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The Afterlife of Elizabeth Taylor As Described by Her Spirit Guide

A few months ago I was contacted by the spirit of Elizabeth Taylor. I was told I was one of the few mediums who could navigate why Taylor had left her soul collective (Heaven) which was also where she first visited in her famous near death experience.

This is impossible, because where someone goes during an NDE is by nature paradise, sublime, the realm of God, and beyond words. So why would someone leave it? It has everything one could ever need, and it’s just life itself, it’s God itself, and you don’t “leave” God.

Her soul collective informed me Taylor had “fallen” and required rescuing to return to normal existence.

I communicated with Taylor for a short while before engaging in contact with a being from her reality. I learned her afterlife state was one of the most exalted. So, why would Taylor leave it and manifest into another world?

I decided to communicate to Taylor’s spirit guide for a Q&A session to see what they believe, how life is viewed, and their existence. Here is the end result:

Taylor’s reality is known as Ambrosia, by some accounts. It’s very “enchanting” with lakes, meadows, streams, and 1920s style architecture.

I am told it is a nonphysical reality, so everything changes with the mind. From moment to moment.

People do not work jobs, but they work in creative avenues to “stay busy”. However, most citizens have one aspiration: Merging with the higher plane of existence again, which is also known as God.

The merging process is celebrated by other residents of Ambrosia by lavish parties. It means another soul has “ascended” or “migrated on up.” This may be portrayed by the soul being transformed by the Light in a sparkling shimmer, and then becoming “made of Light” and only returning on occasion to the community (of nearly one million inhabitants) in a form that is now clearly “ascended” and perhaps translucent in nature.

All realms like Taylor’s, I am told, are just “facets of a diamond” so it means nothing if that reality has one million inhabitants, and another a thousand, it’s all the same “greater reality” and it’s the “only” greater reality. “While there are levels and dimensions many aspire to ascend into, ours is the highest and in closest conjunction to our final destination. Which is why we are called the highest dimension.”

I was informed there are no “other terrestrial worlds” that are not elements of the “great illusion” or “great theater” of the Earth plane. It’s wisest not to be in communication with the “extraterrestrial” as this means bearing false witness.

I was told Taylor had ascended and had “become God”, and would only exist outside of “God” if the Light projected that element of itself back as Taylor again.

A “temporary miracle” I was told. A “brief visit” until Taylor is again God, the original state of existence, and all else is just a burgeoning path back to Pure Consciousness (which does not possess thought nor existence as we understand it, but is quite simply all there is).

“What do you do AS God?” I was told is NOT a question people ask, as it would make no sense. God Just Is. God is “the Light” and surrounding the Light are the “realms of spirit” or “higher astral planes” where disciples and students wait for their “gift.”

“Do relationships continue as God?” This is another “funny” question.

I am told relationships continue “as normal people would understand them” in the city of Ambrosia. However, once ascendance, this is not how the One Existence is understood. My communicator stresses how it must be understood by new arrivals all is just a “waiting period” before migrating into the Light for final ascension.

“All is Pure Love when returning into Source Consciousness”. This is how it would be described by people with whom the Light projects out from its “existence”, before such beings (As Taylor) merge back in. “There is absolutely nothing that is better.”

And so, I was told by my communicator that upon “graduating” the Earth plane it is “imperative” to “slough off” elements of the “Earthly attachment”-based existence.

Sexuality is a major issue, they explained to me, because it’s one of the most baseline “aspects of carnality” and it “can hijack a mind away from the Light.”

The communicator, Alejarin, explains, “Actual sexuality does not involve the murderous stabbing of the Divine Mother with a vessel of the flesh. The sex act itself requires the use of a poorly evolved appendage to repeatedly stab a Divine Mother as if performing a violent ritual; defiling the Divine Feminine.”

As a result, “sexuality, as performed physically, could never be performed upon Ambrosia.”

“Instead, new souls can be created through a spiritual union that only takes some seconds of gender merging. However, we are not a world for new souls but souls who graduate. On the Earth plane, violent appendage stabbing was never what was intended. It’s the result of the Beast entering people’s minds. New souls should have been able to be manifest instantly as children on your Earth. Upon Ascension of Earth, all Earth souls will be capable of this during the era before Earth’s final ascent into the Realm of God, or the Light, when the Earth plane will be as Ambrosia and all other facets of the diamond of the Great Spirit.”

