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The Ashtar Command Speaks Out – Misinterpretations of Extraterrestrial Communications

Before becoming a telepath and extraterrestrial ‘contactee‘, I have spent much of my life as a journalist. So when I started to receive direct communications, I approached it with a standpoint of who, what, when, and where, not satisfied by default reverence — or the idea to simply submit and never ask questions.

I was never impressed by non-objective sources of information. Or people in contact with extraterrestrials who fail to glean information about who they are, their societies, their existences.

A 2015 Vice magazine article interviews a host of extraterrestrial abductees in my home-state of Arizona. Notable at the end is Celeste Korsholm from artsedona.net.

Celeste writes about her experience being taken by the Ashtar – a commonly encountered cosmic group known by many accounts as the Nordic extraterrestrials.

“Ashtar is a Galactic peacekeeper. He runs the Ashtar Command. His job for our sector of the galaxy is to try and keep peace and order. The command is not going to land on earth and save us, but they want us to know that we’re not alone. Up in the higher dimensions, they’re not really male or female, but it helps us relate to them when they have bodies, so that’s how they look when they communicate with me. I just love him so much! Him, and St. Germaine, and Lady Master Portia—I’m in love with all of them. They teach that if you go high enough, ultimately we’re all one. What you do to somebody else, you do to yourself. We all feel so separate down here, and they’re always telling me, Lift your focus. I was looking for love my whole life and I never found it until I met them”

“Not having to make choices anymore is a major factor in misinterpretations about how life and divinity works,” explains She’ran, who is known on the Internet as ‘Ashtar Sheran’ and enables telepathic communications with select channels. He is almost one billion years-old and helps oversee what is known as the Higher Density Gemini Galaxy – another name for the Milky Way. To begin this message, She’ran assures he is male (see image below) and does not have to pretend to be male to become ‘relatable.’

I began communications with She’ran, who at that precise moment was upon the actual world known as High Ashtar in his cosmos in the Andromeda galaxy – a mirror of our own but on the singular higher density spectrum. He was sitting at a chair, in a royal council palace, eating something to the equivalent of soft-baked pretzels.

“When we’ve taken people before, such as Celeste Korsholm, the purpose is often to augment them against intrusion by negative forces, including the Zeta Reticuli ‘Greys’.” [Seen below.]

Sheran says he is “flabbergasted” by people who interpret Zeta visitations as “positive” experiences. The Ashtar are intent to “destroy them on sight to protect Earth.”

“Most groups have the same idea in mind: To harvest the genetics of people on Earth because Gaia is a power anomaly. People born on Earth are like psychic Gods. We have done the same, including harvesting of genetic materials, in vitro egg fertilization, hybridization with Earth to augment our own powers, and so forth.”

She’ran continues, “In the case of Celeste, and others, they hopefully come away from the experience in a very positive direction. It becomes a major religious experience. As such, we are misinterpreted in a lens other than what we are.”

“I am neither incorporeal nor part of one single mind. Celeste embedded those ideas into her philosophies based on spiritual faiths. I am still physical and real. Also my name is not Ashtar as that is the name of my people. She’ran is my name, together with my brothers Vincia and Vrillon. We are cosmic beings, yes. Higher density, yes. But still ancient humans!”

Ashtari – Pleiadan AKA “Nordic extraterrestrial” women include Queen Daniela of the Pleiades, a wife of many of the major Ashtar communicators including Vincia. She has been referenced in UFO ‘contactee’ reports across the world. She is 9.2 billion years-old.

As a follow-up to my communication with She’ran, I spoke to Athena of Ashtar, also popularly channeled, in a direct, clear voice. She explains:

“These misconceptions arise from states we sometimes call God consciousness where we can ascend into a state of cosmic sublime beauty, where we feel interconnected to all around us – our planet – solar system – galaxy – universe – multiverse. When this concept of ascension is explained to people on Earth, it is interpreted as ascension into a singular permanent state of existence that never ends! This is not true. Now perhaps we can understand more strongly where these ideas originate, and where channeled messages brought forth by our telepaths become misdirected.”

She’ran explains further,

“Many minds want to believe existence returns to a single source, where we all become One Mind, responsibility in life fades, we exist in just a state of pure love for all eternity. This cannot be true or I’d die. I’d no longer be She’ran of the Galactic Federation as we are known.”

“I try to communicate this clarification directly to many of my channels on your Internet; yet it’s so hard because people block this concept out, as many desperately want this idea of mass harmonization, mass collectivization into a singular unified source to be true.”

“Sometimes these ideas were put into people’s minds by an out-of-control faction of our Andromedan rivals, known as the Aldmari. This group is a giant religious movement from our own intergalactic reality that proposes we end the toils of life via mass-collectivization and unity. Unfortunately, the Raulian Aldmari, as they would be known, enjoyed imposing this idea by force, at the end of a rail-gun! They would remain helpful spirit guides to people on Earth. Yet, would interfere with messages and spread this most unusual concept.”

