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The State of the Cosmos, the Higher Densities, the Earth Alliance, Extraterrestrial Plots on Earth, the Pleiadian Perspective with Queen Daniela

Message from the Channel: This dialogue was originally posted on the Afterlife Topics Reddit page (see link). My communication to her began in Summer 2021 after I saw a large ship fly over the evening sky in southern Arizona. Since that time, I have physically seen her, and have been in touch with people through my community who have met with her in person.

Like other communications, we are working with direct, augmented telepathy.

Daniela wished to present a full state of affairs in accurate terms, attempting to put many mysteries together that flourish in the exopolitics world of our planet, including how many disparate messages fit together; ranging from the Ashtar channelings to the most important events in recent years surrounding every communicated message that ranges from the German breakaway civilizations, the Earth alliance, the rise of the faction known as Solar Warden, and the nature of the higher density cosmos (the ‘5d Shift’ as commonly reported, which means a great energy change into their universe which was never truly our universe, and that it does not mean a giant solar flare erupts or anything of the sort).

As a warning: Daniela tells everyone that “not every area of information on your Internet lines up.” She warns a major issue is people on the Internet are ‘extremely resistant to change’ and will argue constantly that an original narrative is correct, when a particular narrative, she says, “is very obviously counter propaganda by dark factions.” During my communications, she remains completely baffled by certain channeled sources that insist to not take occult cabals seriously or that “evil is not real.” Yet, the same sources will “deliver the ‘facts’ concerning our universe, and even seduce important players into these cults of bankrupt ideas, until they turn against everyone based on corrupted ideological premises.”

“Try saying that ‘evil is not real’ to survivors of the Secret Space Programs, you half-wits. Say that to people who experienced unbelievable abuse at the hands of occult mafias who parasitized the higher density universe,” Daniela states.

She is stalwart that concepts like “future time travel does not exist” and the very concept of negative forces like the cabal being able to manipulate time, or do the ‘impossible’ by traveling into the future consist of “psychological operations designed to break the spirit of their enemies.”

Daniela, who is also an Archangel of the Archangelic Order, insists we follow our intuition; and as a new prelude to her essay, wishes to warn heavily about messages in 2021 by a man named James Corey Goode telling people to beware of and distrust the coming of Archangels. “At that stage [Fall 2021] when Goode was making Tweets in opposition to the Archangelic Order of Shai’nara, this man was completely compromised. Indeed, there is nothing the dark cabals of your world fear more than Angels; whom they insist cannot exist as their entire minds are consumed by criminal deeds and disbelief in divinity of any sort.”

The message by Queen Daniela continues below:

My name is Daniela. I am reporting to you from the Grey Fleet of Commander Vincia on the Starship Saturn. I would like to present a message to your people, since discovering this most fortunate channel who can utilize telepathic, mental syncing the way we do it within our cosmos.

I would also like to briefly introduce myself: I am a reigning monarch, but we connect to what is known as the Holy Spirit. This is not like your world where I must be approached in some sense of great reverence or a law is broken. No such thing amongst us. Further, it should be understood we are what your civilization refers to as the Nordic extraterrestrial. This relates, literally, to our genetic seeding into parts of your world in Scandinavia.

Next, before we begin further into this essay: an extremely important warning must be presented: some of these messages are hijacked by clandestine forces.

The 5D Ascension event, as reported on your Internet, does not and absolutely never will include a forced or terrifying solar ascension event.

This is disinformation designed to terrify the collective consciousness into REJECTING the true, peaceful higher density ascension events!

The sun will not create a massive outburst that automatically manifests a personal transformation, leaving rubble in its wake. This will not occur.

There will be no forced eclipse or photonic energy outbursts. To those who pay attention to the accurate messages, our personal transformations must be carried forth by us. Great magical powers can assist our psychological ascension. But there is no true shortcut.

A giant cosmic flash does not transform dark souls into light souls. These are great misunderstandings. Each individual soul has accountability for their actions. Do they choose empathy or darkness?

Do they choose endless competition, constant plotting, obsession with the bank account, or instead love within the adventure of life? The great adventure.

The great adventure can be experienced by stepping outside, and therein spiritual fulfillment awaits. It does not occur from placing endless reference points upon oneself in terms of success on a broken planet.

Who wishes ‘success’ on a broken planet? Who wishes success at the expense of others? So many do.

Why? Because power is exhilarating and seductive. Yet, ironically, the great leaders with wealth, power and responsibility achieve that state with others, not in endless opposition to anyone, and everything, including poor souls sharing the Earth’s freeway systems with such maniacs! Constantly driving with aggression, carelessness, and without regard.

The references to Samvardika Fires or Fires of Ascension were always supposed to be metaphorical. We believe certain factions, however, take this teaching out of context.

Be warned, some infiltrating entities try to make a completely PEACEFUL transition to seem terrifying so they can sustain a control structure around the Sacred Gaia Weapon System (which shall be discussed later in this essay).

We MUST ALL REJECT MISINFORMATION! The channel may be innocent, yet the message could be getting altered.

Saboteurs can take accurate communication with She’ran, myself, Athena, Minerva or others of the Galactic Federation of Light and transpose another message into the channel, such as “All must prepare for the Solar Flash which will arrive December 14th.” Notice it never arrives? This is also to subvert expectations and crush the credibility of these communications.

Guaranteed, NOTHING will happen like this on December 14th, as it never does, nor ever will.

The sun is a beacon of magical power. When we speak of the solar ascension, it relates to the cosmic magical power of creation that is embedded in vast solar bodies, like your planets, the sun, and so forth, which allows it [the great magical power] to integrate into all the physical matter of your world.

This happens in a nice, subtle, lovely way. It is happening currently, in December 2022. It is not some enormous event that occurs and reality turns upside down. No, your society could never handle this. Your planet would fall apart.

On this note, there will never be some ‘144,000’ who will be saved, with the rest of humanity left behind. An odd, religious concept that we note among only a couple of our channels that are either terribly misinterpreting our messages or being manipulated by soul collectives (fake spirit reality imposters of normal life).

