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The Black Terror: A historical analysis of the darkest period in recent Martian memory by John Whitberg

John Whitberg is a guest writer and member of the The Multiverse Institute. He is a military intelligence officer of the German Breakaway civilization that migrated into the omniverse in the 1940s-1950s through the introduction of space-fairing technology by off-world forces. John recounts his deployment in The Higher Density Mars which became a crossroads of incredible powers, including the Earth Alliance, the corrupt early Nacht Waffen, plus the battles against the cabal which created so much suffering against off-world groups. The higher density Martian saga also involved operations involving neighboring worlds like Shih’narah (Shamballah) and major aspects of the Cosmic Shift of Mankind as outlined by Pleiadian forces. John can be reached via Facebook.

(For more information, also see my interviews with Hailey of the Earth Alliance, who also has a Facebook but “prefers to remain off-the-radar a while longer.”)

The article begins below:

No overview of recent galactic history, let alone Martian history, would be complete without an examination of the period since dubbed “The Black Terror,” so named for the uniforms worn by its enforcers. Yet, this period is seemingly always overlooked by galactographers, due to its darkness. But such a rosy and incomplete image can be of no benefit. Let’s examine “The Black Terror.” The events leading to it. Its consequences. Its legacy. And finally, what happens now.

The Black Terror is generally defined as having started on May 28th, 1945, and to have concluded on March 3rd, 1990, with the signing of the Olympus Mons Treaty. The Black Terror itself is the period between those dates, during the planet- wide illegal German occupation, which was marked by constant sectarian violence, civil war, both hot and cold, and planet-wide martial law, resulting in mass rioting and severe food shortages in some provinces.

The background of this period leads, as all SSP [Secret Space Program] roads lead, to WWII. After the German humiliation, the aristocracy decided to relocate off planet for good. While a great many missions had been already undertaken already, the true Interstellar Colonial Era had not begun. The first permanent Lunar colony was established on April 23rd, 1945, in the final hours of the war. In mid May, a large fleet was sent to Mars [editors note: the higher density Mars is often emphasized by my off world contacts to clarify these early missions by the Germans and others. They note how many colonists at that time were unaware of different universal / dimensional layers and believed the solar system was the same one seen through our current telescopes]. On May 28th, 1945, the German fleet reached Mars and annexed the planet in its entirety. They announced their arrival by dropping neutron bombs on the indigenous cities on the surface, and began placing settlers in strategic and favorable locations. So began the civil war.

Initially, the new administration was marked by confusion and severe bureaucratic inefficiency. Despite the new German occupiers considerable technological superiority over the indigenous Martian tribes, they had arrived on unfamiliar ground, and with such hostility that retaliation was inevitable. Military leaders on both sides were assassinated with such frequency that it was often difficult to know who was even in charge at any given time. Settlements were also frequent targets of attack, to the point that most Martian indigenous peoples became nomadic. Prior to the war, the Martian raptors and indigenous humans had built cities on the surface. All were destroyed in the war.

The war also sparked racialized violence. The Martian indigenous humans, Mars Ant Beings, and Martian Raptors, who had previously coexisted with relative peace, all had German propaganda inserted into their communities via V2K and spies. They disseminated racial propaganda, to make the 3 indigenous communities divided. However, this created many problems for the Germans also, as it caused numerous partisan guerrilla groups to sprout, most of them anti-German.

The Black Terror is considered to have reached its peak in the 1970s, when corporations entered the fray, and began supplying all sides with better weapons, and, most alarmingly, surveillance tech. Due to its rickety political situation, corporations had previously had a limited presence on Mars. However, the Germans invited them more, beginning in 1972, in order to end the conflict in their own favor. The corporations instead began selling weapons to all sides, greatly escalating the conflict. However, this also marked the beginning of the end of The Black Terror.

After the corporate involvement, and the following escalation and equalization of forces, the Germans began to see a need to end the civil war. Many ceasefires were called, then immediately broken, throughout the 1980s. The conflict ended at last on March 3rd 1990, with the signing of the Olympus Mons Treaty, at the newly built German diplomatic compound in the area. All 4 official recognized governments of the conflict signed, and the few remaining partisan groups were quickly defeated or capitulated.

The terms of the treaty were perhaps as fair as could be expected. The Germans agreed to cede large parts of Mars to the indigenous groups, in exchange for untouchable territory. This allowed them to build their new capital of Neu Berlin in the lava tube system directly under Olympus Mons. They did this also in exchange for apparent transparency between the 4 powers, as well as all 4 powers being granted galactic amnesty for their war crimes against each other.

The Black Terror has left a tremendous legacy in the history of Mars. All sides took severe losses. As many as 5 million Germans were killed, a fraction of that suffered by other communities. An estimated 30% of the indigenous Martian communities were killed. Among indigenous human Martians, this number rises to as much as 70%. Numerous cities, towns, villages, and religious and historical sites were destroyed. Many of the indigenous dialects also went extinct, as did countless other pieces of intangible heritage.
In conclusion; The Black Terror was a dark and recent chapter of the history of our galaxy. However, it must not be erased due to the darkness of it as a subject, as many galactographers are known to do. Like the Holocaust and Armenian Genocides before it, it must be remembered and taught, and its victims and heroes honored, so that it may never happen again.


