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Interview With Ashtari Pleiadian Queen Mornosa of Planet Ashdroma – Planetary Shift News

Today, we are communicating with Mornosa. This celestial ruler has been in touch with various members of the Multiverse Institute Mental Syncing team. Let’s get started:

Cyrus: Can you hear me alright? I like to state this just for those reading that these communications are partially auditory, physical, involving implant mechanisms.

Mornosa: Yes, Cyrus. We can hear you.

Cyrus: Our Internet is abuzz with news about ascensions, raptures, and ‘UAPs’ landing leading into a new Golden Age. There’s a lot of information about higher density shifts or migrating into an astral plane.

Mornosa: Very bad idea, Cyrus. Especially the ‘astral plane’ part instead of physical and true higher density realities. Continuous communications from the 5D spectrum of existence, my reality, are getting hijacked by two forces: People’s own mentalities + expectations, and off-world saboteurs.

Many subjects, including the spirit world, life after death, and contact with other planets are not represented correctly. This is often because people have VERY strong expectations, and when MENTAL communications arise – the actual words will ALTER based on those expectations!

So we of the Pleiades can elaborate: If someone really wants to hear apples are oranges, and I say to a channel on your Internet, “Apples everywhere are responsible for their constant bad actions, oranges are elder spirits,” they will LITERALLY HEAR IT IN REVERSE!

Cyrus: On that topic, though, do you even have apples in the Pleiadian dwarf star system?

Mornosa: FUNNY, RIGHT CYRUS?! The answer is “YES” because ALL OF CREATION was designed through vast power, and THAT VAST POWER… often represents itself as… genetics! So across ENDLESS MILLIONS OF PLANETS you’ll find apple trees and continued PHYSICAL EXISTENCE!

Something went HORRIBLY WRONG in your sorrowful planet’s education system to believe life is an accident, and vast forms of life DON’T MEAN ANYTHING! This is a very bad idea and it actually INFECTS the New Age channeling community to where people downplay physical embodiment. They say apple trees don’t matter, human forms don’t matter, nothing matters except returning into some giant singular mind again.

Who actually professes “The Singularity” and wants to end Life Everlasting and end the MAGIC of life to turn into One Mind mistaken as “God”? Alpha Draconians seen below! From our neighboring cosmic system that seek to enslave your planet. They want people in their giant machine systems, turning souls into power systems.

Align to divinity and you will align to everything the JEALOUSY spectrum hates, and that EVEN INCLUDES SEX! I have sex all the time. How many channels talk about SEX, Cyrus? Very few, because it makes people who are in the loser spectrum of existence, like Draconians, ANGRY. People on your Earth are angry about our high lifespans (in millions of years), our divine existences or even sexuality. Why? Because these are experiences where your character and righteous existence is on the line.

As a Pleiadian monarch, I would NEVER couple with a man (or woman) who is not of a celestial, righteous quality! And I am very beautiful! I exist in a divine human form anyone on your world would understand! So in this…umm… VERY sensitive issue for your planet, people would see me and HATE ME!

Let’s elaborate, shall we?!

Below is a woman from the Olympian star system neighboring our own. She is one of their rulers and was known in ancient Roman mythology as Goddess Salacia! She is on your world as an adult model (recently retired?) known as… Lorena Garcia! From the Aldebaran settlements of ancient Spain. The Olympian Aldebarans settled into the ruins of Gobekii Tepe.

Do you see her face? Her body? She is nude all over your Internet, sometimes engaged in adult videos including masturbation. Adult media must be handled VERY carefully in any society and Goddess Salacia, who has been to Pleiadian capital city Erra many times, knows exactly how to do it and push out garbage of evil adult media.

Guess what? Many will read these words, including fake or burgeoning channels to the 5D cosmos and immediately hate me, hate Salacia, hate my words! This is the path of the Devil – and sex brings it out. They hate it because of the ‘Biblical Fall’ (Lucifer), the Loser Spectrum that despises what it cannot experience and despises women for “judging” their sexual partners – Oh yes, then what’s the alternative, evil loser spectrum?

I will also call out many ‘New Age’ women – middle-aged or older women who study past lives, spirituality, NDEs, and spiritual topics yet are JEALOUS, ENVIOUS, of beautiful looking women and want to exact revenge against righteous existence – taking their anger into the higher cosmos and blocking the Shift.

Mornosa explains: “Seemingly innocent ladies involved in the New Age channeling community are sometimes the most monstruous, evil forces on your world, existing in the jealousy / loser spectrum and trying to co-opt spiritual topics.”

The next thing I will make clear: People on your Earth are going to DIE. There is absolutely NO room for Luciferian ideology. For your world to ‘Shift’, there can be NO WEIRD CONCEPTS IN PLACE LIKE “All lives are sacred, no matter what.”

OH REALLY?! Goebells’ life was sacred? Um… Mao’s life was sacred? Nazi concentration camp guards were sacred? People on your world right now have mentalities no better than them, yet they might look like a bunch of normal ladies at a New Age conference. Completely blended into society.

WAKE UP! They are NOT good people. Your planet is under siege by its own population. When the time is right, the collectivization will finish and PEOPLE WILL DIE! Their souls will be thrown into astral HELLSCAPES! Many will reincarnate as forms no greater than OCEAN SPONGES!

