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A Communication With Nikola Tesla Concerning Work in the Afterlife, His Higher Ethereal World, Sonia Rinaldi, Jurgen Ziewe, the 3 States of Reality, and More

The following communication occurred as part of my work on the upcoming book The Cosmic Shift of Mankind. As it turns out, Nikola Tesla is heavily involved in any committed area of study into what we call life after death. His institutes, the North and South American metaphysical research centers, facilitate connections between realities.

I was introduced to Tesla by my team and had experiences dating back to 2018 with these stations, including one of his primary scientists appearing at a physical mediumship session in Scottsdale with myself and others [Konstantine Raudive.]

As usual, mental syncing is not hard if one removes certain psyche blocks or hesitations about performing it. With some intent, it’s possible to connect directly with persons from outside this world and share direct messages back and forth that begin to flow as real time communications. This is seen as a “normal method of communication” beyond our world.

Transcription begins below:

I am honored to be a part of this anthology. It’s a strange thing to be writing in this book, as much as it must be strange to read it. Since I understand this communication will surely be found among spiritualist, channeling, and paranormal communities, groups and researchers everywhere—it is my absolute duty to address extremely critical points.

The first point concerns your astral projection communities: Understand the afterlife is not the same as a trip into the astral. Absolutely not. My institute deals with the astral constantly.

Yes, I am Nikola Tesla. I am dead. Writing to you from a place I went after my death on your world. And from where I am positioned, the astral is a natural state of reality and a huge problem. Do not go to the astral, do not parlay with such a place. Just stop.

The next point: Your spiritual communities are in a complete daze. That includes some of the Spiritualists. Utterly confused.

That is why I do my work with Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil capturing our lives, faces, and bodies via digital imagery that connects directly to your world: This demonstrates the reality of the departed still existing. That we are real, and life is a continuance. Period.

Where? On other planets! More ethereal worlds than yours, magical as it is known, yet planets all the same.

To continue: Under no circumstances is it acceptable to believe a soul’s journey in a true, physical, actual environment ends at death on one single planet called Earth. Reality does NOT operate this way.

Your communities seem to think that when we die, we end a burdensome physical existence, discard our old bodies, enter ‘the Light’ and our true existence is forevermore spirit and a mental-basis where the operation of a scientific institution would surely be impossible.

The subject of life beyond your death is not so simple, and some of these ideas can cause many issues. Therefore, I’d like to begin by exploring a few popular ideas, especially among people in our community, since surely we are a great community of researchers, professionals, mediums, and advocates extremely committed to making direct contact, and eventually completing the bridge between worlds.

It is our great duty to try and facilitate this contact, often navigating extreme challenges from our vista of life, including my higher version of your Earth and other worlds we work with such as the city of Nosso Lar, as it is known, through our South American initiative.

As it stands, while the collective consciousness adaptive issues remain the primary issue, we also need to look closely at divisions, ideological differences, and disconnections between areas of information.

Now, more than ever, is a time to evaluate the information about our reality through a critical lens.

We must consider some information that is too sacred to question could be inaccurate in light of objective data that is accessible through a new wave of telepathic, clairaudient communicators capable of real-time conversation.

Cyrus is one among others we have met.

In this essay that is being written as Cyrus transcribes my words, I am going to propose a closer look at the most popular views of our reality beyond death, and this very subject of an afterlife that so many on your world yearn to understand and prove.

I will direct the following image for Cyrus to include in his book and his Multiverse Institute website: It concerns the final state of existence as proposed by a famous, well-reputed author named Jurgen Ziewe. It heralds an idea that his highest most journeys involve seeing the fundamental manifestation of thought itself.

Two images are represented on his website. Interestingly enough, I can access your websites using technology straight from my world into yours. The first image concerns “determination to achieve a joint project” and the other image concerns “building a solid base for expansion.”

These are the ultimate afterlife realities for people on Earth to experience according to Jurgen. The highest state of enlightenment is needed to access these realms, which is in fact something that takes very little work if one releases resistance and simply accepts the nature of fundamental reality and consciousness. Then, you’re potentially ‘there’ instantly.

These images are extremely fascinating to me because they describe how your world views the afterlife through the mind of a very influential man. Two points: This is amazing artwork, and further, I have been to such realities myself.

I am an engineer at heart. And therefore, these realities are very important to me. The mental manifestations of the very concepts of building, engineering, determination, via mass thought-creation of the purest essence of these elements.

So, certainly, Nikola Tesla would feel right at home in these realities, wondrously represented through the above illustrations. It is my favorite such work on Jurgen’s website, who is a man of many outstanding reincarnations that we have investigated at our institute. I shall now cite his description about the super dimensions:

jurgen ziewe
Author Jurgen Ziewe

“On the super dimensions we can see that creation is a tapestry of an infinite extent, continuously evolving, transforming where we can take up position, even multiple positions at any point whilst being anchored at all times to the core energy which runs through everything.” From Multidimensional Man: The Super Dimensions Part 2.

However, I am deeply puzzled by something: Jurgen proposes an ascension of consciousness, outlined below:

I feel this anthology, and our dear friend Cyrus’s new Multiverse Institute, would be incomplete if we did not tackle the above info-graphic head-first, which can be studied directly from the front page of Multidimensional Man.

First, to reiterate, I’ve traveled into these same Super Dimensions where I could experience the absolute representation of a concept: That which appeals to me is, in this case, the great cooperative effort of engineering. Splendid.

Further, I am aware physical reality manifested a set amount of ‘time’ ago. I shall leave this discussion to the angels with whom Cyrus will certainly transcribe later in this anthology: It began as the mental reality, and that mental reality was a great spark, as it is known. The great ‘All That Is.’

And it appears how? Look in the center of Jurgen’s graphic: The radiant light. The great spark. When did it occur? It’s something unfathomable. I’d hate to get the existentialists too fearful.

Where is the spark now? Understand this next point: If a tree falls, and no one can hear it, does it make a sound? The answer is ‘yes.’ Because that ‘spark’ is Source Consciousness and it is everywhere. All things.

So therefore, all things that are hidden from conscious awareness still exist, including a planet beyond anyone’s conscious perception, with no life upon it… Oh, it is still there, as reality is tied to consciousness, and ‘it’ sees all.

Perfect, I think we are really getting somewhere with all of this.

So as we move closer into that shell, and go through layer upon layer, we arrive at ‘heaven.’ Hmm.

This is where I must differ with our friend Jurgen Ziewe, and I state this as a dead man living on an ethereal world who spends his time tinkering with crazy technologies to send images down to your planet:

My point concerns that outer shell all charred black in color… Oh yes, that is what we must escape from!

Actually… No. I am still in that “outer black shell” even right now. Oh, but that is truly horrific! I never transcended into the cores of reality.

The concept of relinquishing the physical in favor of the purely mental is misunderstood.

There are great mental realities presided over by wondrous beings. Even Arcturians make their presence known in grand, vast conceptual realities.

Jurgen would describe this innermost prism, right before ‘the Spark’ itself as the Great Mental Heaven, and our only true home.

According to Jurgen we dig deeper and deeper until we find the core of reality, whereupon we eventually return permanently to a state of existence most closely associated to purity.

Then we make our final home in the literal most sublime plane of existence connected to purity (please see his graphic).

I will say it straight: The synesthetic realities illustrated earlier are real, grand states of being [realities of engineering concepts, romantic concepts, or other scenes visited in a higher dimension], but to place value upon such mental explorations as ‘better’ than any other reality is not only wrong, it is very dangerous.

It would be like saying, “Tesla is not an evolved soul because he is not communicating from an existence where reality is fully represented in the grand, super dimensional framework.”