Your planet, albeit broken, does not require a forced landing event where 99.9% of your world perishes. This very concept is fear inducing. Let’s step away from it.

Please be mindful of many ‘near death-experiences’ on your Internet, as well. A majority, but not all, relate to religious mental spaces. ‘The Light’ is often an artifact of collectivized consciousness systems placing enormous feelings of love and acceptance into a false construct. This is a fake version of ‘the Light’ (the Spark of Creation) many of us experience. This artificial ‘Light’ experience was created by religious fundamentalists and it’s an imposter. [Editor’s note: Daniela emphasizes ‘the Light’ is real just not the one reported by most Earth witnesses who enter the Light and join Yahweh’s pearly gates.]

And so, this reality of existence within ‘the Light’ is in a mental space only—disconnected from all that is beyond it; whereupon souls simply await reincarnation with no true future.

As shall be explained in greater detail in this essay, people on your world die and are taken by forces like us into our higher density cosmos, to live new lives. Please see essays on my channel’s Reddit page (‘Afterlife Topics’: for direct accounts of lifestyles in our cosmos.

One last area of misinformation that we MUST address: Yes we DO have physical bodies! I can traverse without a physical body; surely, I can travel the great cosmos, the great celestial realms, in spirit form…

… But does that mean I am now a spirit form ‘transcended’? No. We live in great cities around the Pleiades. The idea we are all from the ‘astral plane’ would mean no cities, no true physicality, and even romance becomes a fickle affair due to impermanence replacing the wonder of energy as it manifests as solidarity.

So surely, we must be more diligent in our assessment of information.

Goodness, now I must take a breather… Firstly, understand: Telepathic communication is our natural form of contact. And so, your world was denied this power. Your psychic mediums utilize a rough form of telepathy, through the subconscious as it trickles into the conscious mind.

Currently, through the help of the Arcturian High Council, everyone’s brains are augmented by neural alterations and sand-sized implants to assist the people of Earth to directly communicate to us. It has arisen across your world, yet many deny it or do it secretly.

In this communication to Cyrus, he hears my voice loudly, distinctly. He simply types what he hears. It is not channeling the way you perceive it. No. It is an auditory-sounding connection. This is important to understand.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Daniela. 9.1 billion years ago I broke away from the Ashtar Galactic Command to create my civilization known as the Manzerans, stationed around your Pleiadian star systems, neighboring many other civilizations. That includes the other Pleiadian people your world understands (lanky features, almond eyed beings).

The multiverse is not so complex. Merely one universe away is another version of your Milky Way galaxy.

Therein lies a mysterious, hidden universe where the Taygetan people of Rolendar exist. Please go on your YouTube or Google to find the testimonies of a man named Daryl James.

This man, serving in a parallel Earth’s secret space programs, became the king of this civilization. That civilization, the Taygetans of Rolendar, are our brothers and sisters; a Manzeran colony originally.

We became a link to that magical reality, overseen by Queen Julia and now King James, who lives upon your world yet maintains his presence if only on a psychic level. Yes, understand the grand cosmic soap opera!

And so much is verifiable, in bits and pieces, upon your Internet.

Corroborated verification of communication exists; and even meetings with us reported on your Internet. For example: We were made famous when two of my lieutenants, Strastara and Densra, took a man named Travis Walton in a forest in central Arizona in 1975.

In this incident, one of our ships was studying your world, and trying to protect it. Your world, Gaia, has been under constant, almost endless, threat by forces of both an extraterrestrial and supernatural spectrum.

Why? Because Gaia is known as a World of Power. Perhaps the most powerful of all worlds. It may appear to only be a naturally occurring planetoid, with clear geologic history…

Yet, it is not.

It is constantly being reformed, remade, evolved into new forms.

It is used by extremely powerful forces in the multiverse as a weapon of vast power. The Gaia Weapon System. Behold, you have discovered the secret of your world and why so many beings seek to control you and enslave you.

For a great amount of time, we could NOT reveal this secret. Now we do.

To control a planet of power is to do what? To enslave its population, control its collective consciousness power structure, and use that collective consciousness to attack other worlds or civilizations.

Turning planets into battle stations is not unheard of in our cosmos, which my dears, let me remind you: Our cosmos is a separate universe from your own!

We exist within a separate Milky Way galaxy that we call the Gemini Galaxy, named after the Goddess Gemini. Our neighbor is a separate Andromeda galaxy, named after the Goddess Andromeda of the Ancient Cassiopeians.

Our cosmos would be known, to you, as the higher density universe.

And within our universe, the Andromedans, my people originally, would enslave populations on worlds and turn planets into attack-and-destroy vessels. How? By staging billions of psychic minds to collectively attack enemies. Psychic war slaves.

The Galactic Federation of Light separated from the Ashtar of the Andromeda Galaxy for these very reasons, forming a magical collective headed by men like Vincia, my husband, She’ran, Vrillon, also my husband, and others.

In secret, Goddess Athena of Ashtar High Command and Goddess Minerva, also joined us. Minerva is the presiding ruler of our entire cosmos. Goddess Minerva found herself straddling both realities: Her secret life in our magical collective, and the dark reality of the Ashtar political landscape.

Also, in secret, certain high-ranking forces of the Aldmari became involved.

The Aldmari are the Andromedan rivals to the Ashtar who rule endless millions of peaceful human worlds in the higher density cosmos. Sadly, the oldest histories of the Aldmari are not always so pleasant; and their most ancient worlds were reminiscent of a great, terrifying cult of consciousness. [Addendum: Daniela emphasizes the ancient Raulian Aldmari were the most horrific of all factions, were nearly entirely destroyed in 2021, and hundreds of millions of peaceful Aldmari worlds now reign supreme in the Andromeda Galaxy of the Higher Density.]

Their [the Aldmari] queen, long the ancient enemy of Minerva, would secretly work within the Galactic Federation of Light. Her name is Milanderos.

Milanderos…. Greatly feared by many in our cosmos. Yet, in secret, she long sought to upend the forces of Raula, her ancient adversary who sought to maintain a religion of absolute obedience and tranquility at the expense of individuality.

