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How the Shift May Occur Without Anyone Realizing It Via Magical Mind Control

Tonight, I am in communication with some of the “French Archangels” who are major members of the Alliance and live on our world as French singer / songwriters. This includes: Nolwenn Leroy, Indila, Pomme and Iliona. The former, Nolwenn, was known in our history as Tawusi Melek: The Blue Peacock God known in Iraqi Yezidi mythology (see the image below of her album cover). This grand being manifests easily as a human woman — and has taken many names and identities over endless ages. As Nolwenn, she has maintained herself on Earth as one of the ruling Earth Alliance members, with a dual cosmic life as a celestial queen.

Nolwenn is the ancient Goddess of Birds and wears a ceremonial headdress in this video which would make little sense other than this context. Her age is 10 to the 4200th power in “years”, from the beginning of reality.

Another woman to note is Indila, who is the reincarnation of a major Archangel figure in history (from quintillions of years in the past); whose songs like “La Dernier Danse” chronicle in extreme detail potential outcomes of ‘the Shift’ and the dangers of a collective consciousness of evil people fighting back (common themes in her work.)

In La Derniere Danse ancient Indila finally Shifts Earth as most of Paris “cabal” turns on her. Near the end, note the magical magenta colored energy in the air, and the tragedy of a bad Shift circumstance, which Indila notes “Is no longer in threat of occurring!”

These forces note to me tonight the importance of understanding the “most curious” event of a planet Shifting into what is known as The Higher Density Cosmos (please see various articles on the Multiverse Institute to understand what this means).

Nolwenn Leroy, at home in Aix en Provence, France, explains to me, “When a world Shifts, a major factor is how awake the population is. Right now, much of the global population is either partially unconscious to life around them; or destined for very bad circumstances post Shift due to highly sinful behavior; like apathy about topics as terrifying as the Satanic cabal.”

“Guaranteed,” Archangel Nolwenn explains, “Nobody will survive ‘the Shift’ if they believe, in any way, shape or form, that pedophilia is acceptable; let alone a practice undertaken across your world’s governments, financial sectors, and entertainment industry: Power manifestation via ritual Satanic abuse of minors. This really happens. It’s why your world is a Biblical final battle. It’s why I manifest so much magic in my music videos: to try to COUNTER this horror.”

“How many people right now would learn about concepts so evil it’s ghastly to comprehend, and feel indifferent about it? Or maintain screwball beliefs that they are the only beings in existence or reality is subjective and therefore it [Satanic abuse] does not matter? The answer is easily half your population. That’s how evil Old Terra is.”

“When a planet Shifts, you leave your old world behind and enter what is known humorously by those in my reality as The Designer Universe Spectrum! At the beginning of creation, the Mother Goddess, as she is known, put together all of existence in a way that endlessly makes sense, and is, well, endlessly perfect. What deviates is known as perversion. People on Earth are born into realities of the Earth, or strict nature. The Higher Density is known as the Realities of Heaven, or The Afterlife. Suddenly, a universe is changeable through magic power and collective consciousness, and endless aspects are modified and designed and spiritually or magically built!”

“Honestly, I think the film that really made so much become disclosed was What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams. That’s the afterlife. But it’s not some non-real existence, and the real Higher Density is not composed of literal watercolors where you can open doors by painting them on a wall. However, the great magic existence is real.”

“As outlined many times on this website, by the man I have spirited guided for many lives, Cyrus, your afterlife was never a non-corporeal, phantasmic reality; but real other planets, real other worlds. Yes, your old public figure Emanuel Swedenborg was correct in his explorations and summaries of ‘Heaven’ being other planets that can be traveled into.”

“But it is not a reality of subjective thought endlessly creating personal heavens. No! Those are like bardo states and fake afterlife realities. Existence is always shared, and souls are individual realities. We are not all One Collectivized Mind. End of story. I hope people realize this going forward into the future. Life is objective and real, in a giant intelligently designed celestial cosmos, that is shared by all.”

“Now… I will turn it over to my friend, singer songwriter Pomme, to explain a few more points.”

“Thank you Nolwenn. Yes, we are the French Angels, no? It was obvious all along, I hope, that many of your artists in certain genres were secretly Angels. So, I came to Earth to try to also help explain these points. Here we are, at long last, near the end of the Great Shift of another royal human planet.”

