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Dissecting False Telepathic Messages: Extremely Important

This is Cyrus, I am an evidential medium and telepath working with the Earth Alliance and other off world forces after assuming a powerful telepathic clairaudient skill in early 2021. This was the result of a culmination of practice and determination, plus a strong past-life embedded mission to fight evil on the world of Gaia / Earth.

We are going to look at a communication by “Cobra” that was shocking to me. These are concepts that would fail any high school civics or philosophy class. As a direct communicator, I was immediately told this article by “Cobra” is entirely false teachings with the capability of upending actual rescue and advancement of planet Earth, a backwater world whose social order is deemed the lowest category in the cosmos: Abandoned.

(As a preamble, the author of this text does not literally associate COBRA or The 2012 Portal, a mediumship channeling operation, with the likes of Reptilian overlords; however, their philosophy can be construed as criminal by simple virtue of observation, analysis, deductive reasoning, demonstrating ideas akin to reading the philosophical outlook of a tyranny. By placing this information into the public domain, Cobra and ‘2012 Portal’ are opening themselves up to severe scrutiny.)

We will reference a communication with Hailey from the Earth Alliance (Note: These communicators are not clairaudient anymore but involve cochlear telepathy through an embedded implant. Hailey even has a Facebook page that I have access to. You can see her photos in this article. So we can communicate in what sounds like a faint audio telephone call complete with scratchy white noise once activated.)

Right now, we are at an interesting crossroads: We are near a point where the collective consciousness, mass belief systems, mass awareness, could allow a major contact event with terrestrial (underground groups directly connected to the cosmos) militarized outfits and forces ready to disband evil institutions. However, we are also faced with extreme amounts of misinformation, including fake versions of Alliance or Intergalactic Federation communications.

In real life, these federation forces exist within the spectrum of the omniverse – universes far beyond even our own one trillion galaxies. This is the massive scope we are dealing with in regard to attempting a rescue of Gaia / Earth and the extreme evil embedded on our very important planet.

However, I am told our closest terrestrial representatives – the Earth Alliance – are “constantly befuddled” by false claims of their own communications or reports, often tainted by unrelated conspiracies, agendas, or strange interpretations or religious reasoning.

“Between this message by ‘Cobra’ and these strange eastern religious concepts that evil behaviors exist as habits and not pathologies, we are unsure who to be more frightened about,” explains Hailey on August 28th, 2023 from her offices in an underground military facility.

“Nobody beyond Earth thinks favorably about these ideas. We cannot escape ourselves, consequence, or karma. Further, the philosophies of off-world tyrants and maniacs, including the now mostly disposed Zeta Reticuli ‘Grey’ entities, come shining through communications where telepaths, unlike Cyrus and others, do not vet their sources, and live in states of unholy matrimony with whatever communicator ooh’s and aah’s them by the most outstanding concept of off-world existence.”

“Absolute nonsense. I have met with many extraterrestrials before. They’re like you and me. So let’s immediately find any off world entity and just celebrate and venerate him / her with lavish praise and theological worship, shall we? Absurd.”

Hailey, after finishing her rant, continues to pick apart a message by ‘Cobra’ claiming authorship by ‘The Galactic Federation’ which Hailey explains, “Could represent numerous different groups to the untrained eye, but for hypothetical purposes, given all the philosophical elements match completely, we will continue under a presumption that Cobra is delivering messages specifically for the Orion Group, which is a now disposed off-world society that we will explain in further detail as this essay continues.”

The following message was posted by the ‘Cobra’ blog at 2012 Portal. Click here to read the original essay in its entirety.


Hailey: “Actual cosmic neighborhoods are not galactic but intercosmic and pan-galactic. Your Milky Way is one small aspect of civilizations in the millions across many worlds. So there is no Galactic Codex. There are, however, major forces that are unified especially during The Cosmic Shift. Not just in the Milky Way Galaxy within our Vitalized Universe – a sparsely populated yet very significant cosmic region where 99.99% of our one trillion galaxies are unpopulated by civilization or even life. Yet maintains at least 17,000+ vital and lovely civilizations with varying levels of involvement. Okay, next.”