Analysis by Editor: Cyrus Kirkpatrick

This article posted by my friend John, active in our forums, I felt was extremely important as he represents one among my contacts from the cosmos who are very apparent and out-in-the-open upon our planet about their lives beyond Earth. These contacts, which also includes Earth Alliance Special Operative Hailey D, allows for real time interviews rather than mental syncing communications. This article is very important in lieu of any global contact events occurring.

So much of this material baffles outsiders that such a massive event took place, peaceful Martian settlers being ruthlessly invaded by the early German breakaway civilizations, and how it was seemingly unknown or not psychically felt by our planet.

A 1960s-1970s era press release photo of German breakaway colonists from the Higher Density Ceres Colony. Photo source: Ring.

The reason is simple: John represents SSP agents who are taken into the same Higher Density Cosmos that all my contacts report on. On the surface, it appears like our universe, but it is a vast, proto-physical reality that also represents a reality known by many on our world to be existences we enter after death.

A common misconception is that a higher dimensional layer to our own universe, a reality we are taken to as a wondrous “heaven”, is somehow peaceful and without issues. Nothing could be further from the truth. Among the great issues to exalted life beyond our super-physical, nature-centric lower density cosmos concerns an extremely hostile, highly dangerous planet called Gaia Earth.

Gaians AKA Terrans are considered some of the most powerful humans in the cosmos. When we switch into the higher density or 5th density, we are entering a cosmos where life is extremely abundant due to the energy rich aetheric atmosphere — with a vast collective psyche structure enabling continuous new lifeforms. On that side, Mars has a thin oxygen atmosphere and attracted many colonial forces that were seeking to peacefully unify with our planet (the lower density Earth), or our neighboring planets like Shamballah (Shih’nara) / Rei’jarisia (Ray’Darna) AKA The Higher Density Earths.

This involves the great purpose behind our worlds, including our colonies from the Mandarin Chinese to the Hindu people — which is the creation of planets of wisdom wielding holy power to help see the end of evil “Service to Self” forces across all reality. This grand, holy mission curated by Archangelic powers (see this article by Multiverse Institute member Emanuel Swedenborg) was extremely infiltrated by Satanic forces hoping to maintain their grip on power. Thus, we end up with the cabal of the Earth and extremely corrupt families and factions like the Rothschilds. A massive battle between good and evil dating to the Sumerian days and long before.

“Such a reality like The Higher Density Mars should have been peaceful and beautiful,” explains KaRee of the Anshar (see pic below).

KaRee who lives within the underground chasms of The Higher Density Earth within the city of Putajara, states, “The early Germans made contact with what they believed was Heaven. They grew enraged that heavenly forces abandoned the Earth, unaware that on your Earth the unholy evil forces had destroyed holy power, the essence of Satanism, with terrifying evil factions like Masons and Alduvatian Sumerians maintaining this horror since your Biblical days. Instead of understanding this dynamic and righteously joining forces with the Light, alongside us, they decided to tear down ‘heaven’ and begin an invasion process: Seeking vengeance based on a premise that angels had forsaken them. This was insanity. Their colony was supposed to be a divergence from the madness of The Third Reich and Hitler as the peaceful Fourth Reich. However, instead, once gaining access to the Higher Density Universe that is so illustrious, they declared war on it.”

“Their first target was Mars. They discovered a red planet seemingly identical as their own Mars, but with a thin oxygen atmosphere and a host of peaceful civilizations not found in The Lower Density Solar System. Most were unaware they were even visiting a higher reality, at all, and simply pressed forward – with the secret of the Higher Density known only among their higher officers and elite.”

“The German invaders also smelled vulnerability and something they deplored – weakness. As Christian Elvish warriors of your higher Earth’s innermost chasms — we can see through this horror and understand that weakness interpreted by the evil agendas of what we call The Outer Realities is really just The Holy Spirit. And where there is Holy Spirit present, the forces of horror that sought to control reality seek to destroy it.”

“Love, Divinity and Magic. These are the three seals. They also relate to an iteration of the Holy Trinity. All aspects are considered a hindrance to the evil forces of The Outer Realities when their specific pathologies involve endless pursuit of excitement, a weird form of selfish based adventure (anti-adventure), individual advancement to the most extreme levels imaginable, sadism (cruelty for enjoyment), and a belief in anti-spiritual teachings of transcendence, power advancement, and concepts like ‘We Are One‘ or ‘We Are All Made of Love, So Let’s Enjoy Life.‘ To understand this atrocity: imagine civilizations that believe life is a giant game, a giant theatrical display, and things that matter to other people don’t really matter. These ideas have been taught by a movement we witnessed early in your colonial days known as Buddhism. This philosophy, taken to its end stages, means nothing less than re-interpreting existence as a fun adventure in absolute opposition to the free will of other people. This becomes a belief among a minority of Buddhists, transcendentalists, plus religious mystics. It always leads to hell.”

