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A Most Fundamental Description of Other Worlds, the Afterlife, Astral Projection, Realities Beyond This One – Important to Get Facts Straight!

In lieu of my upcoming book The Cosmic Shift of Mankind and the communications on this site, I’d like to talk about what we can gather so far about our cosmic destiny, the afterlife, my work, and what people here need to know.

As always, there are so many people coming forward about their experiences in the higher density realities, often tearing apart myths about our realities dissolving away. A nice description comes courtesy of a member below. I hear reports like this on a daily basis:

Firstly, I’d like The Multiverse Institute to be a place to continue explorations through clairaudient telepathy between members and worlds outside of our own. This form of clairaudience erupted for me around June 2021.

It has since changed the lives of many I know who learn subconscious input methods. It has also allowed communications to be cross corroborated.

From a scientific research angle, this is extremely promising. I can think of many ways our communications can be proven, confirming the existence of telepathy and elements outside planet Earth.

The issue? This has already been confirmed by institutes like Windbridge, or Noetic Sciences, the former Veritas Institute, or even the extraordinary, cross-corroborated communications to another world between scientists from Europe to South America known as Timestream in the 1990s.

At this moment, the Rinaldi Institute in Brazil continues to release actual, physical images of people from beyond this world, typically crossed over loved ones, such as the image below.

A researcher could investigate Rinaldi’s work, discover these images are produced completely anomalously. That’s right, our friends at the Society for Psychical Research can finally open the floodgates and revolutionize the world.

How come that did not occur in Scole, England and it did not make world news? These were seances with esteemed scientists attending and thwarting every objection.

Where was a headline like “The Foys of Scole prove the existence of worlds beyond Earth, the psychic reality, the spirit world”

The reason is that our world is controlled by gatekeepers of authority. Most people’s minds submit to those gatekeepers and there is no upending that system. The only path forward is outside of that system. A priori grounds mean anything beyond materialist physicalism is automatically rejected before the phenomena can even be understood.

This occurs 100% of the time. This harkens back to my earlier work like Understanding Life After Death (Cyrus Kirkpatrick 2015) and The Afterlife and Beyond (Cyrus Kirkpatrick 2018) before finally realizing the machine does not end. There is no appeasing the machine. You can present proof on a beautiful golden platter and they’ll be criticizing the remnants of a coffee stain on the lining.

Solutions? I decided to become as powerful a telepath and medium as I possibly could. I wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole went, and the maximum I could to build a bridge between realities.

I later encountered an incredible amount of resistance by clandestine societies who physically contacted me and warned me to discontinue my work immediately. This would be considered occult mafias that dominated telepathic syncing frequency lines and could listen to what I was doing.

Their primary goal? Keep this element of existence as secret as possible and prevent the collective consciousness from ever integrating into it.

As a result of many operations, let’s just say by February 2023 these occult societies, including a very famous one that operates in Tucson, Arizona (the name rhymes with Night’s Blempar) became no longer an issue in this capacity (A link to their Tucson chapter website exists ‘somewhere’ complete with every important screwball-business leader in my city wearing Blempar uniforms. Yes, whoever they are, they are extremely litigation minded so I’ll leave it at that.)

I honestly feel like the subject of the Blue Oyster Cult Song Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars except it’s not as exciting as it sounds when a lot of that war involves waving your hands, dispelling weird prisms that make you tired when you step into them, creating psychic blocks, and working via my huge team at the Angelic Order to replace occultists with walk-in souls that no one can tell the difference except suddenly they’re a little nicer to their spouses.

(Talk about having a bad nighttime experience when you fall asleep, are forcefully demanifested into a higher reality prison, and a different soul takes over your life. This magic is done via karmic counter power, when someone is working in a spectrum of criminal power, it generates counter-holy offensive power that causes the aforementioned effects.)

With such complete nonsense aside, we are now working on “outside the box” thinking to get information out there and perform the most important task of all: integration of the collective consciousness to accept something as real, to stop the collective psyche from dismantling, blocking, thwarting every attempt for higher realities to contact Earth.

