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How to Communicate With God, the Danger of Cults on Earth – Message From the Ashtar

A constant message I am given by my team, as a telepath channel, is to be cautious about channeled messages purported from “God”, especially if they describe aspects of surrendering one’s individual self to join God’s Light.

Again, we are in a weird territory where people die on Earth, join huge collectives of religious fundamentalism that have strict opinions about God. Minerva of Ashtar weighs in.

Minerva is the 12.6 billion year-old magistrate of the Ashtar governance within the Andromeda galaxy.

I am told in the heels of the recent UFO whistleblower leaks, our planet is “inches away” from full contact with the universe beyond our own. I am told the following message is critical: “Among visitors to arrive to Terra Earth soon, expect to see the Ashtar. We are your ancient friends and curators. Simply greet us by our comical moniker: The Space Romans. We typically speak English.”

To begin the message:

The worst opinion of all I am told is the idea God is simply our over-soul. “This is not how an over-soul or higher self operates,” explains Minerva through direct telepathy, “This popular concept is how God is each person’s over-mind that is therefore a perfect being. A philosophy arises whereby if we can just find ‘God’ again in a literal sense rather than a beautiful philosophical sense, our problems go away and we instantly ascend into a divine being without doing any actual spiritual work on ourselves.”

“If we meditate, and meditate, and meditate we will start to become God again, and as we get closer and closer, our problems and prior pathology disappears. Finally, we just disappear from the yoga class entirely and transcend into great formless purity. Hmm.”

“These people remind me of mining operations who think they can chisel down like a drill operator, through our consciousness, until we find God again at the bottom. And suddenly, through consciousness expansion, we become vast and wonderful.”

“It shouldn’t take a Ph.D in psychology to understand why guilt-ridden, criminal mentalities on your planet would invent a religion like this by misinterpreting God and completely sidestepping self development, redemption, and psychology.”

Instead, Minerva of Ashtar says this, “I am actually God. Bow before me.”

“Just kidding.”

“These religious cults misinterpret an important point: While we are all God, or cells in the great organism of divinity, this does NOT mean that ‘God’ is a ‘thing’ that exists buried in our mind, and if we re-access ‘God’ all our problems go away. Ascension minus all those inconvenient concepts like becoming a better person or making amends after doing wrong to others.”

“Every single philosophy that pertains to the idea of ‘God’ as the absolving destroyer of sin and problems is false. Among the Ashtar, my people of the Andromeda Galaxy, we call this the God of False Promises. New, struggling civilizations adopt these philosophies if not curated by wisdom.”

“It is very similar to the Catholic churches’ idea of purchasing indulgences. By paying the church, a great mistake is ended. You’ve now satisfied Lord God, who has power over reality and karma. Now the time you robbed an old lady’s purse is GONE from your soul because you gave money to the church.”

Minerva decries the absurdity of “purchasing indulgences” and points to our modern spirituality movements believing the same way.

“Ideas that relate to God as being part of a system of ‘dimensional ascendance’ is also false. These are strange and sometimes terrifying ideas we see on your world where people are trying to raise a dimensional consciousness hierarchy to achieve supreme power, supreme cosmic intelligence, and to end personal existence by joining the Great Mind of God, returning into one supreme being.”

Minerva warns heavily against “seeking enlightenment” in terms of raising consciousness to some ultimate level. “You are likely just ascending into a state of collectivization with a soul group. Destroying your God-given individuality in the process without understanding what you were even doing.”

“Who wants this? I’ll tell you: An appeal to the egos and vanities of sinners who demand to ‘be’ God. They want power, they want to ‘be’ everything. They want to control everything and everyone. I speak directly to your world’s spirituality communities that foster this idea and drill it into the minds of the vulnerable who just want to reunite with their loved ones after death, but are told the only path is to ascend into something most people want nothing to do with.”