“What occurs is when a planet is finally ready to Shift, it is celestially moved into another universe. Your higher density universe is commonly considered ruled by forces like The Ashtar and the Aldebarans and the Andromeda Aldmari and is governed by Goddess Minerva recognized by your Romans. This is your long-term new residency soon. The sky of your higher density is quite beautiful to behold; yet, also very similar. You would look up and see the Orion Constellation and the Big Dipper and most of what you remember.”

“So, it is known that when my friend Audrey Hepburn died on your world and was taken up; she found herself in a new body that was now aging easily 10,000x more slowly! Now young again, she could look up at the stars and see familiar territory, in a new version of Los Angeles, California, even. She sometimes works now with Dr. Nikola Tesla at his North American Institute, working alongside your world’s ITC researcher Sonia Rinaldi!”

“This is the way universes are composited together, and often reflect what feels like parallel realities.”

“Now,” Pomme explains, “The next part is very important: When this occurs, many are unaware. Immediately people’s bodies begin shifting into The Higher Density Cosmic Energy State. What does this do? It converts people into a new body that experiences everything on a massive magnitude greater! You can now see holy energy everywhere, music sounds better, the colours are more colourful, sensation is through the roof, romantic caressing feels like going into another world, and essence is just flowing out of everything. Yes, THAT is an illustration of a magical new reality.”

“Normally, a person would not be able to psychologically adapt into these changes easily; NOR existence in a higher density reality where you can charter spaceships into other universes to party with people from other planets! However… That magic energy state? It rewires people on a mental level.”

“What does this mean? It means it completely magically adapts people via what I can only describe as extreme brainwashing effects.”

“This forces people to integrate into a new reality and not end up in a mental hospital in the higher density cosmos rocking back and forth asking, ‘Am I dead? Am I dead? Am I dreaming this?”

“NOPE! The great Magic Energy just REWIRES people. When a planet Shifts, a whole population is now walking around in a complete DAZE yet utterly unaware of what really happened.”

“How to snap out of this? Haha! Well, you ARE reading this essay, aren’t you? It means you are way above the rest! What MUST be done is to take a moment and recognize your OLD way of existence was so unbelievably different.”

“Through mental syncing, which can be performed with some guidance, it’s even possible to turn OFF the great Magic State and you will feel everything as if… it were your old reality again! Then you’ll stop and think, ‘Wait a gosh darn minute, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Is this still my world? Why do some stars look different and people are different?”

Nolwenn continues where Pomme finishes,

“Because I’d like to finish this article by stating: Many new people will arise the night of the Shift as replacements, ‘timeline’ spliced into existence to make up for what will be many people who will not make it. Evil people who are sympathetic to the Satanic cabal of Earth.”

“Be prepared,” explains Archangel Indila, “For realizing many of your friends or neighbours are no more; replaced by mysterious strangers. Be prepared for timeline alterations like The Mandela Effect where suddenly you have new contacts in your phone. Be prepared to accept some of your friends and family were wicked and did not make it NOR SHOULD THEY HAVE! Through being in the Great Divine State, most of these changes will feel natural; normal. That is the nature of the Magic Mental Alteration. But any astute soul has the ability to pause, stop, and reflect about if overnight… The whole world changed. And then work backwards with clear reasoning capability.”

“Finally, be prepared to meet people from other planets.”

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a telepathic channel and owner of The Multiverse Institute. For more communications, see “Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics on Facebook and Reddit.”


  • C

    The French have always had a way through war to avoid the most painful parts (aside from the disaster’s of Napeleon). And they as a collective of very powerful spirit are indeed heralding us all through the Shift. I recommend you find French communities online to spend time in. It’s very comforting.

  • stig

    Much of what is said in these articles is also mentioned in books by another great Swedish writer Jan Fridegard channeled through medium Mariana Stierna already 1998. Jan was a spiritualist when he walked the Earth but after transition he continued to work a very active existance. Already in that first book On wings of Angels, he mentions interacting with Draconian, mischievious lizardlike beings for one.

  • Justin Lurker

    I have 2 questions.

    Firstly, does the media such as shows, movies, books, games, music, etc. persist throughout reality, and if so, how does it remain fresh?

    Secondly, what happens to those that don’t make the shift? I get that they’re “replaced” but it’s scary to think about as the article makes it sound like they’re just left in the dust. I’m concerned because the idea of potentially not being able to be with a friend or family member that I’ve come to know ever again terrifies me to no end. Heck it even terrifies me thinking about it from other’s perspectives.

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