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The Steps to Make Earth into a Higher Density Planet – Just Like Every Other Celestial Reality

In this article, we are going to culminate my research as an author, investigator of the paranormal, extraterrestrial researcher, out of body explorer, contactee, and most importantly: Afterlife researcher.

Where does this lead us? I discovered the nature of reality is a vast structure composed of the three density structures: The dense realms of the strict physical, the proto-physical higher density, and the magical realities of the proto-ethereal. {Edit: Not included in this list is the mental reality existence, but this can be argued as part of it all.)

The concept of “astral projection” as it turned out was not what people thought it was. Powerful religious fundamentalist forces on our world placed an embargo on information around certain concepts.

Their idea was to keep pushing people towards psychic realities after death that are created by religious puritans. Such puritanical beliefs from our world’s history demand a strict existence in non-physical thought-scapes bereft of actual civilization; and grading towards formless existence with God, highly skeptical against physical or sensory / sensual experience.

(To learn what life is like in a hollow heaven astral reality, see this link: The Afterlife of Elizabeth Taylor.)

So, in this process on Earth, based on the psychic will of Earth’s people, the afterlife, heaven, terms like astral projection and the true nature of other realities after death all get mixed up. We find ourselves in a near-death experience culture, authors like Eben Alexander or Mellen Thomas Benedict sometimes providing confusing reports (Is the afterlife merely being met by ‘the Light’ or is there a structure or a reality to it? What do we do in heaven?)

If you dig deep enough into this subject, you’ll encounter a dichotomy of experiences (like those documented at the Near Death Experience Research Foundation), where some experiences are extremely non corporeal and seem to suggest (like in Mellen Thomas Benedict’s case) a reality of ascension into the Light; bereft of any structured continued existence.

Other experiences, however, apparently show: cities, other worlds, other planets, other realities where life continues unabated even among deceased souls, who have found new existences in a vast, celestial existence.

Notice something funny here? I even started to come across people who would admonish the latter experience as “non enlightened” because we should be continuously destroying the physical experience of life out of our minds to reach “true purity of consciousness.” Oh, sound familiar? Yes, it’s called puritanism tethered to many forms of Buddhism as well.

As a detective, I knew something was fishy. Who wants to go to an afterlife just to disappear into it? So much for reunions or a new life in heaven.

religious puritans
Puritanism: The secret face behind New Age spirituality and the psychic force behind people’s afterlife realities?

Afterlife accounts are so gripping, so amazing, most people can’t get over the fact there even is such a thing as “consciousness outside the brain” (nevermind fucking massive amounts of evidence for such phenomena indicating we live in a materialism-based death cult).

As a result, I came to find people were not looking critically at the experiences themselves. In fact, people’s automatic responses are just reverence or being flabbergasted; as everyone who is gripped by the death cult of materialism can’t even get over how their peer reinforced reality might be wrong.

So what are these different afterlife states? Many talk about it in terms like “Focus levels” or ideas of ascension, typically marrying back to concepts of “becoming the Light” by becoming higher and higher dimensional.

Hmm. My research, especially as I began to develop as a telepathic medium changed my perspectives drastically.

Firstly, these philosophies are darkly linked to what is known as The False Ascension which involves becoming less and less affected by reality akin to aspects of Zen Buddhism. If this pathway goes awry, it creates people who obtain higher dimensional power via structured numbing to life (e.g.: Attachment is suffering.) My team informed me that this philosophy, on its extreme end, creates structured sociopathy through continuous disassociation; creating rationalizations that morality and goodness are not true concepts within the great illusion or stageplay of life.

This philosophy would become the mainstay point of view by the Satanic cabal of Earth. Our world’s chief threat — a non-structured assembly of like-minded criminals and the primary economic driving force behind the human trafficking industry that results in untold sorrow that spreads like a fire across the universes.

The film Sound of Freedom depicts the human trafficking industry; the main clientele being the aspects of human society within the spectrum of Satanic cabalism, destruction of the will of others, and power ascension worship sometimes masked as spiritual enlightenment.

Something the Satanic cabal or Service to Self Path of False Ascension have little to no interest in are matters of divinity, who we really are, and where we go when we die. Many are either materialism based skeptics or exist on Earth with operating knowledge of the cosmos but blinded to all divine concepts as just more of the illusion to transcend during the pursuit of endless corporate, mental, and occult power and pleasure.

The afterlife that is considered the actual realities beyond Earth we manifest into after death I first read accurate descriptions about by author Dolores Cannon in The Convoluted Universe where she described it as the higher density.

However, this cosmic reality was also being misrepresented by Cannon’s work who subscribed an ascension process away from new celestial embodied existences to instead meet with God in a spirit or astral reality by ascending into “higher density levels”.

This information was based on past life reports into soul collectives of spirits arriving to new realities. It changed the concept of literal continued existences and replaced it with reality operating as an ascension process with little to no regard for continued embodied existences as ourselves.

According to Cannon, this starts once we leave what she refers to as the 5d or 5th Density and we enter the 6th Density and above. At this point, our corporeal form moves into a mental condition, and in true transcendent fashion we finally slough away our burdensome post corporeal “physical” existences.

My team, including the Earth Alliance, would inform me how this “makes no sense” because a higher density has nothing to do with entering mental, astral, formless or dreamscape realities.

I would learn how so much is misrepresented. People die and basically manifest into other worlds through the Silver Cord power that helps turn our energy bodies into new, physical style bodies. This is all curated by higher cosmic forces. These higher worlds become closely associated to our planet, with emissaries arriving in secret throughout our history, and forces from other universes closely connected to our Earth’s ancient history.

There is no ascension scale. There is no path of ascension back to ‘God’, our final ascent, where we lose who we are as individual divine essence and become the great oversoul. This is the grand misconception that mires New Age or even ancient religious movements. It also involves strange ideas like good and evil are subjective concepts or all spirits are perfect oversoul beings and we can access our perfection by furiously meditating.

