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Were the Animatronic ‘Aliens’ in ‘Fire in the Sky’ Actual Extraterrestrials? Telepathic Communication with a Zeta Reticuli Grey E.T.

The terrifying scenes in the 1993 Robert Lieberman film ‘Fire in the Sky’ remain embedded in our collective psyche: the unforgettable images of entities that resonate as something too real for comfort.

Around 2019 I first began communications with Arcturian extraterrestrials. This began a long, unbelievable saga that became extremely apparent in 2021 as my telepathic syncing powers expanded after some months of training.

I eventually learned of the ‘Great Saga in the Cosmos’ — that we live in a partitioned universe, and that all extraterrestrial contact comes from a parallel universe that is known as the ‘higher density’ or ‘5D’ (For more, see Telepathic Conversation With Pleiadian (Nordic) Queen Daniela on Reddit). This universe is actually supremely amazing compared to our own realities, with countless civilizations and an enormous magical power. It is controlled by awesome forces of manifestation that allow people from our world to be brought into that reality at the time of death.

I would later learn this great saga relates to our own planet as a ‘Planet of Power’ where people born unto it possess enormous psychic power. A collective consciousness system of a ‘Planet of Power’ can be weaponized if a species dominates that planet’s culture and its minds. Then the dominating species can simply direct the conscious attention of an entire planet to a set of enemies, thereby destroying them.

I am also told many species from the ‘higher density universe’ arrive to try and hybridize themselves into the ‘energy of Sacred Gaia’ which really means: genetic programs to assimilate our species into theirs. When this occurs, it highly strengthens a civilization.

In regard to the Zeta Reticuli or “Greys”, they are also trying to salvage their civilization after an attack by the Lyrian Republic many thousands of years ago left their minds in a state of disrepair and bodies requiring intense hybridization to return to their old lives.

A man I know named Brian who lives in the East Coast, USA also practices mental syncing (direct telepathy / clairaudience) and informed me that he decided to try attuning his thoughts to the beings in the film “Fire in the Sky.” Shockingly, he discovered they were real.

Brian informs me, “I could hardly believe it. But I discovered myself in contact with a group of Zeta Reticuli ‘Grey’ ‘aliens’ [our term] who told me the truth behind that film.” Brian then informs me how he believes these were actual ‘aliens’ shot in the film and were not animatronic.

My Communication to the Same Beings

To pick up where Brian left off, I decided to contact these entities myself. When communicating to the Zeta, one naturally goes through intent based safeguards when approaching any negative entity. This is part of my training.

I would soon learn that these were not negative entities like other Zetas.

I began a correspondence where I could hear an entity enter into my thoughts almost as loud as a telephone call.

Representative image of “certain types of Zeta bodies”

“My name is Galix,” the entity began its communication. “I belong to a star system known as the Zeta Reticuli civilization. Our species evolved many ages ago from a Cetacean species that was rapidly developing its mind and power, so long ago.”

“In the film ‘Fire in the Sky’, I must inform your people that it was actually myself on the set of that film. This is why the images from the film stand out in such disturbing detail. It is a film centered in horror. Because that is the nature of the film, horror.”

“The film accurately portrays the Zeta, including unfortunately myself at different times in the 1970s, kidnapping the humans of your world, Earth, a planet of power that the Zeta would lust after.”

“I may appear almost grotesque to your people. That is because I am a hybridization. My body is like stretched rubber force-fitted around a consciousness that does not adapt into it.”

“We, the Zeta, would stop at nothing to plant ourselves as your spiritual superiors. Many channel us on the Internet, unaware our civilization is almost entirely destroyed by the combined forces of the Arcturian civilization and many more.”

“Our civilization manifested pure, demonic energy to sustain ourselves with a disregard to God almighty. The horror in that film, the inhumanity, the cold, terrifying power of the ‘extraterrestrial.’ It is all there for humanity to bear witness to.”

