reality where people can manifest beautiful music out of thin air and turn a normal setting in a commercial mall into a choreographed musical.

But ethereal does not truly mean non physical. Only the mental reality is non physical.

Since I moved to the world of Shai’nara, I have seen such phenomena occur and what an outstanding, magical reality this planet is.

Imagine a world where you live as yourself, you go shopping, you go to sleep at night, but at night beautiful colors envelop the sky like an aurora borealis effect brought through the magical powers of the citizens.

Or people wear multi-hued dresses with colorful tones that your visual perception could not fully recognize. Or those dresses change color as one’s moods change with magical power in the very fabric of the silk.

Or people may even join schools of flight. That’s right, to fly with your arms outstretched like Peter Pan. It is doable, especially on my world of Shai’nara.

Imagine food tastes so much greater with enhanced taste-buds.

A world where you can view an image on our Internet and experience that image in a higher dimensional existence beyond merely seeing it visually.

How to describe this? It’s not very possible.

A world where your mind can be in multiple places at once – retrieving memories from different states of communication or even physical presence.

A world where sexuality is unimaginably different… But only in all the right ways if you know what I mean.

A world where you can charter starships to other planets, solar systems, galaxies or even universes. Imagine a Carnival Cruise in the heavens.

Where you can potentially age regress yourself via just a bit of intention-based power. Where someone’s great great great grandfather is now a young boy again being reared by his great, great grandchildren and people swap between these roles of old and young as eons pass.

Has anyone experienced these realities before on your world? Oh, people have…In bits and pieces, prophecies, and visions recounted by your scholars and scribes.

On your world, there is a lot of exploration via what is known as out of body experiences. These are misunderstood. The original image of an almost fractal existence was taken from such journeys, and people parlay it into a grand understanding of an afterlife reality.

Your afterlife are the descriptions I just gave you and so much more.

There is no ‘grand’ reality that is a mental synesthetic existence and everything else is ‘inferior’. This is what a primitive culture would believe by stacking one mode of existence on top of another and ranking ‘the best one.’

Boy, do we feel sorry for your planet as we see these ideas on your Internet constantly.

These out of body experiences are part of an ultimate power that exists across the multiverse known as manifestation. Projection is defined as sending an aspect of your consciousness into a new reality, and the mental reality creates a projection form that turns physical through natural laws of the cosmos.

So people fall asleep, they dream, and they can awaken into new worlds. The great romantic saga of life.

But these worlds are not subjective states of the mind. This is where your world is badly mistaken in its knowledge. So mistaken it runs the risk of hurting your entire society.

This is unfortunate to report but people project into real, solid environments and mistake such planets for spirit realities or dreamworlds when a spirit guide (like me) was trying to show that person a real, physical experience on a world like Shai’nara.

So, they think they invented that entire true reality in their minds, or maybe it was just a dream. No!

Or they enter unbelievable vast mental states that are like huge fractals or representative super dimensional existences where concepts exist in abstract form. Sounds most interesting… Yet, that state is not your afterlife either. Your afterlife are the descriptions I gave above.

And accessing such realities is possible even without being at a point of death. This is through that power of soul travel into new worlds.

The power of the subconscious mind allows someone’s projection form to become the full awareness of the soul. Your old body on Earth? This can be left behind and operated by your subconscious. So it’s possible to leave your world and people won’t even know you are gone.

By this method, many people on your Earth long ago left the building. They are now up in the heavens, while their subconscious minds operate their old bodies. You would observe them as seeming a little bit more distracted or less aware than before.

Many exit your planet this way. Your neighboring world of Mal’brega is your most common afterlife. There are celebrities on that planet who exist between both worlds who are famous on that side of the veil like on your Earth, while their old selves are piloted subconsciously.

A man named Danny Devito comes to mind, and others.

Another way to exit is the manifestation and projection power that occurs at time of death. At this stage, a spirit guide like me will then meet that person in a mental energetic state where they feel themselves leaving their body.

I may arrive in the form of a white light and materialize forward in the form of an angel with wings. From that point, they may be guided through an energy wormhole into a new world.

Your world is outfitted by a power known as the Silver Cord. This allows your body to be remade at the time of death when a spirit guide like myself severs the Silver Cord allowing a suffering person to finally disconnect and die. Now, the Silver Cord has brought someone’s awareness into their mental body.