One element involves deconstruction of psychic blocks. Anyone who engages in mental syncing understands blocks come and go. A communicator can only elicit pieces of objective information at a time.

For example, a communicator will tell me: “A town in Italy called Losano”. I will Google it, and nothing. After several attempts, I’ll hear, “A town in Italy called Positano” then I will successfully find the name of a town I had no prior knowledge about.

This occurs despite the fact a communication sounds as natural as a virtual telephone call. Two-way dialogue. Facts pertaining to their lives occur unhindered, facts pertaining to our world become ‘scrambled.’

I am told this occurs naturally to “prevent worldwide catastrophe.” If blocks did not exist, psychic agents from the KGB to the CIA would have long ago “upended and taken over planet Earth” (or aforementioned occult societies would have bizarre unprecedented power).

To practice, I’ll engage in communication with any of my contacts (like Daniela the Pleiadian) and work to wean the collective consciousness spectrum beyond the psychic block occurrences.

The idea is instead of taking 5-6 tries to get Posatano Italy, it would be the first attempt.

This would also allow the ‘mediumship’ component of telepathic syncing to explode enormously. It would allow quick verification of information, objectively, and understood precisely.

Through working with the Earth Alliance I am told this process will eventually succeed; and, best yet, it can be put into place on a case-by-case­ basis.

This would mean particular fraudulent mediums would not be given access to a psychic block removal. I am informed numerous fake mediums exist who rely on hot reading to procure information for clients, including numerous identifiable public figures.

However, on a case-by-case basis concerning ethical behavior, mediums who incorporate two-way dialogue will eventually have psychic blocks fully lifted.

This would then be combined with “logistical methods” such as the reality beyond ours using technological apparatuses to monitor places by physical means. A removal of psychic blocks would result in accurately identifying a playing card someone is hiding in their palm. Through syncing, the communicators would simply physically report the card suit after observing it through, for example, a tiny invisible probe.

My team informs me, “When this eventually occurs, it would destroy the barriers between our worlds because it would throw your world into a psychic integrated reality, the collective consciousness would accept our existence, and we could make contact.”

Contact With Whom? What is the Other Side?

My next area in this essay I must explore relates to the title of this article: Many people are still unsure what is ‘beyond.’

I often cite my original journey as an author trying to understand what ‘it’ is. What are we contacting?

It was Sonia Rinaldi’s work combined with Mark Macy and the Timestream investigations that led me to images like the one below. Actual evidence of ‘physical’ worlds that also are inhabited by people from our world who are dead.

Courtesy A collage of images of a higher density, magical world transmitted through the 1990s via the Timestream groups in Germany, South America, et. al. Among residents of this world include Jules Vern.


Unfortunately, something did not seem ‘right.’ It would seem communications, channeled materials, and many works were ‘interfered’ with.

Early communications with beings identified as Arcturians shed light on my interest in the Scole Experiments and the follow-up Scole Report (Robin / Sandra Foy). These extraordinary seances included contact with extraterrestrial beings.

At one point the Scole communicators claimed they were from ‘the future.’

As a telepath, I was later told, “Cyrus, anytime you hear about Back to the Future style ‘future’ time-travel concepts, it is misinformation by foreign interfering agents trying to absolutely destroy people’s conception of reality and truth.”

“Time is the great present moment. There is no such thing as a predestined future, where everything that could exist, exists, and people from the ‘future’ visit ‘the ‘past’.’”

I was informed that such ideas demonstrate the impossible challenges, because a “gullible, unsuspecting and as of yet undeveloped” civilization hear these ideas and create “cults of reverence” around a subject like time travel, or even worse: communicators who are grand, higher dimensional beings of Light that can do no wrong and must be seen as absolute saviors.

As I dug deeper into the realities of telepathy, I discovered how so many communicators were “going crazy” including the original Arcturian extraterrestrial team who made contact with the Foys of England.

“Blue” identified herself to me as an Arcturian visitor to the Scole experimental group in England, captured in this 1998 image.