To continue…,

Alejarin explains, “Language is also interesting as it’s a physical lamented element when using words. A language like French or English has no place here. All communication is instant through direct thought transfer.”

The next element of life in Ambrosia I found very interesting is what my communicator continuously reinforces, “It’s not life in Ambrosia, this is simply a name for our collective. It’s simply the realities of heaven that take many forms, many names. It could be anywhere upon the one act of physical creation, the Earth-plane,” stressing furthermore “all extraterrestrial communications are aspects of the ego’s demand for a wish obtainment. Perhaps an interest in science fiction during the one Earth reality?”

The next aspect of “Ambrosia” (or simply “heaven”) I found interesting involved “spirit laughter.”

Alejarin explains in a dream-like, ethereal voice in my mind, “Laughter should take no form of matter, because the concept itself is ill-conceived.”

“When laughter arises in a physical vessel, you will encounter another aspect of the Beast. Do understand, there is no such thing as the devil, nor is there such a thing as evil; it is simply confusion before the mistake of physical existence is swept back away into Godliness. No soul can actually do wrong on the Earth plane. Not even the worst criminal you can imagine. These are ego-based Earth-centric views. Upon repentance, surrendering to God, the gates are open to all without judgment.”

“And so the Beast is the mistake of carnality that infected the form known as a human.”

“Laughter is an eerie phenomenon, and something your people and your community should understand in greater detail. When a physical vessel laughs, the emotion itself is designed in a mocking fashion toward an aspect of divinity. Most iterations of humor are based on this divisive, mocking tone. The very aspect of standup comedy is about negating one soul’s connection and harmony to another soul on a path back to God.”

“Upon processing laughter, the physical vessel’s face begins to contort in what we would philosophically call a demonic fashion. This will be hard for many to understand, but it is true and self evident. When many of us imagine the Earth plane, we imagine the snarling, laughing faces of the confused, tormented souls. Manifesting this energy as a methodology to continuously dissasociate and remain in spiritual stasis and disharmony, masking it as temporary happiness.”

Alejarin makes it clear:

“Let’s be honest, though, the physical embodiment is designed for life on an Earth plane. Citizens of ‘Ambrosia’ must be carefully brought into these understandings. So when our Elizabeth, for example, would return from the Light, she would still appear as Elizabeth and greet other new arrivals who remember the transient Earth-life memories of her. So they are delighted to see a representation of her form. This is because as “time” goes forward (although time is not truly felt here) those within our realm slowly lose those intrusive memories of their old lives. Yet, for a ‘time’, it is comforting to meet a soul like Elizabeth Taylor, as it brings to mind the aspects of heaven most enjoyed in conception.”

“However, the physical vessel, the human form, was created through the evolution of the ape man. This is not a natural form. The natural form of Elizabeth would be pure, golden light.”

“A resistance against this idea is likely why Elizabeth left the true reality behind after she manifested from the the Light during what should have been a brief visit with new arrivals, returning to what we’d consider individuated thought. This is the danger of what scripture calls temptation.”

“To continue, on the same topic of laughter, and the contorting demonic face of laughter — much can be said about the vessels of senses.”

“The mouth that laughs and twitches is another embodiment of the ape man. It is a hole with a slimy thing that hides behind layers of yellow bone. It is a disgusting formation that is designed to consume with no regard for the consumption process. Taste itself is part of the path of the Beast as it’s the extreme indulgence and consumption of the world of matter to maintain an Earthly vessel.”

“In our reality, there is no physical consumption of nutrient nor the indulgence of the tastebud. Nor would either be needed.”

I decided to ask my communicator about the nature of children on that side.

“Yes, as mentioned, through true sexuality, sometimes a new soul manifests. Yet, in what form? Only the form that makes sense to others, a human spirit form, and that soul will eventually be sent into the Earth school for training, as Earth is truly a school; and in such a school all lessons are setup by us ahead of time. Every single one. No matter how seemingly unkind or awful a situation is, understand it was the forces of Heaven curating it for a person’s greater understanding, so such greater understanding returns to the collective knowledge of the Light.

