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A Verification of the Near Death Experience of John Davis and the Real Nature of the Afterlife

The near-death experience field started as my primary foray into other realities. However, my journey took a turn from strictly NDE and OBE research and into direct telepathy, mental syncing, and fact-finding on a high level of detail.

That includes full spectrum experiences by going into realms beyond, with a focus on obtaining direct communications through clairaudience.

Further, I end up migrating away from most NDE literature after I discovered how so many experiences are mental reality bardo states (well over half).

While NDEs are one of the most important sources of information to debunk materialist, physicalist doctrines, they are not so excellent at getting to the facts.

Through my communications, I’d learn about the frequency of manipulated experiences. Some manipulation appears to occur from other worlds seeking a conquest of our Earth, while other distortions of the truth are created by religious fundamentalist bardo versions of reality, with a fake version of ‘the Light.’

So, the NDE is not always a great place to understand matters of our existences so much as to prove old paradigms as false, or to try to break through the minds of materialist academia.

The NDE of John Davis (link), however, stands out as a true experience, and it coincides with all my own communications and research.

In above link to the Jeff Mara interview, around 16:00 he describes being taken to a planetarium. This is where he is revealed something I was shown very soon into my journey: That more planets exist in galaxies than anyone can imagine, with so many civilizations being human worlds. And that Earth is the hardest by far. It is known as the Lower Earth.

By 22:00 we learn about an accurate description of the Akashic records using consciousness assisted technology. This becomes one of the most unbelievable elements of life in realities beyond.

The Akashic technology allows someone to imprint thoughts into live media; and the Akashic is the embedded memory of ‘all that is.’ It is therefore possible to watch on a video screen scenes from the past. Or even scenes from someone’s personal memories.

John Davis even describes a casual atmosphere of this great temple: with some people wearing jeans.

26:00 John Davis describes an Akashic replication chamber. My guides note, “This is not literally the Star Trek holodeck but a replication of the Akashic memory experience through great holographic, sensory technology.”

By 27:30 we hear about a life review temple. Here we can see an actual technological process occurring again, undoubtedly through further Akashic consciousness assisted technology. To see imagery from one’s own life play out through actual screens.

Typically, through incredible telepathic contact, my guides inform me this part could involve being shown feelings and thoughts, as well. For example, being shown through a guide the exact feelings events in your life triggered within the minds of others.

Further consciousness assisted technologies then allow a newcomer to see images from past lives. All within the spectrum of this same technology.

My guides inform me to understand an important dichotomy: Davis explains how his guides teach that continuous lives on Earth can be experienced to ‘learn and grow’. However, this does not mean people cannot live and grow among those ‘countless human worlds’ beyond.

Rather, life on Earth involves incredibly important, extremely difficult, rescue work within a ‘low density planet’ that is entirely unique.

Around 37:00 John Davis reports how he is told the afterlife world he is experiencing has no ‘regular’ economics or bills. People just work at what they love.

My guides inform me, “Yes, that is the economic system of that world. Do keep in mind, however, it is not every world that constitutes such an economy. Many worlds are capitalist economies like your own but on a different strata.”

John describes the power of new bodies, where you can play sports all day long without getting tired. I am informed this is part of the great power of that world, you will still ‘get tired eventually’—yet “the Silver Cord manifests a new body at death that is lighter, stronger, and completely renewed.”

Making Sense of it All

My guides tell me, via direct telepathy, John J Davis was on a world known as Trei’jara. It is a world known as a Higher Earth where people plan their lives out on our planet, then come into our reality as a baby, often with amnesia, to try and help it or save it in some way.

This is a real, physical reality that John does an excellent job of describing. Unlike other NDEs, Davis’s account teaches about the vivid details of another world, another civilization, that exists on the higher density ethereal spectrum of life that is, nonetheless, tangible and completely physical.

At one point during the creation of this article, I was in touch via clairaudient telepathy with the historian that John met during his experience. Her name is Elanora.

Elanora tells me, “Your world is often confused about our reality. This is why John’s testimony is so important because he recounts the information factually, neutrally. He does not superimpose religious constraints unto it. He simply tells the story as it was, recounting his experiences up until we manifested him back into his old body on your world.”

Elanora continues, “The purpose of John’s experience was to fulfill this mission. Your world believes the great cosmos he witnesses at our observatory could not be real. Why? Because people presume John is in the spirit dimension. A place without form, no substance, no lifestyles, and certainly no one playing sports! These are the strange misconceptions that have invaded your world of the Lower Earth.”

“This idea stems from a desire to make our reality into a place of strictly worship. It is not so. A mental reality is the great temptation, where we can just be whatever we want. It is not so.”

“The reason we showed John the observatory was so he could most importantly allow your world to understand: We exist in another universe, with a great cosmos, vast worlds, human worlds of the Genesari and Traildevari and other societies, including the civilization known as the Annunaki that exists out amongst the stars within the vast stretches of our cosmos.”

“It is not JUST Earth, which is what fundamentalist religions teach! And the ‘other side’ is not JUST some go-between as we are taken away by ‘the Light’ without any lifestyle or true continued existence!”