The Arcturian known as Blue communicates to me: “The information on your Internet dehumanizes visitors, depersonalizes everyone, destroys the spirit of life, sweetness, the ability to relate. This occurs because a negative entity manipulates a communication to seem exalted, grand, cosmic, divine. These manipulators are extraordinarily egotistical while claiming to possess no ego.”

“The negative entity will therefore impersonate a communicator even at a séance, the communication will suddenly turn into an extremely reverent sounding sermon. The intent is to manipulate a less advanced civilization into feeling a sense of absolute awe. The negative entity will then impersonate a well-loved visitor to a circle and try to make themselves into a God after becoming the mimic / doppelganger, stealthily replacing the original visitor.”

Blue the Arcturian continues, “During my communications through Robin Foy in the 1990s, my presence was sometimes hijacked by a foreign entity that would sneak into the circle. The Foys began to see me as less their spirit guide and more a great exalted entity outside of time and space. Why? Because the intruding entity liked to infiltrate and poison the well. What a way to break a spirit guide’s heart.”

My telepathic team further warns me, “Communicators who call themselves ‘Ascended Masters’ is another perfect example. Actual forces overseeing Earth operate by strict guidelines of ethics and would never present themselves as saviors and exalt themselves on pedestals.”

I was told this would breach every cosmic law similar to Star Trek’s Prime Directive. You do not go into a developing society like Earth as a communicator from ‘beyond’ and try to appear as a God.

(Blue the Arcturian, however, points out the Prime Directive is overturned in a society that is under siege by negative forces and desperately needs rescuing and is calling out for help. This currently applies to Ancient Gaia Earth).

It would be like appearing to an ancient Aztec society and announcing before an eclipse, “I am the coming God of Reality, and tomorrow I shall block the sun from the sky to prove it!”

Apparently, this is a common ploy by aggressive entities and higher forces must ‘constantly’ keep that tactic thwarted. Unfortunately, damage might already be done by the time the infiltration is discovered.

So Where Are We?

Now that we understand the extraordinary situation, the great dilemmas, and paths forward to ‘shift’ society, I am going to go over some terminologies that are extremely popular in the esoteric communities to help understand this area of life based on my great body of research.

The first area to consider is the following graph. This is literally heralded as Ultimate Divine Wisdom and shared to channeling sites. Its origin… I do not know. Please try to make sense of it.

Did you get all that? You’re not… unenlightened, are you?

If you cannot understand that image easily, you are “less evolved.” Perhaps “low vibration” or insert judgmental adjective.

Channels unknowingly tap into the same type of plot that the Zeta Reticuli ‘Grey’ extraterrestrials explain very clearly as one of their manipulation techniques (please see this link): To create extreme reverence of ascended, cosmic beings that are beyond what any lowly human is capable to be.

Everyone is on a treadmill to understand all of that as a gateway before we can just try to live simple, lovely lives as we migrate into other realities, which is the true spiritual enlightenment.

It’s complete nonsense and at least 2/3rds of that chart, which unfortunately I can decipher, is purposeful misinformation.

Based on daily communications, I will, as an alternative, define the 15 terms to know. That’s it. No reason to be an arcane scholar.

And as a side-note, speaking of False Light Teachings: It is a complete disaster to believe one can raise their ‘vibrations’ up until we become “perfect” ascended Light beings. All sentient souls can make mistakes, we all exist together, and the idea of demanding perfection is, itself, a path to mental duress and illness. This is why we see so many neurotic personalities in New Age esoteric communities.

These subjects are not alphabetically listed but are in order of priority by what you need to know.

  1. The afterlife

The main concept. Everything leads back to ‘what happens to our consciousness.’ The afterlife are proto-physical, ethereal aspects of the multiverse that are defined by our world as ‘heaven’ in Biblical or religious texts.

The conscious mind separates out of the brain and has the ability, typically with assistance, to manifest into a new physical body. How? The mental reality can manifest physical reality, and our bodies are primed to handle this after death.

The afterlife is not the mental realities. These worlds [afterlife worlds] are still physical, yet the molecules are composed of a type of energy contrasted to normal molecular physics. A new arrival may not even notice at first this difference.