The Aldmari, despite their differing factions, would remain upon your world taking high seats of power in your mega corporation Citigroup, while maintaining a structure around your planet via a small orbital space station known to you as The Black Knight Satellite.

Meanwhile, upon your Internet, few detailed facts of our realities have been revealed. Most communications, as you understand them, focus on individual ascension of character. And, of course, the 5D ascension to process to upgrade your planet into our universe, into the Gemini Galaxy.

It has long been our goal to save humanity from the many forces who seek to sabotage Earth’s people. The ‘Shift’ is done through a vast, collective consciousness alteration to accept being taken into a higher, magical universe wherein all your lives would change greatly!

Yet, most on your planet are so scared of change, or they live lives in such extreme selfish denial that they resist it [the Shift] at every opportunity. Therefore, Earth’s crooked minds allow the planet to remain enslaved while we watch on HELPLESSLY!

Even our dear friend Travis Walton… Many do not know this, but people on your world fear the extraterrestrial so much, that the reason he was hit by an automatic energy discharge from our ship was because he was approaching my occupants with a wrought iron club hoping to hit them over the head. He did this with the belief ‘aliens’ had taken over his planet, and he wanted to take his world back.

It was brave, but it almost cost him his life until we repaired him in a medical bed. It took many days. This illustrates what people think about off-world visitors like us.

How easy it is to sabotage your world? Ah, number one: exaggerate the terrors of your world, blame it all upon the ‘alien.’ The man Steven Greer has long fought to battle ‘alienism.’ Yet, it takes off strongly in conspiracy circles. Everything is an A.I. threat. Everything is an extraterrestrial plot. There is no salvation. No winning. All is lost.

Hmm… Why give so much power to evil forces by making such a lurid declaration?! No more divinity, no more God, the A.I.s control us all. All is lost. People on your Internet consume this message, buy it, and sell it off constantly. Very, very sad.

Your world has dealt with some of the worst threats imaginable trying to control Sacred Gaia: The Zeta Reticuli Greys, whom we would shoot to kill on sight, is one example.

The ‘Greys’ were correctly expressed in a completely fictitious adaptation of Walton’s abduction, Fire in the Sky, transposing us as being ‘Greys’, on purpose, to suit the agenda of alienism.

Compare and contrast both the film and the book! In the film, we see an actual Zeta Reticuli ship replica, and what they did to their abductees. The Zeta civilization was all but destroyed by Arcturians and the Earth alliance in 2021.

Obviously, Fire in the Sky was not what occurred when Walton was on board one of my ships; yet this fictitious representation served to help warn the collective psyche of Gaia to beware of the Zetas.

Other great threats: Your terrifying, occult mafias. The Sons and Daughters of Zion (often referred to as just ‘the cabal’), the Khazarian Mafia, the Yakuza, the Italian Gambino syndicates, the Knight’s Templar, and more.

These societies may seem Earth-centric. They are not.

Many of these evil factions also exist on your higher density planets. It’s important to note these are Earth colony worlds from our cosmos with names like Mal’brega, Shal’drala, Hun’dadrel. Factions of these evil societies also exist on Ray’Darna, Shai’nara and Trei’jara—the 3 planets seated within the sacred neighboring universe known as The Gathering Universe.

These are all higher, or ‘5D’ planets that account for the beautiful, unimaginable realities many of your world find themselves relocated to upon physical death of the bodies.

All these planets share your world’s cultures, with even the same countries. For example, some of these planets have their own versions of Great Britain and the United States!

Yet, these worlds were also invaded by those hateful adversaries. This evil manifested because your world’s cabals found ways to manifest themselves unto these higher Earth planets, or even build secret space fleets to gain access.

All actions by cabals are performed in secret lest the collective consciousness of Earth attack and destroy that which is terrifying. The underpinning of black magic is therefore to hide, to conceal oneself from the collective psyche to get away with unspeakable crimes.

Please understand this most crucial point: a collective consciousness of immature minds destroys what it fears or does not understand. Not only evil cabals, but also myself! If I were to land, as my appearance looks slightly inhuman, your world’s consciousness system would attack me.

If I were to appear as a human woman but make my identity known by telling people ‘Hi! I’m Daniela of the Ashtar!’ your volatile collective psychic energy would attack and destroy me! That is why we must stay secret until your world’s psychology changes.

Over time, the forces of our neighboring universe, known as the Earth Alliance, defeated many of these cabals as they manifested into the higher Earth realities.

Among the defeated enemies would include a major opponent known as the Draco Reptilian Empire, and their terrifying outpost on the moon of The Gathering universe’s 5D Earth known as Lunar Operations Command.

[Daniela emphasizes accurate information about such events chronicled by author Michael Salla, and to see links like the following: Has U.S. Space Command Received Advanced Tech From the Galactic Federation? Daniela emphasizes the main point is when researching this information through journalists like Salla, and others, to understand the important key piece of the puzzle: All events are occurring in a different universe, akin to a different reality, from our own, yet is intimately linked to our world.]

The Earth Alliance became headed by that universe’s presiding powers, including the Anshar of the Inner Earth of the 5D Earth colony world of Ray’Darna presided by Queen Kaaree, our neighboring Taygetans ruled by King Julia and King Daryl James, the Blue Avians who are known as the people of Bavee, the break-away factions of the higher Earth stellar society known as Solar Warden, and a host of others.

By the time the Draco Reptilian Empire was destroyed, great new forces had combined together under the vast Earth Alliance.

This included The Protector Ashtar ruled by Lord Sananda. The Arcturian War Fleet joined the cause. Then, more cosmic multiverse powers joined including the magical realities of Myelinos together with the Glandians.

The Vadians and Aedur, greater multiverse authorities of Orcas, became involved, finally creating a great unification with the higher multiverse neighborhood that long desired to help us.

Another important ally joined which was the Pegasians of the Universe of Espina (a magical universe close to your own).

In time, the New Aldmari Empire now fully controlled by Queen Milanderos, became part of the Earth Alliance. We were also quite happy when a unified Annunaki (Rinotomo) vast battalion joined, as well. All unified to combat the evil that had manifested so strongly.

