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Interview With Earth Alliance Insider ‘Hailey’: What to Expect When the Higher Density Cosmos Lands

The Earth Alliance was a topic I was first introduced to in 2016 through the testimonies of insiders like Emery Smith. Smith described working for the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate within ‘Deep State’ factions — where as a medical specialist he dissected “thousands” of extraterrestrial bodies in a system where “true currency” is the exchange of DNA and biologics. Major corporations like Boeing and Lockheed Martin consisted of these secret space forces; with an extreme occult power structure running the show on the inside.

Emery Smith

Emery’s testimony would consist of just one account. Many others followed. Two names that stand out are Daryl James and Johan Fritz. Both these insiders recall operations in the cosmos, liaisons with extraterrestrial forces like the Pleiadians, and being part of ‘cabal’ factions; up until their resistance against corruption, leading into direct work with a federation of forces in the heavens pushing back against collectivized Satanic evil. This federation would be known as The Alliance.

In the above linked video, we see a recent report by Daryl on the Linda Paris podcast describing how the Alliance has full control of the 5d [5th density] moon of Earth (wresting it away from the forces of the Draconians, liberating the Lunar Operations Command, the solar system, and I’d continue to say the galaxy and much of the multiverse itself).

Daryl also describes elements of the densities of life and different universe structures. He admits a lack of complete knowledge about this area. I suggest awaiting further communications for a strong, factual presentation of what the densities are.

In the meantime, I outline many concepts in this article, while my informants stress to “not worry about it” and these are technical elements regarding structures of universes and “that’s it.”

Information online, in my experience as a telepath, tends to get chunks of subjects about the structure of reality correct, but is missing the full, accurate analysis.

This includes the cosmology proposed by author Dolores Cannon that describes astral gradients in-between physical higher realities (for example an astral 4th density leading into an ethereal physical 5th density).

A higher density is still just a continuation of our grand physical universe. This is where all these terminologies get confusing, and it becomes off-putting for people to try to understand what all these insiders are talking about.

Yet, it’s important to cross such bridges to understand the context of these reports.

Daryl describes elements of entering the higher density cosmos. This process may involve being strapped into chairs and pushed “upward” into another reality: 5d. And, by nature of entering that universe, a person changes into what’s known as a 5th density biological molecular structure.

This is different from common conceptions about the higher densities as a relationship to astral or mental reality states; or the idea by common authors that we are migrating back into a great astral dream environment (moving into higher densities and losing our physical existences).

My communicators stress an energy-based body structure and a mental body are very different. To understand further, please see the next point:

Symptoms of becoming an “energy body” includes IQ expansion in connection to brain changes (an expanded molecular structure of neurons), all psychic powers increase massively, an awesome sense of ‘essence’ in the environment, bio-energy resulting in a ‘stabilized psyche’ and ‘euphoric feelings,’ and how reality begins to feel “awesome and different.”

The next crucial point: Many of these ‘SSP’ interviews by members of the Earth Alliance, according to my sources, relate to burgeoning knowledge about time travel. It’s hard to separate these two subjects from each other.

Time travel occurs regularly in the form of massive timeline alterations, and as Daryl describes, such powers can be activated by elder extraterrestrial forces.

However, what is not possible is future time travel occurring physically beyond the realm of the Akashic and activated by Daryl’s enemies, the Satanic cabal. I am told, “Akashic experiences manifest through expanded, very convincing dream-realities where this most sacred occurrence of time travel into the past is experienced. Where parts of reality are generated through a mental-scape. This is not the same as physical reality.”

My source, Hailey of the Earth Alliance and Solar Warden, continues, “All physical time travel accounts like Daryl’s are partially accurate, but enemy forces distort elements of truth. The 20-and-back time travel program Daryl, Goode, Rodriguez, myself, and others report are alternate reality experiences where a body is cloned, a soul is divided, and an individual exists in two places at once without knowing it.”

“Many of these experiences occur in what we could think of as a naturally occurring parallel reality to Earth; creating an absolute illusion of literal time travel. There are two alternate Earths in existence that were put in place by grand cosmic world-building civilizations.”