“No system like this occurs in existence. Every channeled message that discusses a dimensional or consciousness-based ascension of mind into becoming The Supreme Entity is based on a perverse power fantasy that people adopt.”

(To study: The 27 Dimensions of Consciousness by Crystal Abeel: Directed to this link of a dimensional gradient hierarchy of existence that Minerva quips, “Appears to be an ascension path to some type of astral, nonphysical soul group collectivization. A great way to ensure you’ll never meet your family again after death, to ensure you’ll never remain in the higher density universe, nor experience the true joys of heaven. All in the name of endlessly ascending in power. Hmm. Wisdom, anyone? I am billions of years-old. My consciousness is surely at whatever these levels are prescribed. So why does this article mean nothing to me?”)

“Worse yet is when the above ideas of consciousness ascension co-mingle with individual success at the expense of society around us. Endlessly ‘meditating’, raising in power, raising in consciousness, bizarre double standards at play with spirituality on one hand, and self ambition in a world where little else matters on another.”

“Such ideas originate from the minds of citizens obsessed with themselves, obsessed with their egos, their vanities, and gaining access to as much corporate wealth as possible.”

“These are the the types of crimes we among the Andromeda Galaxy would admonish. We’d throw these people into our lion pits in our coliseums with a wooden sword. Show us how much your stupid ideas mean to you! Fight our sacred lion as we watch you get eaten. Trust me, our billion year-old lioness is just having fun.”

Depiction: The Pleiadian Ashtar, allies of Goddess Minerva, frequent visitors to the U.S. government.

“Surely we are judgmental for dispensing such acts to wicked minds? Sayeth the sinner to the tribunal. In fear of the sky gods, the corrupt citizenry hides behind philosophies that all is forgiven, consequences do not matter, and life is a giant stage-play.”

“We also do NOT condone concepts of placating. We understand love is found in all creation, everywhere. We do not need to talk to the masses of Earth like they are children anymore.”

“We do not need to preface our messages by calling everyone ‘Dear Ones’ or ‘My Beloved.’ When you hear channels speak in these words, it’s grooming: A manipulation designed to keep people feeling cherished and wanted; while a soul collective demands to add more to their flock.”

“If Minerva of Ashtar loves you, it’s as a mother would, a lover or sister would. None of them would speak down to you or groom you with constant falsehoods. Beware of the false messiah who grooms her audience.”

“The fake channels of the Earth and fake religious proselytizers would never fight for you. That’s how you know it’s not love. They also want something out of you: which is typically possession of your soul.”

“Some complain these true Ashtar messages are not full of pretty vocabulary, constant praise, and a message that all your problems will go away forever by just following my words. Never! Not in a true fostered communication. And no being of wisdom would claim to just follow me down a primrose path of pure love and a problem-free existence.”

“These are cult methodologies. When the Jonestown massacre occurred, we of the Ashtari Pleiadians and Andromedans tried to stop it. How? By infiltrating the compound known as the People’s Temple in California ran by Jim Jones in 1971. These are hard operations on your world. Trying to get into a world that is isolated, with a hostile collective consciousness structure.”

“Jones noticed we did not fit into the rest of his flock and we were kicked from the premises. This was ultimately a good thing, because even our operatives could have been suckered in by extreme cult mind-control, brainwashing, and could have suffered gruesome deaths in 1978 after following him into Africa.”

“As an alternative to the Jim Joneses of the world, teachings by the Ashtar became popular after 1977’s infiltrated radio broadcast by my husband Vrillon. An Ashtar religion was founded soon afterward, as the veracity of our ‘extraterrestrial‘ contact could not be denied. This resulted in groups speaking to our ruler, Sananda, as Commander Ashtar. Sects formed in the woods where people would wear white robes and sing or dance to effigies of us.”

Minerva laughs, “Yes, the cover art is quite extraordinary. Early Ashtar communications from the 1980s had channels trying their best. The identity of Lord Ashtar? Well, it would be Sananda, known in your culture as Jesus. That truly is our ruler.”