Yet, what is that “building a solid base for expansion” reality Jurgen and I experienced actually constructing? If there is no civilization, no form to match function, then what is the purpose of the function? There is none. It’s a state of grand representative reality. Perfect. What a wonder to explore.

However, logically, if such a reality exists without a function to go with the concept of building then it makes no sense.

Jurgen would say, “No, it makes perfect sense. It is the absolute essence of what we experience on our world where it is stuck in a muted format. We get to experience it in such realities where it is finally true and no longer beholden to the physical dimension.”

And Tesla would respond, “Yes, but I am an engineer, and something must be constructed tangibly, or else the essence of the construction would cease to exist, and could therefore not be experienced. Imagine the excitement of engineering a water-hydraulics cooperatively with many others. Sounds splendid to me, Jurgen. The point is to create and experience it within a reality like the one outlined only after a hard day’s labor even in a physical, ethereal world like my own; but there must be function to form. And in a mental thought-space reality that is non-physical, construction ceases. Do we see yet how this works hand-in-hand?”

And so, the “building a solid base” grand representation, as shown in Jurgen’s images, must therefore be tied to something that acts upon that process of creation… Otherwise, nothing is truly being built.

To understand Jurgen’s visionary trip: we exist here in the normal, wondrous reality that is life, and when a grand building project is put together, we can tap into core mental reality states and see how such wondrous concepts occur within the greatest workings of shared mind-space. Superb!

We do this as Jurgen would: by journeying into the astral visionary states after lying down and having a few shots of Patrón… Just kidding about the last part, that’s my own technique.

Nonetheless, this is part of the Journey of the Mind, as we may call it.

We can now see how these realities mix together. On my world, a great temple is constructed, and it’s possible to experience the magic of that creation on the innermost conceptual level through states of soul travel. This is how such a reality manifests, in truth.

Jurgen proposes we go into that conceptual level and remove ourselves completely from the tangible existence experience. This is what’s puzzling because it is not how we see it. We would not propose this, unless it were an ideological faction on my world that believes a type of salvation is found in such a state. This would be an outlier philosophy within our culture.

Beyond the great Super Dimensional state is Source Consciousness itself. This is known as the Pure Reality by Jurgen. Some philosophers upon your world believe it’s our over-soul. We must address this idea later, as well.

This idea of the Pure Reality is of course fine; but I want to address the concept of how such a notion can go into existentialism and societal issues if it is not taught properly.

Firstly, our civilization is still a society. It is not a giant waiting room until enlightened souls disappear into the Pure Reality state nor the adjacent Grand Heaven. If this were the case, we would cease to function as a society. We would all be here on a short-stay until we surrender our old lives.

Second point: We are all individual units of awareness with the potential to collect into a great single mind. However, unless it is taught diligently, we are stepping into a strange idea framework: The notion that a perfect, divine over-soul exists for all of us; one that makes each person ‘perfect’ on the inside.

This is the implicit suggestion of the sphere-shaped info-graphic (one digs deep, then finds God).

It is also erroneously called “spiritual dualism” by the acolytes of this idea; of which there are many on your world.

Often, in a new civilization like my old Earth, an idea spawns forth about how we can absolve ourselves of the same reckonings Jurgen expertly points out in his essays. And so, dualism, dissolutionism, or consciousness ascension arises.

Suddenly, a once sophisticated society believes right and wrong are “morally relative”, the great Godhead is perfect; and thus, the true spiritual path is remembering who we really are – free from negative existence. Ah, yes, the worst murderers are now given wings of freedom. Conscience itself is no longer applicable.

Those who call themselves “dualists” in this sense may also decry freedom from duality, the duality of “right and wrong.” Simultaneously, good and evil are “dual aspects of existence” or “sides of the same coin.”

It may be lurid to make this statement, but from my vantage as Tesla the spirit guide to people on Earth, I can tell you some of the worst criminals — insane masterminds and people who wear pure white robes without a regard for others — adopt this very premise.

Does this feel bone chilling to you yet? Because it should be. Yet, many step into these paths of spiritual ascension unknowingly, and reserve complete innocence about it, and the implications that go together with concepts that good and evil, right and wrong, are ‘dualities to transcend’. Or the implications of individual dissolution that manifest with ideas about how we exist in the dualism path of either a physical incarnate being, or the great Godhead, and these are paths that cannot be separated.

You are either one, or the other. Either in a temporary physical shell, or you are God who is perfect. You can be in a physical shell, getting closer and closer back to perfection as God, but until that switch is flipped, you are still an incarnate, separate being, which by itself is considered a dirty word.

And then a finality awaits as we flip the switch, once and for all, back to ‘Source’, as they say.

How does any of this line up with our lives outside of your world? Those, like myself, who have passed through the gates of death and did not return with a tale of recovery?

What awaits souls beyond your world? Is it a simple matter of consciousness ascension to be free of ills, stepping somewhere along a pathway back into God, pure consciousness, and along the way… One’s life of mortal illusion finally fades? Ah yes, so we must keep exploring this subject.

It is never explored enough. Not until humanity is educated.

Jurgen describes hellish mental realities where there is no easy path out of personal judgment except by confronting one’s own failures. This is very true.

The over-soul concept, perspectives of dualism, however, can make people believe that by digging enough into one’s own mind, it’s possible to transcend beyond the Earthly issues of life, even one’s own conscience, guilt, or criminal behaviors. it can then contradict Jurgen’s actual teachings.

Spiritual teachers have framed these concepts of an over-soul erroneously, including on our world. An idea arises one can retreat into this state of ‘Pure Reality’ and completely remove oneself from their plights while banishing the soul-to-soul element of existence away.

Later in Jurgen’s work in Vistas of Infinity we learn about the terrifying fate of Islamic suicide bombers. Jurgen describes accurately what leads souls on such a path. However, as we try to oversee your planet at our institute, we encounter again, and again, people who misunderstand these ideas and believe we can meditate our sins away!

This misinterpretation of Jurgen’s work, and also our teachings, turns meditation into a ‘get-out-of jail-free card.’ It is certainly not Jurgen’s intent for people to think in such ways; and yet, this is what manifests out of these beliefs if such concepts are not taught in a precise fashion.

The final plan among people who misinterpret these teachings is to step away from the misery we’ve done to others, simply enter the Pure Reality State, and that is our direct bridge into freedom.

So where do we go to manifest our new lives of purity? The Thought Construct Zone described earlier. Or the super dimensional existence Jurgen discusses. Now, even a suicide bomber can enjoy heaven if they follow a path of enlightenment back into ‘heaven’ which is the Pure State of God Consciousness, correct? Hmm.

Of course, Jurgen would not propose the Pure Reality state as a get-out-of-jail card, where we can absolve our sins without seeking redemption. He makes the path of redemption clear like in his story about the terrifying state of the suicide bombers.

Jurgen and I are in agreement, I am just clarifying these points from the perspective of our reality: an existence your world has traditionally, and accurately, described as ‘heaven’. In our heaven, we constantly try to educate people to understand you cannot find your over-soul and become a perfect being again. That is not how reality operates.

On your world, we repeatedly see this misinformation persist. People are always looking for shortcuts.

On your Internet, everywhere, is a reoccurring idea of an over-soul, an ascension event where we return to our glorious higher self, or the most pernicious: an idea that somewhere in the minds of a killer, a criminal, a loathsome individual, is Pure Divine Godliness trying to crawl its way to the surface.

And what of existence at that point? All reality collectivizes. We disappear into it and become One Great Mind. At this point, we become the awareness structure vs. the persona. Our lives, our personalities, the essence of who we are was just the clothes over the One Great Mind. Where have we heard this before?

Ah, right, everywhere. Some understand this teaching appropriately, like the Shaolin monks; whom are very popular on my world as they migrate between planets easily.