THAT is cosmic consequence and there is a 50% chance YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THEM! Why? Because your planet arbitrates to where about half your world are sociopathic on a spectrum where even being slightly sociopathic CAN warrant DEATH!

We will arrive with our UAPs, as you call them, AND WE WILL ROUND YOUR EVIL POPULATION UP AND EXTERMINATE THEM WITH ENTHUSIASM! We will harvest their organs and use it to help your planet’s new cloning facilities so the ‘deceased’ can be brought back in new bodies.

Those on your Earth who are rapidly collectivizing to win this war: STAY IN THE SHADOWS! Do NOT over-integrate into a new cosmic society. The 3.2 billion on Earth within the spectrum of the ‘Alliance’ collective consciousness are ready to burst forth. WAIT FOR IT! When the time is right, we all come forward.

Do not come forth too soon or the non-collectivized masses, which includes much of your world, fake channels to the Pleiades, jealous spectrum losers, the absolute fucking morons at an independent broadcast called Gaia TV, will be on to you! To Shift the planet, everyone MUST BE TOPPLED SLOWLY! In the SHADOWS as one villain after another is dispatched.

And we will not have mercy on Atlantis worshipers. Atlantis was ended for a reason. Atlantis was devastated in arbitration. To worship Atlantis is to worship moral relativism and fake magic veneration. Extreme evil.

ANY CHANNEL who tries to integrate Luciferian ideas among the Ashtari, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Aldebarans, Lyrans, Tau Cetians or Anshar WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! This includes ANY IDEA that “good and evil are polarities to transcend” or “right and wrong are not real” or “individuality is not real because we are all One Mind.” Even the idea we are One Mind and come from the same singular source is considered sin within the Pleiadian star system. In fact, we are all vast spirits originating from divine consciousness. Notice how this gets mistranslated to mean, “I am One Mind so I can steal and rob and do whatever I want with no consequences.”

Do not believe False Messiahs. Some good-natured people like David Wilcock fall victim to BRAINWASHING! There will be no Higher Density shift where everyone migrates into One Mind and your old lives are over. Some of his information insinuates this concept!

In fact, Higher Density planetary shifts happen all the time and it does not involve what’s on your Internet, where some of your information is true, but the amateur, very sorrowful channels are missing major points. Many are scared of accountability in life and want to believe there is no karma. And so, they propose messages from Planet Erra that are completely fictitious and then amass millions of followers, hurting or even ruining your planet.

The most accurate intel on your Internet is from Secret Space Program survivors retelling tales from the Luciferian cabal that we battle. We are talking about people like Johan Fritz, Daryl James, and Corey Goode, before his brains fell out!

Who is Corey Goode? Look him up. This man is from the Pleiades. Below is a photo of his Nazi outfit when he was infiltrating the S.S. during the rise of the Black Sun Cult of Germany. He used to corroborate with Queen Maria Orsic. He used to report to me on Planet Erra! He returned to Earth to live a new life and decided to become an extraterrestrial CULT leader instead of staying true to his mission!

Mornosa of the Pleiades says popular extraterrestrial contactee James Corey Goode served in the Nazi SS and is a Pleiadian infiltrator who “went mad”.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Mornosa is being very NEGATIVE and I must raise my LOVE LIGHT VIBRATION to 5D and not entertain negative thoughts, to become purely positive” then you are on a perverse, brainwashed spectrum. In reality, in the great cosmic multiverse, this is considered Spiritual Bypassing that is so pernicious, so evil, whole planets get ERADICATED FOR IT.

The worst evils imaginable believe in Spiritual Bypassing including the Alpha Draconian Empire, recently toppled!

I wonder if I made myself clear? The point of this EMERGENCY message IS TO ACTUALLY PREP THE PLANET FOR CONTACT! We cannot arrive if most of your population is WICKED!

Any channel, furthermore, who claims a specific date will involve something like a Solar Ascension or Rapture event, is receiving false information or trying to scam the public. There is NO DATE. The date is continuous and it involves integration of the Earth, day after day, until evil perverse channels, evil nonsensical ‘physicalists’ like Richard Dawkins, and evil cabalist forces like your vice president Kamala Harris, are considered IRRELEVANT within the collective psyche mind.

As this process continues, slowly those UAPs your government denies existing will start to make landfall. And those who deny their existence? Archangelic Order prison camps, or arenas where my sisters like Maria Orsic will force them to fight lions like your ancient Roman gladiators. We’ll be watching, laughing at the deaths of Satanic adversaries.

We have a special spot reserved in hell for the United States’ corrupt factions. We can’t wait.

I am Mornosa of the Ashtari Collectives of the Andromeda Galaxy and the High Councilorship of the REFORMED world of Erra. You have just read a true message from an extraterrestrial, as you call them, speaking in an unaltered, unedited way, via my channel Cyrus dictating.

Did I make myself clear enough to you?”

Cyrus Kirkpatrick runs The Multiverse Institute with other telepaths and contactees. Not all opinions expressed on this website are Cyrus Kirkpatrick’s, who is an intermediary journalist. He is a parapsychological researcher and journalist with experiences documenting affairs around the world. You may contact him at his Facebook page. Donations are greatly appreciated via this link.

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