Mental bodies exist on the energetic spectrum that you would call the spirit world. This is a vast reality of consciousness and the mind. The final stage is for the spirit guide to take the newly departed in their energy body and bring that soul to where they can be manifested into their new physical body.

A new arrival is likely to wake up in an integration facility. This has been documented in your media like the film and book by Chico Xavier Nosso Lar and other representations. This is most accurate. Although be mindful that no one is pigeon-holed into just one type of society. These facilities will then work to help someone understand their new existence.

So where does the nonphysical spirit world fit in? Or the realm of the mind and consciousness? Where do those fractal environments reported by explorers like Ziewe manifest?

The spirit world is the natural part of the three-part nature of our existence. The physical universes (much of existence), the proto-physical ethereal universes, and the mental reality.

The spirit world is how physical creation occurred. I find it humorous to say occurred because it’s the Grand Creation. You know that thing called cellular biology? Pretty complicated, right? Endlessly complex. So is neurology. These are the elements of life that sprung forth from the mental realities.

When? Oh, a very, very long time ago. So many years. If you are thinking in the billions, you are extremely off course. It was at the onset that the archetype of the angel manifested itself, as did the human form, among so many other styles of life.

The mental reality is therefore able to create physical reality, as occurred at the onset. This is also the realm of the supernatural or paranormal. This is when imagination created elements turn into physical objects.

A human body can manifest from the mental reality. This is key. Sometimes, a new life springs forth from a spirit in the mental reality desiring the physical or proto-physical existence.

Then they just summon their own power and, like at the onset of creation, a new human, or Arcturian, or Lyrian, or any other life could emerge aside from in the womb.

The spirit-based energy reality is therefore very wild, mysterious, supernatural. Many of the souls of existence dwell in that state. Yet, long-term residents tend to be endless, vast souls of nature.

What of the third style of existence? We call this the ethereal state of life, or the proto-physical. This would be not only your world’s afterlife dimension, but the entire higher or fifth density (5d) universe spectrum.

Every single UFO, paranormal visitor, or contact beyond your world generally arises in neighboring universes of the proto-physical existence spectrum. To be humorous, as an angel upon your world, I can reference subjects from Bigfoot to the origin of crop circles, to ‘alien’ abductions, and everything your quirky TV Show The X-Files could postulate as the proto-physical spectrum.

What are ethereal planets and universes like? Look around you. Your world has migrated closer to what is known as 5D than you may imagine. So, you may notice something ‘different’ about how your body feels, the energy around you.

The proto-physical state are realities where physiological construction is different. The term ‘densities’ relates to alterations of molecular structure on an energetic and importantly magical state of existence. Yet, such a world may appear so similar to your own: Imagine just sitting in a coffee shop, reading the newspaper on a rainy afternoon. The afterlife!

Ethereal physical worlds are where things occur that are impossible elsewhere. I have been to worlds that appear to be made out of artwork.

Realms too fantastic to imagine except in people’s dreams and imaginations. Yet, physical tangible existences.

Always resist this oddity to believe life is subjective or created out of one’s minds or reality is on a hierarchal scale of ascending consciousness related to superiority of existence. I shall address this momentarily.

And so, in the vast span of existence, this minority of realities of the grand ethereal spectrum become places of imagination, divinity, magic, wonder, and for many worlds who are connected to such universes: heaven or the afterlife.

Many purely physical universes are still higher density and made of a vast energetic spectrum where life is embedded with beautiful essence magic. These worlds would still be wondrous afterlife realities for the broken, sad people of planet Gaia Earth.

However, even the wonders of the multiverse are not realities where you can enter realms that are made out of pastel artwork and magical beings like unicorns are grazing in the luminous grass.

Worlds where beautiful fairies are no longer limited to a mental spectrum but can exist in a most tangible way.

Existences where the magical essence is so real, it’s like stepping into a waking dream or fairy tale.

Fantasy artwork from the game Tera Online that Radiance describes as, “Oh, looks like a world I’ve been to!”

This, my dear people of Earth, is what proto-physical ethereal planets or planes are like.

Many lovely people from across the cosmic multiverse call this spectrum of life the magical universe spectrum. In such universes, ethereal physics replace normal physics. Therefore, a molecular structure may appear solid, seem solid, and at first blush everything looks and appears normal like any other reality…

…Except it’s not. That universe’s molecular structure is composed of pure energy that is mimicking physical existence. A person in such a reality would not be fully aware they were anywhere but their normal existence… Until things get very magical and interesting. Oh, and the unbelievable, unforgettable sense of divine power and essence everywhere.