Planet Earth is the last planet in this universe under the occupation of the Dark Forces, the last relic of the galactic wars that shattered the entire galaxy for millions of years.

Hailey: “This feels very pertinent right now, but what strikes me as false is how this message came out in early 2012. In 2012, the major ‘downtown sectors’ of the vast omniverse were under extreme occupation by dark forces, including the Draconians (see image below), the Muramar, the Earth Cabal originating from your own planet, and so forth. The greater omniverse required years of widescale war bolstered by holy power that devastates wicked civilizations. This leads to a new age, a new dawn, the age of Aquarius or however people wish to interpret it. In 2012 we were at a height of battle. As of 2023, August, planet Gaia Earth is literally one of the last major strongholds of evil. As we will discover in this essay, hilariously this message relates to the Draconian perspective and their opinion of the Galactic Wars against them and their allies which by THEIR definition would be the forces of darkness battling the forces of light! Okay, readers, this is going to get GOOD…”

The Orion Draconians that I am told had “extreme and terrifying” intergalactic command back in 2012 up until 2021 / 2022. This essay by ‘Cobra’ [somehow totally coincidentally] spells out their philosophy, with their beliefs they are the holy spiritual Ascended Masters.

As the Galaxy was being freed from the clutches of the Dark Forces, the Forces of Light evolved from a military force created in the urgent need to defend the basic freedoms of sentient beings toward a harmonious galactic and cosmic society.

Cyrus: “Well Hailey, this sounds a bit like your organization, doesn’t it? The Earth Alliance.”

Hailey: “Hi Cyrus. This sounds so pertinent, doesn’t it? We are a military force evolved from an urgent need to defend the basic freedoms of sentient beings. Next, the Earths, as we are known, are harmonizing right now into a wondrous new galactic, cosmic society. I LOVE IT! Too bad it’s impossible to literally see into the future, and this message was written 13 years ago. We all love faith based predictions, but the problem is the underlining tone of this communication starts to become manipulation. This should be evident even among people who do not know the truth of what COBRA actually is.” [Cyrus’s note: Or what COBRA is believed by the writer Hailey to be.]

As the Galactic Confederation beings evolved spiritually and made their alignment and union with the Ascended Masters, they have discovered an inner code that regulates all inter-relationships between the beings of Light and their relationship with the Dark Forces and the occupied planets. This code is called the Galactic Code and represents the legal basis for all Confederation’s actions in this and other galaxies.

Cyrus: “Seems like news to me.”

Hailey: “What is a Galactic Code that represents such a legal basis? Ah, right. There is the Intergalactic Standard of Human Rights which has a lot in common with our Geneva Convention. So, how would this be discovered? People suddenly discovered empathy for the first time? This is very confusing. It’s like Internet click-bait: ‘Cosmic forces discovered this one neat trick that allows civilizations to prosper and not devour themselves. Click to find to out more!'”

Cyrus: “And let’s not forget: the Dark Forces are actually you and me, and they are the forces of Light battling us. Very funny.”

We will now present the Galactic Code in a way that is understandable to an average awake being in human society.

Cyrus: “This doesn’t sound condescending, at all.”

Hailey: “Okay, let me explain this in a way the average ne’er-do-well will comprehend. We’ll just go over it very slowly assuming the audience has close to zero intellectual capability. Of course, this is what malevolent forces want to do is assume everyone is stupid therefore planting the idea into their minds of being stupid as a way to control them. This is also known as predictive programming-based mind control. Oh, joy. This is getting great via COBRA, a communication effort we’ve long considered hostile and in league with enemy forces.”

Section I: The Law of Divine Grace

Hailey: “Sounds so lovely. I can’t wait until your Facebook friend Sitara Luz immediately posts this to all her adoring friends who just agree with this message immediately without pausing to consider what they are reading with even a high school English-class level of critical reasoning. They said ‘Divine’ so let’s just ADORE IT!”

Every sentient being has the inalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience

Hailey: “Hmm. This is funny, isn’t it? Does every sentient being have this right? What about criminal Draconians or the Zeta ‘Greys’ that I’ll have Cyrus include a photo of below? They are sentient, so do they have automatic rights? No they don’t. Life is not about positivity versus negativity. Life is about virtue and holy law, crime and punishment, life, abundance and love. Much like our planet Earth when it is doing things correctly. A pathological criminal has no right to ‘positive experiences’.”