They [the Shaolin monks] understand that it’s possible to be interconnected with All That Is and enter wondrous flow states that allow them to perform acrobatics and martial arts that would put any bad guy in their place in two-seconds flat: Even on my world! Yes, on my world there have been menacing criminal enterprises. Our Shaolin monks are so powerful they act as mediators, law enforcement, on a supreme spiritual path.

What is the incorrect teaching? The idea this concept takes literal, drastic, absolute form; which was appropriately outlined in Jurgen’s lesser known book The Ten Minute Moment which I have a copy of sitting in my bookshelf. How? Oh, because we can order books from your world and they are printed on my side of the veil easily. I purchased it on our equivalent of Amazon Prime!

In The Ten Minute Moment Jurgen comes face-to-face with the final ascent; the One Mind that we inevitably absorb back into, the realization that the persona of Jurgen is about to be destroyed into the great oblivion of the existence of the Greater Mind of All. Jurgen responds with hesitation at such a prospect.

Your world’s near-death experience literature positively flourishes with such notions. Why? People experience God in this sense and they return with the same misconception: We absorb into it, dissolved away, our personas are gone, we are now The Great Awareness structure which is, apparently, quite devoid of humor.

I fear for our friend John Cleese. He shall surely pass away at some point and it will be the end of great works like Fawlty Towers; rather, his spirit returns to God, as reported by your great sages.

Of course, it is only after the redemptive process completes of finding The Great Over Soul that we can think about migrating into the Pure Reality and enjoy the above beautiful situations. And so we migrate toward the Great Mental Heaven state we see on his info-graphic as our most important destiny. This is a stopover point before our final return to God, as outlined by mystics.

Odd, no? And then everywhere on your world’s communities, dreadfully in my reality as well, people view this as an ascension path of enlightenment (dualism, again) whereby if someone’s mind is closer connected to The One Final Mind they are naturally of a greater love vibration where greater moral character is instantaneous.

Meanwhile, no true oracle, wise-man, philosopher, or elder would ever subscribe to these ideas. If meditation were a path of spiritual salvation in and of itself; our reality would be a self evident charade, and all souls a collectivized ant colony.

So which ‘heaven’ is better? My world where you can stay young forever, communicate with the mind, teleport yourself over to the grocery store, and live in a state of vast and wondrous essence by comparison to your world? Or the One True Heaven proposed by Jurgen, particular sects of Hindi and Buddhist teachers, many Spiritualists, and the Andromedan spiritual teachers from my cosmos known as the Aldmari?

Yet, it’s funny because people will read this and think, “Tesla speaks of his heavenly reality, yet it’s not the world Jurgen proposes — which is the Pure State of Ultimate Consciousness, and these Greater Heaven or Greater Astral states surrounding the Pure State as its nearest neighbours. So, which is better?”

What about my images through our dear Sonia Rinaldi and her institute? Where so many can come through, often much younger, perhaps even as children again, showing their true new lives?

Below is a lovely image from my institute that was featured some time back on one of Rinaldi’s newsletters. Here is a young adult who arrived at our institute and went through a process involving consciousness assisted technology to manifest the image through Rinaldi’s ethereal transmission methods.

People inevitably argue about which heaven is the best. What I am proposing, where I physically tangibly exist; society continues, and personal responsibility never wanes. So what is that path into a pure state? Is it within? Is there even a true Pure State? Well there is. It’s known as experiencing God Consciousness.

Are these states of God Consciousness, sometimes gifted at death upon true encounter with The Light an experience or a state of permanent migration?

Do we not simply take this state with us? Is perhaps Jurgen making it clear The Kingdom of Heaven is Within and the true Pure State, our ultimate destination, can arise as we continue on into our journey everlasting? Still as ourselves or new forms of ourselves?

Does this state mean we are now perfect beings? If we take Consciousness Purity and encapsulate it and become it? Would this person be incapable of mistakes? Or at least on a footing of being able to do no conscious harm to others? The latter is known as karmic ascension and is how we see it; which is also called being a normal person — unable to hurt others who are innocent. Unable to commit a criminal deed. It is known as having the power of empathy. This is known as spiritual enlightenment upon my world.

Are Jurgen and I on the same footing? Or is Jurgen proposing something else entirely? This is what I fear.

Does Jurgen propose a consciousness ascension heaven where absolute glory awaits all souls who meditate deeply enough into it, and all souls migrate into either the Final Reality (outlined in Jurgen’s graphic) or somewhere in direct correspondence?

And so, would my world be considered inferior to Jurgen’s point of view? After all, where would my world reside? Ah, yes, somewhere in that outer membrane. The grimy, slimy black stuff in that orb.

I must now relinquish my more neutral analysis of these affairs and state precisely that Jurgen’s graphic are part of consciousness ascension traps which are proposed by your world’s mystics and teachers. Not my world’s. And, in my reality, are many ancients with names like Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius and Siddhartha. Jurgen’s proposed consciousness ascension appears entangled by the same shortcomings we from the afterlife are incessantly warning about. Including those aforementioned names.

Where did even Jurgen fall into these traps? A cultural demand for dualist ideology. A desire of absolute absolving of one’s personal existence, individual essence interpreted as the persona that can be changed out like an old pair of clothes. Gone is guilt, remorse, or a sense of duty and recompense. Just the purity of The One Mind forever, and ever, and ever. What about the magic of my existence? It was just a persona. Throw it away.

No, thank you. That sounds like an outdated concept in your Spiritualist, theosophist, esoteric spheres called The Second Death. And where do these ideas arise from? Read the next words carefully:

People with complete insecurity about themselves who curate spiritual teachings and culture.

That’s right, this is the origin of such ideas. An inability to adapt, accept, and manifest as one’s true self and essence. But isn’t that just the persona? Oh, it’s only the persona for those who have lost their sense of themselves or never acquired it. Then, they demand their own persona die away; and they demand they teach this to everyone; and then the insecure, spiritually confused become your world’s teachers, complete with sitting lotus positions, incense, and possibly sitar music which automatically means the spiritual practices must be genuine!

Tesla stresses ritualistic spiritual practice, if connected to these ideas of persona deletion, does not make it true spirituality.

The aforementioned path sends people toward an artificially constructed concept of personal deletion, like Jurgen comes face-to-face with in The Ten Minute Moment, what is the alternative? An alternative often hidden from view by the gatekeepers of wisdom: True entry into your world’s afterlife. The physical-ethereal worlds so well-documented; not just by my daughter Sonia Rinaldi but many others who make direct contact with us.

For you see, the concepts of dualism and consciousness ascension are created by the collective consciousness systems of the people who believe in it, demand it, and wish to experience it. Persona deletion experiences where we rejoin The One Mind do not occur naturally. They exist only when large groups collectivize and manifest such realities together; presenting the spiritual nightmare of people migrating into Second Death situations and never making it to our world.

Hence why our institute presents imagery of people in their true physical forms after the deaths of their prior bodies on your world, manifested back into existence young and healthy in new forms, in new realities like my own.

And what is my reality like in contrast to the heaven of the One Mind taught elsewhere?

My world exists on a physical yet ethereal planet (I shall elaborate on this in detail later!). I would call my universe the ethereal plane as defined by your Webster’s dictionary: “heavenly or spiritual” and “an environment that seems too perfect to be real.” This relates to the composition, the magical feeling, the wondrous type of existence. It does not relate to infallibility of souls, certainly not here, as even upon heaven there is corruption and great issues that can arise.

For example, souls in our civilization who aspire toward personal ambition at cost of their greater society, who as a result begin acting oddly / out-of-character. This type of thing does not just go away in a society of souls.

This path to Purity Consciousness, however, would absolve us of corruption, correct? No. That is not true. So we must differ. A state of purity consciousness does not mean a soul navigates every situation in life effortlessly and conflict disappears. The closest thing we understand to the Pure State is being in a state of empathic realization; which is most souls in general.