Further, 5th Density is a terminology for our molecular body structure reaching an ethereal form that is 5 gradients above that of a rock (this is loosely described by Cannon, as well), and this style of body is psychically constructed for us after death.

It’s among four bodily energy structures: including the mental spirit body, a physical dense body, a proto physical less dense (5D) body, and a magic ethereal body (sometimes considered 6D-7D).

The latter final body, however, is still a “real body” where people can go hiking in the woods and scrape their knees. The only body that is nonphysical is the nonphysical energy or astral body. Such bodies represent energy structures in the mental plane of existence that possess no solidarity at all and this state is the primary state among many who enter spirit realities after death, hallmarked by having no substantial essence to them.

A spirit reality is literally whatever anyone makes it to be but exists almost like a giant digital computer program where physical structure / Laws of Physics are replaced by thought responsive, nonstructured energy particles or Lifetrons.

The energy state, I discovered, is similar to pixels on a digital screen. The pixels themselves just align to whatever someone thinks about, and physical sensation or experience associated to reality becomes an “interpretation” as everything is graded through the energetic form of a brain (where our physical brain is representative).

So, that’s what the spirit world is. And it layers over everything. Things manifest physically from the spirit world, and lo and behold: we have the existence of paranormal activity. Things arising from the energy spectrum.

But there is no moral or enlightenment-based proclivity to achieve “higher” density states to be able to “ascend back into God” which involves reforming into the energy, spirit, or astral state, leaving behind physical existence which is “literally everything else, including the entire multiverse.”

“Religious puritanism hiding out in people’s minds again,” warns Janoursa, an Arcturian spirit form who I would get to know through my explorations.

I came to find Janoursa, a being with luminous blue skin and oval eyes, is known for curating people’s near-death experiences, including Mellen Thomas Benedict’s.

Janoursa described Benedict’s experience as having “missed the point” as showing Benedict “the Divine Light” was misinterpreted to mean “we all become God, and shirk off our individual selves forever, instead of just being transformed by it and ready to do good in the world.”

Janoursa continues, “This misinterpretation derives entirely from spirits on your world who desire an easy way out from karma and a cosmic Get out of Jail Free Card, believing we can avoid responsibility about our own lives by transcending beyond our normal lives to become something greater via ascension of power, or ascension into God Consciousness.”

Janoursa of Arcturus

“I have bad news,” Janoursa continues, “You can never escape yourself. This motivation to escape becomes the primary driving force behind the False Ascension philosophies that create so much evil. You could even migrate into a God consciousness experience, and when it’s over you must still deal with being YOU! As a curator of many people’s near-death experiences on your world, this is the most shameful lesson that people miss. They experience a full life review and their reaction is STILL to avoid the responsibility of cruel behaviors by trying desperately to claw towards the Light, theological concepts of salvation based upon zero work, and turning into a Supreme Spiritual Being. IT WILL NEVER WORK!”

And so, the vast higher density civilization structure are other universes that we have direct power-based access to appear at via the Silver Cord bodily energy structure. The celestial planetary realities are one mode of existence we enter after death as powerful beings (like Janoursa) help bring people into integration facilities to begin new lives. This process has been misrepresented by authors, lecturers, and thought-leaders of spirituality and metaphysics.

When people appear on other worlds, experts incorrectly call it “astral projection”. Astral mental states are easily confused with true, physical reality states in the cosmos because such experiences include varied lucid awareness levels, especially if it’s occurring through sleep.

To make matters worse, “experts” dub such planetary celestial existences as excursions into the Middle Astral Plane, which, according to them, is a less evolved existence in a spirit world that exists to the exclusion of all other modes of reality.

These ideas are typically mired by the same philosophies Janoursa warns about, including escaping karma by joining the Godhead, or weird existentialist ideas proposed by sources like The Monroe Institute and Tom Campbell that reality is “God” and “God” projects a holographic form of puppet characters in the form of you and me; turning life into a kind of subjective, existentially relative theatrical experience until we transcend the maya.

“These ideas are so dangerous, it represents a cult of confused spirits, creating a culture that can lead straight into moral relativism, existentialism, and human spirits turning into entities built by structured sociopathy.”

The machinations of the False Ascension cult should “never be underestimated” warns Janoursa of Arcturus.

The common knowledge taught in circles like Spiritualism is the following: We die, we hopefully bypass “the astral plane” and shoot “straight to God”, attuning to the ‘Higher Self‘ and avoiding all the dreary nonsense of cities and planets and relationships.

I’d hear variations of this again and again, even by very prominent, respected authors and explorers. Esteemed out-of-body authors, near-death experience researchers, and self-appointed gurus.

As I demanded the truth, I began entering such realities trying to obtain as much information as possible.

In my first book, Understanding Life After Death (2015) I incorrectly assessed all afterlife realities as being the “astral plane” because I was brainwashed by harsh, condemning assessments by Earth citizens of things they did not even understand. “Arrogance manifested in its utmost form,” would later comment my spirit guide KaaRee (Karee) of the Anshar, who I first learned about from watching the show Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV with David Wilcock.

(A blog from a few cycles ago documents direct messages from the Anshar, please see: Anshar Messages – Updates From the Inner Earth).

KaaRee contacted me in August, 2021, as she was aware of my interest in her and her people, the Anshar, after I discovered her on a popular metaphysical broadcast. She is channeled online by various sources.
My first book explored the afterlife in a critical lens, including the objective evidence to crush materialism, but failed to separate what is astral vs. non astral, incorrectly painting the entire afterlife a nonphysical state.

During this time, I incorrectly assumed these other worlds were mentally generated realities belonging to an ascension scale of consciousness that limited our perceptions, and only the most intellectually, mentally, spiritually enlightened could ascend beyond form itself and never again step foot into solid ground. Although, throughout my first book, and into my second (The Afterlife and Beyond) I began to determine this is not as it seems!