And of course, our friends the Aldebarans from our own universe, joined the Alliance.

We must mention the Aldebarans from our cosmos: They are the great colonialist driving force behind your Earth’s culture. They are our ancient human allies of the Gemini Galaxy, ruled by Queen Rahashi of Saturn. Their culture is similar to your Ancient Romans. Their very language is reminiscent of your Latin.

The Aldeberans! They seed their rulers as Planetary Gods to help unify a population’s collective consciousness structure. Other Aldebaran rulers include Persephone, Juno, Janus, Neptune, Ceres, Sagittarius, and many more.

Their vast, magical fleets of extraordinary starships helped make short work of the Draco threats, to ultimately liberate the Draconians from the terror of their rulers. In the end, the now liberated Draco forces also joined the Earth Alliance.

This was a long time coming, given the Gathering Universe’s Galactic Federation had long been battling the Draconian forces, culminating with what were known as the Orion Wars. During those centuries, the Draco Reptilians under their Warlord Gorgalak promoted unspeakable horror.

Addendums by the channel Cyrus:

For this version of the essay, Daniela emphasizes to consider the Galactic Federation to eventually be an alternative term for the Earth Alliance. But the prior Galactic Federation held post near the Pleiades of both regional universes and would remain the center-point of politics prior to the arrival of the Earth Alliance, which eventually found its home upon Planet Shai’nara.

Daniela points out there are channels like Elena Danaan’s on YouTube which she recommends to watch, but to remain mindful about how rapidly everything changes in the higher density cosmos, and what was true in May is likely completely defunct by December or January because of extremely rapid paced times. And that channels need to be able to ‘consciously perform telepathy’ and operate it in an extremely diligent manner to avoid the “constant sabotage” by hostile forces spreading disinformation.

Daniela wanted to mention something she did not discuss in detail on this essay which is the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. Daniela points out that the ICC, as it is known, continues to exist but under the authority of the Earth Alliance, which represents many of our corporations that seek to serve, in secret, greater galactic aims after having been liberated by the cabal tyrannies of occult power.

Further notes by the channel Cyrus: I found information about the Orion Wars through the site Ascension Glossary, here: My communicator warns to practice critical thinking on Ascension Glossary as it contains certain ‘factual stumbling blocks’ and misdirections in terms of exact, literal historical information.

Another important link I was directed to is The False King of Tyranny archetype describing the evil mental structure that possessed much of the ‘Outer Reality’ cosmos including the Draco Empire.

However, to still be mindful of certain outdated paradigms listed on that article; including toxic patriarchal tendencies as a root cause, as Daniela emphasizes toxic matriarchal / feminine characteristics can result in a wicked role-reversal of hatred and domination of men, as well.

In addition, Daniela warns the ‘Nephilim Reversal Grid’ is likely purposeful misinformation that sows seeds of distrust in truthful Christian concepts, so to be very wary of these types of “landmines” in this otherwise truthful information.

While we are on this subject, is accurate information on the Internet I discovered about Daniela’s people, albeit brief, with height measurements completely inaccurate as they are only a bit taller than us. Alright, let’s go back to the communication.)

Now returning to the communication:

Ultimately, the Earth Alliance was unified last year [2021-2022] by what was the Angelic Order of Shai’nara, once an adversary of the Earth Alliance. Before the Angelic Order switched sides, they were at war with factions like Solar Warden, the former outfit of a man named James Corey Goode, and others.

Without realizing it, they were working for the Cabal of the Earth, as it is known. [The cabal]… One of the worst groups in all existence, truly!

The Angelic Order would eventually do battle against the Earth Alliance. At that time, the Alliance was secretly stationed on that universe’s version of Saturn’s moon, Titan.

They would also do battle against the Nacht Waffen; however, this group known as the German Breakaway Civilization was secretly playing both sides, and helping the Earth Alliance ultimately upend both the Draco Reptilian Empire of Gorgalak, defeat the cabal, and sabotage the Galactic Federation of Planet Pisces Prime; once a corrupt institution ruled by a faction of the Marmu people that were later disposed.

The Nacht Waffen, however, were not a nice civilization, and were only aligned with the Earth alliance for a mutual goal.

Eventually, around 2020, the Angelic Order of Shai’nara liberated a major Nacht Waffen outpost found in the higher density version of the minor planetoid Ceres.

There, they discovered many migrant extraterrestrial races enslaved within a mining colony operation, including a host of saboteurs put in place by the presiding powers of the Piscarnians [briefly known as the Cassiopeians] trying to thwart their operation.

For a full account of life in the dreadful Ceres mining colonies; please see the stories online of survivor “Tony Rodriguez”

The Angelic Order of Shai’nara started off as your world’s Greek Orthodox Church, and migrated into the sacred, higher density Gathering Universe. From there, they were unwittingly under the employ of the Cabal, as it is known–a terrifying adversary stationed on a parallel version of your Earth, known as Yezara’dara.

This was due to infiltration by the cabal’s forces attempting to take over the higher density universe.

They did this most insidiously, including a corruption of the Angelic Order’s chief spokeswoman and ruler: Jeanne D’Arc, also known as Joan of Arc. Your world’s great hero. Her majestic presence unified the Earth of Shai’nara, and so she became a prime target for corruption by cabal forces.

What precisely is Shai’nara? This planet is often a sacred afterlife of your people; written into ancient texts as Shangri-La after being discovered by certain early Chinese explorers. It has long had a subtle influence upon your planet.

How did they corrupt Joan of Arc? It is hard to say, but after the corruption was exposed, and Joan was arrested, she manifested herself into a beautiful, black-winged archangel who took it upon herself to represent everything that is the opposite of her corruption by the cabal.

Together with her sister, Serra of Earth, and the Archangel Radiance, who arrived from a distant star system, the Angelic Order resurrected itself, destroyed its corruption in a huge civil war led by Archangel Radiance, and proceeded forward.

Not long after, another of the Archangels arrived, and her name was Ariel, the presiding power of the entire Archangelic Order. She summoned forth a soulstorm, as it is known, to destroy the Draco Reptilian Empire’s terrifying secret, hellish portal system found within Ray’Darna’s moon; a station known as the Lunar Operations Command.