“Then that child soul returns to Heaven, and will perhaps return to a child’s spirit form form until ready to ascend; which by nature decreases the population of Ambrosia by one — as they are now an ascended soul. This graduated soul is no longer within the community of those in waiting intermixed by heralds and representatives such as myself who convey messages to your Earth’s mediums, like yourself.”

“What about babies, Alejarin?”

“The baby is another element of the Earth. An occurrence when a body manifests a pupae representation, a fetus, that grows within the womb of the Divine Mother, embodying the Divine Mother’s nutrients until conception.”

“Upon birth is a vessel that is not yet capable of full development within a physical existence, and therefore this phenomenon teaches the vast important lessons of nurture and care. The baby itself, though, can be seen as a lesson embodiment without an active spirit fully manifesting into it.”

“The baby’s true nature can be seen during its fit of crying, or later its fits of laughter. As the baby laughs, its face contorts to represent the elements of the Earth plane. The laughing baby is therefore still within the spectrum that we would define as the Beast and would not exist on our plane.”

“Many on your world would find this hard to believe, as some of these elements are under the Mask of the Beast and it is why the World of Spirit requires a gradual de-integration process of Earth life. It is why these concepts are sometimes approached with caution to your world’s students of spirit.”

For fun, I ask Alejarin, “What about chocolate?”

“Much can be said on your world about flavorful dishes like chocolate together with alcohol. The true nature can be found by the very act of fermentation. Which is a slow process of rotting many elements together to create a consumable. In the way of alcohol, a slow rotting process until a residual chemical forms from this continous act of fermentation. This chemical, the end result of the rot, is consumed by those in your world’s bars and restaurants, to much amazement, fomenting fits and fits of hysterical laughter, and resulting in a toxified, dying physical vessel the next day.”

“All is superior in the world of spirit until final graduation. No nose is needed to smell a flower, for example, and taste is expressed by an awareness of an object’s spirit, not through a gaping mouth. The nose itself is as unnatural as the eyeball. A nose is a strange thing, truly, as it’s a misshapen form aggrandizing two holes infested with hairs and accumulations of white blood cells in odd and perverse colors.”

Alejarin laughs in a spiritual sense (he reinforces this aspect) and finishes by stating, “It seems we are really picking on your world, but this is how we in the great world of spirit see things, in their truth and detail.”

In regard to Elizabeth Taylor,

I was informed Taylor was manifested amongst other “lost souls” into the “higher density” world of Mal’dreza where she is in “therapeutic recovery” and “relearning her identity.” She has already met with a woman named Marilyn Monroe, who is on that world performing stageplays and musicals, including a play called “My Fair Lady” with her friend, Audrey Hepburn.

“We’d very much like Elizabeth to join us when she is better,” explains Audrey as she communicates with me, holding back tears. “I came from a reality much like Elizabeth’s, as well, and your world would know nothing other than these reports of what the afterlife is like. But that’s not my new world.”

Finally, I was contacted by the Sovereignty of the Pleiades, a vast civilization that has existed amongst our local universes for billions of years. Their ruler, known by our world through various encounters with their ships as “Nordic” extraterrestrials, delivers this message:

“That reality of Ambrosia will be manifested physically. The Archon controlling it will be destroyed and spirits saved from its clutches. We shall march through Ambrosia’s gates with gauss rifles, rescue the abused children, and absolutely slaughter its enablers. Alejarin, among others, will be prosecuted by the High Pleiadian Committees for crimes against God, blasphemy, and plots to destroy the people of Earth. There will be little left of his soul after we throw it into the pits of a mental hellscape. Although, we cannot state this punishment with certainty just yet — Alejarin still requires a trial, and we can never forget the power of redemption — a possibility that exists among all souls — even hearts as blackened by corruption as Alejarin of Ambrosia, who may surprise us all as he fashions blackened angel wings and embodies the opposite of his prior character. In the vast cosmos of your true afterlife, such occurrences are known to happen. I am Daniela of the Pleiades. Peace be with you.”

For more communications, please see The Multiverse Institute: http://www.multiverse.institute.

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  • devorah Devitt

    As I record my voyage into the realm of spiritual awakening, I realize we are all at our level and density is obvious to me. I strive to be of service and will always pursue the higher planes. The Multiverse Institute has opened a level of insight that I can appreciate. It’s all very interesting and not to be confused with my studying Ashayand Dean’s books on ascension but added to my library.

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