Hailey continues by saying, “This is an important point to reinforce because it’s deeply entrenched into your world that implausible time travel is real. No unholy force has the power to initiate such an event, and there is no such thing as endless timelines, endless billions of repeating universes, and so forth. This goes against divine law and is not how time travel operates; the cabal only wishes.”

Hailey continues, “If the cabal and their time manipulation program known as Monarch were actually capable of such events, they’d have already won.”

[See image: “American Cyborg: The Globalist Cabal, Project Monarch, and the Military Industrial Complex” by Michael Fitzhugh Bell]

My team reveals these outstanding stories are true; but to be mindful of misinformation the cabal spreads.

“Try to logically think through the paradoxes, the power structures, the inconsistencies, the terror that could be unleashed by willy nilly travel into any point in the future. The absolute dread this idea would cause to the cabal’s enemies, including rival corporations.”

Putting the time travel subject aside (extremely important, according to my team, to reinforce), as an academic mind I studied these accounts carefully. My studies occurred long before I became an augmented telepath and found myself in physical encounters with the Earth Alliance and being involved in missions.

As far back as 2015, I was very curious what a higher density universe actually was based on reports by insiders.

By July 2021, I’d started to receive ‘augmented’ telepathic input arriving from the very forces I was so connected to: which at times were disparate factions becoming a powerful, unified cosmic force.

This greater authority, which structured itself so strongly over the last decade, helped initiate a massive war known as the grand psychic arbitrations against dark forces across the entire multiverse.

To understand this concept: imagine fighting the corruption and unholy aspects of life and this battle goes massively viral across all creation! With wars often fought and won entirely on a psychic, mental, plane using holy power to cause whole civilizations to crumble away!

This process was a result of a mass, collectivized consciousness response to criminal behaviors everywhere, with major chain reactive events like the Alliance’s battle against the cabal of Yezara’dara also known as The Sons and Daughters of Zion.

The cabal: A major criminal banking enterprise that maintains occult power through consumption of adrenochrome – blood harvested of children. This power allows them to perform reality alteration manifestation, including alteration of people’s lives, psychic control, extreme physical paranormal power. The powers of Satanic ritual abuse are incorrectly dubbed “magic.”

In fact, it’s “unholy energy” that can be destroyed instantly by holy power if it is exposed publicly. And therein lies the power structure of cabals, explains Hailey, “To keep their power in basements, underground facilities, away from the eye of the collective consciousness, and then manifest it in unsuspecting ways. One priest wielding holy power could destroy their entire power supply, and cabals structure themselves to hide from it and endlessly deceive to maintain their evil.”

This group of allied cabals would maintain primary power structures in places like New York City, Hollywood, California and the Netherlands (Please see this complete whistleblower account of Ronald Bernard: This same group took extreme ambition into the realm of building out a massive celestial presence.

Whistleblower and cabal survivor Ronald Bernard

My sources explain, “The Sons and Daughters of Zion, or the Jewish Mafia, became the chief competitor in medieval banking enterprise, in competition against The Knight’s Templar in the 1200s (later associated to a divergent branch of the Freemasons, with European branches associated to the Bavarian Illuminati rather than the Templars).”

“We consider both the Masonic Templars, who began to engage in hideous acts of Satanic ritual abuse, and the Jewish Mafia, as part of the same package of terror despite being competitor enemies.”

“These are both extremely powerful organizations, and in the case of the Sons and Daughters of Zion, it’s an off-world power structure with interlinked ties across all celestial and higher density corporate alliances, known as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.”

“The ICC currently maintains a vast underground base system. These forces, and others including the Khazarian Mafia, all indulge in extreme Satanic practice and Satanic ritual abuse. It represents the enemies our ally Daryl James describes in the posted video.”

Including those above communications with Hailey, every major communication on this site The Multiverse Institute is in relationship to the Alliance. The Alliance as it relates to our worlds, the Earths, consists of major off-world groups; not the least of which is a very powerful extra-stellar operation known as Solar Warden, with powerful ships that can cross into other universes.

Through telepathic communication, auxiliary Alliance forces came to light including the Archangelic Order of Shai’nara and other off-world groups; which so happen to include many divine spirit guides for the people of Earth.

The Earth Alliance is aware of communion with such forces; and they are intimately involved, meeting with visitors from across the multiverse to help eventually oversee a complete landing / contact event that has been hinted at for years.