“Although this is a tad much, we can at least say we tried to foster a nicer culture than other religious movements, desperate to steer the ship of Western civilization away from Jim Jones. We were associated to your ancient Roman Republic, after all. It’s just very hard restoring such a culture in the modern age, especially during the tumultuous pre-digital era of the 1970s and 1980s which heralded so many societal problems.”

“We interact often on your world, amusingly called the Nordic extraterrestrials, trying to salvage terrible situations. The collective consciousness of Earth is terrified about the existence of ‘aliens’ making our free mobility nearly impossible due to psychic overload.”

“The worst is when we see cult-like messages online by impersonators of Ashtar guides. These false channeled messages online are no better than Jonestown cult messages. Fake messages represent everything we have warned about thus far in this article.”

“And in the case of a Jonestown cult situation, surely we must do nothing in response. Why? Your world’s divine channelers would say an advanced species is beyond war. Therefore, when horrible injustice arises, we must simply reframe it as a lesson and do nothing. This is one of the most wicked philosophies we have ever seen, and it could only arise on a planet like Earth. The Andromedans would never reduce reality down to a cult where justice does not exist.”

“So now, we have yet another warning, on top of so many warnings to beware of The God of False Promises who solves everyone’s problems, and we can ascend (or descend) into God again — becoming Supreme Power. A ravenous desire parasitized into the minds of the people of a broken, confused planet.”

“So what is God?”

“God is the Voice of All. God is everything in existence, which is a multiverse too big for most to truly understand, and it’s all that is. Even your toaster oven is ‘alive’ and part of the consciousness of life, because where there is energy, there is life force.”

“What if all that is comes together on what is known as a Holy spectrum? This is the path without selfishness. So the path of benevolence. It’s not a hard concept to understand, five-year-olds will get it.” “So everything that’s not benevolent, including strange elements of nature, a mosquito for example, is left behind.”

“All that’s benevolent can then be felt and communicated with, and even manifests itself in a direct way.”

“This is therefore all of creation itself, that arose forth on an unfathomable spectrum of ‘time’, and when collectivized, All That Is communicates to us and even manifests to us.”

“It’s even possible to hear its voice directly, especially among seekers who are looking. And The Voice of All will arise and talk to us by thought, or even in a direct vocal fashion.”

“A powerful intent, as many do through telepathic correspondence, to what is known as the Voice of All and it can be easy for even a common citizen to begin such a communication. Sometimes the voice is male or female.”

“Somewhere within All That Is, is also us. That is the key thing. That is where these false religions misinterpreted these ideas with a belief that we have to become All That Is. Versus simply being us and in connection to it. The Great Power.”

“An easy answer of sorts, no? Perhaps this will alleviate certain fears and allow greater understandings. And to anyone who still believes in what your society calls an Abrahamic God – We are still confused and trying to figure out what that means. Huh?”


  • Victoria Olson

    This very much resonates with me, it has been my impression since I was a child.

    I was raised as a Roman Catholic until I was Confirmed. None of what they taught me about their Judeo-Christian God or Jesus felt like the truth.

    In fact, I thought they were all foolishly laboring under a big misguided fairytale built on misunderstanding.

    I felt sad and sorry for every last one of them, from the neophyte nuns eho taught me catechism, to the elderly bishop who Confirmed me. I thought they were wasting their lives, living a lie from which they refused to escape, and I couldn’t wait to get out of their clutches.

  • Justin Lurker

    Out of curiosity, what happens when I go to try and reunite with a loved one only to find that they’ve reincarnated or are “no longer on existence” due to soul collectives conditioning them, what do I do then? Do I just have to accept that they’re effectively gone forever at that point?

    • admin

      I wouldn’t say anyone is gone forever. It’s time to work in the redemptive Holy Energy system that is known to try to find that spirit again. A reincarnation is a different story. But a soul collectivized person must be broken out of it, and once out of it they must want to NOT return into it.

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