Ariel, also known in many circles as Akiane, summoned forth endless, greatly empowered souls once lost to terrifying battles in distant reaches of the cosmos. They resurrected in the forms of great, ethereal valkyries; seeing the final end of the Orion Group, and soon afterward; the death of the cabal.

A final wrap-up included major operations against the most insidious, subversive horrors indirectly (or directly) related to both the cabal and the Orion group of Dracos and others.

This included near-destruction of Monarch, a powerful and terrifying entity with some links to your own planet. They were on a space station orbiting Neptune, drawing planetary power, and engaging in occult sacrifice while maintaining a front as a type of managerial organization for the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate).

Some fear Monarch is still in existence.

Their [Monarch’s] major operations include subverting telepathic channels to send out misinformation to the masses (such as the ‘Solar Flash’ misinformation), infiltrating the Lower Earths (including your planet), and pretending to control powers of time; whereas in reality, time travel operations are relegated strictly to the past, and are controlled through manifestation of great karmic powers; put in place by forces like the Anshar of the Inner Earth.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light chiefly warn against trusting anything you read online without vetting it and using common sense.

This includes reports of vast, future-based time travel operations that make no rational sense without massive paradoxes. One of the primary focuses of Monarch was always to terrify opponents into believing they could control reality, control time.

They could, however, along with the cabal-controlled factions of Kruger Special Operations Taskforce (Please see the testimonies of Johan Fritz), induce horrific experiments, zombie-viruses, the worst things imaginable on innocent populations; making the Great Karmic Wars of 2020-2022 a battle against the worst things to occur in all cosmic creation; with massive, massive power manifested to finally end these absolute evils out of existence.

Often, these groups would bank on the naivete of Internet communities that ‘do not believe in evil’ or ‘believe evil is merely negative energy.’ These philosophies of moral relativism constitute cardinal sins under the current laws of the Archangelic Order.

You will find variations of teachings online that evil is not real, that we are ‘merely playing roles in life’ with certain actors either playing the role of evil, or playing the role of good, and ‘switching sides so God further learns and grows.’

This was infiltration by menacing, evil forces posing as ‘Beings of Light’ and tricking the planets of Gaia and its sister, Yezara’dara, into corruption.

These are not ‘Light Beings.’ Such ploys have been commonly used historically by demonic entities because they exploit extreme reverence by non-advanced civilizations toward the supernatural, the otherworldly.

There is an automatic assumption that any entity beyond the Earth is holy and divine. Today, on your channeling communities, among authors famous in spirituality movements, you will hear variations of this idea; and some channelers are at a point where they will defend the unholy concept of moral relativism to the death if challenged.

We have seen people of your world becoming demonic in form or spirit, dropping their facade of ‘Love and Light’ as they progress onto a path of ultimate spiritual decay, all the while professing consciousness worship, obsession with power, sugar-coated by the idea of spiritual ascension or to become a higher dimensional being.

This idea is widespread because such teachings absolve souls of individual responsibility and provides the endless temptation that ‘all is forgiven’ as soon as you die and ‘rejoin Godhead.’ Therefore, eliminating all corporate or career criminals of ever fearing repercussion for willful cruelty.

That is why such teachings are extremely popular among career professionals, including summits and conferences that teach manifestation; without elaborating that it is often manifestation at the expense of innocent people. It ties directly into corporatism, which is usually thinly veiled Satanism when practiced on a stricken planet like Gaia Earth.

Further, Internet teachings that focus to an extreme angle on power ascension should be regarded with great distrust.

For example, “we are all ascending into higher, and higher, nonphysical, ethereal states where we ‘rejoin God and become perfect.'” Note the language used: The idea we rejoin God through a power ascension means a member of a cabal could engage in absolute Satanic horror, the kind documented in films like Out of Shadows, yet be on a path toward bliss, Godliness, and perfection.

This includes teachings that we must prioritize becoming crystalline bodies, Light beings, or that all communicators are in fact ‘Beings of Celestial Light.’ What if some of this is true? Certainly; however, true teachings would not emphasize this over the Holy Spirit. A fake teaching would say, “Because I have access to a Light body, you must try to become as powerful as I am.” I am Daniela of Ashtar. If I wanted to be in a Light body, I could.

I could care less if I were, or not. That is not how to guide a civilization into morality and goodness. How did our powers become center stage?!

[Addendum: Daniela later emphasizes the idea of turning into a crystalline body is an altered concept related to a body turning higher density and proto-physical, not truly crystalline, which is a physiological effect across the body that is extremely noticeable, but “we do not become crystalline structures or our DNA would change and we’d no longer be humans. The entire 5d cosmos are still biological lifeforms. Not crystalline people.”]

Actual, ancient, wise rulers and angelic beings never speak in tones of self exaltation. One would never hear Sananda, also known as Jesus, referring to himself as a Light Being of Absolute Love; nor would Sananda even describe himself as an ‘Ascended Master’ as these are terms that place themselves on pedestals of extreme reverence in opposition to man.

This is language used that is bereft of humility. It does not mean these messages are false, but there was perhaps a foreign interfering agent trying to corrupt the message.

The motivation would be to continuously make humans revere their ‘Celestial Gods’ and believe ‘anything’ they are told from such a position of authority. Then this can be applied to ‘other’ messages intent to convert the planet into some insidious agenda.

You can guarantee that when you hear language used that is self exalted, self deifying, it may still be a real communication, perhaps with us, but it is being hijacked by an Archonic force that is inserting these ideas into the channel’s mind; to taint our message with a foreign influence.

This is also the danger of subconscious telepathy. Right now, many are practicing conscious, direct-telepathy. It is suggested to focus on enhancing one’s skill in this area. All should try it.

Perhaps with your Arcturian guides, as many have Arcturian friends. Place a very strong ‘mental input’ like ‘Begin communications now with my Arcturian or Ashtar guide!’ Then clap your hands or do something to send that message deep into your mind, then await a presence and a foreign communicator’s voice. This is how to train yourself to engage in direct, versus indirect communication.