What does the Earth Alliance preside over?

The Alliance is an allegiance of Earth worlds. To understand what that means, it’s important to start at some basics; no matter how weird it may seem.

As a telepath and medium foremost, I would work with clients seeking contact with deceased loved ones. It was through this work, and my original books like Understanding Life After Death, my most awesome discovery manifested: People die on our world and are taken to higher versions of our Earth, which are other planets that appear similarly, but are in the higher density universe!

[In my early work, I incorrectly categorized higher Earths as The Astral Plane because I couldn’t get Spiritism out of my head, which postulates anything outside of Earth is a mental reality and nothing tangibly physical exists beyond our planet. I was very ill-informed.]

What is the higher density universe? As described by powerful extraterrestrial multiverse authorities, we must ultimately apply science to heaven and Earth. To many civilizations, heaven is the mysterious reality full of beautiful, unbelievable essence and divine energy encountered in visions and journeys. Yet, what is it?

It’s other universes, like those first encountered by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate and secret space fairing exploratory forces. In these realities, once you enter, your whole body converts into a proto-physical, etheric body structure to match an entire universe built in such a way.

Life takes on a whole different caliber that many experience after death when re-manifestation occurs. This may even include a visit by spirit guides and the Divine Light before reawakening in a new reality.

Entering the higher density, new physical reality is blocked in the event a hollow heaven leads a deceased soul into a mental reality state of wish fulfillment.

These are known as fictitious religious reality zones within mental nonphysical states as reported in a majority of our world’s Near Death Experiences.

My team continuously asks me to reinforce the point about how these states are toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

Souls in such states often reincarnate against their will back to Earth (known roughly in esoteric literature as reincarnation traps.)

It’s important to remind readers these are mental states of existence. That life exists on both a mental and physical spectrum. A mental reality is not salvation, yet it’s a part of life. We connect into mental realities as we dream. And a mental state is easily achieved after physical bodily death.

Hailey reminds readers, “A newer civilization thinks a mental reality is salvation, when it’s not. Anything is better than life on Earth and upon realization of continued existence after some arduous, terrifying hospitalization: people signify a mental state as absolute divinity. This is called a trap of contrasts.”

“Imagine you’re on a diet of nothing but plain white rice and a bit of stringy vegetables, your entire life. Your life is nearing an end. You expect the rice and vegetables to decay even further, becoming muddy water with bits of soaking bread and filthy, worm-infested meat. Then suddenly, when you think life is completely over, you are introduced to a beautiful white wedding cake and a big slice of it.”

“Automatically, people feel it is heaven, in absolute terms. Little do they know, that white wedding cake becomes the only thing they can eat, forevermore! It sure is amazing at first, isn’t it? Hope you’re prepared to worship that cake, and nothing but that cake.”

“Beyond the mental realities of life, after your death, when your body is manifested into a physical, organic form again — it’s like you now have a balanced wholesome nutritious diet. Although, many prefer to live in the land of white cake forever.”

“And how could this be?! The true Divine Light is the Power of God and what this means is wondrous elements of existence allow the energy state of life (the spirit plane) to transform into molecular physics through wilful intent. That is how a new body is formed.”

Do not be fooled. “Don’t go to the Light” became a catchphrase for a reason.

“These [hollow heaven] states can be completely avoided if someone is educated and is not sold by ‘fool’s gold’: promises of paradise, including a life of spiritual enlightenment regardless of personal growth, plus most alluring of all: an existence without consequences. ‘You’re saved’ simply by virtue of existing in the One True Heaven and renouncing all other faiths (which is exactly the dogma of many churches).”

Hailey of the Earth alliance explains how these “easy offerings” seduce the majority of a “foolish and immature population that demands cake for dinner, no remorse for criminal misdeeds, and even an avoidance of the life review process.”

“Even we in the Earth Alliance can administer the life review to the newly deceased. Some accounts of people dying and having their lives flash before their eyes… Well, it could have been me doing it! This is often what occurs before a person is manifested into a new world, part of the true series of steps before arrival into the higher densities. Soul collectives can do it, too, but are they wise to know how to do it?”

Life reviews are extremely well-reported in our culture among dying patients. It is commonly believed it’s performed by ‘God’ yet Hailey explains it’s in the realm of any elder soul, including members of the Earth Alliance.