At our institute, we work with souls whose age span is in the billions, the trillions, the quadrillions of years. Souls from across the cosmos, from within the great multiverse, so outstanding it’s beyond belief. Surely, such magnificent characters, and this includes literal archangels, are without flaw? Without issue? Without the ability to make mistakes?

Hardly! Even such truly ethereal, magical, wondrous souls are often in need of guidance by good-hearted people of Earth worlds! They live their lives in a great sweetness for people, animals, nature, everything. So much we can learn by just being in their holy presence. Yet, even they need spirit guides. Unimaginable, right?

We all coexist in a reality where there is always conflict and difficult decisions, and life unfolds as this great shared existence since the birth of creation an unfathomable amount of ages prior to now.

A state of Pure Consciousness does not beget complete mastery of existence, nor does a state truly exist where nothing ‘bad’ happens. These states seen as ultimate goals by spiritual teachers involve The Great Cosmic Consciousness or God Consciousness experiences. Such states are accessible elements of our lives. Not a replacement for life as we know it. These are simplifications sometimes put in place by people who have not yet experienced the wonders of creation, and it leads into what we are trying to dissect: dualism, consciousness ascension, and dissolutionism of self.

To seek a Single Cosmic Consciousness as a final destination is what we would not subscribe to upon our world.

Why? Because life is a dance. These mental states exist to overlay themselves around physical, or physiological ethereal realities like my own.

However, if the Mental / Heaven dimensions are conceptual realities (see Jurgen’s artwork) and those conceptual realities are tethered into a manifested, ethereal (and physical) reality like my own… Then what is going on? This idea of a singular mental paradise state makes less sense in the name of reason and common sense. Yet, these states are sought after according to this cosmology for being closer to the Pure Ultimate State of Existence as defined by this philosophy of your planet Earth.

Jurgen implicitly (and times explicitly) postulates these mental states like the constructed engineering collective reality are our final destinations. However, many do not want to go into a pure thought constructed existence forever. Try to imagine a lifestyle in those images presented earlier (see earlier illustrations by Jurgen Ziewe.)

Jurgen would likely argue that these conceptual reality states are not tethered to a physical reality nor an ethereal proto-physical reality like my own: It’s simply the manifestation of “the concept of engineering a project”.

Yet, we just have to disagree, because if it’s the grand supernal, empyrean manifestation of the wondrous act of engineered creation yet there is no civilization to make usage of what is being built… Then how could it [such a state] even functionally exist? Why would it exist? This goes against rational inquiry.

Let’s look again at this image of a conceptual reality based upon “engineering” and “craftsmanship” in the highest most dimensional state:

So, behold the concept of “determination to achieve a joint project” instantly realized in manifested vision as described among many thought form realities during Jurgen’s explorations (link).

And many of Jurgen’s explored realities are very beautiful and more natural in appearance. As noted below:

From Multidimensionalman.com

Jurgen describes the above reality as a “thought colony lagoon’ of sorts that is “stranger than science fiction.” Because I am Tesla, residing on a very tangible other-world, I can now go explore this reality via my mind and investigate.

This reality Jurgen discovered appears to be a mental landscape that is connected to what you’d consider an extraterrestrial civilization known as the Arcturians. Cyrus has a lovely image of them on his computer, let me direct Cyrus to post the image below:

“Splendid!” Tesla remarks, “Accurate imagery of the Arcturians — our neighbors.”

Cyrus: Dr. Tesla, have you ever come face to face with Arcturians like in that image?

Tesla: Actually, no. I’d wet myself. It’s so hard to integrate into realities so vastly different.

And, now after exploring this reality and communicating to its inhabitants, it’s possible to explain our ‘thought lagoon’ world Jurgen experienced. These are mental reality states constructed by grand civilizations. I first imagined Jurgen stumbled upon it through curiosity, but the friendly people I am communicating with suggest it was Jurgen’s spirit guides trying to show him such a world and hoping it would have been explained clearly what it was.

The Arcturians, like the ones pictured above, create such realities to explore and adventure. Think of it as the ultimate holographic, fun computer game experience.

Imagine if everyone can come together and dream up of some new wondrous experience. Imagine a state that mirrors (yet is not) physical reality and can be explored by imagination.

But this does not mean the creators of the thought colony lagoon exist exclusively in that reality. No. They were Arcturians who created it; and were simultaneously spending time in their most glorious starships in states of play and adventure while constructing mental landscapes.

See where everything falls apart when experiences are misinterpreted? One would visit such a reality and believe this is the final heaven reality and it exists exclusively to all else!

This brings me back to the “constructed engineering reality” which is then lumped into a category as the grand mental super-dimensional ultimate destination.

My favorite is below: “the building of a solid base for expansion” within his Scenery of Heaven gallery. This really seems like my type of party, doesn’t it? Why aren’t I there right now?

The issue is Jurgen can’t describe what is actually being built. Would he say, “Yes, this is a giant intricate plumbing system for the great heaven reality”? Probably not, since plumbing does not exist on that spectrum.

Perhaps it is a giant electrical system? A giant computer processing system? Okay, then who is operating the computer? Would a computer even exist on a mental spectrum?

Well, I will tell you right now: It would not. Things are not ‘built’ on a mental plane. Things are ‘built’ anywhere outside the mental reality spectrum. However, the mental plane builds things mentally which is juxtaposed into our physical experience when the mental turns into the physical (e.g.: manifestation, or when a person from your world dies and a new biological body is manifested for them via the mental plane.)

Mental realities include the astral, the synesthetic ‘highest’ dimensional planes we are discussing, and yes all these realms of the mind Jurgen explores.

I do not say this to demean Jurgen’s work because I have toured these same types of realities as Nikola Tesla the dead, crazy engineer and inventor. Perhaps I floated right past Jurgen at some point.

But I wish to point out… That the above image is not a reality that is like some end-stage afterlife. No, it is the great psyche representations of what occurs in the collected minds of people like we engineers.

In other words, mental reality states that are so vast, so extraordinary, but are misrepresented as the afterlife versus what are known as states of consciousness. Two separate things.

Further, although it seems I am restating much information, I must reemphasize to beware of false interpretations of teachings like a Pure Reality State as a replacement for the proper path of redemption.

If a soul hurts others and is terribly selfish, like Jurgen describes in his most accurate ventures into the dark mental spirit worlds, such souls do not and cannot relinquish that sin by simply meditating it away, entering a higher consciousness, and transcending one’s deeds.

Jurgen makes this clear as he bears witness to the suicide bombers within the river of destruction, desperately seeking redemption which is denied to them unless they work with their victims and find forgiveness.

So, would journeying from the ‘the normal afterlife’ state deeper into ‘purity’ or ‘true heaven’ end problems of sin, ineptitude, the sagas and dramas of life? Is Jurgen leading us into a state of existence that is free of all issues, forevermore?

What do you think? I ask the reader, as it does seem from that spherical-looking info-graphic [see image posted at the opening of the essay] that our existence is a pecking order of “less good” to “most good” as we graduate closer to “Pure Reality”.

So, shouldn’t escalation upon that pecking order free a soul from their sins?

I shall be frank: It does not. Return into a state of Source Consciousness all you will, but afterward return into the realm of shared existence of so many souls, and you will discover that God invites an individual creation to experience its majesty, and then you exit stage right.

And if your moral character is flimsy, you never get that invitation to begin with. If you exist on a holy spectrum, you may experience that Source Consciousness state. However, this is not clarified: That state is not a final point of existence in the way Jurgen misinforms his readers about.

This reminds me of existentialism.

It also reminds me of another mental reality foray of Jurgen’s, pictured below.

Part of the “Super Dimensions of Heaven” by author and out of body explorer, Jurgen Ziewe.