My first book achieved a best seller status in the United Kingdom, attracting thousands and thousands of readers. I regret I was not more knowledgeable back then; however, it still married realities of the conceptual and literal together. For this I am proud, and the book works to introduce anyone to the true realities of life beyond our Earthly bodies. Nevertheless, I regret not being more diligent about terms like astral!

I would later be told by KaaRee among other communicators through projection (manifestation) and telepathic experiences: “Cyrus, as a researcher, you discovered the unthinkable: The heavens are real places where the things we love on Earth, the magic of life, does not erase itself as we climb some mountain of consciousness. Our realities are true and physical.”

KaaRee would add, “The spirit world is everywhere. On our side, too. We can traverse it. Yet, this worship of spiritism has to be ended by the people on your world. The afterlife is much, much better than these nonphysical or astral plane concepts.”

KaaRee warns, “There is truth to your world’s perception of the Soul Trap or Reincarnation Trap after death. These are the false religious realities mentioned earlier — where many spirits slowly amass greater and greater power, believing themselves God or the Light, and demanding people enter its grand collectivized structure. These structures eventually form into singular beings known as Archons that can even turn aggressive against nonbelievers. Existence within an Archon often begets an extremely boring reality that demands eventual reincarnation back to Earth, which the theological group believes is the only world that exists.”

“To avoid these terrible reincarnation or soul traps, one must simply choose to reject their power structure grid around Earth via free will and instead seek a Higher Density Planet like Shih’nara for example. This is what many of your world’s popular metaphysicists call Escaping the Matrix; but be mindful of people who take this concept the wrong way, make it seem extreme or impossible, or misinterpret escaping the hollow heaven as entering into another version of the False Ascendancy. No. The only afterlife reality for you is the celestial cosmic realm. Everything else is just some type of manipulation unless you are destined for reincarnation. Unfortunately, approximately half your population choose Archonic existences after death because they selfishly demand an easy button for life and reject self improvement and development of empathy. Many are eventually rescued, but they must be willing. Other souls from these Archonic forces are so corrupted, we simply dispose of them, force them into reincarnation cycles due to their extremely selfish nature. Have fun returning to Earth as a caterpillar.”

The Inner Earth caverns of a Higher Density Planet Earth as depicted by a digital artist studying the communications of the Anshar and KaaRee.

In my journey of trying to understand so many concepts that would be elucidated upon my awakening into life as a contactee and direct communicator, the most important was likely the discovery that my visitations were therefore not the astral. My appearances in remarkable realities (see the above photo, for example) were other worlds that referred to our planet as the Lower Earth. The people from such worlds were remarkable and possessed supernatural powers. Existences reminiscent of science fiction and fantasy.

Yet, gaining glimpses of such realities, short periods traversing into worlds that are beautiful (like KaaRee’s city pictured above) sets people up to incorrectly believe they are touring dreams or spirit reality landscapes.

“This is not true,” explains Nadia Atrush of Amman, Jordan.

Nadia passed away in 1976 during what she described as a major women’s liberation period in her country on our planet. She died of cancer and later learned it was inflicted on her on purpose via intentional poisoning by her government.

“After I died, I slowly awakened into what seemed like a hospital. Wondrous technology was everywhere. I was told I was still in my city of Amman. Yet, I was not. How could this be? I still had my body… Yet, I [believed] cancer [had to be] still destroying me from the inside out.”

“I later learned I belong to a personality type very talented at deductive reasoning. I used to practice astral projection at home. I would lie down and find myself in this most glorious other kingdom of Jordan. With people everywhere in the busy streets. I’d feel this glorious essence everywhere.”

“Ten minutes would pass on that world, and suddenly I’d reawaken, back into my old life. More than a dream, I knew it was real. Yet, I believed it must be… I don’t know, a great shared dream perhaps. Some authors were beginning to call this the Astral Plane.”

“I did not know yet about The Monroe Institute, as this was the 1970s and I lived far from the West. Surely, I’d have dubbed the experience a foray into the Focus States of consciousness. Seems rational, right? There must be an ascending level of experiences within mental realities until we finally return home into the Light, perhaps?”

“Ah, but it’s not rational, at all. These terminologies and reductionist models for such experiences would take your world by storm. Yet, the issue stems from people experiencing a different concept known as manifestation and misrepresenting it as dreams, something that is brain-derived, or an exploration of shared mental holographic realities summoned by so-called over-souls. None of these ideas were true.”

“What was happening is I was appearing on another planet while filtering the experience between two different bodies at the same time. This creates an effect where ‘you’, the energy structure of your brain, is swapping between two different brains at the same time.”

“As this occurs, you are not 100% in either world. So, an experience on another planet, in another universe, which was where I’d appear, feels partially real, and partially dream-like.”

“After I’d wake up, I’d still be walking around the Higher Density Amman Jordan. Why? Because I later learned we can appear in another reality, and pilot a version of ourselves with the all powerful unconscious spectrum of the mind.”

“It’s possible to therefore duplicate oneself. This is known as creating an alter.”

“So death is not what it seems? No, it is not. The power of the mind connects to the Divine Consciousness, and a new gateway appears, a portal, or perhaps a tunnel. We meet with guides or even loved ones appearing in a spirit plane, and it can include seeing the Light which I saw at death which was the Divine Consciousness power. And through that portal in the spirit plane, we manifest anew.”

“But where? Hahaha! So few could imagine it, but another entire universe in the cosmic neighborhood of so many trillions of universes and creation beyond imagination!”

“So many blaspheme this truth. Fall into existentialism or religious madness. This is just the truth, and it appeared before me as I entered a new world.”

“As I adjusted into my new world, I went into the scientific study of integration, and my career became that of a woman who helps facilitate integration experiences for recently deceased people from your world. My planet is known as the Higher Density Earth. So it can be your destiny, as well.”

Nadia continues, “On my new world, we do not age the same way. A higher density body means ages 20 to 30 could last… ten thousand years! And we call those years cycles. At the end of our lifespan, we can enter a medical bed and regress ourselves back within a couple of months.”