“All these realities are created by people on Earth constructing existences through the mental planes. Their ideas of paradise. They represent a majority of worlds toured in near-death experiences, that includes even very beautiful accounts like Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven and Heaven is for Real by Lynn and Todd Burpo.”

“Your world’s ‘spirituality’ movement is corrupt and built upon spiritual bypassing ( and a demand to feel continuously satiated.”

“For example: Instagram culture, social popularity contests, and taking the easy path constantly within a life of selfish ambition masquerading as manifestation, success, plus religious bigotry, all rolled into one amazing package.”

“This is the Satanic drivel in your world’s books. A whole lot of people who are faithless gobble it up. This even includes Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret which makes almost no mention of ethical standards of manifestation, that we truly share our reality with others.”

“It [The Secret] eludes to a faithless, impossible idea that existence is just endlessly generating universes and we can enter any facet of reality of our own choosing, bypassing all karmic responsibility to each other.”

“Just step into a new reality where someone else’s feelings don’t matter, where true talent and hard work mean nothing, and now you can obtain that job promotion instead of your co-worker! We consider these types of occult practices evil. Further, no such infinite repeating universe exists under God!”

<To learn more about how nonphysical, mental reality religious states are touted by followers as heaven creating a cult of de-personalization, spiritual bypassing, denial of reality, denial of evil, and mistrust of physical existence, otherwise known as The New Age Channeling Movement, click here!>

In my communications with Hailey, she describes our true celestial migration which is the higher density cosmos; wherein there are vast stellar bodies, vast civilizations, and politics on an enormous scale.

Cyrus: “Is existence on such a level as yours as ordinary as our own on Earth? What are major differences?”

Hailey: “Lifestyles on such planets cannot be adequately described. The feeling of essence is so powerful, you do not simply live on such planets; instead, each moment is some type of unbelievable divine adventure compared to your present existence. Your world experiences these realities in visions and dreams, but they [such experiences] are not ordinarily accessible.”

Cyrus: “How did the higher density structure of life originate? Where did it come from?”

Hailey: “Within the awesome structure of the multiverse, also known as cosmic creation, universes and worlds occur that are foundational. They are not on a proto-physical spectrum but are born purely out of nature. Doesn’t this match certain theological accounts between heaven and Earth?”

Hailey continues, “The higher density, higher energy spectrum are really just other universes in the grand creation that are less physical. You’d call it a magical existence. How does this actualize? What must occur is a foundational planet, like your own, integrates its collective consciousness to allow the change to take place. Suddenly, the most extraordinary things will manifest.”

“Your universe has a higher density equivalent cosmos. That’s where so many civilizations are stationed, including all the different extraterrestrial races known in your pop culture and channeling communities – communities of telepaths that sometimes get the information correct, but the messages fall short if the information is outdated, seeded with pre-existing expectations, or infiltrated by hostile forces like the Zeta Reticuli or abductor ‘Greys’ that love to plant their ideas into channels in a very hostile fashion.”

Hailey, like all other communicators, warns greatly about social infiltration by the Greys.

“Even the Zetas come from the higher density spectrum. Your own Zeta Reticuli star system are just empty planets. Like all other forces, they arrive to our planet from beyond. Fortunately, we attack those types of threats on-sight.”

“That’s the nature of so many mysteries. We’d never prescribe a holy afterlife or heaven to be anything other than what it is known by in celestial terms — which are upgrades into greater, less physical, more ethereal universes. And so, what happened when the military industrial complex actually gained access to such realities? Haha! Their first inclination was to conquer everything!

[Hailey references the Spanish conquistadors and the Americas and finishes by asking, “Is it really any surprise how our planet thinks?”]

Hailey continues, “Technologies were first integrated through assistance from the higher densities; in particular the Nordic groups known in your exopolitics lore (Pleiadian Ashtar or Taygetans) with a goal of helping non-crooked factions of Earth to break free from the occult forces.”

“The end-result is early United States Air Force and Navy from the 1940s and 50s learning how to convert aircraft or submersibles into inter-dimensional space-fairing vessels that, like the Arcturian or Ashtar ‘UFOs’, could dematerialize and reappear in the higher density universe.”