Sheran directs me to this “accurate illustration” of Andromeda galaxy spiritualists known as the Aldmari. “These teachings are often imposed at the expense of all other viewpoints, and they sometimes mimic the Ashtar communicators, including myself!”

She’ran closes by saying, “I do not want it to be true. Because then I am gone. My physical existence. My paintings. My love of nature. My love of animals. My entire existence in the great, true reality which is both physical and nonphysical. That is how life operates. We exist in states of physicality and ethereality. As do people on your planet. You just forgot. There is no final, endgame where a soul is extinguished back into Source. That is a misinterpretation of our teachings. It appeals to people who want to be done with self responsibility, done with decisions, done with perceived hardships, done with themselves. One final solution.”

“I beg of those who read our messages, see through these misinterpretations. And further, do not revere all cosmic beings as shown by some of the interviewees in the Vice article! Some of those abductees were revering the Zeta Reticuli who are our enemies! Please, practice critical thinking as we do among the Pleiadian Ashtar Sovereignty! Where we herald new views, critical analysis, and the true measurements of love which includes boundaries!”

For more information about clandestine meetings between Earth governments and Ashtar or Pleiadian groups like Sheran’s, see the book below by author Michael Salla.

This message was transcribed by Cyrus Kirkpatrick, a direct channel of communication and best-selling author.


  • Lily Belle Copple

    I enjoy reading all of the communications but often wish I could relate better and understand more. Thank you.

  • Justin Lurker

    I think the reason many minds strive for a one final solution sort of deal where we’re “extinguished back into the source” is that many are scared of the idea of having to potentially carry self-responsibility for an eternity as it can create this vicious feeling in someone that they’re “trapped in reality”.

    I know this ties into existentialism which is something I struggle with greatly as you can probably tell from other comments. I do want to have hope of being able to see friends and loved ones again, but I also don’t want to feel as though I’m trapped on some infinite neverending timeline. I could be mistaken though in seeing time as a linear thing but I really don’t know.

    I thought I could provide some insight on one of the potential reasons why people strive for something like that. Great article nonetheless.

    • John

      I can certainly relate to this feeling of being trapped that you describe. I have felt it, but even so, I have also felt the futility in thinking I might some day be “reabsorbed” by some greater whole. Then again, what if after that point, our personal identity, uninterrupted, awakened as that greater whole, remembering not only your life, but mine, and everyone else’s, as if waking up from a dream in which you had been literally everyone? It boggles the mind to think about those possibilities.

      But anyway. I think there is a cultural component to the need for this notion of closure. Unlike native cultures, in which notions of cyclical time and permanent intertransformation prevail, “Western” culture is built around the concepts of progression, linearity, advancement and attainment. Things begin as rudimentary, become advanced, and finally reach their goal (and you get your reward). We tend to see our own existence and every activity we engage in like that. So it makes sense that we would see an extension of that existence beyond death to be like this also.

      • Justin Lurker

        What you’re describing there in the first paragraph comes off as solipsism, what would be the point of individuality then if that was the case? It’s unnecessary suffering hypothetically speaking.

        I’d say it’s more of a philosophical component rather than a cultural one. The issue is that there are many sorrowful implications that an infinite ever extending timescale presents. Just to name a few problems:

        1. What happens after a soul achieves all that they want to do in terms or goals? Are they just forced to exist forever in boredom never able to relive the development of that journey?

        2. How would relationships last, whether it be familial, friend, or romantical? At some point, one might get tired of being with someone and will want to break away from them, or they might wanna do the same to you. Are people just supposed to accept that they might potentially never see that person again despite all the bonding they had before? I’d imagine that alone could leave to unbearable anguish. The vice versa of this situation would also apply, it can bring anguish to think you’re forever stuck with someone. Like with the last problem too, what if someone wanted to relive the journey of that relationship too.

        3. Is history forever ongoing? I read the eras of Earth are “preserved” in the 5th density but are they just history to be forever lost to the sands of time as time ever marches forward?

        4. An infinite timescale means that a person inevitably bound to meet hellish trauma at some point, even taking into account higher densities.

        The bigger picture with all of these problems I presented is that despite the warnings presented against reincarnating. It feels like people will eventually be psychologically pigeonholed into reincarnating just based on anguish of their old reality being just lost history now. Either that or it’s a spiral into insanity having to be that same conscious stream forever, which could eventually lead into reincarnation anyway out of desperation.

        It just feels like no matter what you do or what happens, everything is bound to be lost. Because how do you know if the things you love will even be in your next reality?

        That’s why I wish there is some point of healing of reality. I don’t want to lose everything but I also don’t want to feel like I’m stuck as either myself or as some infinite number of different identities.

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