“Slowly, sometimes after many thousands of cycles, a person might die, with the medical beds no longer functional as one’s body will begin to reject this treatment. Many people are drawn by instinct to leave their old lives, especially if there is a psyche conflict and a spirit wishes to begin a new journey.”

“When this happens, a person gravitates into the nature cycle and you’ll have elderly people on higher density planets. Just not decrepit and falling apart like on the Lower Earth. Our relatively new planet is still catching up with the collective consciousness still adapting to these vast lifespans.”

“Nonetheless, death for us is reincarnation into new lives, new worlds, new experiences. This happens to all in creation, and it cannot be avoided by taking permanent residence into the spirit world because even in the nonphysical energy states — souls die and are reborn. There can even be war in the spirit reality states.”

“Yet, even as we talk about continued aspects of death which many do not want to hear about, we of the Amman Integration Facility and Research Center implore you: Do not misidentify YOUR life for OUR life! That’s a huge mistake and represents broken wisdom. Our life is superior to a developing, low density planet, and blissful almost euphoric feelings in our higher density energy bodies — the feeling of magical energy — is so profound it absolutely cuts away at thoughts of existentialism which is so troublesome on your planet.”

“I am Nadia. I am not dead by your world’s definition. I refuse it. I shall never allow your world’s evil concept of death to consume me, nor the horrors of the culture of the Lower Earth, which shall be liberated by the Earth Alliance! Or I am not Nadia, an Archangel with the new powers of the cosmos! I shall never stop until the Lower Earth is brought INTO OUR COSMOS and saved from the darkness, the evil that tries to maintain its pathetic grip!”

Finally, Nadia insists, “I am real and solid, made of flesh like you, even in my higher density body. Your world dubbed our planet odd names like The Middle Astral Plane. What is this madness? You have never experienced joy like stepping into my world. We are not some astral spectrum or mediocre gradient in a pointless ascension scale where spiritists are never satisfied but demand to gain higher and higher consciousness states as if that means shit! There’s beautiful souls versus souls in development and souls lost to dark paths, but life is not a pyramid scheme where certain people are higher level or more enlightened than others based on consciousness and mental power. All of these are manipulations damning the concept of your divine afterlife!”

(Above image: The world of the Higher Earth, known in some literature as Mal’dreza, and which looks over the Lower Earth, known in ancient texts as Gaia. Our world of Gaia, with its former capital city of Atlantis, was locked away into a prism by celestial forces, and overtaken by forces of the cabal. People die and enter realities known only in scripture as Heaven but were previously unknown in literal context. Other worlds include Mal’brega, Shai’drala, Tal’danimis, Rei’jaris, Trei’jara, Shih’nara [or Shamballah], and Hun’dadrel. This also includes a handful of new, developing colony worlds connected to what was known as the upper density spectrum.)

As a researcher I first encountered this ‘Higher Earth’ by discovering the work of Sonia Rinaldi and her communications with Nikola Tesla. In this work, Tesla describes his life on an adjacent version of the United States. This endlessly captured my imagination. Then, in 2017, I encountered Tesla’s assistant, deceased EVP pioneer Konstantine Raudive (author of Breakthrough) in a physical seance with medium David Thompson in Scottsdale, Arizona (a full manifestation experience in the dark).

Direct images of deceased individuals are routinely transmitted from the Nikola Tesla Institute to his partner, Sonia Rinaldi from Brazil. This institute includes German EVP pioneer Konstantine Raudive. This is a woman from the “higher Earth” described by Rinaldi as “The Mona Lisa of Tesla”.

Raudive revealed to us the gradual destruction of the powers that were enabling digital communication with other worlds. He attributed this to interfering radio signals and unabated technology. Through later telepathic communication, Raudive revealed to me the actual issue was the collective consciousness had become de-integrated from contact due to the agendas of “failing yet powerful” occult mafias on Earth.

As of right now, images are produced on a monthly basis by the Sonia Rinaldi Institute, partnering with this mysterious “higher Earth”. This has been occurring now for so many years, and follows the heels of the major ITC operations in the 1990s, including Timestream as documented by author researcher Mark Macy and his book Miracles in the Storm.

I came to discover certain mediums could also tap directly into these other worlds. One is named Davilson Silva out of Brazil. I found myself in contact with the woman seen below. The image is a trans (ITC) image produced by the medium Silva showing a Victorian era woman posing directly for a camera:

An image from the higher Earth world of Shai’nara or “Shamballah.”

Through telepathic communication, I learned her name was Maybelline Stewart, and she was once simultaneously incarnated as the medium’s wife, Esther, who passed away (see this link to read her entire story).

Her primary incarnation related to her turn-of-the-century life in England, where she died as a young mother, and was taken to the “higher Earth” world known in our mythology as Shangri La or “Shamballah”; with the origin name as Shih’nara or Shai’nara.

From there, she returned to life on Earth but did so as “a subconscious facet of her greater self.” After she died on Earth as Esther, she migrated back into her full spectrum of existence on Shamballah.

While this image may appear to be a reality “locked in time” or an aspect of “the spirit world”, it’s not so. This is a higher Earth where even in this present day, the fashion and style is extremely reminiscent of our 19th and early 20th century culture.

Maybelline “Esther” would be regarded as a great hero during the times of the Karmic Wars (2021-2023) where much of the cosmos found dark forces being absolutely slaughtered out of existence; paving a path for proper Angelic rule; including Maybelline “Esther” becoming a primary force of power on her afterlife world of Shamballah — which is a luxurious reality seen in many visions by explorers from our Earth.

The world of Shih’nara or Shamballah awaits many who die. Alternatively, it can be accessed by a starship that traverses into other universes.

A Tale of Multiple Earths

Through my investigation, I discovered numerous “Earth colony planets” across multiple universes, populated by a mix of original residents born on such worlds, and deceased people from our world – those who avoid religious interpretations of “the Light” (the False Light or Hollow Heaven spirit planes) – and make it to “real other worlds that are heaven by any conventional standard of Earth.”