In such a reality, extraordinary things are possible while many elements of your life right now remain the same.

People might shop at grocery stores, but telepathically communicate to the girl at the checkout. People may be able to teleport, or even fly after instruction.

Worlds and entire universes are connected, and space travel is common. Almost impossible to describe features are abundant.

I am told everyone possesses what is known as the supernal eye and even looking at an image on the Internet, let’s take a beautiful woman, means you not only see her face but also experience her essence and magic and could even smell her perfume and the shampoo she used in the morning of the photoshoot as if she is right in front of you. Obviously, unpleasant elements are not detected by the supernal eye.

All these elements are also supernatural. You may find unreal things happening like, “an illustration you love now has a life to it and is popping out of the pages talking to you.” Grand, wondrous, magical elements that we have no conception about.

However, most importantly is essence change which is how the entire reality takes on a feeling of supreme wonder that is comparable to how we feel as kids, but much moreso.

  • Astral Worlds

Mental realities that emulate physical realities. Out-of-body explorers online incorrectly assume an astral world is an afterlife / proto-physical world. Nothing is further from the truth.

Projectors find themselves in both realities (mental vs. proto-physical) from time to time yet do not discern which is which. An astral world is not a place to escape into after death because it’s a giant shared dreamscape, and given the minds of people on Earth, not good real estate. The Internet suggests to enter the astral after death. If you do that, you are going into a giant bardo reality under the illusion it’s ‘paradise.’

  • Astral Projection

Astral projection means to either enter an above described astral shared dream-state (I’d avoid it) or use your astral (mental) body to temporarily manifest physically in the ethereal (higher density) cosmos. We can do this and even permanently migrate, leaving behind our old bodies now operated by our subconscious minds.

To friends and family, we’d appear a bit more out of it and less conscious, while our primary focus (primary awareness) could be living on a higher density, proto-physical planet that we go to after death.

  • High Astral / Super Dimensions
Jurgen Ziewe illustrations, when he tours ‘Super Dimensions’ of the mind.

These are grand mental realities that are designed so the spirit forms of people living in solid, proto-physical realities can guide people on Earth into vast realms of the mind on spiritual journeys.

These are not supposed to be the ‘final destinations’ of life.

Spiritual writers incorrectly assume life is on a pecking order from mental astral realities to higher mental realities and that’s it.

These realities do not possess civilizations, the human form, or any aspect of our current existence.

My communicators inform me the purpose of life is not to throw away our identities and existences in favor of these realities. The concept of replacing our human lives and civilization in favor of mental reality is proposed by writers like Buhlman, Moen, Ziewe, Campbell, Monroe, and others.

My team repeatedly tells me all of these concepts are “false assumptions” leading to “potentially dangerous cults that develop within primitive societies.”

  • The Spirit Body
spirit world
A spirit body is designed to be a great power we all possess, but not a final destination of our lives.

Anyone can enter a spirit form at will or “even haunt a house.” How? Intent. Direct your consciousness somewhere or develop a partition of your consciousness to operate independent of your physical body. It’s even possible to place a spirit form of yourself in a friend’s house and they may feel your presence around them.

My communicators inform me, “This does not mean your true reality is the mental spirit realities that we all navigate. The idea a true and ascended being is going to revert permanently into a non-corporeal state is an idea that exists solely upon your world.”

“Because your world is desperately missing education, it is misconstrued that a communicator from a spirit reality is ergo therefore a non corporeal being at all times.”

“In fact, to appear at a séance for example (as in the Scole experiments) a communicator must merely project themselves from their own reality into your world’s spirit gradient. A talented mind could live in Nova Scotia and project themselves into a seance occurring in France, appearing as a spirit, even coating themselves in ectoplasm, while their primary body is lying upon a bed.”

  • Physical Realities

These are “low density” universes. The higher a density structure, the more ‘ethereal’ in nature we become, even if we still seem quite ‘normal’ at first blush. Our world is a low density, pure physical planet. A planet can become higher density through mass manifestation (if an entire civilization wants it collectively.) Most of these concepts are online but poorly understood and badly instructed.