What do we see here? A machine-like existence in a pea-green soup atmosphere, all efficiency. I can travel into this reality mentally and discover, unlike the beautiful Arcturian landscape, it’s a manifestation of Jurgen’s own mind and soul.

Endless, gargantuan machine orbs with reality confined to an assembly line. The end result of an existentialist mind that contemplates life but fails to incorporate heart, soul and spirit at key points.

A man with billions of years of past lives in the cosmos, originating as a man from the Andromeda galaxy, constantly trying to make sense of reality from a technical, sometimes autocratic viewpoint. Spirituality, science, and rationalism in a constant juxtaposition, typically clashing with one another.

And so, the nightmarish image is heralded by Jurgen as a “super dimension” and part of the wonders of heaven. I think not. “Hell” would be a better description in my view:

I may be wrong. Surely. My transcriber Cyrus pointed this image out to me to see how I felt about it, and the immediate impression I received is that we are peering into the abyss of existentialism. Not the love and wonder of creation. And how can existentialism embed itself into an otherwise sophisticated mind? By feeding into one’s fears. To contemplate eternity without divinity. Constantly. Endlessly.

And so, we arrive once more to the religious, spiritual movement of consciousness ascension. Where any reality, any mental plane that is associated to higher consciousness, higher mental power, is by nature heaven. Is this true?

A pecking order of consciousness somehow related to “heaven” creates a great misunderstanding that we just have to meditate ourselves into perfection, and life becomes completely consistent afterward.

A great criminal could meditate into that state and a faulty spiritual teacher would say, “Splendid! You are returning to Source and now you will never fall astray again! Your entire psyche is now figured out! Now off you go into the highest mental embodiment!” And perhaps our criminal would manifest away into such a reality (which is common on our world; with people appearing, disappearing, teleporting or altering states.)

No, that criminal is likely to end up right where Jurgen visits the deceased suicide bombers if he does not truly alter his soul, change the very fabric of his essence. This is not done through meditation and greater sublime states, but via the fires of life, holy redemption, community, recompense and ultimately transformation of the soul.

This is why we co-exist with people. Will meditation help? Yes, surely, but more importantly than even meditation (just imagine) is to step out and be of service to your civilization within a reality where civilization can actually occur in the social rubric of life in shared, physical reality creation.

In these vast mental worlds, civilization does not truly exist. Some of Jurgen’s experiences were clearly in our worlds, including areas reported in Multidimensional Man with ancient cities and people living their lives in great human realities; yet most of his other accounts are mental states implicitly suggested as superior to other states.

Then, constant conflation between these realms without elaborating on the difference between ethereal physical states like my world, and the completely mind-based energy-states. Not drawing a distinction is disastrous.

These points must be constantly clarified by myself and our institute at the North American Station.

At our station, we do not merely tend to the functions of trying to integrate your Earth to our existences through transmitting images to heralds of transcommunication technologies; but we also tend to souls from your world who must integrate into our reality, outfitted with these often extreme misconceptions.

As a quick divergence, I am instructing Cyrus to include another image of some of the work we do at our station, which can also be found at Sonia Rinaldi’s website where she puts forward a newsletter we suggest to read. This may help you understand how our operations are set forth.

Our friend arrived physically to our station and had her face scanned for Dr. Rinaldi.

As one can see, this process is actually quite straightforward, because the “magic” occurs after a deceased loved one enters our world and we snap a single digital photo. Through our consciousness-assisted technologies, we can transmit the image into Sonia’s system of image retrieval. And just like that, people on your world are capable to receive imagery from another universe.

I think this is an important tangent because we are talking about a real world, my friends. I am not here just as some evanescent entity transcribing my diction of yearnings to Cyrus. No, we are extremely active. I just happen to have found a channel who can keep up with me and type as I talk.

And yes, we [communicators in general] may find a common tone as we try to dispel certain myths surrounding life, death, and the hereafter. Why? Because the North and South American Stations of the Nikola Tesla Institute concerns this very concept, and the great harm erroneous philosophies play upon your Earth.

At our institutes, we are continuously trying to bridge our worlds together. Yet, why is it so difficult? Your world often rejects change, refuses to accept the possibility another world could even exist, or is bogged down by incredible misdirections and even lies by your institutions.

And don’t get me started on the hideous clergy of materialist, cynical academics.  

One of our constituents who works with us is named Konstantine Raudive. He wrote an extremely important book in your world called Breakthrough in 1971.

Raudive discovered that the great manifestation power of life allows souls from anywhere, including astral spirit realities on up to grand higher density Earthly realities, to transmit their mental signal directly into auditory machinations.

This could include something as simple as static fuzz on a television monitor. This would be dubbed instrumental transcommunication. Other terms include trans imagery and electronic voice phenomena. Your world surely fell in love with topics like EVP and ITC.

And yet: What does Raudive do upon his discovery of such phenomena, his departure from your world, and eventual partnership with myself?

Raudive basically just tells cynical jokes all day concerning how your world took all his discoveries, marginalized them into entertainment, and never looked more deeply into it. T

he only people who would take it seriously would be the paranormal societies and the open-minded, scattered few pioneers and potential revolutionaries.

Today, your popular TV shows constantly appear on the precipice of the continuation of Raudive’s breakthrough.

One example is the program known as Ghost Hunters starring our friends from The Atlantic Paranormal Society, who make ample use of these technologies, continuously proving the existence of realities beyond your own.

taps, jason hawes, atlantic paranormal society

… Yet, such discoveries make zero impression upon your civilization’s greater outlook on life and death. Academics from the old paradigm ignore these topics even if they were to jump out and bite at them.

Our dilemma is unique because we must not only prove our existences, but simultaneously reduce the fear, paranoia, and existential conflict by promoting the truth, which includes confronting misinformation, even if that misinformation is highly articulate and considered sacred.

This is very hard for us because we could hurt people’s faith. Yet, without a proper direction, a path to navigate new realities, how can people cope? No one wants to be told their version of “paradise” is not real. That it’s an illusion. A hollow heaven.

So, where to find paradise? Where is heaven? My world is a paradise by contrast to yours. My world has been visited by people over centuries on your world; and transcribed as heaven.

Even the likes of prophets like Dante Aligheri were given visions of my very world; known in some ancient texts by the name Mal’dreza, and it was instantly seen to be heaven; white marble cathedrals, arched temples, men and women in flowing robes, angels with beautiful wings. Yes, my world!

So it is true, I am in heaven by even the most… Shall we say… Cliche interpretations of it!

Yet, here I am. A true reality. Not a thought-scape, nor a consensus dream world of thought-form lagoons put together by our dear Arcturian friends; but it’s the true realities of the heavenly worlds beyond, where Archangels preside over vast spans of creation.

And so I must insist that society continues onward into, yes, a higher existence.

To put it all together: How can people understand the differences between mental reality states and a world like my own? Everyone is confused. Few are willing to telepathically transcribe information concisely. And paradise taught as a vast mental state to the exclusion of all else becomes what people believe to be true. Now, nobody is willing to change their minds or look at it any differently.

If you follow such teachers into exclusionary mental reality states, you are no longer joining me upon my world. You are entering the realms of the collective psyche which may seem so glamorous up until the point of venturing into darker paths that exist within the minds of many.

And so, we learn about these beautiful mental states; from the cosmic mental cityscapes to the contrasts of dismal, astral dark planes. However, there is absolutely no comparison between conceptions of “cities” in such realities and our higher ethereal, physical cities.

In terms of conceptual artwork, I have helped direct Cyrus, my scribe, to find something online in our scope. This image reminds us very much of a neighboring angelic world to our own known as Shai’nara. Behold, society, as it continues into the heavens:

Somewhere is a conceptual artwork of Jurgen Ziewe touring a street where a giant snail is just skidding along the concrete, looking extremely sad, while a woman holding an umbrella appears completely disconnected from it all. This image can be found in Jurgen’s first book Multidimensional Man.