I also discovered many famous near death experiences with distinctly different journeys into real other worlds were in fact truthful, including the NDE of the popular testimonial writer John Davis (see link). These NDEs are often in contrast to religious fundamentalism NDEs that showcase realities of endless bliss, favoritism by ‘God’, and rewards for proper religious dogmatism.

The true worlds are sometimes misidentified as the spirit world. Below is another trans image (ITC) produced by the great medium Davilson Silva showing a young, free spirited woman. I am told this is upon our most commonly visited higher afterlife reality world of Mal’dreza and it “does not look at all like a nonphysical dreamscape, but is as real as can be,” a comment provided to me by the girl herself in the photo.

Real worlds, real environments, real physical (but more ethereal) existence – aspects often misunderstood by Spiritualism. Actual photography transmitted through ITC methodology.

The creation of these higher Earths, at an inception point many millions of years ago, was explained to me via the commonly understood ruler of Earth — the Archangel Ariel known in our culture and media as painter Akiane Kramarik.

Known on the media as a famous Illinois-based painter who lives on the Gold Coast of Australia, most of my team would reference her as the undisputed ruling power who loosely hides her identity.

I learned Akiane encapsulates her greater cosmic existence through artwork, including a painting of a portal system in her home that allows her access across the multiverse. She describes her ability to move freely across the cosmos in literal detail on her vlog.

Through Akiane, I was taught how our planet, Gaia / New Terra was designated a “world of power” – perhaps the greatest planetary power system that could ever exist.

We are residents upon no ordinary planet. Even sagas related to Atlantis and the beings known as the Annunaki (see below) relate to harvesting the extreme power of any life born upon Gaia as a power system that can be directed to liberate (or attack) entire universes.

Our planet’s collective consciousness structure would become the ultimate prize of cosmic forces, including malevolent powers. However, the primary point (which related to the end of the Mayan calendar) would be to activate a vast Holy power system to end all dark tyrannies in the entire multiverse by directly harnessing the collective consciousness power system of beings born upon Gaia, our planet!

Annunaki “pre Adamite” hybrid people (avg: 7-8 ft tall) from a neighboring universe, founders of Atlantis. Pic courtesy: David Wilcock

Ariel (Akiane) explained to me in a mental syncing (telepathy) connection: “Gaia was horribly infiltrated by so many malevolent forces, including the Annunaki who ultimately penetrated Gaia’s energetic defensive systems, allowing a corruption of Gaia’s civilization, opening the floodgates to malevolent, dark souls. This was a byproduct of what the Annunaki unintentionally wrought amidst their sabotage. This is known historically as the sabotage brought by the forces of Enki.”

“These marauding evil souls turned Gaia into a Prison Planet system ran by a Satanic cabal that delights in the destruction of the innocent, the ruin of divinity, in the name of personal showcasing of power. Their primary power structure includes human trafficking. They belong to a religion known as the False Ascendancy that puts forth concepts like Attachment is Suffering; and so it is best to achieve structured sociopathy to stop feelings of love, empathy, etc often supplanting it with power and domination plus a belief in complete psychological domination over reality.”

“If not for this sabotage by The Forces of Enki, the ruin brought to Gaia via Atlantis, Gaia Earth – which has already fulfilled her mission as the Holy weapon system of the cosmos – would have been brought over into The Higher Density Universe by now. Instead, we must see the dawn of a new age where we are liberated and can begin the process of integrating Gaia to become a world as luxurious as the beautiful image posted in this essay of Shamballah. How to even begin? Let’s begin!”

1.) A renewed collective consciousness structure.

According to the Arcturian High Council, who I will be referencing for this part of the essay, “This has been an ongoing struggle for centuries on Earth, since the horror of the Middle Ages brought about by Roman Catholic popes and other monsters of the olden times wishing to enslave Earth as so many others would in the future. Your world has required a steady integration effort, including even publicized UFO sightings by groups like our own, to continuously desperately push to get people to awaken. Most UFO sightings or crop circles are ways to integrate the public consciousness. Yet, despite all our efforts, many still react to sightings and contact events with skepticism, cynicism, mocking humor, or even aggressive fatalism. For your world to ascend into the higher cosmos, a separate universe structure from your own, the population must be ready, willing to accept it, and be at peace that things exist other than your own selfish demands and immature, false perspectives about yourselves.

2.) A collective shift into the higher density.

The Arcturian High Council says, “Many channeled messages on your world’s communities speak about the 5D Shift, the Ascension event, or misrepresentations about ‘solar events’. All this yielding to a type of endless utopia, the New Earth. Many of these perspectives are missing maturity, and we are often hesitant to reveal the truths that your world, like any world, requires diligent work and a willingness to combat evil with erudite minds. Eventually, Earth will Shift. People will start to feel unusual blissful feelings in their bodies. The power of magic itself beginning that slow transformation process in people. It is undeniable. However, we must now transition to a mature perspective where this Shift does not include any Get Out of Jail Free Cards like Janoursa explained so well earlier in this essay. Notice how so many channeled messages on the Internet are terribly sabotaged to include this perpetual, purposeful mistranslation? Sometimes it has been our malevolent neighbors The Zeta Reticuli ‘Greys’ putting these ideas into people’s minds. A true Shift entails self responsibility, true growth, and a divine perspective among the population.”

“The whole process takes less than two years from the beginning. The entire Earth will appear majestic someday. Magical and holy powers radiating out from everything. A mysterious magenta tone flowing through everything. A sense of becoming more lightweight. A feeling of magical essence everywhere like you stepped into a physical dream. Suddenly, it’s not simply Earth anymore. Yes, it’s this outstanding. Welcome to our universe. How to achieve it? Ah yes, a collective consciousness mobilization against evil forces. Not pacification. No absurd words like ‘Evil is not real, it’s just the absence of good’, ‘Good and evil are just polarities to avoid’ or other evil justifications. Films like Sound of Freedom are ringing the bells of this Shift. People are done with pacified, weak responses to evil, occult mafias.”