“In that film, you may discover my acting power used to represent our calm, extremely confident demeanor yet blatant disregard for the soul of the being abducted in this fictional yet accurate representation.”

“The man playing a fictional representation of ‘Travis Walton’ is actor D.B. Sweeney. He was aware on the set that the animatronic entities would come to life, and were actually us.”

“How could this even be possible? Simple for us: We manifested ourselves into place whereby swapping ourselves out from the dolls that were designed to replicate us exactly. In the photo at the title of this article, that is a moment when it is actually me and my brothers. It is not animatronics. You are staring at a collective of Zeta partisans working against their own factions.”

“How could D.B. Sweeney know we were real? Because he is a man from our cosmos. He is an Aldebaran who has infiltrated your world to try to assist the planet. To him, it is natural to be around us. He must hide himself from the collective consciousness or else the world would fear him as a hostile alien, oddly… As much as it would fear us.”

“And so now we must reveal the nature of that film: For you see, the Zeta Reticuli planted themselves as divine saviors among extremely gullible people of your world who will worship the supernatural, worship that which is beyond your world, in a sick and gullible fashion, sometimes so they can think of themselves as saviors.”

“A man was a part of this operation. His name is Whitley Strieber. To this date, he believes our civilization is still in its prime and we are spiritual rulers of existence, and he worships our power. A perfect opportunity for my old masters to infect the planet with the Zeta poison.”

“Extreme naivete will also bring the Zeta worship to the forefront. Or obsession with worshiping the ‘alien’ out of insecurity. Immaturity begets this type of terror in a civilization.”

“Channels will put forth our strangest secrets. One such is a man named William Treurniet, who maintains an operation at His constituent, Paul Hamden, would also write a book called A Primer of the Zeta Race. This… is an accurate book, unfortunately. Both these men revere us.”

“I belonged to a secret faction at the time of shooting Fire in the Sky. We worked with D.B. Sweeney and the director Lieberman, as well, also Aldebaran.”

“The purpose was for people to watch Fire in the Sky and to gain an EXTREME sense of subconscious awareness that the events are REAL and they are staring into the faces of ACTUAL beings from what you will understand as the higher or ‘5d’ universe. Us.”

“Next, people would watch Fire in the Sky and they would now understand on a vast, collective psyche basis to reject our presence on Earth. To reject our teachings, reject our fake doctrines, and reject our attempts at manifesting power worship.”

“How is this done? Through the nature of the secrets and information provided. I shall provide a crucial example:”

“A very excellent piece is written by William Treurniet: It concerns the holographic nature of physical matter that allows the manifestation of the mental, noted by some as ethereal, into the physical. These are extraordinary elements of life that are hard for many to comprehend: I shall instruct Cyrus to place the link here.”

“He will write: ‘All the physical reality we experience is due to the transformation of information patterns in the etheric realm. The patterns evolve to produce the changes we see in the physical environment. For example, the splash of a raindrop has an etheric representation that changes continuously. The perceptual process transforms the changing etheric representation of the water to create the physical illusion of the splash in motion.

“Ah, these are the building blocks and corner-stones, as it is known, of a great sophisticated society to begin to understand these concepts. This is how a civilization evolves itself to understand the harmony between the mental and physical realities.”

“But what shall we see as we dig deeper into ‘our’ teachings? A great manipulation. To start, so many concepts like these, if introduced too early into a civilization, spreads fear and the worst enemy of a new human society: Existentialism. The fear of ‘eternity’ among such elements that the Zeta invaders knew can incite a mental breakdown.”

“On August 2nd, 2012, one of my ruler’s channels was named Paul Hamden and he received a communication by such a ruler of our people. As recounted in intricate detail at the following link, a conversation ensued concerning the cyclical frequency levels of the existence of our race in comparison to a human’s.”

“I would now suggest those who have taken time to read this information provided by the telepathic channel Cyrus to analyze what is proposed by Hamden and Treurniet, with Hamden in communication to this entity.”