Jurgen describes his “street scene” with the sad snail as an Earth-like astral habitat (Who wants to live in an astral state? My God.). As a result, this completely confuses the nature of my own world and such conceptions, and someone would erroneously prescribe such an existence as what my planet is like. They’d even attach a label like “astral” to our planet.

Certainly not. If I were to exist in a purely mental state like that, it would be as anarchistic as that bloody image [Editor’s note: I had been looking for the artwork, but it seemingly disappeared off the Internet].

Such an image demonstrates a place where everyone’s psyches are set loose in a giant shared dream-scape. This is your spirit world. And many have no clue how to differentiate my world, a higher ethereal yet entirely physical existence, and these astral realities which would surely turn anyone off and point people toward a reality of mental gradients, rife with bizarre elements of people’s minds.

Imagine such a state as one’s new home, while completely ignoring the great cosmic multiverse of wonder. It would be like rejecting the Godiva for the Hershey’s bar. Why do it?

Certainly, the super dimensional realities of “engineering baseline foundations” — concepts of thought transformed into continuous mental visual synesthesia are the great wondrous alternative to a city of sad snails crawling about.

However, this presents a “false choice dilemma” where we can only choose one or the other. I am telling you: many who die join our physical ethereal worlds and choose neither.

Well, surely, somebody on a path of extreme disagreement would read all of this and argue: “Sorry, Tesla, reality is on a gradient of lesser to greater states of existence as we move from the physical sphere back deeper, deeper into the mental sphere. So you are completely mistaken and bound to the ways of the Earth.”

In this sort of thinking, we relinquish our bodies, become spirit forms, transcend up, up, and away (or is it deeper into the giant sphere?) and leave everything else behind.

Oh well, I suppose the dreaded ghost of Nikola Tesla is completely mistaken: It’s time to migrate into the great super dimensional spirit realities. I hope someone will be able to feed my cat while I’m gone.

I do not see my life this way. Let’s make it clear: There is the mental reality, the physical low density reality, and the physical ethereal reality that coexists within the same multiverse. This is the concept of the afterlife as it exists objectively, in truth, without agenda-driven narratives.

Your reality is part of a universe disconnected from higher density, ethereal states of the cosmos. But this does not mean our world is the mental spirit reality where everything starts to exist in conceptual form bypassing the grand manifested occurrence of nature, as known as the Great Creation.

Cyrus: Dr. Tesla, would you therefore say there are 3 primary states of existence?

Tesla: This is correct. This is the way it is known and taught. And it is not an ascension scale of glory. The harsh physical dependent reality, the spirit mental reality, and the ethereal physical gradient that consists of much of the multiverse and is generally regarded as a heavenly, magical existence.

A very physical, to use the proper terminology low density planet, is not somehow a great punishment nor a reference to unenlightened souls. No, it is a world like yours; born out of nature and not yet expanded into higher energy states, or a higher density reality. It is also a wondrous contrast experience.

[Note by editor and channel Cyrus: I’d suggest to visit this article by multiverse communicator ‘Mimi’ about higher density cosmic states.]

Jurgen, I am sorry to say, smushes these 3 states together — as do most spiritual teachers on your Earth. There is suddenly no way to understand this most important dichotomy: the 3 states of reality.

“But there is no evidence about this!” decries the skeptics. Oh, actually, there is.

Every report of grand yet consistent realities that are magical worlds relates to this alternative state. This dates back to mythologies of realms like Shangri La which is incidentally that neighboring planet of ours Shai’nara.

Yet, how to make sense of this? Understand that our world is composed of a different type of matter: we call it the empyrean physiological replication system. Everything is matter-derived, yet under a quantum electron microscope, our reality appears differently than yours. Our molecular structures are a finer state that diverges away from normal physics entirely.

Yet, normal physics endures, and people on my world drive cars by brands like Honda and Mitsubishi. The cars are produced in factories, actually. I have equipment at my institute produced by a company called Apple Computers managed by a man named Steve Jobs, who lives on our planet.

So how is it different? On the ethereal or empyrean / magical spectrum of life, everything is more malleable to not only thought, but elemental powers; and existence is constructed through what is known as grand essence, where imagination itself often alters our reality in grand, unexpected ways.

A truly physiological universe does not possess such qualities. It is more mechanical and based around the principle of nature, biologics, organics as central and overruling to consciousness. These states occur naturally in the cosmos.

In our style of universe, imagination meets actualization through the ethereal structure. This happens unexpectedly, subtly. On my world, there is just this essence of imagination everywhere. Not all are attuned to it. But it’s there. Even your world’s imaginations arrive to our planets. Suddenly, things seem like a great fantasy adventure.

But how different are we? You’re in a grand cosmic multiverse and many realities are purely physical, and others are ethereal. One planet is on a physical spectrum like yours, another on a more ethereal spectrum.

And yes, the ethereal planet may just be seen as a civilization’s afterlife reality where people easily manifest into after death.

Yet, practically speaking, how different are these worlds? At first blush, it might not be that different. There are physical worlds that are so fantastic beyond belief you’d think you’d died and gone to heaven, because you did. Yet, such worlds might be low density like your own; with a much greater essence, a much greater collective consciousness structure of nicer people.

By contrast, there are worlds deeper into the magical, ethereal spectrum than my own that are literally animated. Like, composed of artwork. These types of states could never exist in a pure physical reality. See the difference now? Hopefully this concept will help to clear up this most confusing topic.

Cyrus: Is there anything else you’d like to say about the mental realities before we finish our essay? How does it affect perceptions by people on Earth about your work?

Tesla: At our institute, through our communications, we hear an idea time and time again by drastically confused people upon your planet that we must shoot straight into the mental realities, abandon any type of quote ‘physical’ form, leave one’s old existence behind; enjoying the supreme wonder of a concept-based reality where we see the inner state of people’s minds constantly play out before us.

And that concept-based reality becomes our final home, the mental heavenly state, where we exist for all eternity. Now I’m even more worried about who is going to take care of my cat.

See the issue here, everyone? It’s very disconnected from practicality about our lives and our loved ones. It’s even disconnected from our pets.

Let’s go look at Jurgen’s curious sphere representation of existence once more. Time to post it below again for reference. Take a good look.

Pick the whitest gradient among those spokes, and just migrate into that reality. What could go wrong? I’d next be concerned about leaving my poor house plants behind. Tesla is unlikely to ever return.

I also have a new puppy: His name is Edward. Before I migrate into the “true heaven” I suppose I’d best get my affairs in order, to begin a pilgrimage away from my outstandingly lovely higher reality; finally sloughing away what Jurgen of the Aldmari would consider to be ‘maya’, more physical excess standing between a pure existence and physical embodiment.

Hmm.. So then what if Tesla chooses Edward over enlightenment?

That’s right, I just wasn’t ambitious enough, was I? Silly old Nikola Tesla aiming so low and still being attached to the world of matter. Still existing within that black outer membrane in Jurgen’s graphic.

Yes, people really think this way.

What else? Well, in my higher density, ethereal, and very true planet, I have a girlfriend. Her name is Rose. Sorry, honey, I read Vistas of Infinity and realized this was not so much the true afterlife by comparison to the reality of synesthesia whereupon realms of engineering and vast mental constructs made manifest would better suit.

We, however, could go there together and turn our romance into a construct reality and we’ll experience the beautiful mental representations of our love, as illustrated at this link. We are now beautiful non physical flowers everywhere. Endlessly. That is now our love. All of it. Forever.