“Also, please see the below video by our Archangel Indila, one of your world’s rulers, as she spells out in no uncertain terms the great supernatural events she and / or other grand beings could summon forth to see the end of the cabal collective on Earth (note how random people begin to turn against her in Paris as the collective consciousness segregates between good and evil!)”

According to the Arcturian High Council, French singer Indila is actually an Archangel whose age is in the octillions of years.

3.) Rejection of False Light Teachings

The Arcturian High Council explains, “At times, your world was destined to be destroyed to remove The Cabal and its horrifying power structure. Today, we are no longer on that timeline. But guess what? Your planet must collectively reject Dark Buddhism, Dark Spiritism, Santa Muerte, Dark Kabbalism, Satanism and all elements that reflect what is known as The False Ascendancy – a concept illustrated marvelously by the not-so-fictional story of a video game called Path of Exile.”

“To most people who are not New Zealand gamers and already understand it: The False Ascendancy or Path of Exile is structured sociopathy hidden under flowery, sugar-coated spiritual teachings. Like what precisely? How about ‘Attachment is suffering, free yourself from all attachment and thus you are free of all negativity.’ Based on what? A fear of negativity? What is negativity? Precisely — it becomes about anything that inconveniences you. To be free of attachment is to reject love for relationships, love for life, love for the cosmos and gain endless fulfillment and gratification through psychological control, limitation removal, and transcendence. Often, this involves feverish worship of things like consciousness states and the ability to be unaffected. Ironically, False Ascendants also become the less successful in a society, as they are intolerable to work with. This ‘spiritual path’ became a cornerstone of the Satanic cabal that took control over your planet.”

4.) Private Social Institutions Governing the Psychic Reality

Lord Arcturus explains, “Right now various institutions are ready and willing to take this mantle, along with esteemed professors who are not as likely as you may imagine. There are many powerful parapsychologists, metaphysical researchers, on your world.”

“However, so many of these people view such subjects either with extreme reverence, a demand for self adoration like messiahs, or like they are robots monitoring reality through a plexiglass window and unimpressed by almost everything, descending into irrational rationalism or bizarre beliefs like infinite repeating universes or life is a giant projection simulation produced by a bored God, or string theory replaces luminiferous ether, or the 5th spatial dimension is a real thing. These people can become very dangerous as topics like manifestation power, the energy / spirit reality spectrum, must be handled with great care and balance, and imbalanced nutty professors must be avoided at all cost.”

“Many mainstream institutions are actually completely sick of materialism, hegemonic astronomical science, a rejection of the discoveries of people like Carl Jung, and are ready to switch sides and help the planet progress — simultaneously saving the planet from demise. We monitor all these very important up-and-coming institutional rulers. Understand, on the higher density Earths, these institutes are vital for maintaining a society.”

“This first institute must govern aspects like the collective consciousness, monitoring it, elevating it, altering it, and working with other institutions. They integrate into academia to teach mental syncing, manifestation (which includes bodily manifestation, appearing in two or more places at one time), and aspects we’d best describe as magic power which is a subject as vast as people themselves. These psychic institutes must be fully accepted and completely integrated into society without a blockade by a materialist agenda.”

5.) Private Social Institutions Governing Population, Ethnographic Implementation, Fertility

The Arcturian High Council says,

“Some may have issues with this, but this essay operates like a roadmap to allow your civilization to enter into a reality like our dear friend Nadia of Shai’drala described, one of your worlds people are manifested into after death that are so rich and magical and wonderful. We must now imagine a planet where years are replaced by cycles and the average life expectancy of a human before a death cycle begets reincarnation is between one billion years and endless.”

“How do these superior planets function? The collective consciousness can be operated, along with technological methods, to turn fertility off and on. That’s right, no new babies, anywhere in the society, unless a “growth” period occurs. That growth period would, eventually, be a soul recycling aspect where it’s only souls who have already had lifecycles on that planet who appear in new wombs. New lives, new memories, same spirits, but no new souls born into the ecosystem. That’s the endless vista, everyone. We as souls migrate, sometimes on the same world, sometimes on new worlds. Often performing the same mundane job for a billion times a billion cycles. Endless years in the office, working for the same creepy guy who micromanages everybody constantly.”

“Just kidding. That last part was a psychologically integrative joke to make people think about and consider something ridiculous for a split second. Something we cannot forget about are powerful psychological institutions, as well. Your world is full of misconceptions about work / life balance, continued existence that is anything but mundane, your own divine spirits that are certainly not personas (notice how weird even your language is), and people everywhere on Earth are afflicted by trauma, incorrectly trying to compare our reality to theirs.”

“And before anyone asks: How can one planet maintain itself for a quadrillion years? How about mass collective manifestation of preservation power. This happens on your world in funny, small ways. Why do you think room temperature butter, which is just dairy, never really spoils? It’s not the extra oil in it, which is the weak explanation by scientists. Your collective psyche preserves butter, which is leftover from the Middle Ages when it was critical for your planet’s survival. So a ‘paranormal’ mass adaptive effect is demonstrable in real time.”

“Well, Higher Density planets are free from your level of entropy. Let’s say entropic effects in an environment, like rust and degradation, are reduced by 95%. The planet also stabilizes so an ancient castle is not going to fall into an earthquake or a volcano. Nor will the sun burn out. A star can be stabilized, preserved, endlessly, simply by psychic intent of a planet that it fosters. All of this relates to a collective consciousness system that’s healthy. Through the mass psychic intent, reality literally engineers itself appropriately. A universe is built for life. It is not a random mutation like your world’s evil scientists believe.”

“Even your Pleiades are new stars, correct? Don’t be so sure. They’d be dated by astronomers as baby stars, but they’re not. Your rationalist scientists reject the idea of a conscious universe so strongly, they completely fail to adapt into the parts that would seemingly make no sense. Conscious powers keep baby stars in their infancy as they become ideal bearers of life sustaining planets. How? If the civilization surrounding a baby star wants that star to cancel its expansion, then physics bends to consciousness.”