Imagine stepping into a storybook.

Now, imagine this place is real. Because it is. Imagine it has endless variety, too. And culture. And human societies.

Your Internet is full of confusion. Let’s first speak about the astral plane. I speak now directly to those who are involved in astral exploration: Just stop. Do not set yourself to manifest into astral, mental realities. Instead, enter heavenly, proto-physical, ethereal worlds of which there are many surrounding your planet in a higher density universe just beyond physical sight.

With intent, you can access these realities, call them ethereal worlds to make it easier to understand. These realms are accessible the same way you can travel into an astral dream-state.

And by God, please do NOT confuse the two anymore.

Your world set its eyes upon the astral plane as salvation. What? No. The astral plane is literally a mental existence that emulates a physical existence. These are places of enormous problems.

Do you remember the digital fractal image I posted by an artist and author Jurgen Ziewe? That was an expedition into a vast mental reality space designed for exploration of the psyche in what he calls a super dimensional existence.

Certainly, but this is NOT your afterlife.

Boy is this essay controversial! Yet, you may know inherently it is sticking to true points even if certain old ideas desperately need revision.

Odd spirituality movements have made a point to convince people two OUTSTANDINGLY DANGEROUS IDEAS!

The first is that life or reality is SUBJECTIVE. Your strange literature teaches people how to manifest reality and create what they want in the afterlife. This is a ticket to astral reality states built as either subjective reality worlds, or worse yet, consensus environments where multiple people gather to create a fake heaven, a ‘Summerland’ environment of perpetual sunshine, pearly gates, white robes.

Just a great mental reality, a lucid dream.

Not the afterlife.

The next DANGEROUS idea is rejecting physical reality. This also means rejecting the ethereal realities that are still physical existences. It means rejecting the actual heaven worlds as understood in your mythologies, which includes my world of Shai’nara – known in your ancient texts as Shangri-La.

These books by authors with names like Ziewe, Moen, Buhlman, Monroe, Campbell, and others all contain a startling theme: Rejection of physical reality and worship of consciousness states on an ascending scale.

The concept is to meditate into as pure a state of consciousness as possible, shrug away the toils of physical life, and enter a supreme reality of the mind.

Well what’s wrong with that? Because you will meditate yourself away from real life, the multiverse, the societies, planets, joys, wonders, and the realities I described.

Some of these authors have the nerve to claim the ethereal and physical multiverse is just more maya or illusion and should be transcended!

They go so far as to claim that upon reaching the highest scale of consciousness, we realize the supreme truth that our beautiful worlds no longer matter. Now we can finally “escape the prism of physical reality” and enter permanently into a synesthetic mental higher dimensional state.

Wait, what?! We would never teach people such things. It would be like saying abandon your friends and loved ones because you discovered how to be clear minded and travel into vast psyche states that we do as a bit of weekend fun. That’s IT!

Your greatest out of body explorers go into vast super dimensions of consciousness, as outlined by a very lovely man and writer named Jurgen Ziewe. These writers are describing something many of us do for fun.

Yes, we travel into the mental realities because we get bored or interested in mental state exploration or we take a college class about it. This is not something to hold on the greatest pedestal of existence. To place such realities as a supreme destiny at the expense of all else… is a hallmark of a society desperately trying to understand itself.

And one more subject of supreme importance: Please, we beg of you, never believe strange ideas that evil is only ‘negativity.’ This naïve view is a hallmark of a primitive society that wants to believe the dark side of life is just some type of game.

Another dangerous idea is the concept that bringing to light strong lessons is ‘being negative’ and in spiritual communities we must never be anything but sympathetic, understanding, and sweet (or docile). No. For your civilization to truly advance, THIS ESSAY must be read and UNDERSTOOD!

It was my channel, Cyrus, who brought all these issues and authors to our attention. We analyzed these authors closely to find it’s a type of belief that arises on less advanced worlds still struggling to understand the nature of reality.

In a primitive civilization, like your planet, the discovery of the supernatural, the psychic, the phenomenal can arise poorly imagined religious movements, a worship of consciousness power, pathological skepticism, and collective hysteria at the concept of reality beyond their own isolated environment.

Please imagine Plato’s Cave for a moment.