It’s time to sell the country cottage, in fact, and bid farewell to our planet plus our work where we are trying to beam images down to a broken hearted society called Earth.

Our old life was just maya, the great illusion as Mr. Ziewe would doubtlessly call it.

Even poor Edward the doggie had better turn into a mental representation as he connects with us into our true reality. Now Edward exists as a grand visual representation of I’d assume a giant chew toy that looks like a bone.

Oh, and this type of thinking, when introduced to a broken hearted planet that suffers from existentialism and a disconnection from the higher density heavenly realities, is extremely dangerous.

It puts aside true reunions with our loved ones and continuously focuses on ascension of consciousness, thereby ascending into greater mental states, and abandoning the creation aspect of the Great Creation until we arrive again to the Source and its accompanying Super Dimensional reality.

And then what? Well, again, we are losing our sacred lives amidst the mountains, the cities, the dogs and cats, the girlfriends and boyfriends, the institutes and cities, the spaceships and magical worlds.

We must give it all up and return to the higher dimensions.

Is my world so different from yours? I am in a cosmos with stars, planets, galaxies. Enough said.

This artwork, popular on your planet, is literally a depiction of someone leaving an integration facility on my world and reuniting with a loved one. If the story were recounted in a near-death experience it would be unmistakable as heaven.

As we conclude this essay, I will direct your attention to the following scenario. In these paragraphs, if you read closely, you will understand the great dilemma and why there is a giant barrier between our worlds:

To visit your world, it’s possible. Yes, even now, as Nikola Tesla the deceased adventurer.

I would go on board a starship, possibly piloted by our little blue Arcturian friends, activate a property to magnetically push the ship down into your universe, then I’d be able to fly around your night sky. Splendid, I am now Tesla in a UFO. I may skim past the house of a local conspiracy theorist and the phenomenon could end up on the Internet with a blurry photo of me waving from the UFO’s window.

Eventually, I’d be excited about landing and reuniting with dear old planet Earth. At this stage, my Arcturian pilots would remind me what we learn in school on my world: “Dear Dr. Tesla, if we were to make our presence known too greatly, the collective psyche of your planet who hates wonderful, fantastic, or amazing things would direct all its attention upon the existence of a dead person still breathing, and psychically bombard us.”

“People would subconsciously hate us so much, we’d be destroyed. Forced into dispersal. The collective psyche would kill us by forcing us to reincarnate, continuously eradicating our mental structures until we find new lives in new bodies, then the collective psyche structure would continuously attack us in those new lives, until we’d escape into the thought realities Jurgen describes. At that point the cruel, vengeful collective psyche would continuously bombard us in that spectrum, endlessly keeping us destroyed until we can no longer even exist until either Earth ends or we are dispersed into something unbelievably tiny, turning into grapefruit trees.”

“At that point the vengeful, hateful mob of the Earth would relinquish its attack, satisfied the space aliens and that dead famous guy in a suit are no longer in existence. Forced into barely conscious states of life.”

Possibly I’d be a flea or a microbe before they [the Earth’s psychopaths, comprising much of your planet] would end their attack. Then out of cruelty, the collective consciousness of your world’s horrible souls would find that flea, begin attacking it again, while laughing at their superiority against Dr. Tesla who turns out to be so weak and easy to kill after all. Oh yes, dearest planet Earth.

Some of your psychic minds would wish to destroy me out of competition and career success, fearful I may out invent them. Some would hate me for still existing, the souls who demand atheism and a non-afterlife to be real. Why? Pure absolute wickedness. Your Earth is hell.

Your world’s souls, when given the opportunity to get away with things “without anyone knowing about it”, like on the psychic spectrum, turn into horrible cruel murderers.

That is how wicked your planet is. That is why we cannot land. That is why we operate in secret. That is how dangerous your reality is to us.

This is why your planet is sometimes called “hell” by our world.

To prove it: simply observe the behaviors of your neighbours, possibly yourself. Closed-mindedness, hatred against the ‘other’, racism, xenophobia, belligerence, a belief in personal superiority over others, the 7 deadly sins constantly manifesting themselves, a desire to conquer, to be greater than everyone else, plotting, planning, scheming, alongside enormous fear of the ‘paranormal’ or ‘the angel’ coming to judge the wicked. Coincidentally, they just adore the idea of becoming “God” again with no consequences. Hmm. Interesting.

The people of Earth often know they are wicked. They enjoy it. They will watch your trite mystical offerings like “The Secret“, become obsessed with wealth manifestation and solipsism, and see themselves as spiritual. Oh, yes.

And these teachings by your spiritual influencers, including Jurgen, must address these points and not find solutions of escapism into mental reality states. This is the wrong path.

And so that is why we do what we do. Your world has positioned itself into a terrifying prism, a prison planet matrix system that prevents contact from beyond your world; and hides the truth about life and death which is that we can manifest our spirit, mental bodies into new physical states between any cosmic planetary object or plane of existence.

Everything rests on the collective consciousness. Everything. The reason your world is plagued by disease and such harsh conditions, and why we must use manifestation powers to submit imagery to your world’s few scientists who are open-minded enough to believe in our existences, is because a full quarter to a third of your entire planet are complete madmen.

And the rest of your world are the victims of the narcissists, madmen and sociopaths. These are the people we are trying to save, and the people given access to our world at death.

Much of your world are lunatics who hate everyone and everything, and would stop at nothing to just overrun life itself with their evil, while hiding behind the façade of mainstream jobs like policemen, politicians, doctors, lawyers, 5-star generals, and scientists.

Yes, that is how decrepit the world we call The Lower Earth is. That is how desperate your world needs proper cosmic education about realities beyond it. That is how desperately we try to position ourselves as real people, in true realities, and not mere mental reality fabrications.

This is why we speak about this man Jurgen and other spiritual teachers as we just wish to push that needle of reason somewhere toward the center again.

As we speak, great conferences are brewing to discuss the mysteries of the afterlife, UFOs, realities beyond your Earth, and rarely the subject of a multiverse, an idea I studied in earnest through limited resources as early as the 1910s.

How? With whatever books I could possibly find.

I remember a book from 1923 by H.G. Wells called Men Like Gods that I found at a library in Zagreb which touched on all these subjects. Even in this day and age, we can turn toward the exploration of multiverses to better understand not only your existence, but also your celestial afterlife states.

And what is it like to be in my world? It’s not describable. The next element, which will surely be explored elsewhere in this anthology, concerns a subject sorely missed: Magical power. The very state of our existences where an energy flows through our more ethereal bodies that creates a type of existence, a wondrous cosmic power flowering through us, that defies all imaginations and expectations and positions our universe into what is heaven.

Heaven is truly such realities connected to great, divine energy structure. We cannot subscribe the word heaven to mental reality states with connections to Source Consciousness as the only type of supernal existence.

This is also what must be desperately addressed so people understand heaven can still mean being with your pets, taking walks in nature, and physically being with your loved ones. This should be self-evident, yet your world constantly murders people’s hearts and kills people’s love for each other.

Your world tries to paint a picture of absolute fatalism upon leaving the Earth at death; and spiritual teachings that are misguided do NOT assist in this absolute crisis of the Lower Earth.

The final element to address is this very concept of what it means to interact with ‘spirit.’ I am addressing now the Spiritualists, with whom I have sometimes appeared at the seances with.

Any single one of us from my higher plane of existence can become a spirit form. Period. I can become a ghost of Tesla if I so choose. Easily. A bit of focus. I would then annoy the TAPS team with my friend Marilyn Monroe.

Even you could be a ‘spirit form.’ You just need to learn to project from your physical body out into a mental state. Maybe try haunting someone’s basement, it might be fun.

I kid you not, you could train yourself to enter a mental spirit space, and appear in a seance. Suddenly, it’s you, dear reader operating someone’s Ouija board!