Now, let us change topic: To recap, your Internet is awash with information about the terrors of the cabal, the underground military bases, and what was happening in the grand, higher density cosmos. All this material, for the most part, is true. However, some areas have been tampered with, which we shall discuss momentarily.

These accounts of Secret Space Program insiders represent a truth in your world… Yet, also the existence of something very hard for many to grasp: the parallel life memory complex. Which can also be known as a parallel reality.

This is where we have to approach this next material carefully, as there are many stumbling points in terms of comprehension.

Firstly, as we begin to tackle the unbelievable subject of a *parallel reality—*we recommend the work of a man named Emery Smith.

Emery Smith

This man accurately describes many of the terrifying, underground realities that were cabal operations, especially from around 2000-2020. You will start to learn about what is known as the Secret Space Program.

However, these memories are parallel-life memories. Dr. Smith has existed in two simultaneous lives at once, without realizing it.

We shall discuss later in this essay why such a parallel Earth reality system even exists.

These programs, like described by Dr. Smith, reflect an operation upon an adjacent version of planet Earth. So similar to our own, but what was the true source of power for what came to be known as the cabal, strategically in existence in a reality connected to your own world, with a primary focus to eventually attack your world.

Imagine: Another version of your world, with many (not all) of the same people upon it. Imagine this world is connected to another universe from your own.

The universe that this parallel Earth is connected to is called the Sacred Gathering Universe, home of the Annunaki (or the pre-Adamites), What would life upon such a world be like? Imagine your life now, but your soul duplicated on a different planet that is perfectly reconstructed as your own.

As a result, it’s a planet Earth existent upon a different timeline. History going in new, divergent manners; while many on your world obtain vague recollections and memories of it.

Imagine, for example, different results in history, different results in politics. Imagine a world under the umbrella of a grand, almost mythical universe so distinctive from your own; yet is still your Earth with variations of your same souls living upon that world.

This accounts for nearly all ‘parallel life’ memories on your planet, where people say, “I feel like I have memories of another me, leading another life, similar to my own.”

Upon this world we know as Yezara’dara, what was known as ‘the cabal’ would abduct specially chosen operatives, use them for 20-year service periods within the Annunaki-ruled, mythical, 5th density (5d) universe known in our sacred texts as The Gathering Universe.

These operations would involve incredible amounts of mind control, and the transformation of such operatives at times into ‘super soldiers’ in cloned bodies. They would find themselves often in tours of duty in places like the higher density Mars (please see the testimonies of a man named Randy Cramer), until eventually the tour finished.

So, now we have two people. Same soul, different bodies. In this case, our dear Mr. Cramer would have no idea (and likely still has no idea) that he lived a life on a parallel reality version of Planet Earth where he was recruited from his military into a program known as the Mars Defense Taskforce.

Cptn. Randy Cramer recollects memories of service under a cabal-controlled wing of the Secret Space Programs, deployment to Mars, training as a super-soldier, and current augmented telepathic powers to his command station in another universe entirely different from our own on a completely separate timeline.

He was taken into the ‘5th density’, often by being strapped into a chair in a military laboratory, and going through a grueling process of being elevated ‘up’ into a new universe. Afterward, he would end up appearing on another planet that is similar in culture and style to his Earth; but in a supernal, very magical, higher reality.

This is known as the higher density universe. His government would piece together an understanding and see this phenomenon as perhaps another reality superimposed over one’s own. This appears accurate at first blush, but it is not the truth. The higher density is a separate universe entirely independent.

Before we go further, a question has likely arisen…: Why is there even a higher density universe in the first place?!

Ah, your cultures would call facets of such a universe HEAVEN! It is true. In the beginning of creation, there came to exist foundational, normal universes containing many worlds like your own… And essence embedded, higher density universes that are full of many wondrous things (please see this communication).

Over ages, through celestial history, higher density universes paved a path toward magical universes through a grand manifestation process where new realities could be built composed entirely of a grand, divine power that alters the rules of reality, creating ethereal structured universes.

The higher density and ethereal magical universes are generally universes crafted by builder races via what we could only call magical power; the greatest of all energies that makes the impossible possible. Magic feels and exists like everything you could imagine it to be through your stories, fantasy novels, and so forth.

To not believe in magical power would be silly.

Many on your Earth are probably feeling it [magical power] by the time this article is released. If this essay is read in forthcoming years or millennia to come; all will remember the time of the Shift and the Great Transition of Ancient Sacred Gaia, transitioning into the magical, supernal eye.

Magical power, which is generally regarded as the great holy power, came into existence during the Great Construction of Reality within the mental planes of existence.

It [magic] has a feminine signature upon it, and it is generally regarded that the empyrean divine being Archangel Ariel, as she is known in your culture, manifested the existence of magic itself long before the physical dawning. It can be felt as a literal energy.

Upon this onset of physical creation itself, a mere 37.1 octillion years ago, it came to pass that the foundational universes must ultimately construct their heavenly counterparts.

And so, the great mystery of civilizations where people pass away and reach heavenly counterparts, is now understood. It is the interplay between foundational and divine cosmoses.

The foundational universes nourish and help construct the great, higher density cosmoses. And thusly we see a dichotomy; a split between the foundational universes where magic is displaced, but condensed in great fields, or among the stars and planets, and the supernal, higher density universes where magic pours forth across all creation, leaving all residents potentially in a state of magical splendor.

A long discussion must ensue, eventually, about how evil forces arise on a higher density cosmos. Those who live in a magical reality yet wish to consume the magic of others instead of joining in its beauty with others.

Further, avoid strange teachings online that attempt to rationalize such concepts away into areas of pure technical science. The processes can all be understood technically, but we cannot become reductionists in this area.

The people of your parallel reality Earth, Yezara’dara, discovered the higher density cosmos through great diligence, scientific interest, and unfortunately… extreme ambition.

They [military powers of the parallel reality earth] started to notice another universe [the higher density Gathering Universe cosmos] making contact within their own world. They would then be imparted knowledge about technologies to grant access to such a universe. Some of these technologies were passed by the Annunaki. Others by the Draco Reptilians. Early cabal telepaths would channel these communicators forward.

