How to Practice Mental Syncing and Communications

On this page, I am going to introduce some key concepts to understand communication mentally (and eventually physically, remotely, and through projection states) with other worlds. That includes the multiverse, higher reality states known as the proto-physical universe spectrum, and nonphysical (spirit world) states.

All of this seems “paranormal” to people but it is not. This is the huge misconception and barrier that blocks our society from advancing.

The amount of evidence for the existence of anything outside Earth is so enormous. Interestingly, my very first book in 2015 Understanding Life After Death (Cyrus Kirkpatrick, 2015) goes into so much of the academic, experimental, referential, anecdotal data. So many areas should have converged long ago, but we still exist on a planet that denies the existence of the psychic.

Outside forces have communicated how this perspective that the psychic does not exist is akin to a society that still thinks the sun revolves around the Earth.

With all that said, mental syncing is clairaudience and a common form of communication around the cosmos. It is using our brains as quantum entangled receivers / transceivers of information in the form of thought-to-thought communication.

Which is exactly what brains are hardwired to do.

The collective consciousness of Earth is the thing that blocks the majority of powers on a psychic level, and many other elements including direct contact events.

The CE-5 movements led by Steven Greer and others essentially involve collective psyche adaptations in ‘prism’ environments outside of the planet’s greater collective consciousness. And then, consistently, people have encounters outside of this world.

So, how does the collective psyche operate? Easy to explain: Collectivized psychic power blocks events people collectively hate, distrust, or are in extreme reverence about. If someone who has infiltrated our world from ‘beyond’ tries to make contact, the collective psyche could actually destroy that person for so much as insinuating who they really are.

This would appear symptomatically as a psychic barrage, slowly killing that person or rendering them immobilized under stress that feels like a type of extreme peer pressure to remain silent about who they really are.

At The Multiverse Institute telepaths and channels have repeatedly encountered people trying to make contact with us, yet are in a state of fear about it or trying to communicate in subtle ways by only revealing themselves late at night when the local collective psyche is asleep and less hostile.

A hostile collective psyche tends to be agitated constantly by negative agents on Earth posing as the ‘mainstream’ and essentially acting like the villain from Ghostbusters, constantly attacking, deriding, mocking people and events where anything ‘paranormal’ can occur.

The armchair skeptic movement unfortunately gets into societies’ heads. Massive treatises have completely debunked these attitudes as being manipulative, disconnected from truth, and part of social engineering plots.

Extremely harsh reviews by attack websites often deride, mock, shame people who believe in anything other than materialist thought, forcing absurdities like non-existence at the time of death, that we are alone in the universe, or the brain possesses no psychic function but is ‘just meat’.

The good news, however, is this: Mental syncing / clairaudient skills are unaffected by the collective consciousness issues. Mental communications cut straight through this barrier.

FUNDAMENTALS: To understand more about ‘what’ other realities are like outside Earth, we suggest to first read the following communication with a spirit guide (linked) concerning higher reality worlds and ‘who’ it is we are trying to meet.


  • POINT 1: The main thing that blocks a telepathic connection is the psyche. The subconscious parts of the mind are afraid of sharing thoughts. This happens more frequently with people afraid of others learning their secrets.
  • POINT 2: This can be mitigated by daily practice. A tool indispensable to first-time learners can be conductive copper dowsing rods (must be copper) as they can spin in left / right directions while holding them in a forward-facing position after making conscious contact with a ‘spirit guide.’ Conductive metal it was discovered is a ‘hack’ because communicators can alter our body’s energy systems to conduct into the rods, causing the rods to move on their own. As this effect transpires, it allows someone to begin a subtle mental syncing session. A channel can ask the rods to move in particular directions, turning into a system to spell out communications letter-by-letter. [UPDATE: Important point: To perform this correctly, you must ‘lock the rods’ into place with your thumbs pressing down on the top parts, and then ‘release’ the rods to see which direction they spin after providing a small amount of kinetic energy.]
  • POINT 3: The psyche cannot be forced. However, we notice about 30-40% of the population does not have issues syncing. The rest must work out psychologically why they consciously want to do it, but are subconsciously blocking it out of fear.
  • POINT 4: Mental syncing is established by simply sending directives into the psyche via mental inputs. This is extremely simple, yet unusually complex because it’s one of those “Most Obvious Things in the World, How Come No One Thought Of It?”
  • POINT 5: You can submit mental inputs by thinking in the form of strong intent or visual text in your mind (with intent behind it) and trying something like: “Begin communication with an Arcturian spirit guide” (they are always available for this. Arcturians represent a majority of the world’s UFO sightings and crop circles, and are blue friendly beings with oval eyes). You should then wink once, tap your foot, or perform an action to tell your psyche the command is ‘inputted’ very similar to using a computer and pressing the ENTER key. Imagine your mind is like an MS-DOS prompt.
  • POINT 6: You must then look for the following signs: brain channels opening (ears ringing, unusual feelings), a sense of presence, a feeling like your thoughts are connected to someone else’s, foreign imagery in your mind, sensations (mental and physiological), emotional changes, and the main goal: a foreign voice connecting to your own. This voice can be quite distinct from your own thoughts but your first instinct might be to deny it or believe it’s your imagination. So the next step is to transcend out of THAT instinct. Initial communications might be, “Hello, can you hear me?” and you can try to respond like, “Yes, I can hear you, Is this a mental syncing connection?” and continue forward as if it were a telephone conversation.
  • POINT 7: UNDERSTAND LIMITATIONS! The collective consciousness always regulates these communications and there will be blocks. If you are distracted, you won’t hear chunks of the communication. Most importantly, ask yourself how telepaths do not win the lottery? The answer is simple: The grand (interstellar) collective psyche blocks foreign information transfer or else these basic practices would create massive unfair advantages in society. So while your communicators will be able to verify themselves in many ways, it cannot be through asking, “Prove your existence by telling me what number is behind this playing card.” Or, worse yet, “Prove you are real by telling me the name of my neighbor’s dog.” These communications will then get blocked, you’ll likely not hear anything. This is to prevent telepaths from obtaining God-like powers and taking over a society.
  • FINAL POINTS: Mental syncing is also mediumship. It’s just in the direct and natural way. Mediums, in general, are subconscious mental syncers. This extremely easy method will eventually change what mediumship is considered to be, and allows such talents to enter the open so people can easily communicate amongst each other non-verbally as most civilizations beyond our own do. As a final point, there can feel a kind of peer pressure to not reveal this talent openly because of collective psyche peer pressure, where someone will be worried what everyone thinks about stepping outside of the mainstream (see original points of this essay.) To develop this skill appropriately, this must be resisted. You can share in the comments below any SUCCESSFUL experiences mental syncing, and this is an excellent way to overcome this final challenge.

Please see my Patreon to assist with this project or to donate to teaching these skills. For more information, contact Cyrus personally at To get further involved, please see the following link about the Multiverse Institute.


  • Robert McNamara


    I have tried your techniques and I would like to open up my chakras, pineal gland and improve DNA. I’m a rh Blpod type arcturian star seed. Im keen to open the communication as I need help to clear the demons and mantis that follow me everywhere for the last 6years.

    Thank you for your help,

    Kind regards


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