All sentient beings have a right to positive experiences, according to… The Sacred Galactic Codex, written by entities that appear to be struggling with such issues (Strieber’s best friends, the Zeta Greys, included.)

Cyrus: “My favorite part is that this was just recently discovered for the very first time after someone discovered the Galactic Codex, presumably inside a pyramid on some distant planet, and I bet it was an entire saga.”

Hailey: “Yes, most likely David Wilcock was involved, and they procured the tablets after a long adventure, with our heroes wearing Indiana Jones-style hats, hauling out the sacred epitaphs so all can now come into realization about philosophy that is cringe-worthy to a high school freshman English teacher.”

To explain Section I, we need to understand that suffering and pain have no value in the enlightened galactic society,

Hailey: “Hmm, this is enigmatic and influential to non-critically evaluative souls. The suffering and pain caused by The Orion Wars and The Age of Darkness and The Cabal and The Cult of the Black Sun have no jurisdiction. That pain should not exist. It must be eliminated from existence. However, the pain itself can never be spoken about in a way that it has no value because to the people traumatized, the value is constant. It’s like go watch Schindler’s List again and try to argue the great pain caused to the Jewish citizens has no value as we go forward into the future. Huh?”

…freed from the influence of the Dark Forces and other aspects of cosmic anomaly.

Hailey: “We also call the supreme levels of evil the Cosmic Anomaly. This is the danger of mixing truth with fiction as it gets into people’s minds. Ironically, though, this is what we call the Orion Group.”

Valuing pain, suffering and sacrifice as part of the growth experience was part of the Dark Forces programming, in order to more easily enslave the populations of the occupied planets.

Cyrus: “And here is what I’ve been saying for years.”

Hailey: “EXACTLY! All this is TRUE! This is the False Light Teachings, the Black Sun and the Black Prophets, and even aspects of the Satanic Cabal of the Earth which we fight. It’s this absurd idea of instilling tragedy, trauma and pain and convincing a gullible population it’s part of the growth process or part of spiritual enlightenment. NONSENSE! So suddenly, COBRA And the Alliance are besties, Cyrus!”

“But the problem is that this part of the communication is wedged within extremely sketchy ideas already proposed. How hard would it be for a Draconian scholar to find accurate information, copy and paste it and splice it into their own philosophies as a way to create a poison pill sandwiched between tasty bacon? THINK CRITICALLY, PEOPLE!”

The unconditional positive life experience of each sentient being in the liberated universe is guaranteed from each living being’s inner connection with Source and strengthened by the power of the Ascended Masters over matter, allowing them to assist all living beings in their aspirations on heading to the Fountain and supplying them with the necessities of life.

Hailey: “Boy, this passage has people in our office scratching our heads right now. It’s kind of true, kind of weird. A little of both as it entices more people into Draconian philosophy.”

“Nothing in life is guaranteed, except our connection to Divinity creates a guarantee in our life and that is sometimes called by elders The Sacred Promise. And so, The Sacred Promise as taught is not a new discovery, it just is. However, no elder would equate The Sacred Promise with a life that is guaranteed as the attitude of creating guarantee actually creates entitlement. Common infiltrators: The Zetas and Draconians, have extremely entitled attitudes about life, demanding that life perpetually serves their needs and ambitions with continuous positive experiences which they worship as the simplistic pinnacle of life: To achieve positive experiences constantly yet without context and spirituality. It’s like we are peering into the mind of a Draconian entity who we’d evaluate as the [rhetorical / not literal] actual author of this message from 2012.”

“Life was never meant to be hard work and struggle, but rather a journey of joy and creativity. Different subsections of Section I regulate all life in a liberated universe and all relations between beings of Light, so that conflicts never need to occur. Let’s explain the subsections:”

Cyrus: “Ah, right, here we are with the beings of Light that regulate everything.”