I am informed across the multiverse there are many low density, highly physical worlds and universes, with other human planets like our own who see the higher densities as heavenly realities. It’s not only Earth where there is a separation between normal life and “heaven.”

A majority of the multiverse are, in fact, universes of a higher density spectrum. They often tutor (through spirit guides and subtle influence) lower density universes as those civilizations eventually advance themselves into new, beautiful cultures.

At a certain point, such a civilization ascends into a higher density cosmos.

  • Soul Collective States AKA Bardos
Multiverse Institute communicators stress that “going into the Light” is not a good thing if the other end of the tunnel is a mental fabrication reality.

These are mental fabrication realities that “a majority of your planet goes into after death.” So severe, “we consider this a primary issue upon your entire planet.” It usually involves what my communicators call: “a fake version of the Light” where a true experience with the Light is supplanted by a Light created merely by the inhabitants of a fictitious plane.

Soul collectives form because of people who collectivize around a single idea, such as “heaven is where there are pearly gates and Jesus sitting on a throne accepting only people who are Saved.”

A soul collective can also be known as a hollow heaven and can be “extremely pernicious.” For example, once entering into the fake Light, the spirit plane may resemble beautiful spheres of heavenly light, wondrous sights, church hymns, spirits in flowing white robes, and blissful feelings that waft through the nonphysical atmosphere.

new age
Prepare for imagery that could fool most into believing it’s absolute heaven, yet is likely a mental reality generated by religious inhabitants 100% convinced their state is the true heaven.

“These descriptions, especially rampant in your Spiritualism and mediumship communities, would sound like a most beautiful heaven ever conceived to the majority of ears,” explains communicator Queen Elusha’dar of the Lu’shandran people (a neighboring galaxy of humanoid extraterrestrials).

“However, this relates to one of the crises of your Earth. These worlds are not tangible realities and souls migrate into them only to become lost, believing the propaganda spouted by the rulers of such realities who are often religious leaders on your Earth.”

“It all seems pure and wondrous, until you dig deeper into such a reality and discover the magic is gone. In its place is a condition where it feels heavenly unless you go against the flock or begin to exert your own individuality again, and you are met by hostility.”

“Slowly, an inhabitant will be encouraged to join the Higher Planes and rejoin God in Heaven which is a euphemism for dispersing one’s energy into the collective and perhaps eventually reincarnating back to Earth. You will find this philosophy continuously stated in most New Age books including easily half or more near death-experience accounts.”

“These rulers might tell their flock of recently deceased spirit beings that their reality is the one true heaven, all else must be mistrusted, and to escape into eternity as they construct a great timeless state in such a condition.”

“This creates misnomers, for example, in your world’s near death-experience reports that after death we enter a timeless heaven of beauty where we drift away for all eternity, as if entering what the Catholics call eternal rest. Meanwhile, that soul’s family members are in great sorrow in the true afterlife realities wishing to reunite with someone who refuses to leave the one true heaven.”

“An extreme sense of timelessness where a person’s spirit body is in a state of complete euphoria and one just drifts through an endless final existence is not natural. These states are a type of dissolution where loved ones become lost, and are thus disavowed by every cosmic force including the Archangelic Order.”

  • Densities

Molecular density relates to the energy component of life. I am told it is incorrect a molecular structure is 99.9999% energy because that ‘energy’ is physical manifested energy that composes a physical reality gradient. In fact, as a molecular structure becomes more energy-based in a literal capacity; reality shifts and becomes more on an energetic spectrum. As the density structure changes, a person becomes more ethereal in nature.

However, it is incorrect to assume density structures continuously ascend. Reports online of “14th density Pleiadian communicators…” are considered “comedy” by my team.

I am told, “We often communicate 7th density as the highest. A 7th density mouse in comparison to mice on your world would be a couple grams lighter weight, a higher mental capacity, potential psionic and proto-physical abilities where the mouse, in danger, might even jump straight through a wall.”

“The 7th density mouse would also be so energetic, if it were to enter your reality, all the energy coming from that mouse could even harm the other mice.”

