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Communication with Extraterrestrial Forces of the Ashtar: 4 Very Important Social Lessons and a Science Lesson

Through my communications with higher multiverse forces (the Ashtar, Pleiadians, Arcturians, the universes of Amarantha, Espina, I can name a bunch) there was an agreement about a VERY important scientific lesson they want to impart, plus a few social lessons, so they had Daniela of the Ashtar return with a few messages. [Click here to see a prior article with Daniela of the Pleiades. Also your support is greatly appreciated, please click here to donate.]

Social lesson #1: Stop revering outside forces as Gods, even if some were seeded as Gods on purpose to curate a society (Athena, Minerva, Nike, Persephone, et al.).

Sometimes this is necessary, but it needs to be swung both ways where everyone are seen as normal people, too.

The Internet is full of people who channel the Ashtar and the Pleiadians, people like my friend Vrillon (Google his great message from 1977). Sometimes messages are gotten through accurately, sometimes VERY INACCURATELY (‘evil is not real’, ‘your morality increases as your state of consciousness-based power increases’, ‘a solar flash will occur and we’ll all ascend because of it’ AKA sun worship, ‘we are non physical light beings, worship us!’ and so many other hijacked or false messages based often upon superstition in what they call a struggling society.)

These forces make it clear: They’d never impart deity worship to channels, turning themselves into great Star Gods. This strategy was more their thing during the ancient Roman era, a different age.

They also refrain from using histrionic tonality (“Hello my dear ones”) when imparting messages, and such wordage is typically “the channel’s own feelings and desire to feel nurtured” but they explain, “Using phrasing like ‘Dear Ones’ in a message would be known as socially coercive to a struggling society that is desperate for love. If a group is consciously doing this, there’s a manipulation at play. Not by the channel, who is innocent, but something that is hijacking the message to lessen credibility. It could be the Zeta Reticuli abductor ‘Greys’ as one example”.

They suggest, “Please watch your show ‘Star Trek’ to understand more about how a higher force should ethically help a new civilization. Not spreading ideas about Star Gods and calling everyone by extremely loving endearments as if to trigger all their emotions on purpose!”

Social lesson #2: They also make it clear that great celestial realities compose our afterlife experience for many (we die and are manifested into those realities) but we have to keep a SOLID FOOTING into what’s logical, true, and society based… Not just the heavens, the Gods, the divine, where we “run the risk of losing ourselves into the divine, and we forget about real life right in front of our faces, and the truth about extraordinary things as real, including a simple fact our bodies manifest into new realities all the time, including after physical deaths.”

These afterlife states are typically other planets, so extraordinary we just call it ‘heaven.’ The afterlife, if it’s a true afterlife, are other worlds where lifespans of humans go into millions… hundreds of millions… of years, often in other universes. And then, in truth, lifespans “never end” because that’s “erroneous.”

Social lesson #3: “Souls change, people reincarnate, lose all memories, or they die from circumstance and migrate elsewhere, become as new souls, different species, different realities entirely, while still maintaining their spiritual essence, eternally.”

“That’s right, forever. Imagine the largest number ever? Multiply it endlessly. But so what? Time is not real as people think it is. It’s the great present moment and endless – yet finite – prior moments. History is real, also. About 42.1 googol (100 to the 100th power) ‘years’ ago things really got cookin’ within existence. Including these forms we love like ‘humans’.”

Social lesson #4: They continuously warn NOT to confuse reality-based celestial migration with nonphysical spirit realities, mental states, psyche states, that are not designed to be a permanent abode. They make it clear, “Most of your world’s psychic mediums erroneously tell people to go into psyche-based, mental realities, bardo states, or religiously created shared dream states. People report from these realities existences in the Divine Light, but it’s often all a collective consciousness-curated existence and it’s not the true Divine Light (70-80% of ALL reports are not the true Light).”

go into the light

“Then people fanatically, aggressively worship these states, write books about such realities, and attack naysayers! They demand these states through claims we can do anything in those existences, including control time outside the scope of Akashic holy law, control other souls, be anything we want, become God, and never feel culpable for one’s own actions. All is extreme superstition and toxic ideology brimming under the surface of your world’s spiritual movements.”

The other spectrum is: “Existentialism, complete disconnection from divine or spiritual subjects based on toxic levels of logical analysis about existence. We see this in your world’s secular atheist and ‘skeptic’ movements. Including the ‘Amazing Meeting’ and legacy of a strange man and cult-leader named James Randi. This is most alarming.”

Now for the science lesson (how come so many channeled messages are missing actual science? Because it’s usually channeling versus easy-to-learn mental telepathy, where the messages are mixed with the channel’s presupposed biases, deep wish fulfillment, etc):


gene alteration

These forces make it clear: The collective consciousness of a society determines what types of NEW souls are born. It outranks genetic code in terms of personality essence.

If a soul is “migratory” (reincarnations) it will not be subject. The collective consciousness gene alteration effect is when a consciousness is first manifesting into existence.

Humorously, they say if there’s a planet that worships food, and everyone is obese, a perfectly nice couple from elsewhere with NO such tendency would have a baby on such a planet, placing the intent for it to be a ‘new soul’… And lo and behold “You end up with a fat baby who wants to worship food.”

“This alters the very genetic code and you end up with souls that develop OUT FROM whatever the society consists of.”

“This is one of the most important scientific discoveries for any new civilization, and is required to understand social ethics, civics, and how to prevent a society from destroying itself.”

“A new soul born into your Soviet Union would be coming to fruition with a preponderance toward this collapsed society’s spirit. Suddenly, a soul whose very essence is… The Soviet Union!”

“This is how great evil can form. And a baby starts acting completely out of character compared to how the baby should be acting, with genetic predisposition taking 2nd stage to collective consciousness gene alteration, and both variables working together.”

“Then if a society like Earth falls for strange philosophies like dualism, militant skepticism, or the belief evil is not real, and fanatical spiritual or cult-like pursuits take over — this doubles the extreme danger.”

“Very importantly: Parents should practice basic intent-based directives when having a new baby. Until your society is under control, the intent should be only migratory souls entering the womb, reincarnations that correspond to your genetics and wish to soul transform with a new set of parents. Creating new souls on a corrupted world like Earth, at this specific point in time, is very dangerous!”

(Message from the Ashtar High Council 3/16/2023 delivered to Cyrus Kirkpatrick of the Multiverse Institute. Opening image is an A.I. generated accurate image of Queen Daniela of the Pleiades and [below] the Galactic Federation of Light, who are known in our culture as the ‘Nordic’ extraterrestrials. They modified the generation of the image to correspond to Daniela’s features.)

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