Hailey: “Precisely. Here we go, again, Cyrus. Notice the entitlement: Hard work by whose standards? On a divine standpoint, hard work and even struggle really are the elements of growth and wonder as new societies, new realities come forth. Those who worship the immaterium, the spirit world, hate both concepts. They want to exist in perpetual indulgent, narcissistic positive experiences, continuously occurring, cradled by positive feelings versus negative feelings. Again, the mind of the Draconian Mafia.” [But certainly not the mind of lovely Cobra nor ‘the Portal’ blog which is as innocent as a doe in the woods. Any insinuation is coincidental.]

“So, now these beings of Light are regulating everybody according to this codex. Hmm. And an end result? NO CONFLICTS! What does that mean? Sounds like Brave New World to me, because that’s exactly what’s being proposed and the commentators on this blog are eating it up! So, what’s wrong with this idea? Conflict is everywhere. Conflict is OK. Conflict is not negativity. A conflict occurs in any work of fiction between a protagonist and an antagonist. A conflict can occur in any workplace, anywhere, when different minds are coming to different conclusions. Only a fickle, non spiritually developed entity would hate conflict in any form, and be so badly affected by just basic disagreement that they instead demand to control everyone, and everything to perpetually avoid conflict. Again, the mind of a narcissistic entity that demands absolute control within the authoritative spectrum of a … Being of Light!”

The Beings of Light have come to regulate everything… Except, no one knows who the hell they even are!

Section I/1: Every sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to physical and spiritual abundance.

Hailey: “LOL! This is so obnoxious, Cyrus. No, every sentient being does not have these rights. Physical abundance? Let me guess, this is the same as spiritual abundance. Let’s just live in debauchery and excess as I demand it as a sentient being, LOL… No, the very attitude itself means someone does not deserve any physical abundance. Instead, such a weird Draconian writing such drivel should be put to work in a mine for Goddess Cassiopeia, for example. Go help society and break rocks, you stupid wretch.”

Cyrus: “Boy are we judgmental and mean-spirited.”

Hailey: “And negative. We are the negative forces, Cyrus. Someone should try to exorcise us away and make us go into the Light and get rid of our annoying reasoning capabilities. Let’s not forget, we are the Forces of Darkness that COBRA is trying to liberate society from!”

This subsection guarantees a positive life experience for all beings in the liberated universe. The Ascended Masters provide all the necessities of life and wealth and physical and spiritual beauty, using the power they possess over redeemed matter of the freed universe.

Hailey: “Because everything must be guaranteed and we cannot overcome struggle with holy battle, instead life is now GUARANTEED as a constant POSITIVE experience ALWAYS! And guess who provides ALL OF IT? The Ascended Masters, AKA the Orion Draconians, who are now the givers of abundance to the sloven population of lower dimensional humans. And people actually believe this and do not stop to think, ‘Why are we giving power to Ascended Masters? Who are they? Why do THEY regulate everything and try to create a controlled society free of variables that interrupt positive experience and some type of endless physical abundance? Draconian philosophy.”

Section I/2: Every sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to Ascension

Hailey: “What is Ascension? Is it migrating into the higher density universe? That’s not a right, either. Souls on our planet die and are manifested into the higher universes, as the general progression. Many do not make it. Why? They are drowning in weird behaviors. They can go into spirit plane soul collectives for all we care. So we really don’t like the idea of every sentient being without specifying what sentient beings. The Draconians see things this way because they try to paint a picture of reality where every person is already a beautiful, wondrous soul. We just have to unlock that beauty and wonder. Reality is already utopian, we just have to remember it. Therefore, a cruel action is OK because it was just a bad habit, not a characteristic of the soul itself. Conveniently, Draconians [not the Cobra communicator, but in general] fucking eat people for their power. Talk about wealth and abundance manifestation, Cyrus.”

[Editor’s note: I do not claim communicator ‘Cobra’ eats people. This is conjecture by my interview guest, Hailey. Take from it what you will. However, the main point is Draconian beings, as postulated, abide by this philosophy and also like to eat people. In other words, a very funny coincidence.]

This subsection explains how the Ascended Masters use their advanced understanding of the spiritual technology of Ascension, and, by using the Electric Fire of redemption, help all beings who voluntarily choose Ascension.