“Your world’s governments have, in secret, conducted these very same experiments discovering higher density lifeforms via taking excursions into the heavens.”

“If a lifeform were to go above 7th density it would likely disperse into an ethereal state and disappear, its consciousness now integrated with nature or the environment.”

  • Light Bodies

A very popular idea on the Internet is we are becoming ascended Light Bodies or Crystalline Body Structures. I am told species exist in higher densities composed of such forms, but there is no true literature anywhere stating humans must become such forms.

“It would appear to be more complete nonsense.”

What exactly is a crystalline body? My communicators are unsure but guarantee humans do not enter the above state as a final form. Art by Adam Roush.

I am told the idea of ascension would mean humankind rising into the first stage of a proto-physical existence known as 5th density which is why “5th dimensional shift” or “5th density shift” has become extremely spoken about online but is “very misunderstood”.

Daniela of the Pleiades explains, “The idea of becoming a light or crystalline body is likely mistranslated information by ourselves or another group trying to contact your people by telepathic frequency. What we actually mean is a higher ethereal 5th density state. See how easy it is to mistranslate those concepts?”

“Unfortunately, once the mistranslation persists your society falls in love with the idea of becoming a crystalline light body and will not release this idea nor listen to concepts of higher density biological bodies as the true science.”

“A higher density body can mean perpetual youth and mastery of an organic existence. Intent-based age regression and so much more.”

“In our realities (the Pleiades) many humans do not even have to use the bathroom as fecal matter is simply manifested away through our higher energy bodies. Yet, your religious or spiritual communities would still mock the 5th density body as inferior compared to a completely made-up concept of a crystalline light body.”

  • Oversoul

Another concept that is commonly discussed is the oversoul.

The oversoul is related to the Light and is also misunderstood. Here is what my team says:

“The oversoul could be defined as the Spark of the Creator which is the original formation of life in all cosmic creation, known as the Light as it is literally light consciousness that arose at the foundational moment which is still in existence at this moment as time is an irrelevant concept.”

Daniela of the Pleiades continues, “However, one does not rejoin into the Light at any point as part of a ‘personal ascension’ process where someone literally becomes ‘the Light’ and is no longer John, Dave, Sally or Harry but is now The Great Oversoul detached from their own reality.”

If someone, however, is on a karmic path—not committing selfish, evil deeds—they are back in the prism of a high vibrational, state of Light-based consciousness.”

“What does this mean? These concepts are extremely misrepresented on your Internet. Because our origin is the Great Light of God it does not mean we exist simultaneously in ‘the Light’ to a point where the Light is a personal oversoul that can be returned into as a way to solve psychological issues.”

“In fact, this is a grand misconception.”

“Spiritual authors suggest to raise one’s ‘vibration’ up into the Light again and return to a perfect state of being like at the point of creation. No, no, no. This belief leads to a psychiatric condition known as Spiritual Bypassing rampant in your world’s spiritual communities. Problems must be solved through the psyche and worked out through great methods of personal development and healing. If you assume you are already perfect and just need to remember how perfect you are, and all your problems suddenly go away, you are manifesting what is known as the False Light Ascendancy. It does nothing except to those who believe they are perfect already, which we can define as narcissism.”

  • Magic
Magical power as traditionally known takes on a magenta type color.

Magical power is an actual energy that exists on a more rampant scale in the higher density universe. It allows alteration of our reality experience based on conscious direction.

The power has a unique ‘feminine’ quality, is composed entirely of living souls, and all souls composing magical power must exist in a state of magical mind; which is very pretty, whimsical, beautiful, mysterious, loving, mystical, and many other adjectives that ‘attempt to do it justice.’

If magic is felt inside of a body flowing through, it feels like an extremely blissful, sometimes intense experience flowing through our bodily energy system (chakric systems).

Magic can take elemental nature forms as well and can be operated through the bodily energy system for particular effects (literally what is represented in our fantasy fiction, on higher densities). Including fire, ice, wind, water and other forms of power.