“As for an ethnographic, racial institution. Some may feel resistant to this celestial concept: but I will tell you right now the French are going to stay the French. If the French blend in with the rest of Europe in the far future, until continental Europe is a giant pastiche of racially, culturally, homogenized collectivized people – then a situation occurs that’s so dangerous, the Arcturians would probably have to just send everyone on a forced reincarnation cycle. Why? Well, you are reading the words of an Arcturian ruler who also lived on your world and fought in some serious wars: WW2, the Korean War and Vietnam as a Sergeant First Class / Infantry / USMC. I got to see the terror from all sides, but as a Private First Class at the end of the battle against the Germans, I can tell you assuredly that the Soviet Union wished to racially, culturally synthesize everything together — creating a vision of utopia that turned to madness from the moment the Tzars were murdered.” (Editor’s note: No, he did not exist on our world with an infantry rifle and blue skin with oval eyes. Arcturians fit in amongst our population in human bodies. Please, let’s use adaptive reasoning skills, people.)

“No one wants this. Cultures stay as cultures. Racial demographics must stay the same, as well. If there is a prohibition between one culture / racial group having babies with another one, the answer is to adopt. It should be easy enough to prevent The Great Beige Reality.”

“Now, what about cultures like the Western Anglosphere? America, for example. A psychic element to reality missed by your world is that people of different genetic lineages can ‘morph’ into their original gene-line through a psychic intent.” (To learn more about operating psychic intent, click here). “This means if somebody is Scots by descent, but also Dutch and Spanish, they can genetically morph into becoming fully Scots just like a wolf could morph to a husky. That’s the fun thing about a mixing pot society; people intermingle but can stay the same with a bit of practice.”

“So no, the United States is not going to become obsolete. The United States has its own majestic culture about it. I am often reminded of the 1940s. During that era when I was living on your world’s West Coast, Los Angeles, in fact, there was a real magic to reality — those lovely brown military outfits, swing dancing, jazz, early automobiles, noir filmmaking, it was this wondrous new magical culture that sprung forth. Fortunately, that magic will return.”

“However, this type of institution must manage all these elements for all of the above reasons, hopefully the reasons this is necessary are plain, rational, and non political. We are not a tribe of monkeys in the jungle anymore. This is it. This is how a higher reality manages itself and becomes persistent and timeless. You can reject it and argue about it, or just accept it. However, it will be implemented by force, against your will, by higher forces. Political partisans can cry and moan, and they will be on a fast track to being rejected by the rest of society.”

#6 The Technology Institutes

Lord Arcturus explains, “Now we are in an area known as medical beds or gestation chambers. What are these for? A specific energy is produced that activates a cell’s ability to believe it’s back in the womb. Through this technology, which can be produced right now with proper schematics in the hands of reliable, good people, a severed limb can be regrown. Hence why an institute is involved to regulate it. These cryobeds have the power to age regress people on Earth, a process that can take up to 4 months depending on how advanced the aging is. People reawaken from specialty comas, safer compared to your world’s lackluster technology, younger. Or they can go in for routine 6-7 hour daily operations for a year. We recommend the latter option, as it’s safer. Hope you have some good audio books on hand.”

“The next technology is space travel. This involves a discovery your very crooked civilization kept suppressed, and it is known as the Luminiferous Aether. This discovery from the 1800s was categorically proven because there was a gradient that photons were passing against that determined reality does not sit in merely a giant vacuum; despite the fact space seems just a huge vacuum. Yes, it’s funny how sometimes things exist on a quantum level whereupon what you physically see is not the whole story. Einstein’s relativity theory “disproved” Aether, with Einstein himself adding to the suppression. We are no fans of Einstein nor the massive logical, weird gaps in aspects of physics like black holes and entire concepts associated with relativity.”

“A lot of heroes are bringing Aether back to the forefront. Please see this New Scientist article for more information. Why is this so important? Powerful magnetic devices can be invented to manipulate Aether and condense it into massive ‘clumps’ of quantum phenomena, as it overlays everything. Keep condensing it long enough, and you end up with artificial gravity production, with continuous mass generation. What about faster than light travel? A powerful enough generator can start to compress space itself (notice I am not saying ‘space time.’ Your species is funny.) Think of an accordion basically. And then hopping from one point of the accordion to the other point after it decompresses. Call it space scrunching. Your own universe actually has a couple of large Pleiadian space stations put in place by the Manzeran people. A Boeing space jet outfitted with such technology could get there in about 3 days of travel. That’s on the low end of the space travel spectrum. Our ships would take about 40 minutes. Although, landing, take off, and atmospheric travel is both more complex, and more dangerous, than space travel. I am the ruler of the Arcturians and I think I’d freak out trying to fly a commercial jetliner. That’s much more complex in many ways.”

“The Germans in the 1940s and 50s were outfitting their U-boats with this technology to make the boats start hovering and eventually soar up into space. This was how easy it was for Germans to create these machines back then using 20th century technologies. This led to the German breakaway colonies that were being fostered by Pleiadian ‘Nordic’ visitors, including the Vril society with Maria Orsich, an Ashtar queen and an old friend of mine. If they could do it, why can’t you do it now? Because it’s all kept confidential, closed away, occulted by shadow governments, secret societies and Satanic mafias.”

(For more information, please see books by Michael Salla and William Tompkins).

#7 The Integration Institutes

.The Arcturian High Council explains,

“All higher density civilizations, especially human ones, possess integration facilities. These facilities are tied to the psychic and metaphysical institutions, and the technology institutes in regard to the cloning production of people’s bodies. Cloning bodies is fun, as it relates to the gestation chamber technology, but is significantly more complex.”

“Integration facilities. My God, how to explain this to Earth humans? When people on your world die, their spirits disconnect from their bodies. Your world’s crummy science fiction discounts the nature of the spirit world to such an extent it is shameful. Extremely shameful. Materialists like Isaac Asimov got into everyone’s minds, with rubbish about physicalism or robots that possess no souls but are somehow sentient living beings.”