Hailey: “Uhh…”

Section I/3: Each sentient being has the inalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings proportion to their position in the Soul Family Mandala.

Hailey: “Let’s all merge into the Zeta or Draconian hivemind, where we will be free from the pain of individual choices and responsibility, and we can exist in perpetual spiritual and physical abundance, with only positive experiences on a never-ending repeat-cycle.”

Cyrus: “Everyone knows how much I love the idea of converging into one entity as a way to be free from philosophical difficulty in life.”

This subsection is an instrument of regulation of all relationships within a Soul Family. Ensure the merging of opposite polarity beings (soul twins, soul twins) and the alignment of all other beings, regardless of their developmental state and external conditions.

Hailey: “What do you think they mean by the alignment of all other beings regardless of their developmental state? Notice they weaseled this in with external conditions? Now the Light Beings, otherwise known as the Orion Draconians, are demanding twin souls (lovers?) merge into singular beings, no matter who or what they actually are. Don’t like your husband very much? TOO BAD, YOU TWO ARE NOW BEING FORCED INTO BECOMING ONE ENTITY!”

Section I/4: Every sentient being has the inalienable and unconditional right to all information

Hailey: “Why? What if some information is off limits because information is sometimes secret for a good reason? What if secret information could hurt an innocent society struggling to advance? Oh wait, the Zetas and the Orion Draconians worship knowledge and think they are benevolent to create vast knowledge-based ascension. What’s not written is what the Draconians [not necessarily Cobra communicators, but in general] are actually hiding: Their true agendas. By creating an outward philosophy of total truth and knowledge, no one will suspect they are concealing massive amounts of information for their own, let’s say, safekeeping.”

This subsection is a guarantee that every being receives all the information they need to understand their role in the universe, greater perspective on evolution, and all other information they need for their decisions, growth, and well-being. All these data are provided by Ascended Masters or other beings who oversee the evolution of various races and civilizations.

Cyrus: “Who are the Ascended Masters, again?”

Hailey: “Beings who are big fans of everything we have outlined so far, including complete subjugation of a population into states of perpetual positive experience regardless of who they are.”

Section I/5: Every sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom

Hailey: “Let me illustrate this part of the message below. Remember, if we STATE it’s about freedom, then it IS about freedom. If a council of freedom exists, it says so RIGHT IN THE NAME, PEOPLE! We’ll implement it as we slowly destroy your critical thinking abilities.”

This subsection provides that every being has unlimited potential for growth and life experience. Once all beings in the liberated universe create only positivity, their freedom never opposes the freedom of other beings.

Hailey: “The Draconian Mafia exhibits this narcissistic control tendency to demand only positive experiences. What happens if someone thinks in a negative way? Hard to do that if everyone is either collectivized, drugged, or mind controlled. Finally, abundance and freedom at last, LOL!”

Section II: The Law of Division of Conflicting Parties

Every sentient being has the inalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings.

Hailey: “Boy is this bad. Now let’s divide the society up into parts based on our interpretations of positivity vs. negativity, instead of divinity, holy law, justice, righteousness, and let’s begin segregating people away from each other. What will happen to the segregated people? Probably they’ll be added into the physical pleasure spectrum after being [metaphorically?] eaten. And what is negativity? Not agreeing with the ‘Ascended Masters.’ Cyrus, right now people are reading this and probably aligning to the Draconian message and not ours. That’s why our planet is classified under Abandoned status.”

This section regulates the conditions in those parts of the universe that were recently freed from the influence of the Dark Forces, but have not yet been accepted into Confederation. It requires that the Forces of Light always divide the conflicting parties to protect them from doing mutual harm. So the Forces of Light mediate the conflict until it is resolved. This section is often used to end wars and other armed conflicts.

Hailey: “Let’s be very clear here since this was written in 2012: THE DARK FORCES ARE THE ALLIANCE! US! This was when we were having LOSSES against the Draconians and other evil groups. THIS WHOLE ARTICLE APPEARS WRITTEN FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE ORION DRACONIANS ‘WINNING’ THEIR BATTLE AGAINST THE ‘NEGATIVE’ BEINGS, THE ALLIANCE AND THE ARCHANGELIC ORDER! I’m not joking. Isn’t it fascinating, though?”