“This operation, unfortunately, backfired, and the modern age saw these programs taken over by the occult secret societies.”

Author Michael Salla documents the rise of secret government programs into the higher density universe.

See also: Selected by Extraterrestrials by William Tompkins who documents his time pioneering the secret space programs and the outfit known as Solar Warden that Hailey identifies to be a commanding officer with.

Hailey recommends: Interview with Dan Winter on ExopoliticsToday hosted by Michael Salla

“Earth minds are supremely cunning and powerful in relation to any other human civilization. Extremely ambitious groups plundered crashed Arcturian wreckage, integrating their timeline-generation technologies dubbed Project Looking Glass.”

“Occult groups in charge of our world’s governments and corporations began to war with each other over such technologies; and even DNA and biological material of extraterrestrials; joining a cosmic black-market economy.”

“Terrifying alliances were eventually made by these federations of shadow government forces of our world; making alliances with factions like the deep state of the dreaded Draconian Empire of the higher density universe, otherwise known as the Orion Group. The Orion Wars waged in the higher density cosmos for many centuries, with the Draconians the masterminds. It subsided in recent times.” (see pic below):

“In the end, we would be looking at a diverse, completely clandestine faction of society that integrated into the cosmos, while keeping secret the most outrageous, unbelievable aspect of all this information: The fact these operations would occur in different universes! The great higher density, which has been often misreported, misrepresented upon your Internet’s channeling communities.”

“Those like myself began our careers associated to the ICC [Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate] and a union of governments seemingly aligned around a single goal of space adventure. Most of your popular private space entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Richard Garriott and Richard Branson have no clue about the realities occurring in the underground worlds.”

“Shortly into our careers, we discovered something was absolutely beyond the ordinary: Our bodies, minds, everything changes when our ships make contact into what they’d call the 5th density molecular structure universe. Wait, what?!”

“Not only did my body’s physiology change but my mind changed and expanded. This unbelievable energy seemed to just integrate into my central nervous system. I felt more alive and in a strange way less physical! And suddenly, our rinky dink little American spaceships were in a universe we were told was our same universe but it absolutely wasn’t! It was like a parallel reality in some heavenly dimension!

Hailey continues her story, “I think your world would call it the realm of the Gods, right? Another cosmos that on star-maps, looked like my old universe, but it was now teeming with life.”

“Yes, it was like where there was a Milky Way galaxy before, there was now a new Milky Way galaxy! We all imagined it was the same Milky Way – but it was not! This Milky Way and equivalent planets were full of life and societies and outstanding civilizations and things straight from the most amazing science fiction stories.”

“My life was now something too extraordinary to believe. I did not sleep for two weeks, I think. Serving with the Interplanetary Defense and Reaction Forces was the most outstanding adventure imaginable!”

“Little did I know, so many more weird things occurred. I wasn’t even the same Hailey — they had replicated me into a new body and left a version of me behind on my planet to keep living my life in an unknowing fashion.”

“I’d have dreams I was my old Hailey. This was part of a 20-year-contract and I didn’t know it at the time, but I’d eventually be thrown back into my old life as if this aspect of my existence were just a mysterious dream. Unbelievable! Yet, this is how these programs manipulate people’s realities, clone different versions of people, and exploit the concept of a single consciousness possessing multiple bodies at one time.”

Hailey continues her story with me.

“I started off merely in the Milwaukee National Guard. I passed many covert psychological examinations within my recruitment to what would become known as the Joint Task Force Space Defense division [].”

“These examinations are brutal but are unknowing to the participant. Today, eventual recruitment into IDARF no longer includes its non-sympathetic protocol. IDARF is now in the hands of the Alliance after it was rescued from evil forces. This was a time of intense struggle to secure the rest of IDARF and other units from mafia ownership.”

“During my 1993 induction into IDARF, I was confronted by false scenarios for training purposes — culling away candidates to find only the strongest super soldiers. For example, I was alerted to a fake emergency where a co-worker is being tortured to death by a colleague who went insane. I went to solve the crisis as they monitored how I behaved in such an emergency. Meanwhile, that co-worker was actually being tortured to death and did not survive!

Hailey continues, “In the Satanic quest for greater and greater professionalism and ambitious power-driven success, the cabal-run space defense programs would stop at nothing to find only the best super soldier recruits.”