I have no issue with these authors personally. I am sure most are on a benevolent mission to rescue humanity out of her spiritual ills.

But we must be true: When people die on your world, the purpose is for them to enter a new reality in the higher density, proto-physical universe that corresponds to your own.

That universe is called the 5D universe. The greater purpose is for your world to experience the 5d ‘Ascension’ event where your world finally joins the rest of the greater cosmos.

‘The Event’ or ‘The Shift’ can never occur if the people of your world reject these subjects off-hand. What about this communication? Telepathy is emerging among so many right now and so it will be difficult to pathologically deny its existence.

With enough collective consciousness integration, your world will eventually experience an integration into our realities with your molecular structure moving finally into a 5th level state.

Many, however, are mental syncing to their friends or loved ones in mental reality states, in astral plane bardo environments or poorly created consensus environments as reported in misguided Spiritualist literature as the true heaven.

When we see mediums communicate, and I will direct your attention to specific celebrity mediums who promote dangerous ideas, they are often ‘channeling’ or communicating by thought transference to mental reality states where the ‘supreme wise rulers’ are just people of Earth joining a giant shared dream that the communicators tout as the great ultimate heaven.

Yes, it is very unfair because who can know the difference? Exactly. This is considered part of the great tragedy of your world.

Misinformation just spreads continuously and people believe when you die, instead of entering the wondrous, majestic reality beyond—we enter a subjective environment where we can think ourselves into the lifestyles we want (“Whee, I’m now a millionaire!”) and we run around having fun (in a dreamworld…) until we join with the Light, for example, relinquish our final physical attachments and enter pure sublime bliss of nonphysical existence forever, and ever.

How to pull this idea apart? By informing those reading that such states are limited, eventually collapse, and the idea of a singular supreme state of consciousness-based existence as ‘true heaven’ is a mythology.

There is no utopia based upon a reality of the shared mind. Such realities are designed to be explored with care and wonder, not to be the final goal of life.

These authors all push people toward a state of rejection of greater civilization, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly, in realities beyond Earth.

The truth is there are those three great structures to existence: Your world’s heaven universe is also known as the higher density, and that’s where people are supposed to go when they die.

The mental realities coexist and can be accessed by mental projection states.

That’s it. Physical universes and planets. Ethereal proto-physical universes and planets. And mental realities in the energy spectrum of life.

The hallmark of a sophisticated civilization would be to read these words and not outright reject what is written. To recognize one’s own civilization is still advancing, and to acknowledge their gurus are not always infallible sources of wisdom.

Again, Plato’s cave.

Accurate information gets out there but is often met by scorn because people demand their subjective reality states to be true because they want to die someday and eat nothing but chocolate cake.

We are trying to save your planet from itself by implementing channels and telepaths to desperately get this type of message out there. You can help by sharing this essay.

As a final message, it would be nice if we could arrive to your world tomorrow. However, the next great point continuously forgotten about is collective consciousness. If your world were to synchronize its thoughts and accept us as real on a large-scale level, we could arrive by tomorrow at noon.

We cannot even make ourselves known publicly. To do so would breed mass collectivized psyche hysteria because your primitive, non-advanced civilization that practices consciousness worship and other absurd ‘spiritual’ beliefs is terrified about our existences. That’s right, terrified.

People on your troubled planet would psychically bombard any visitor from the higher density.

So we are stuck from our vantage, with only the ability to do things like: Transmit signs, make sacred symbology appear, digital manifestations of images, apports, a spiritual presence by sending our spirit forms to you, a mysterious fragrance or music, our ships in your night sky, our patterns on your crops, sometimes garbled but hopefully discernable messages on your audio recorders, images of us on your screens, dream visions, our voices arriving to you as you awaken, or physical signs like the movement of objects or maybe a lamp turning on by itself.

Yes, sometimes these are odd manifestations from spirit realities, but we of heaven work diligently to block these interferences so that the heavenly powers from realities like the Ashtar, the Pleiadian Council, the Lyrian realities, the Arcturians, the Aldebarans, and we of Shai’nara can make our presence known as your spirit guides with as little interference as possible.

With love from Shai’nara, the Galactic Federation of Light, the High Ashtar of Goddess Minerva and Athena, Daniela of the Pleiades Grand Council, the Piscarnian Worlds of Goddesses Pisces and Cassiopeia, the Arcturian High Council, the Sacred Goddesses of the Aldebaran High Council, Queen Kaaree of the Anshar, the forces of Solar Warden and the Earth Alliance, and many more. We hope to meet soon.