Section III: Law of Balance

Hailey: “This is so painful, how much more do we have to read? I just take solace in knowing our Solar Warden forces were recently obliterating their ships.”

Every sentient being who has chosen to live and act against the principles of the Galactic Code and either refuses, or is unable to accept them now and balance the consequences of past actions, will be taken to the Central Sun, restructured in the basic elemental. essence and start a new cycle of evolution again

Hailey: “The Galactic Central Sun is the power structure of a galaxy. The Draconians worship power. Let’s say hypothetically Cobra is a Draconian mouthpiece: In this example, what they are saying is if you don’t abide by the government that worships positive experience sans context, sans righteous endeavor, they will destroy you, steal your energy, and force you back into a reincarnation cycle as their slaves. These are the Draconians. This is their version of ‘karma’. Assuming Cobra are just normal, nice happy channelers on the Internet — how is what they are writing any different from how we are casting light upon it in the context of Draconian philosophy? It would be like reading Marxist philosophy and claiming it’s not Marxists writing it.”

This section regulates the relationship between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. When defeated, beings in the Dark Forces have the opportunity to accept the Galactic Code, do the best they can to correct their mistakes, and then live positively. If they accept, they will be forgiven and join the Confederation. In case you can’t or don’t want to accept it, you are taken to the Central Sun, your personalities and soul essences are restructured with the Electric Fire and your divine spark initiates a new cycle of evolution.

“The Draconians once again hold context free concepts of positive thinking as their religious framework completely without a shred of divinity. And so, if the Orion Group had won their war, we’d be seeing a reality built on enslavement and control, where everyone is forced to maintain a perpetual state of positive thinking including by forcefully merging people together who are twin souls and calling it their rights to do so; as part of a giant, nightmarish plan that people on the Internet of our planet are too maddeningly stupid to understand.”

Section IV: The Law of Intervention

The Galactic Confederation has the inalienable and unconditional right to intervene in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of local laws.

“The Selfish Alliance of the Draconians, battling the forces of negativity and darkness by their standards thus decree they have the ability to manifest their power and dominance over all Earth worlds. Perfect.”

This section describes the policy of Light Forces with regard to occupied planets. The Confederation reserves the right to intervene in all area, civilizations, planet or solar systems where the Galactic Codex is violated.

Cyrus: “The Galactic Codex literally states that it’s people’s right to be merged into one unit in a state of perpetual positivity. You’d better agree or the Galactic Federation is going to have a word with you.”

Hailey: “Sounds like a plan!”

You have the right to do so regardless of the position of local civilizations on this intervention. Always have the right to use all peaceful means of education and regulation. If the critical mass of the principles of the Galactic Codex are violated, you have the right to use military force.

Hailey: “That military operation did not work out so well for them, I fear. Because we fucking destroyed millions of them with the rest of the actual Alliance. Nice try, Lord Emperor Master Gorgalak. Sounds like bad science fiction, doesn’t it? Yet that was their Emperor.”

Special cases are planets under direct occupation by the Dark Forces. The Dark Forces usually hold the local population hostage to hinder the progress of the Light Forces. On Earth, they have threatened a nuclear war if the Light Forces intervened. We will not intervene because we respect free will, we will just observe while the suffering continues. As in any hostage situation, this requires a lot of skillful negotiation and a tactical approach. This situation is now being resolved and planet Earth will be freed soon.

Hailey: “We will not intervene because we respect free will? We will just observe while the suffering continues? The original text has an added piece of a phrase: ‘an absurd…’ and the rest is cut off. Check the blog to look. We think an off world force added the parts about ‘observing while suffering continues‘ followed by something like ‘an absurd notion by us’ as part of an infiltration against COBRA. What is being called out, Cyrus and readers, is the concept of just observing great evils because evil is ergo a part of free will. And so the hats come off, ladies and gentlemen, about the nature of Supreme Master Ruler Gorgalak’s teachings, which is the actual essence of this masterpiece.” [We are not saying it is such an entity writing as ‘Cobra’ yet the philosophy matches entirely a perspective outlined so far, which is self evident.]