I’ll now relate to what I would further understand:

All states known as the ‘afterlife’ exist in other universes to our own. Our universe is not compatible to a higher energy, more ethereal reality. These realities are only accessible via projection / manifestation (turning our mental body into a new physical body, like at death), or very powerful starship technologies that cross universe boundaries.

All contact with worlds beyond this one, that includes all ‘UFOs’, are from such universes. A common term for these universes is the 5th density. On the Internet there is much talk of the ‘5d Shift’ and this is what is referenced: a concept that someday our world will become a magical, energetic planet and shift into their spectrum of life.

The world of Trei’jara could potentially be visiting this world in ships. But there are many other worlds, including the Pleiadians overseen by the Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light and Queen Daniela.

The Pleiadians exist in a universe ‘separate’ from the cosmos of Trei’jara, once mythological to each other, but now ‘close neighbors’. That universe’s Pleiades cluster is within the cosmos most closely associated to our own world.

In this case, I am informed, “John Davis represents something of a multi-universe traveler to find himself upon Trei’jara.”

A neighbor to Trei’jara is the world of Shai’nara. This world would become my closest contact in my communications. Shai’nara is a realm where there are literal angels with majestic white or even black wings.

A potentially subconsciously channeled image of Shai’nara is illustrated below by a popular fantasy artist:

An accurate image of “parts of High Greece on the world of Shai’nara” – a neighbor to Trei’jara.

Personal excursions into these worlds have found myself in similar situations to John’s, yet without being close to death. For example, I have experienced meeting with Angelic beings in such realities portrayed above, or I have found myself in extremely magical cities that may appear very normal or ‘mundane’ at first blush, but contain an extremely magical essence that makes even brief appearances unforgettable.

In late 2021, I was taken to a coffee shop on the world of Trei’jara, the same world experienced by Mr. Davis. It was there I experienced a simple scene of people waiting for the barista, and having discussions at tables. However, I would describe this ordinary environment as extremely profound, as it related to the indescribable sense of magic that was apparent in this reality, and the very ancient and beautiful people that represented an extraordinary contrast to my own life.

For more about John Davis’s NDE, see the above Jeff Mara podcast link and also an old interview with Davis from my prior YouTube channel Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics.

You can learn about more direct communications via the Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics Reddit page or the new Cosmic Shift of Mankind YouTube page.

For a complete recollection of entering into the other side, via the first-hand, eyewitness testimony of a woman named Lizelorna, please click this link.


  • David A Monroe

    My 3rd book, NDEs and Awakenings, Narratives with astrological corroboration, will go to the printer in a few weeks. I have created a Discovery Model of 10 factors present in every NDE chart. A certain charting format is used. I would like to have the birth date, time and location, plus the NDE date and location, to do charts on this NDE experience. I will be willing to share the charts and a write up. This is not for the book which is past the editing stage. If my writing is appropriate we can talk about any possible sharing of it later. I have written other astrological books, plus magazine articles and have worked with astrology since 1972. Dave.

    • Royner Sarmiento (junior)

      Hello, Mr. David Monroe. I am Royner Sarmiento, I saw that you have telepathic communications with spiritual beings. If you allow me to ask you a few questions please. The questions are:

      Do the spiritual beings of light, with whom you have telepathic communications, while you are here in the material world, and the spiritual beings in the spirit world sometimes have bad communications with you? Like, for example, communication errors or something that prevents them from communicating well with you and prevents information or conversation from being transmitted well? And because of those bad communications or those interferences, have you received incorrect information? Do these beings of light sometimes tell you something and due to communication errors they tell you something totally different? How, for example, do they want to tell you, they want to warn you that something bad is going to happen, and due to communication errors they tell you that everything will be fine?

      • admin

        Hi Roynier, were you directing this message to David Monroe or to myself (Cyrus Kirkpatrick) the main channel for this website?

        Let me put it this way: To do what I do I had to battle through HUGE amounts of interceptions, misdirections, and ‘hijacked syncing sessions’ whereupon all of the above. Constantly. By whom? Negative extraterrestrial forces, soul collectives (hollow heavens) putting their agendas out there, entities of the Earth that are demons (Baal, Slaanesh, ahhh super scary), and on, and on. What to do? You train your mind to IMMEDIATELY see that deception and then laugh at it with your team as you and the collective wink and clap your hands a few times and totally slaughter those weird intruders with karmic power.

  • Michael

    If Lower Earth is so tough, does that mean we are advanced spiritual beings to have taken on such a challenge? Or does it mean, like some people insist, that we are not very spiritually developed and Earth school is like a kindergarten?

    • admin

      Hi Michael, haha it’s interesting right? Those I communicate with stress the variables. Some arrive to take on a MASSIVE challenge. Others are new souls ‘born out of’ the sins of the Earth and often ‘become the problem’, and are therefore the ones who are not spiritually advanced, which I would stress could be 2/3rds of the population. Other new souls, though, are ‘born out of’ the strong desire to assist the world. Earth is like a giant humanitarian crisis.

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