Meanwhile, upon your Earth, the same scientists went into a different timeline. There was no higher density Gathering Universe and no sophisticated underground military base network to conduct such secret experiments.

In fact, your Earth never quite discovered the higher density cosmos. On your timeline, other factions kept your United States government and other shadow government operations in the dark. Yet, many covert factions did eventually acquire knowledge.

Meanwhile, upon your parallel reality, the new timeline emerged where great, new and powerful forces made full contact.

[Addendum by Cyrus: Daniela emphasizes the following for this updated version of the essay, “Your world and communities studying these materials will vehemently deny that anything occurred in a parallel universe. The man Tony Rodriguez, a great hero, has publicly denied any of these events happened beyond our own universe or in a parallel timeline.

Secret Space Program Ceres colony survivor Tony Rodriguez

Unfortunately, I must make a point: Where do you stand? What we of the Pleiades speak about is the truth. I am Daniela and I could even activate your neural pathways just by you reading this message, prove my existence to you, and explain to you in absolute terms that we are discussing the existence of other universes, and other timelines.

To neglect this fact throws absolutely everything into disarray. Even if you read about these topics already by authoritative sources forcefully claiming otherwise, it does not make the opinions of those on your Earth true. Why? Because from your perspective, no one can quite see the truth.

From a higher vantage, as Pleiadians, we understand the secret underpinnings which are very hard to convince people about.

Some would even view this information as a challenge to existing research, or worse yet: A competition for greater fame and attention on the Internet: “Cyrus is now competition! Trying to upstage OUR channeled messages! We must resist these ideas!” instead of working within a parameter of enhanced communications and corroboration.

This makes this task extremely challenging.

The reason it’s possible outside information can actually exist which should be taken seriously instead of dismissed off-hand is the fact many of these insiders have been placed into states of extreme memory reallocation, reassignment, and deletion. Under deep hypnosis, they would recall inconsistencies that would show errors in their stories about coming from the future and other absolute impossibilities.

I am Daniela, and I must make it clear: I am willing to risk being seen in the worst light possible also risking the reputation of my channel, Cyrus, but the truth MUST be known: These awesome heroes were involved in something that most people cannot comprehend: parallel reality timelines. Period. End of story.

We must understand on your world people are extremely resilient against new ideas emerging. The narrative these events all occurred in your universe, however, is demonstrably false. The concept of future time travel is demonstrably false. There are major insiders like Daryl James who recount being strapped to chairs that ‘jump’ them into the 5D universe. In James’ case, it was under management by Draco Reptilians. Such information is actually available and can be cited by understanding the heroes’ testimonies on a deeper level.

You must make your own decisions as you read this message, but allow your intuition to guide you. Most of their facts are true, but ask yourself this: Why did James Corey Goode recently renege on his entire account? What made him decide nothing was real? Because he cannot put pieces together about his life between two realities and he started to mentally fall apart. This becomes clear in his court depositions. As well as his irrational, erratic behaviors.

The entire field of study concerning events like the war against the Draconian forces, the moon colonies of the German breakaway civilizations, the foundation of Solar Warden and great cosmic space fleets with William Tompkins, and many more incidences involve a parallel timeline and a parallel universe.

We of the Pleiades consider, among our billions of years of cosmic history, this event to be outstanding beyond belief, including complete contact with our brethren in another universe. Is this easy to understand? NO! It is not easy for us to understand. It would be nice if we of worlds beyond yours had all the easy answers but we do not.

We just have to try our damned best to make good on what we say and present the truth.

So, let us continue the narrative.

For example, [upon your parallel reality planet] there was early contact in the 1940s with our brethren the Taygetans, meeting in secret with the United States Air Force.

Part of this story was revealed to your world’s great author Michael Salla, who was unknowingly compiling research data from a different version of his world.

And so, it became of great importance for your parallel reality’s military powers to study and make full access to this higher universe.

They began with probes, drones, little robots, then monkeys, and finally human beings.

A man named William Tompkins lived on this parallel Earth and was put to work in the 1940s and 50s to begin the foundation of a great cosmic space fleet known as Solar Warden that could carry the United States government into the higher density universe.

[Note by Cyrus: According to communications with Pleiadian Queen Daniela, aerospace engineer William Tompkins lived in two universes, two separate timelines, at once, carrying out extraordinary work but on two separate paths, with a parallel Tompkins helping design a grand Earth-based space fleet known as Solar Warden that never technically existed on our planet, yet countless people can recall memories of serving upon it, working within it, and carrying out Solar Warden missions despite a lack of physical evidence. This occurs due to people memory-swapping between lives.]

Meanwhile, this man William Tompkins, author of Selected by Extraterrestrials existed simultaneously upon your planet; same soul, two lives, parallel realities.

On your world, he was also involved with special sections of the Navy and was a part of secret space programs that never quite lifted off the ground.

They [our Earth’s governments] could have made contact with my cosmos, which would be your world’s equivalent higher density reality, yet your world’s militaries were typically confused on purpose, ‘bullshit cycled’ by different factions to prevent an encroachment into our universe.

We might have helped with that [deception] once or twice. The last thing our cosmos needed was sociopathic Gaia Earth governments developing insanely powerful technologies and licking their chops at the prospect of invading a supernal, higher reality. Oh, they would have invaded if given the chance, trust me.

Because of the parallel reality memory convergence phenomena, at a certain point in Tompkin’s life, he began to migrate his memories from his other life; yet could not distinguish which reality was which.

My channel recalls learning about this man some years ago, reading parts of his book, yet coming away with a sense that it was a man split between different realities. This was true.

That would include his accounts of sleeping with ‘Nordic secretaries.’ Of course, those ‘Nordic secretaries’ were Pleiadian / Taygetan counterparts of our own in the Gathering Universe; our branch-away civilization.

Now we see the reality of this phenomena. On your parallel-reality Earth, they were connected directly to the sacred Annunaki universe, and it was upon that ‘other Earth’ the terrifying cabal set up vast underground bases.