“From this conversation in 2012…”

“‘The base frequency for Zeta is 10 cycles at a level at a level where a entity is not requiring a separated level of consciousness, but, there are other levels of frequency, 16 would be where a being would be in separation from self for short time, 32 cycles is required to be in a permanent cycle of separation. We have seen that humans are between 7 and 8 cycles, some lower, some higher depending on the frequency a human holds.“‘

“Above are the words of the ruler of my people I reference before.”

“Now, we must closely understand what is happening: The Zeta, and with Arcturians, can alter their physiological harmonic frequency. It relates to what is discussed before, in concern to how the physical reality structure operates.”

“Your people could see a Zeta or another species from our cosmos moving at speeds so fast, it is a blur. Yet, for us, it is now normal rhythmic timing. This effect is vast and profound.”

“Now, we would challenge readers to read such information in a way that can be comprehended, without self identifying with it as a primary rule of existence. This is discussion of how the Zeta and the Arcturians operate. Why teach such elements as supreme cosmic law? It is our technique. Not absolute truth of reality.”

“This manipulation is so cunning, so severe, so wicked.”

“And so, the point of spreading information that is relegated to the arcane lexicon of our civilization is manifold.”

“Such twisted information creates a sense of vast, higher dimensional superiority of the Zeta compared to the human.”

“A human of your world would try to comprehend these things and fall apart on a mental level, falling into a psychological pattern of reverence for the Godly being. What we the Zeta intended.”

“They demanded this because the film Fire in the Sky destroyed 90% of Zeta operations on Earth due to the terror inflicted by my people deeply embedding into the society.”

“The reality is to work in a higher harmonic frequency state is optional. Do notice that this article by Hamden, through his book, and citation by Treurniet, fail to mention this.”

“Ah, the truth is revealed, at long last. The Zeta can enter states of extreme time / physics alteration even at will. Yet it is not necessary to maintain. We can exist in our star system and be visible to you in a normal spectrum. In a normal state of consciousness allocation.”

“Why choose to deliver concepts of our powers as cosmic law? To make people fall into reverence through a psychological concept intended to manipulate and incite utter, complete control over your Earth: The primitive civilization that falls to its knees and worships the Gods of the Sky. Us.”

“Not mentioned in this work is what we would do to abductees.”

“In the film Fire in the Sky there is a most intense and disturbing scene where the fictional character is exposed to a terrifying black sludge that is forced into his mouth and through his face.”

“The character I was playing in the film was representing the actual process that occurs during many Zeta abduction experiences. I have unfortunately performed this same operation on unwilling abducted humans, as have my actual brothers observed during the experimentation scene.”

“The man Paul Hamden went through a similar process yet had his memory wiped or else he would be unable to cope with reality.”

“This process is part of a forced conversion of a human body into a Zeta hybridized body. If the body accepts this genetic material that is manifested willfully through psychic control into the genetic structure, in a matter of hours one’s body will transform into that of a Zeta and their mind will join our collective psyche; falling into absolute mind control.”

“There is an image below I am directing Cyrus to find. It represents the end result.”

“If the body accepts this forced hybridization process, the above image would be the outcome. Now, a great Earth psychic mind integrates into our civilization, vastly empowering our civilization. And the human is stripped away of his or her humanity, made into a slave.”

“The terrifying substances afflicted upon the actor were the real substances used in such an abduction. How? The filmmakers were working with us, in secret. Why? So people watching deeply connect to it as reality, NOT fiction.”

“Yes, the actor Sweeney willingly went through this. He is that committed, as a great saint.”

“Yet, what are those substances? Mostly protein based formulas. Their power relies on a psychic protocol to embed it into one’s DNA structure inciting biological replication processes. Otherwise, I am happy to report to you, those terrifying substances are harmless. You could probably eat such substances in a stew for protein and a power boost.”

“I say this to hopefully reduce some of the nightmares this film causes. However, the nightmare remains about what occurs if one’s body accepts the transformation process.”