Yes, negative hauntings also exist. Which is why your world’s ghost hunters are unbelievably brave. The types of powers that can exist within the mental reality spectrum as it appears around both our planets is absolutely intense. They [ghostly entities] place prisms around their haunted locations to migrate that old house into their own realities, beyond the collective psyche spectrum, where they can begin to manifest physically.

The psychic prism is the key to understanding both seances, and haunted locations that are very real, and sometimes very dangerous. Just like the seance is a prism made by sitters to allow the great ghost of Tesla to appear, a spirit entity can create a prism in that old Irish castle.

The ghosts we speak of are sometimes people who have died on your world, and entered the mental spectrum instead of our worlds. Every important expert in the realm of integration into new realities would attack the very idea of going into a mental reality at death. See why I harp about this so much?

The mental astral states run the risk of disturbed souls getting lost into them, including some of the realities reported by experts like Jurgen Ziewe, Ryan Cropper, William Buhlman, Robert Monroe, and Bruce Moen as the ‘afterlife’ when it’s not.

These astral states are, like I prescribed at the beginning of this essay, to be avoided at all cost. Why is this not emphasized by Ziewe, Buhlman, Cropper, Moen or so many others?

What about the late Robert Monroe? The pioneer of out of body travel.

He died, entered the mental reality states, and disappeared into them. Never to be seen or heard from again.

He [Monroe] no longer believed in objective reality at the time of death. Monroe became a solipsist, much like his constituent named Tom Campbell.

They began to believe in a grand subjective state to reality and how they alone manifest existence around them. This belief carried into a concept that reality is just an endless blueprint of the same entity repeating itself on a loop, and other souls do not exist in a true way.

They devolve into this state of mind, devoid of magic, beauty, and love. All is just a manifestation. All is just thought created by The One Mind which is incidentally them. It is existential madness, that just spirals deeper and deeper.

… Until the late great Dr. Robert Monroe finds himself in a state of his own subjective existence continuously reinforcing to himself that everything but Monroe is an illusion. That he can create souls with his mind instantly, fulfill any fantasy he desires.

Monroe spiraled down into that abyss, endlessly, until last I heard he simply vanished, likely dispersed into the mental realities; collectivizing within nature, which was part of his core spiritual belief system to return into nature.

The issue of becoming lost in mental realities is why we try to get deceased from your world taken as fast as possible into our world, awakening out of great induced hibernation states as their minds and newly manifested higher density bodies integrate into a new beautiful ethereal-physical reality. As they awaken from these states people often transform by the beauty of their new reality.

This misconception that Nikola Tesla is truly a spirit form communicating to Earth, and not a man who once lived on Earth yet lives again upon a new world, continues. This misconception arises because of a lack of understanding: causation and correlation errors.

For example: Tesla can enter a séance, appear as a spirit, communicate, ethereally: I am therefore an ethereal spirit lacking a real form. As a result, the true afterlife is a formless world, and ergo: True heaven are the highest mental reality states.

That is like saying because you speak to your friend on Facebook digitally, she is a digital being who lives in a computer system and we can try to channel her from out of the circuits: It makes no sense to us.

80-90% of communications to our world are misidentified as the spirit world through a simple misunderstanding related to causation / correlation problems: believing a nonphysical communication means someone is nonphysical. Huh?

So when we communicate to your world, talk about our lives in earnest detail and truth, the Spiritualists mistranslate it by thinking: Poor Tesla is living out his Earthly predispositions. Let us pray for him. Still going about in his laboratory, dangling chains and wearing a white robe, no doubt. We must encourage him to ‘Enter into the Light.’

Therefore, I am not simply Nikola Tesla sitting in my armchair reading a newspaper and wondering how my old boy Elon Musk is getting on with things at Twitter—instead, I am some nonphysical representation in a mental reality where the newspaper simply appears because I am thinking about it.

Well, that definition is apt—for dreamworlds! This is another way to look at most of the astral states described by our good friend Jurgen and so many other authors.

So, who wants to live permanently in a dreamworld? Absolutely friggin’ nobody unless it is for fun, play and adventure—let’s all create a dreamworld together and just join the fun. It’s not your afterlife no matter how convincing nonphysical reality reports are, including from popular mediums who communicate solely with spirits in the mental realities.

Discard all of it. It is not your afterlife.

This concludes my essay. There is more to discuss, and the rest of it will appear on Cyrus’s upcoming anthology The Cosmic Shift of Mankind where I will be going deeper into my work, my life on Earth as Nikola Tesla, the nature of my metaphysical institutes and work with Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil. including even certain misconceptions about my work with Thomas Edison, who is incidentally still around, even upon my world, and we’ve certainly made amends.

As such, there is certainly much more to discuss then; however, these primary points I felt needed to be put out into the public as soon as possible, given the great tidings currently upon your world – and eventual shift into a 5d magical ethereal reality.

If I am mistaken in my views, kindly write to me. Well, I might not be able to write back easily, but I could visit you in a mental syncing conversation if you leave a comment on the Multiverse Institute website (sometimes it’s this easy for telepathy to activate in someone, so do not be alarmed if someone from my world experimentally tries to contact you!).

I imagine within the next year or two I’ll be visiting your world again, and I can respond directly to comments. Or else I could try to respond if my channel acts upon it.

Blessings from Tesla and family.

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  • Justin Lurker

    “He died, entered the mental reality states, and disappeared into them. Never to be seen or heard from again.”

    This is extremely concerning. Does this mean we’re at the potential risk of never seeing certain loved ones again if this ends up happening to them? Doesn’t this also just imply we’re at a constant risk of this happening to us, especially on such a grand scale of time?

    If so, what would even be the point of striving for an afterlife then if there’s a risk of just ceasing to be?

    • admin

      Hi Justin, best to really apply critical theory to this one based on the rest of the essay Tesla wrote. Why would YOU fall into that category if you’re not an existentialist solipsist who wants to turn his existence into a shrub? Do you believe because Monroe did it, that it’s now everyone’s destiny?

  • Justin Lurker

    I’m not an existential solipsist but I’m saying what if one of my friends or family member ends up in the same situation Monroe did, are they just lost forever with no way of recovering them?

    I don’t think it should be people’s “destiny”. I’m just really terrified of the prospect of things just being lost forever and that there’s potentially an inevitability of it happening to someone if given a large enough amount of time.

    • admin

      Existentialism. It’s the idea you are trying to see into some endless span of the future. I would say, from everything I know, souls make dumb choices and get ‘lost’ all the time. Such as being terrible criminals who hurt, use, abuse, and toss their potentially lovely lives away in the process. Then they die and the collective cosmic consciousness sees them return as a mosquito buzzing around. The idea if given a large enough amount of time we all become criminals and end up as mosquitoes, is also existentialism. It doesn’t happen. It happens to certain souls who are new, make absurd mistakes, and after some amount of moments translated as ‘years’ that mosquito ends up as some higher life form again. The succession of past lives.

  • Chris

    Cyrus, so what, in your opinion, is the purpose of life? Getting born on earth, graduating to a more perfect version of the same life, and hey, Presto, that’s it. The end. Eternity.


    What is the need for Earth and the physical? A mistake? A place to have a holiday break? Why not just start at the Tesla planet level?

    Evil people are evil souls, nothing circumstantial about becoming evil because your brain isn’t functioning correctly(physical or mentally), or shaped by what your parents or siblings or other players do to you during life?

    Unconditional love is an evil construct, or just a mistake?

    Nobody gets bored after 1000 years of the Tesla Planet experience?

    • admin

      Nobody gets bored in divine reality. Absolutely nothing in common with life on Earth. That’s the only way to explain it, otherwise we are just bouncing rubber balls off the wall. It won’t work for most of us to understand it. Earth is not their reality.

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