  • The Multiverse

This is a term for the entire greater reality beyond planet Earth, which composes what I have learned is many inhabited universes, in the hundreds and hundreds of trillions across an unimaginable scope of reality.

My communicators stress, “Reality had a beginning point through the recollection of moments, the true essence of time, and that beginning point was not your one universe’s big bang but a period 37.1 octillion years ago when the Spark of God finished its grand creation process in the mental realities, and physical nature systems manifested in full power and abundance.”

Anywhere in the multiverse that is a higher density reality, which is a majority of multiverse civilizations, would be considered a fantastic afterlife (heavenly) experience by the standards of Earth.

Also within the multiverse, as “cosmic neighbors”, are fantastic magical worlds; not the least of which is a planet known as Maldek which repeatedly made contact with Earth through the Timestream communication effort in the 1990s with scientists like Maggy and Jules HarschFischbach. These universe are considered supremely wondrous and literally created through the imaginations of other realities adding their essence to their existences.

  • Manifestation

The power of the mind to alter reality, especially through mass manifestation practice which can do things like create entire planets, move a planet from one solar system to another, replenish a mountain that has been mined to completion, or materialize an object in front of everyone by converting the mental into physical.

I am told, “This happens infrequently even on the higher density planes because it would cause an instability of society if manifestation was not regulated. So, it is very controlled by a healthy collective consciousness system.”

Daniela of the Pleiades reminds readers, “This does NOT mean reality is subjective and we are manifesting whatever we want. That is called solipsism, an idea so outrageous, so atrocious it is actually sinful. Yet many of your most popular spiritual writers are actually solipsists who experience even a taste of manifestation and believe they can alter reality at the expense of others, like stealing people’s parking spaces or getting promotions instead of someone else! Absolutely bizarre and hideous. Your planet is non-evolved and your civilization will fall apart by thinking of life in such bizarre ways.”

  • Higher Density Universe Equivalent

This is when a universe has a higher density equivalent with copies of each of the lower density elements. For example, an entire galaxy with all the stars and planets placed in the same location, but now a separate universe. “This does not occur naturally,” Daniela explains. “In your universe, this occurs by design of higher powers.”

Our universe has an entire higher density version of it that we would ultimately call the afterlife. Our version of that solar system includes worlds colonized by Earth-humans who were born naturally upon those worlds and humans who died on our planet and migrate into such planets.

One such planet, named Mal’brega, is considered the most common reality we go to when we die. In addition, a common world that astral travelers explore during sleep experiences.

In earlier books I had written, like The Afterlife and Beyond, I incorrectly identified this second Earth as the Astral Earth. This is not true that it is astral in nature. Our Second Earth roughly matches our same planet’s topography, cultures and societies, but exists on that higher plane and functions as our society’s afterlife.

  • The Earth Alliance

A major political movement in the higher density cosmos. This relates to Earth-populated worlds that rose to immense power through alliances with forces like the Archangelic Order; and further outward Alliances in the greater multiverse.

Early descriptions of the Alliance and outer-universe (higher density) explorations, contact with extraterrestrials, battles against cabal forces were represented on the Gaia TV talk show Cosmic Disclosure with David WIlcock.

The beginnings of the Earth alliance are accurately represented by testimonials on the Internet of people involved with major factional combat in the higher density universe against cabalistic (Satanic worshiping) elements of our Earth that entered the higher density equivalency universe.

For example, a major higher density space exploration group that arose from secret projects on Earth was called Solar Warden. Finding out that their entire society was corrupted from the inside-out by cabalistic elements; this space fleet divided into an opposing allied force to combat this terror from within. In time, it morphed into an entire allied command structure.

This represents just one element of the myriad elements of civilization beyond our reality.

My communicators wish to address one final misconception: “Your world incorrectly characterizes our cosmos as similar to the soul collective descriptions outlined earlier in this essay. Therefore, civilization does not exist, and conflict ceases to exist, because we all exist in perfection. To seek perfection is not only imperfect, but often mired by mental illness. In fact, our grand realities beyond your existence cannot be fully understood by you. Not in your current format. Not until after your world shifts. So, please, I beg of you, do not try to compare your Earth to the higher Earths and believe all is woeful; even if our reality does beget war and great, cosmic struggles between divinity and the chasms of despair and evil manifesting among souls that choose the paths of Service to Self.”