“In the case of Hamden, he rejected it [the biologics] because of great power in his mind. Instead of hybridizing him directly, Hamden’s abductors took his genetic power structures to create hybridized clones. It is the second-best outcome. Otherwise, Hamden would have gone missing as a teenager.”

“So, what now? This communication shall end soon. I want those reading to understand several important notes going forward:”

“The first is this: Our civilization is 82% destroyed now after the great Karmic Arbitration Cycles of the year 2021. We were among the most powerful, wicked and terrifying civilizations to ever exist. When authorities of the multiverse were finally allowed access to your world… It ALL ended. Our planets remain, our cities and underground labyrinths remain, yet only the collectivized resistance movements represent our new society.”

“We are now allies with the Arcturians. We were long enemies. No longer. They look somewhat like us, but their skin is blue and smooth. Also in genetic relation to dolphins.”

“There is a vast alliance in the cosmos now centered around your cousin worlds in the higher density cosmos. These are ‘Earths’ and are also planets of vast power.”

“These worlds with names like Mal’brega, and in a neighboring cosmos the world of Shai’nara, are great mysteries: Beautiful, mysterious human worlds, often in sorrow that their brethren exist upon your ‘Lower Earth’ so disconnected until the time of death, where Arcturians and others bring your souls into these higher worlds.”

“Your world did not know this, but these worlds are overseen by forces of divinity. This would be known now as the Archangelic Order. The opposite of what the wicked Zeta would believe possible.”

“The Earths and the Archangelic Order represent a vast empire system that presides not only our cosmos, but so many more. This is the Earth Alliance. This Alliance saw the destruction of ‘the cabal’ as it is known in the years 2021 and 2022. These were great, terrifying, demonic humans that the Zeta worked with on many occasions.”

“The Zeta even worked in secret with factions of a neighboring cosmos; the Germanic secret space programs known as the Nacht Waffen. This was based upon mutual admiration of power. Yet these space-fairing Germanic peoples were often intent to sabotage us; allowing we of the Zeta resistance to discover an unlikely ally.”

“In terms of the Earth Alliance: your people of the Lower Earth Prison World must understand: There are grand, celestial forces overseeing your higher Earth worlds. These are worlds truly in opposite terms to the suffering of your planet. Clandestine forces remain a power structure on your planet keeping it in complete disharmony and disconnection.”

“Beyond your world are universes so fantastic they are ‘heaven’ by your definition. These are realities so outstanding, it is realms your people go to after death. Misidentified as the spirit or ethereal spectrum: No! These are the great celestial realities your people may enjoy. Completely physical.”

“Fear no more the strange teachings on your Internet, sometimes put in place by us, that your souls are ascending into something beyond your comprehension. A higher time altered vibrational state or existences beyond understanding when trying to relate them to a Zeta’s life. No. This is not how cosmic creation operates, which is built upon love between people. The great human civilizations, there are so many, are often quirky, funny, wild, magical, comedic, heartfelt, and sweet.”

“Your world’s spiritual teachers are often false messiahs. They dehumanize the realities beyond your Earth. They insist all enter spirit or aetheric states and surrender everything that made a troubled life on the Lower Earth sweet or lovely. To instead worship ascension of consciousness alone, and power.”

“Exactly like we Zeta believed as we kidnapped, enslaved, and murdered so many on your world. Farewell.”


    • admin

      Well yes, I do know Paul. I don’t think he’d like this article very much, even though it’s just the truth. He is a major advocate of Zetas to where they can do no wrong.

  • Kamil950

    So after Zeta civilization was destroyed in 82% what then happened with humans that was abducted from Earth and their bodies accepted hybridization?

    • admin

      Great question Kamil… From what I am told, like other tragedies, there’s so many efforts to try and rescue people, undo horrific damage, place amnesia unto abducted souls existing in the Zeta societies, regress them, transfer them to new cloned versions of their old bodies, and if it works… Place them into integration facilities into higher density Earth-colony worlds where they can ‘awake out of a dream.’ This whole process only works sometimes. Many victims do not return.

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