Hailey D describes to me how she is a “missing person” from the 1990s.

“I was just another missing soul. My life merged into my alter, my other existence, with two lives becoming one. And so, I simply disappeared from my post-college little apartment.”

“I made sure the door was open so my cat could escape. That’s all I left behind. The MILAB programs prefer to pick outsiders, loners.”

“I did service in 1993 with an insider named Jason Rice in various psychological recruitment programs. Sadly, Rice would find himself on a terrifying tour of duty. Rice’s account is unimaginable; and yet that is how the cabal operates in the higher densities.”

“I can thankfully say the unimaginable horrors Rice participated in have been removed from our timeline through vast time-alteration powers. Unfairly, Rice was persecuted by James Corey Goode, whom I also served with, for inexplicable reasons—presumably cabal mind control. Rice’s testimony is true.”

“I ‘graduated’ this hell and found myself among the vast secret Earth colony projects. This is our terminology for the higher density Earth worlds. We knew them as the central and higher Earths. Their ancient names were later uncovered.”

“These Earths are unimaginable and would be later incorporated into the great Earth Alliance.”

“The most extraordinary element is how such Earths constitute realities people of your Lower Density Earth enter into after death! A manifestation process occurs and a dying person’s spiritual body is separated and manifested back into full solidarity within integration facilities and lo and behold: realities full of your Earth’s ancestors and heroes and legends!”

“Being scurried around your higher Earth’s elite societies, I even met a man named Humphrey Bogart! Yes! The great deceased actor—still very much alive in the grand higher density Earth so reminiscent of your Earth’s 1920s; yet also supremely technological.”

Hailey finishes her story with a stern prediction about the future, concerning the Earth Alliance and our world:

“Now, the part many wish to hear about: What will occur next? The first thing to understand: This essay is written by a real woman, on another world! Communicating to your world, at a computer desk in her military apartment!”

“Your world is going to be taken over due to extreme violations of human rights, human ethical standards, and a destruction of the personal sovereignty of the souls upon your world. This is an inevitability.”

“The extraterrestrial forces that will arrive will be us. And who are we? We are you. We come from other worlds in the one great existence.”

“There may be parallel reality structures — a scant few — but there is no infinite repeating worlds theory! It’s all our one, singular great cosmic existence. As for the higher density: It is a natural yet divine phenomenon. Are we therefore from your afterlife, as well? Yes we are. And we are also from neighboring planets that are just beyond sight.”

IDARF Elite Infantry is ‘expected to arrive soon.’

“Where were your other Earths? Just beyond sight. How could this be possible? Because your rules of physics were never the end of the story. Your world’s scientists believe they have all the answers akin to a physicist from 1923 snickering at what a physicist from 2023 knows.”

“Your world is on schedule to be liberated. It shall occur in 2023. It will be unmistakable as it continues. The Earth Alliance includes representative higher density governments including the United States, China, Great Britain, African Unions, and many others.”

“Life in our cosmos is so unbelievable; however, that’s the thing: it’s still real. So much is tied together, and yes I even work with extraterrestrials. Too much to believe? Just ask your world’s renown medical scientist Dr. Emery Smith.”

“It’s all there for your world to examine, identify, and prove. This website, The Multiverse Institute, seems to fall on deaf ears. Why is that? Because people are under a type of illusion, a daze, where they cannot see what is right in front of them.”

“This daze was put in place on purpose, upon your world, by forces of the cabals. Why? To control your planet’s collective consciousness structure. How? Through mass hypnosis, mass hysteria, and fomented anarchy and disorder. From fake political movements serving greater, evil agendas to fake spirituality movements.”

“And how did they do this? Predictive programming, social cultural alterations, infiltrated public schooling systems, and bi-partisan enslavement. Our favorite: Cabals infiltrating Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians alike.”

“The group known as Q Anon claims to speak for us. At one point, they did. This movement was put in place through a very rich actor named John de Lancie who played ‘Q’ on the TV show I used to watch, Star Trek the Next Generation, working together with the executives of a website 8 Chan…”

“However, this movement became heavily infiltrated and it didn’t take long until it was primarily messages bent around an agenda of pitting two sides of the American political arena against one another: Far-right traditional conservatives ready to fight over extreme Christian ideals, and far-left anarcho-communists who wish to destroy divinity, God, and instill their brand of leftism that engenders extreme bigotry against ‘the other’ or unfit races, classes, or kulaks to use the apt Soviet terminology, which is their true intent; hiding under the guise of social justice.”