Section IV/1: Every sentient being has the inalienable and unconditional right to turn to the Galactic Confederation in need and the Galactic ConfEDeration has the right to help, regardless of local laws

Hailey: “Whatever. We’ll just blow them up with superior technology and holy energy systems.”

This subsidy provides a legal basis for intervention and assistance to all Dark Forces hostages. The Forces of Light always do their best to help and improve the living conditions of all sentient beings, even on Earth. The situation on planet Earth merely indicates how much power darkness had over Light on this planet. Thankfully that is changing now.

Hailey: “To the enemy, light is dark, dark is light. We should be so grateful they will help to improve the living conditions even on Earth. Wow, they are so benevolent. Better living conditions. Let’s see what bread crumbs the Dracos and / or Zeta Grey have to offer us.”

Section IV/2: The Galactic Confederation has the inalienable and unconditional right to implement the Galactic Code and to conquer the Galactic Code violation areas with military force, if necessary.

Hailey: “This is what the Draconians would battle for as we engaged them in your higher density Martian landscape and many other settings. They would fight for a concept of utopia. What would give them the conviction to fight? Utopia. Constant enjoyment and positivity. This is their religion sans God.”

This subsection provides a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force. Confederation military forces remove or assist in the removal of Dark Forces representatives and releasing hostages. Then, other Confederation forces lead the process of accepting the planet into the Confederation, instructing the local population.

Hailey: “Good luck with that one, Gorgalak.”

“Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and humanity has the right to solve its problems on its own. “

Hailey: “Correct, Draconians. Humanity cannot solve its own problems. And the true confederation and Alliance will intervene, but we cannot intervene if the collectivized mass of Earth rejects the existence of off-world forces and aligns on a collective consciousness basis to Cobra’s teachings, weird information on the Internet, the likes of David Wilcock continuously reinforcing concepts of ascension that bears no fruit and relates to Draconian concepts of knowledge and power and mental ascension, and so forth.”

“This is your situation. We can only work covertly, discretely, until First Contact is made which will likely appear as Solar Warden or IDARF One / IDARF Two (rescued from cabalist enterprise) appearing in your cities, perhaps kicking down the doors of CNN and installing non regulated, non entity controlled media. It will happen quickly, and suddenly, and we implore when the day comes to please resist rioting, looting, or causing mayhem. Please just help see a new higher density civilization begin a slow construction process.”

This just isn’t the truth. Numerous wars around the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity cannot handle its own situation.

“We agree, Lord Master Gorgalak the Humanitarian. Hmm, would they really believe this? Sometimes, yes, because the Draconians who believe concepts like what Cobra is proposing and engage in Satanic ritual abuse and torture of civilians and children then have to begin a rationalization process about their existences, and want to appear in Peace and Love while assuming command of the Gaia / Terra power structure, their primary goal. This is actually textbook psychology, and it’s why tyrants on our planet suddenly appear as great loving humanitarians. Kim Il-Sung the great friend of families and children. Even if Grandmaster Gorgalak is a bad Doctor Who villain, psychology is reflective across creation and we could imagine Gorgalak and Kim Il-Sung in a field of poppies together.”

So it’s much better that you get wise guardians to guide you. The Confederation will assist in replacing the current puppet masters (Dark Forces) that humanity has long invited to the Atlantic. So the Galactic Code will finally become the universal code of ethics in the entire universe and darkness will no longer exist.

Hailey: “Ah, utopianism. The problem is that the puppet masters according to the now destroyed Lord Master Gorgalak in 2012 is actually us and Alliances of Aldebarans, Lyrans, Ashtar, Pegasians, Anshar, Baveeians, and many more trying to rip the cords of power away from the Orion Alliance.”

“You see, in your higher density cosmos, the Orion Constellation still exists, as the entire cosmos is a replicated version of your universe. It feels like a parallel reality, except it’s not. This is where we go into and where our space programs are headquartered.”

“So, the star Alnitak (higher density) hosted a variety of powerful planets with command assumed by Draconians and other forces. They represented a new Galactic Federation in resistance against the primary Galactic Federation controlled by planet Pisces Prime and ruled by the Mardu people.”