“This grand nihilism was often touted a Spiritual faith by the German breakaway colonists as worship of The Black Sun. The only philosophy in their mind that enables ‘true power.'” (See image below.)

The Black Sun: An ancient totem related to worshiping the inverse.

“The Black Sun appeared on your world as a type of Norse rune. What it really means is a celebration of the opposite: The Black Sun of Enlightenment rises as someone realizes that good and evil are two sides of the same coin – what matters to one person will not matter to the next – and all of physical or even mental reality is accidental in nature — and can be reduced via reductionism down to a fundamental concept: We are all One Mind sharing existence for the purpose of gratification and exploration. And therefore, a criminal action is only criminal in the context of polarities – thus, once transcending outside of the framework of believed reality, we can see it’s all an act of creativity, including creating atrocities for the purpose of artistic exploration.”

“This idea became so powerful among the corrupted, dark realms of the Higher Density, that we step foot into the grand battle between the Black Sun forces of the Fallen Nephilim, and the original creator spirits – including myself in ancient past incarnations – as the Original Nephilim wrestling for control of reality from insanity and its gradual switch into narcissism and sociopathy.” (Editor’s note: Also known as the Great War in Heaven.)

“The grand, occult society known as the Nazi party understood these concepts. They also understood runes and symbols of power date to the foundations of existence, harboring vast invisible power that can enable grand, universe-altering creation-ability. The Black Sun was not chosen among the seals conceived by Heinrich Himmler (see below) as it was too conspicuous. Instead, they chose a lopsided version of the mystical Hindu Swastika which appears in many cultures; yet now missing its holy points of power. This would become The Black Sun of the National Socialists.”

“To make matters worse, The Black Sun cult extended into the Higher Density Omniverse among several galactic assemblies – otherwise known as universes – with populations so ancient we are dealing in numbers of years akin to 10 to the 400th power or even greater, marking points in time near the beginning of civilization after the dreamworld, mental realities ended. Also known as cosmic creation itself.”

“This cult would commit atrocities akin to the Nazi party yet maintained a power structure within existence that enabled societies with humans that are the most ancient of all, the foundational Elohim civilization. This would actually become the Nazi German obsession with discovering their progenitor Master Race (and it did not involve The Ashtar or Nordics as some believe) — to find the spiritual DNA of the original Elohim upon the world of Terra Earth; a planet reconstructed yet once in existence at the very beginning of time. In their minds, this was the path of ultimate, supreme power and domination. They even sought to destroy the Fallen Elohim rulers, which once included the Fallen Archangel Metatron and the Fallen Archangel Axeloxia, and build a Germanic civilization on top of their destroyed universes and see ultimate, absolute power.”

“This plan, obviously, did not work.”

“I shall leave by saying this: Indeed, the slaughter of the higher density Mars relates to the Fallen Angel Worshipers known as The Nazi Party. This evil spirit continued into the Fourth Reich, which should have been liberated from such thoughts – but instead brought their terror into the cosmos. They began a massive breeding program to see new generations of youth cadets to the tune of millions populating rapidly colonized worlds. This war would then see millions of dead, cosmic, higher density German youth as part of the great tragedies, in a continuous (and ultimately failed) attempt to conquer Mars and maintain control of the Martian power system – critical in their minds to governing the greater cosmos. Meanwhile, our forces were absolutely shocked that the Germans manifested a civilization that would ordinarily take perhaps millions of years – demonstrating insane cunning and power few had ever witnessed.”

“This war distracted the Germanic Empire and cost them so dearly, it blocked their advancement elsewhere. Arrogance and pride took over as they endlessly attempted to win their campaign, with all the hubris of trying to invade Russia in winter. Notice a trend?”

“By the 2000s, however, the German breakaway civilization had alterations in leadership, with focus turned towards battling the Satanic cabal of Earth, which was also making terrifying inroads into the Higher Density Universe. They joined with us – the Anshar – along with other major forces to combat the corrupted powers of Shai’nara – at that time the Angelic Order which would later find redemption as well – and the Draconians – a civilization of great terror that would infiltrate many of your world’s channeling communities with sugary versions of the Black Sun Cult teachings.”

“And so it is, this great terror is revealed publicly to your world, for the first time. Let us never be naive and believe the beautiful greater universe that exists just beyond your Earth, your stars, is somehow automatic paradise and utopia that requires no vigilance. That is the belief of those who demand paradise, bliss, utopia yet fail to see the grand accountability, grand responsibility that arrives with any civilization – whether in the physical or proto-physical realities. Blessings. I am KaRee of the Anshar.”

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a direct communicator, contactee, karmic arbitrator and supernatural journalist. To join the Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics Facebook community to stay up-to-date, click here.

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