“The situation on your Earth, with controlled narratives, controlled opposition, infiltrated websites, pop culture, media, and worst of all: off-world extraterrestrial threat is so horrible, we must forfeit ‘The Prime Directive’ and actually liberate your Earth.”

“This will result in widespread panic that aliens have landed even though those aliens are us, the Earth Alliance, including the forces of Solar Warden.”

We highly advise anyone reading this article to deconstruct what is written with wisdom and rationality. To resist the temptation to place us on pedestals of divinity, including extraterrestrial allies like our friends the Ashtar or the Aldebarans, who are still just humans.”

“What about the fact the higher Earths contain scores of your world’s deceased? That the worlds of the Earth Alliance are known as heaven by your world’s scripture?”

“That some of our worlds have angels and archangels, with literal wings?”

“Do we fall over and revere them? Worship them? Sanctify us? Or turn us into enemies? Fall into conspiracy thinking about the Earth is flat and everything is an illusion or a hologram or out to get everyone?”

“No. Refrain from any of these attitudes. When the Alliance arrives, these concepts, these extremes, all fall into cabal initiated social control complexes put into place in your society. They want complete pandemonium. They want to block Ancient Gaia from integrating.”

“They want your spirituality communities to seem to be full of snake-oil salespeople and religious nutcases. However, they are not. Channeling communities across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit all provide messages of varying accuracy from the Ashtar, the Alliance, the Arcturians and more.”

“We are all a normal part of your reality. Your world will be simply placed into our higher density cosmos and you’ll barely even notice as the stellar array looks roughly the same.”

“Then what? You’ll have other worlds as neighbors. Some may be placed under cloaking technology to prevent your world’s astronomers and scientists from panicking. Yet, they’ll just be right there and accessible.”

“There will be no giant solar flash consuming everybody. This idea is a misinterpretation of Hindi scripture that alludes to these same mass awakenings, where fires burn away the evil impurities. This idea was also hijacked by enemy forces to promote fear in the public about mass contact; an idea we will all succumb to a giant solar flash event burning most of humanity to a crisp.”

“One of the greatest propagators of this information was again a former colleague of mine named James Corey Goode. His information concerning the Ascension pushes things into socially destructive territories. Fear about a solar event happening disrupts our operations. It causes people to stock up on toilet paper (like during the cabal-orchestrated COVID outbreak). It creates disharmony, confusion and elitist attitudes — compounds in the woods with people in log cabins stocking up on ammunition and believing they are the saved and the raptured as they await the doomsday solar event.”

“There will be no solar event. The sun is not out to get you. A star has no singular relationship to even the energies of the higher density cosmos. The sun is not required to enter the 5d cosmos. There are endless billions of stars. No star has the power alone to ascend a civilization. This idea does not shake easily from the public consciousness.”

Cyrus: Many will find it controversial that there is no relationship to the sun and the 5D event, which you describe as a shift into the 5d or ‘higher density’ cosmos. What about people who truly support this notion?

Hailey: There is a lot of information that is near and dear to us. I’d invite readers to view the popular graphic below:

“This is near and dear to us, Cyrus. All of this can be interpreted through the metaphorical Samvartaka fires, and now a graphic exists that is accurate. The higher density, or 5D reality, is expected to be in full bloom through the mid-2020s, it is true. This includes telepathic and mental powers blossoming, and hopefully much greater societal enlightenment, plus recognition of our bodies as starships with the ability to manifest and travel to other worlds. These are not other dimensions, but other worlds.”

“There is no highly energetic cloud. It is entirely the collective consciousness that allows a higher density shift event to occur; and it will occur in tandem with our forces arriving — boots on the ground — to root out the terrifying cabalistic factions that have taken root into your society.”

“There is no correlation between a lower density state and actual enlightenment. This is called ascension of consciousness worship and it is an extremely bad way of looking at reality. We say this because your world’s beautiful saints are in a lower density energy structure, with fewer powers, but exist on a moral spectrum so righteous and wondrous, we cannot possibly prescribe our higher density bodily state as being more sophisticated on a philosophical scale!”