“They embedded themselves around this star about 2,500 years ago beginning The Orion Wars by moving a few planets around. Their message was peace, prosperity, and reevaluating the nature of sin as behavior-based and not intrinsic soul-based, which was coincidentally very much in accordance to their actions of ritual blood drinking and sacrifice of their innocent. Now let’s imagine this is just misinformation and Cobra’s communicators are not Draconians but great peaceful rulers and our analysis is completely wrong and unfair: This message still reinforces all of these terrifying concepts. Why? Because it means no matter how egregious your actions, the tyrant king can overshadow reality with everything from murder to occult ritual and extreme selfish pleasure fulfillment, and they are never truly guilty because all negative behaviors are habitual, surface-level, and have nothing to do with the inner psyche which is beautiful and part of one’s higher self. This can be demonstrably proven as false. So why bear witness to it? It would mean no matter what, the COBRA channel is just parroting ideas of dictators, and we reserve the right to this opinion.”

“The Orion Group kept all these actions [Satanic abuse, etc] under a thin layer of psychological misdirection, instead promising the cosmos to their disciples – including visions of a utopia for all reality free of negativity, and calling themselves Beings of Light.”

Eyes on the prize: The Orion Federation were targeting the Earths. Your world was (and still is) nestled into another universe, so it was less directly affected, yet maintained an occasional presence. So the Higher Density Earths became their target as they desired to control these most ancient, most powerful worlds and wrestle control from the Annunaki (the tall-headed Rinotomo) to gain access to a power structure that truly belonged to the Archangelic Order.”

“So the Orion Group begins publishing books on the higher density Earths: promising love, wealth, and abundance, plus concepts of Ascendancy whereupon Ascendance is akin to transcendentalism. And this concept harkens to Buddhism in a way because it actually concerns no longer being held back by feelings as intrinsic as love itself. Nevertheless, the Orion Group spread their propaganda among the Lyrans, the Genesari and the less-intellectual Annunaki factions, plus many other groups in our universe. And people bought it! Why? It solves problems, it relates to utopia, pragmatism, and love and benevolence for all! Just reimagine freedom in terms of forced collectivization and elimination of thoughts or deeds that promote negative feelings!

“So, all this is very appealing, isn’t it? Some of the allies of the Orion Group included spiritual scholars on your Earth plus our higher Earths from our universe. Please see the image below for a perfect example of where things lead into:”

“SO INSPIRING,” says Hailey (and Cyrus).

“That above quote by Ramana Maharshi is SO INSPIRING! Well, guess what? Ramana Maharshi himself was in league with the Orion Group! He died, entered a Hindu cultist reality of astral ‘dreamworlds’ and found himself somehow among our higher density Earths. He learned of the beautiful lessons by our extraterrestrial friends around the star Alnitak. Not all of them were Draconians, either. Some were very humanoid looking — people with whitish skin, almond eyes, human bodies, long hair, silvery clothes, and wearing magical pendants including The Black Sun which often exists in contrast to the Christian cross. However, few paid much attention to those details. Their message was always spiritual, happy, and fake jovial with humor akin to reading from a script. As bad as the last couple seasons of Seinfield when they fired Jerry as a writer and the mafia took over production (This is a true story.) As above, so below, let this always be a warning. We are the actual Earth Alliance, and we completely condemn these ideas which are heresy and criminal on an intergalactic level.”

Cyrus: “And just to reiterate, since sometimes readers on Earth have the attention span of gnats and the intelligence of cinder blocks, we are condemning Ramana’s message. It equates true pathology of someone’s blackened spirit as habits rather than the true existence of evil. This extremely infectious idea lets people off the hook. It would fail any basic standard of criminal psychology and would be utterly condemned by any justice system. It creates a morally relative, subjectivity-based society, sometimes affectionately known as post modernism where actions have no consequences anymore. That’s literally what corrupt Hindu gurus and eastern mystics teach, and they align almost instantly into the power structure of the Orion Group, which is now destroyed.”

Hailey: “Imagine an afterlife like that, where you can be in the spirit realities designed by our Orion Group friends where they can imagine their utopia. What horrors lurk underneath such a reality?”

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a journalist, telepath, contactee and author. You can get involved directly with us by joining Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics on Facebook.

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