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Now Released: The Man With the Periwinkle Eyes by John Whitberg [Free] – Analysis Transcribed of Maria Orsich

[The Man With the Periwinkle Eyes] is a biography of Kyle Dellschau. The first volume is an in depth look at Project IBIS, a Nazi program of supersoldier creation. It contains a number of revelations about certain figures of recognizable names, and serves as a buildup to the bulk of Kyle’s life, which was spent in the infamous “Montauk Project.” Not a book for the faint of heart. Click to download the book as a PDF via Scribd.

Notice by the Multiverse Institute

John Whitberg is seen as an important cosmic ruler in what’s known commonly as the higher density universe. This book corroborates the information presented on the Multiverse Institute via the Pleiadian High Council which can be accessed via this link, as well as many other areas of information.

This involves portal systems into other realities of the cosmos, time alteration and manipulation through reality manifestation powers, the Montauk project, and the vastness of an entire breakaway civilization that formed after German “Fourth Reich” forces gained access to anti-gravitic technology.

maria orsich

This led into a new reality where people like the author of the book and others have access to other worlds with ease – while the general population does not.

This is the unfortunate situation, as explained by Multiverse Institute off-world contacts including Daniela of the Pleiades and a woman seen in our history as Maria Orsich – who infiltrated the Nazi party in the 1900s and originated from the Pleiadian constellation.

Maria Orsich explains via a direct communication channel to this author, “These testimonies show the reality of two separate existences on Earth: Those who leave Earth regularly, and those embedded into the collective consciousness structure of your planet that rejects such concepts as science fiction.”

“This naturally occurring collective consciousness block is a primary force of power utilized by the enemies of man, including the Terran Deep State structure focused on its ‘conquest of Heaven’ and creation of vast, supersoldier programs with the singular purpose of not only conquering Earth – but the entire multiverse – with a massive array that involves extreme reality manipulation techniques found in reality-engineering programs like Montauk.”

“That includes the ability to change an entire timeline. This power depends heavily on the integration of the reality engineer’s power structure into a society. It should never be confused with something out of an episode of your TV show ‘Rick and Morty’ where people just browse endless, infinite future timelines [this concept does not exist]. Real time travel involves a manifestation process where a timeline changes, the memories change, the existence changes for all involved. It can be done with vast psychic power.”

“The concept of infinite future timelines, by contrast, is a misconception presented on purpose to break people’s sense of reality; and was likely instilled upon Kyle Dellschau (Whitberg). It creates a sense divine existence is not real, and endless existences are manifested by a singular source of reality. Going deep into the Satanic rites of these programs, they would attribute that singular existence as Lucifer. It’s the idea somebody can go through future portals 10 million years ahead of our world, in any timeline anyone can conceive of. This is impossible as all reality exists within a continuous ‘present now'”

“How does something like this [vast subjugation of Earth] happen? Your planet should have full access to knowledge with the ability to enter starships and visit other worlds. This is restricted because extreme social engineering – including the very machinations of the United States military – impose extreme restrictions to disallow even learning about something as basic as the psychic reality, the collective consciousness, etc, in school.”

“You’d be laughed out of academia with a paper proposing even anti-gravity technology exists, which can be constructed through simple understanding of an oppressed area known as Luminiferous Aether.”

“Terran minds would have space-fairing vessels visiting the 5D cosmic structure for joyrides and vacations within 5 years. A Boeing can be constructed as a space vessel much as we helped teach the German breakaway factions to turn their U-boats into such ships.”

“It was our hope that the Germans would create a powerful, holy society in contrast to Hitler, and reinforce a new Terran cosmic superpower to push back against great threats in the multiverse. We were wrong. Not long after their cosmic introductions, they began manifesting extreme Satanic practice by demanding conquest, including a psychopathic level of ambition leading to The Black Terror.”

“We are now looking at a strong push in the entire multiverse that includes various very powerful factions creating a collective consciousness renaissance. To become the opposite of the Dark Ages of the Cosmos across millions of universes.”

“During this renaissance, we intend to see Planet Terra collectivize properly and stop rejecting information about other realities. To reject concepts of science fiction where other existences beyond Earth must be lumped into a mental category of ‘entertainment.’ Until this changes, Terra Earth remains stagnant, psychically rejecting even so much as a ‘UAP’ landing with people visiting the public. Complete, utter hostile rejection, even to my own presence returning to Earth. Your planet would end itself in 10 minutes with extreme states of fear and reverence.”

“This requires major effort, or else your society is in a state of grand danger.”

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a Multiverse Institute telepath, contactee, and liaison to off-world forces and runs ‘The People’s Alliance’ on Facebook. He can be contacted at the following link.

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