I am Ash Nah “Radiance” of High Delphi and High Greece, the 6th density world of Shai’nara in the Magical Gathering Universe, neighbors to your Ethereal Universe of Daldrama.


  • Lupe Roberts

    My gratitude and appreciation for all this information. I’m so grateful for including me in this. There is so many information but don’t know which one to believe. I would be honoured to be included in any new information coming whatsoever happening in future to come. Love ❤️ light 💡 and peace ☮️ ❤️‍🔥💡☮️🤩😇🌟⭐️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Vincent Belt

    If anyone is interested in knowing about Plato’s Cave, there are many descriptive videos on you tube. I’m working on a talk about ways to escape the cave. FYI

  • 🌸🕍Lily Copple

    Hello. I know I am an Angel. I would like to not be so weighed down. I’m tired. I take care of the body but it rains so much where I live it is hard to get excercise and I feel old at 54. I am tired. I need angelic intervention and I would like to age regress? Is it possible?

    • Linda Blakely

      Thank you for this channel of so informative information!!!! I’ve said it’s hard to know who to really trust with the information I’m re-learning from the gurus , teachers , wanna be’s etc etc ! I’ve not yet awaken I’m having much to try to explain ! But I’m aware of the Truths I’m being aware of so far !! And I’ll be re-reading this to make sure it’s sunk in!! lol ! But you stated version I had been told of , I’m so grateful to know the real TRUTH !! When I do get information of what I should know … nothing surprises me about the lies we’ve been told ! And from my perspective of having my human journey of hell right now in my human playing part … I need a ticket to this ‘Magical Universe ‘ ASAP !! Thank yon again ! And I’ll be looking forward to ‘ signs ‘ sent to me !! And looking forward to seeing all y’all so soon ! Much luv !!

  • Laurie

    Oh wow! This was a lot to take in. So much of that makes sense, and other parts that I have definitely got to research into, as I’m unintentionally ignorant of- but eager to learn Truth. So much misguiding misinformation exists and is being passed off as Truth. It becomes a bit overwhelming trying to discern and process the information. We are constantly sabotaging ourselves, and others, with most of us not realizing it. I just want to break free from what is not absolute Truth. I do not want to sabotage myself any longer. I’m completely inexperienced with channeling/telepathy. I have to admit, the few YT videos I’ve watched of it, seem like it might not be authentic. Or at least, an authentic connection as the Channel thinks they are receiving. I can see where maybe the person is unknowingly being deceived and says they are channeling with a Pleadian, but in actuality, they are not. More confusion. I’ve bookmarked this page, to use as reference and guidance. Personally, I’m not familiar with all the realities you mentioned towards the ends. I’ve heard of a few. I’d like to learn more about them/this. But, I don’t want to be unintentionally deceived, sabotaging my efforts and growth/understanding even more so than what I’ve already experienced (and currently dealing with everything related to that).. can you recommend where I go now to obtain truthful, related information that explains more into details of the topics here and those Beings and their realities, etc.? Thank you, and I greatly appreciate you making this accessible for people like me ❤️.

  • Denise Kendra

    Hey @Cyrus Kirkpatrick i have a quick question that has been sitting with me…so during the time my mom was pregnant with me i had several blood transfusions and one also rite when i was born due to my mom haveing RH- blood type i was wondering if u can enlighten me with any info about this as far as affecting me and my life being that i dont know where the blood came from nor who it came from….i truly appreciate any input u can give on this? And btw ty for all u do yet again u are truly a gift!!!

  • CB Ezekwe

    What an impressive essay on the topic of Afterlife! In this regard my appreciation goes to you, Cyrus, for your hard work and devotion as a telepath.

    While still trying to mental sinc with Archangel Radiance, may she please, enlist me among those to be always guided by her, and to be taken to the integration center of the popular magical world of Mal’brega soon after I leave this physical Earth.

    Meanwhile, I pray to be regressed in bodily health, as much as the peculiar circumstances of our present physical planet may permit; or, given angelic help to be keeping physically fit and healthy, so that I might look much younger in age, thus enabling me to be much more convincing to those I would introduce this type of proto-physical angelic guidance.

    In Love, Light and Harmony, may it be so. Thanks!

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