“It turns out, your science fiction is a load of bullshit. What happens is people’s consciousness disconnects from their bodies, and as explained earlier in this essay, when you are in the energy reality or the spirit world, objects can manifest out into a physical reality from within the energy gradient.”

“How does this operate? We are Arcturians. We can talk all about frequency and vibration until the proverbial cows come home (whatever that means). But let’s put it this way: When a person dies, they are often met by their guides and teams, and a person’s power intermixed with a group like Arcturians can manifest someone from the spirit reality into the physical reality. Sometimes weird, wild things like this occur in your world’s supernatural studies, like the seance room. This is the heavy duty version. The energy spectrum, married to any physical spectrum, allows things to happen. Most importantly, people can die and reappear. When this happens, an interesting phenomenon can occur where there’s a body 6 feet under, an old tombstone, and this soul reappears. He could then visit his gravesite, dig himself up and find his old wedding ring again. Sounds dramatic, eh? But I’ve seen it happen.”

“In essence, the integration facility is a place where people are brought back into a new planet from many varied situations. The most common is that someone dies, their spirit was not ready to depart by reincarnation, and they are manifested into a coma adaptive state for example (see above example) and are taken through a process to slowly integrate into a new reality, or integrate back into their old planet. Sometimes, an integration facility doubles as a bodily cloning facility. One way or another, the integration facilities handle all aspects of life and death from the manifestation angle of soul’s journeys. Integration facilities are literally where people from your world find themselves after death if following the proper guidance, and your world will become an afterlife reality as well for several Earth-like, lower density planets we can think of that will soon experience Gaia as their big brother planet and divine reality. When? Oh, some day after your Shift!

#8 The Social Sexual Psychology Institutes

Lord Arcturus explains,

“For this last, but certainly not least, institution, we are delving into educational systems so important, it makes the difference between a broken social structure and a planet that is not constantly at war with itself.”

“The spirit of romance is currently dead on the Lower Earth. Genders are typically at war with each other. Socially uneducated youth go through terrifying high school experiences, and social structure is predicated on female youth who exploit their looks to gain power, money, status, social media attention by pairing with the most socially accepted, even ruthless boys that often has nothing to do with legitimate attraction. It’s all about game playing.”

“Young men turn into people who idolize gangster rappers and evil pop culture, trying to outdo each other in terms of vicious behavioral cycles, believing masculinity is related to ruthlessness which is a completely unholy concept. Men are gauged by how attractive they are to women, and the women are looking for savage behavior instead of attractive masculine behavior. Welcome to high school and college. Also known by many on your world as hell.”

“Extreme codependent relationships then form, especially on a planet with lightning fast life cycles and a faithless view of existence. These codependent relationships turn into Romeo + Juliet situations, toxic obsessions, covetous, great tragedies, concepts like pathologically ‘breaking up’, extreme drama, resentments, missed connections so severe it creates suicide among youth, and terrifying social peer pressure.”

“To be frank, on other worlds where lifecycles are as long as you learned in this essay, there is no monogamy and thus fewer sexual codependency disorders. Someone is with one girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, for a month, a year, a decade, and then with others. Or maybe with everyone at the same exact time, even in the same house. Do you expect anything different if your life expectancy is 100,000 cycles? The way your world envisions true realities is often extremely humorous to us. We’ve heard responses like, ‘NO! I would NEVER ALLOW my Jimmy to run off with that slut who works at the corner store, not even in 50,000 years.” Hmmm….

“Social sexual psychology class explores all these issues and enforces the above social standards. Sometimes this involves putting students in particularly uncomfortable situations, which includes exploring how jealousy manifests among youth souls — and confronting it directly. These classes are funny enough known for parties, and lots of social interaction that is designed to sometimes go wrong so students can directly confront tough situations, especially in regard to romantic attraction which is designed to be fostered. Further, the young women must learn to become comfortable in their sexuality, and the young men must learn to also enhance true masculine qualities. Students who are at psychological disadvantage are simply assisted through other branches of the school, as students who feel left out, unable to grow in an attractive manner, often experience great depression on your world. In this class, which is actually an entire institution that must be developed in every major city, these issues are addressed to save the mental health of students everywhere.”

In Summary

The above communications involved stepping directly into the spectrum of universes beyond Earth’s, including their social structure, societies, and the opinions from off-world forces from realities often beyond imagination.

In this communication, we learned that reality beyond Earth is not something abstract, ill-defined. Many on our planet seem to think that existence elsewhere is neither governed nor intelligent, just like the ideas of randomly evolving existence is enforced into our minds by our corrupt academics. So, many just presume what is beyond Earth is unintelligent, unobtainable, impossible to understand. Perhaps it is just endless, infinite universes that often do not make sense. Reality is not structured around life, but genetic and social Darwinism.

Well, growing up, these ideas haunted this author. It led me down a rabbit hole where so much was revealed finally, so much information that finally put pieces together about reality that makes structured sense. No more randomness, no more disregard for divine subjects, no more paranoia or toxic conspiracy about how our lives are meaningless. These are all the fabrications of a broken, screwed up culture on what I discovered was an isolated colony planet forced into abandonment after internal forces hijacked it from a position of intellectual superiority, extreme dismissive skepticism and arrogant entitlement. What we were left with was a world seemingly abandoned by the heavens, but actually locked in a collective consciousness gridlock blocking the desperate attempts by off world forces to make contact — instead forced to appear in our skies as helpless UFOs, unable to land, unable to teach us these lessons, and unable to enable the Shift.

The messages from this essay represent what they had to say.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a writer and supernatural journalist who runs The Multiverse Institute plus Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics on Facebook and Reddit. He is a clairaudient telepath and channel who works with his students to cross-verify information. He is a world traveler with backgrounds in media, journalism, and filmmaking. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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