  • vincent belt

    I must say that this essay is very dense and will probably need to be read a few times. I personally have believed that solipcism needs to be destroyed. I hear it from even people like Oprah who say: “You need to speak YOUR Truth.”There is no my truth, or your truth. It is not objective! Truth is objective. As Thomas Sowell says “truth doesn’t care if you hurt someone’s feelings”. Mark Passio has a you tube and Podcast presence and speaks about the absurdity and dangers of solipcism.

  • William

    Vincent said, “There is no my truth, or your truth. It is not objective! ” I agree for the most part. The only objective truth might be the originator of it all that people call God, or Source, or Total Consciousness, etc. Other similar truths might be the dimensions of love and vibration. Words do lack precision.

    The realities that Cyrus described might exist because of creative choices entities have made, given the fundamental properties of consciousness. These are discussed in the article, “A Cosmology Founded on Intrinsic Attributes of Consciousness”, at

    I think the creation and perceptual processes are intrinsic properties of the energy of consciousness. We can create choices or choose from among the options a group consciousness offers to us. They may be good or bad choices as the entity speaking through Cyrus suggests, but they are still choices we are hopefully free to make.

    In this regard, the experience of a “hollow heaven”, for example, may be the path a particular soul needs to evolve. It may be preferable to experiencing a creation approved by an archangel who has had totally different experiences. To suggest otherwise seems rather judgemental. A lifetime of love or the lack of it may seem like the right choice to that individual.

  • John

    There is something I have trouble understanding. Whenever I’m looking for a parking spot, I use my intellect and my observational skills to the best of my abilities in order to get my car parked wherever I can before someone else does.

    Why is it evil for me to use my intuition and higher senses and skills as well? Is it because I’m at an advantage? I would gladly teach everyone to apply intent to nudge their chances, as I believe widespread awareness of our psychic potential would ultimately lead to a beautifully awakened and aware society, but the same people would literally use their psychic potential to prevent me from doing so, unconsciously (and even then I still try with some people).

    Parking, sadly as many activities in our society, is set up to be a competition over scarce resources by design. As such, I don’t think you can even participate in it without engaging in some kind of evil (curtailing someone else’s chances) even indirectly.

    You are always very vehement when it comes to this, so please help me understand.

    Keep in mind, however, that I’m not talking about using psychic functioning to screw people over. Simply to improve one’s life without directly trying to harm anyone.

  • Christiaan

    Chapter 6, ‘I Am Not, But The Universe Is Myself’

    I will not lose myself, but I will be you, too, eventually.

    Why does that scare you, Cyrus?

    • admin

      Nonsense does not scare me. We are individuated forms, or fractals. False Unitarianism is part of the cult of the Singularity and is considered heresy by off world groups. It involves belief in everybody converging into one being, so it’s simply outlawed.

  • Christiaan

    The impression I get from the Queens and Rulers are that of beings declaring themselves acting “for the greater good”. You don’t follow their rules, you are dead meat – for the greater good. Yet they claim that they are not at all after service of self – but they are for whatever ideology they put forward – which to me smacks of fascism.

    The Nazis did it for the human race – the solution they came up with, was to achieve a superior genetic race, and cleanse the world of all the “problematic, impure, intellectual, deviant” humans, by dehumanizing them and bumping them off. I see this in these, what you seem to think of, as these superior beings – even though they claim that anybody(else) declaring themselves superior is not to be trusted.

    You seem eager to trust some of these superior 5-D or whatever beings. They somehow are better than us, better than some other 5-D beings, royalty even, claiming war is justified, death and destruction is A-OK. Just like on this earth. They serve the “right cause” – just like the Nazis did or the USA did. What they don’t like, gets simply outlawed, or destroyed.

    You seem ready to join their cause. This planet is full of people ready to join a cause which they believe in. I hope you are ready to follow all their rules you have not yet encountered…

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