“Some of the biggest threats to your low density Earth came from higher density worlds and entities! The cabal themselves could manifest and live on the 5d Earths! So the idea a 5D human being is automatically enlightened is preposterous to us!

“We say this to the alternative communities that shall arise in fame: Be very mindful of consciousness ascension concepts. We’d sooner entrust beautiful ‘3D’ humans to positions of elders than forces in your regional higher density cosmos. It’s in harsh conditions extraordinary heroism and wisdom is born.”

“This demand for ascension or the last part of the infographic, ‘world peace’, that must be resisted. It is utopia-based thinking. This is when wise-leaders must inform the masses that we achieve peace and prosperity through rule of law, freedom, justice, and work.”

“A solar flash will not occur and solve everyone’s problems, or else we would not be making arrangements to land on your planet with gauss rifles. The 5D solar fires are the metaphorical Hindi philosophical, scriptural way of interpreting the higher density shift and the end of evil regimes; and the awakening to a comparable paradise on Gaia [Earth] by contrast to the hell people live on right now. Which is why we are still partial and enjoy the graphic I am showing.”

Cyrus: “What are the types of technologies and ships we can expect? What about this mysterious concept of faster-than-light travel and lifestyles in the cosmos?”

Hailey: “Starships can look like airplanes. Faster-than-light travel utilizes a magnetic field array your science fiction calls warp travel where space has very weird elements that allow manipulation of matter. It’s possible to cross vast distances, Earth to the higher density Alpha Centauri, in less than 45 minutes.”

“You can travel to the higher density Andromeda galaxy in a starship that feels like a commercial airliner, as if you were on an overnight cruise.”

“You could be sleeping in a luxury cabin in such a space-plane, drinking wine and watching Netflix. Then you arrive to an Ashtar spaceport where you get out and go shopping, stay at an Ashtari hotel for a couple of weeks, then return to an Alliance spaceport. You’ll need to be cleared of pathogens and ensure whatever you bring over also clears galactic customs inspections.”

Artwork by Eduardo Schaal

“How weird is all of this? Science fiction, right? No… Your world’s science fiction is quite terrifying. Yes, it’s possible for journeys to take thousands or even millions of years across vast distances where portal systems are not active. Yet, between neighboring galaxies, it’s supposed to be a carnival cruise. No hibernation necessary. Nothing weird or terrifying like your movies such as Alien starring Sigourney Weaver.”

“How does it all relate to a higher density state? That’s where things once again go into a divine territory. Your lower density planet upgrades as it enters our universe. That’s where so much information online pertains to this process. Yet, that’s just one aspect of it all.”

“We’re all just your neighbors. We have to land. We cannot allow the terrifying situation on Gaia Earth to continue or it puts all of cosmic creation in jeopardy.”

“We must land whether you believe in us or not. Whether your preordained ideas about reality fit the truth or not.”

“We honestly do not care about your personal beliefs; because truth is truth, and your world is like a civilization of primordial man. We mean this on a societal level. Your technology is outstanding; it truly is. Yet, your lack of social harmony is slowly destroying your culture, as fast as your planet is being destroyed by pollutants and endless piles of plastic in the ocean.”

“Your world’s corporations choose short-term profit while there are swells of plastic the size of Columbia in the Pacific. And no one cares.”

“Instead, it’s people canceling each other for the wrong pronoun usage. It’s the end of your world, and a new beginning. Just stay calm, and in the words of a great prophet named Douglas Adams, when we do arrive, Don’t Panic, just come party with us and have a laugh as you see your evil corporations and politicians get wrangled out in cuffs.”

This message was brought forth by Cyrus Kirkpatrick, who is in direct communication with the Earth Alliance through covert online communications plus augmented telepathic capability. For more information, see the further articles on the Multiverse Institute website, Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics on Facebook or the Afterlife Topics Reddit Page. This is in lieu of the upcoming feature book The Cosmic Shift of Mankind. To stay in touch, visit this website or the linked communities regularly.

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  • lynda l. byrne

    With gratitude for the infomation shared. A lot of it resonated withinn me and opened my preceptions. I feel expansion. And solidarity within.

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