That timeline’s Tompkins helped design the great forces that would later branch from the cabal and join the heroic Earth alliance. This means Solar Warden in particular. Meanwhile, Solar Warden never existed upon your Earth. It was a secret space program outfit from a different reality version of Earth, where you, the reader, may be existing right now in duplicated fashion.

Tompkins passed away, and both aspects of himself merged together into one singular whole; he age-regressed to his 30s approximately, and now works as an engineer and magistrate for the Earth alliance and Solar Warden, out in the 5d Gathering Universe.

Some on the Internet who loved Tompkins, including a man named Jordan Sather, postulated that Tompkins, like many righteous people, died and entered what is known as the Galactic Central Sun; the true source of ‘God.’ The ultimate divine power. Whereupon we migrate into it, are consumed into ‘Source’, and / or eventually reincarnate.

No, all references to the Galactic Central Sun are disinformation put in place by dark factions wishing to create a cult of veneration around a false archetype. The power source of your great Milky Way galaxy is not ‘God.’ Nor is it possible to die and be consumed by divine power at expense to your agency and great individual spirit and essence.

That man, Sather, does not vet his material and as such, spreads terrifying disinformation to the masses by promoting ideas like the Galactic Central Sun cult, using his giant platform.

Justice will be understood in time, as extreme ignorance is not an excuse during the most sensitive times, especially when one chooses to spread misinformation for self-promotion and a sense of power versus Service to Others. A concept Sather promotes, yet apparently does not understand.

So, now let us return to these most unusual, most hard to understand concepts. Tompkins lived between two realities, two Earths.

To quote the great Aldebaran priestess and singer Natasha Khan from England, who sings about these topics: “I am one of two planets dancing.”

What about other insiders relating absolutely extraordinary tales of another cosmos? Let’s take internationally renowned speaker James Corey Goode, for example.

Goode is famous on your Internet for his heroics but was investigated and found to exist in a completely mundane way in his life, with his military service not corresponding to his story of joining the Earth Alliance from a higher branch of military that should have been confirmed. In Goode’s story, he eventually migrated into William Tompkin’s Solar Warden and became a hero.

On your world he was found to be part of your America’s Army National Guard. And that’s it.

In fact, there was another James Corey Goode, living another life, on a replica of your world. Very wild, isn’t it?!

Oh yes, Daniela of the Ashtar Galactic Command has lost her mind and is just revealing every detail in this essay that was never supposed to be spoken about to the public. Including this most frustrating to understand concept of all; that many people upon your planet have had [more than] one parallel reality Earth-life established.

Why am I revealing all of this? Honestly, I thought of this entire strategy while slightly intoxicated via our culture’s version of tequila.

Seriously, on our world an alcohol is distilled from a plant that looks similarly to your world’s agave plants. However, our version of this plant glows slightly. Oh, if only you could see our planet.

To continue… Hmm, perhaps I should take another shot of Massipino, which is the prior magical tequila I just spoke about. Life is good up here.

Where was I? The funny thing is, my channel Cyrus can actually taste what I am drinking. Mental syncing is quite the adventure.

James Corey Goode, on your parallel reality Earth, which is called within all the esoteric literature of our world Yezara’dara, is recruited into the Secret Space Programs and ends up working for the cabal and their giant industrial factions known as the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.)

He undergoes rigorous training and is sent ‘up’ into the higher density (5D) cosmos from Yezara’dara’s underground military network, whereupon he is involved in one of the most incredible adventures, including face-to-face meetings with the great magical curators of the Earths: the Anshar and their Queen Kai’ree who rules the Inner Earth (whom is a personal friend of mine.)

James Corey Goode finishes his tour of duty and proceeds to create a cult of personality on Earth around himself, becomes involved in crazy, pointless litigation against a great positive force of good on Earth known as Gaia TV. In doing so, he allows his reputation to sink into the ground. Oops.

So here is what really happened.

James Corey Goode was, in essence, caught by the cabal after his rebellion by joining the cabal separatist factions of the Earth alliance. He is assimilated back into the cabal control network and finishes his ’20-and-back’ tour of duty. To those unfamiliar, when we describe the ’20-and-back’ we go into extremely weird and completely fucking impossible time travel stories on your Internet.

The cabal destroys him. Why? They know he exists upon your world, as well. So, to simply destroy him, he’d still be around and won’t technically be dead even though upon his world, which is an almost carbon copy of your own, he had been missing for a full 20 years since his recruitment. Simultaneously, during those 20 years on your world he was living a full life with his wife.

When they no longer had use for Corey, his service ended after 20 years, and he is ‘returned to Earth’ full of implanted memories and false information to mess up his accounts.

What this means is they simply killed him, and his consciousness returned in full form to his life on your world. Suddenly, after his 20-year service is done, Goode starts to recall giant chunks of altered memories of a life on The Second Earth, the higher densities, and being part of an unbelievable cosmic drama.

The cabal creates a narrative that Corey and others are sent into the future, and when the tour finishes, they are sent back to the past. Your world then develops a huge sub-culture around this tall tale because it’s so mysterious and cool and reminiscent of your films like Back to the Future, starring that really lovely man, Michael J. Fox. It becomes known as the 20-and-back programs which many on your Earth have embedded memories about.

And so, Corey has memories implanted from the beginning of his tour, and the end of his tour, to falsify an idea of future time travel to justify the lapses in memory and parallel existences.

I am Daniela. I am 9.2 billion-years old. I am among the Ashtar High Command, of your higher universe. I command the Manzeran people, and I am a commander of the Galactic Federation of Light. I put my reputation on the line: There is no such thing as future time travel except through generations of timelines through magical processes that the ‘cabal’ would never be able to even fathom, let alone implement, for their power was based on cruelty and corruption, not magic.

In reality, Corey Goode of the Second Earth simply went missing 20 years prior. Never married his wife and his family assumed him a missing person. He never returned from his tour of duty. However, his parallel life upon your world carried forward.

The cabal, in all these situations, simply thinks, “Meh… They’re still around. Who cares what his or her family on our world thinks? They’re still alive in the other reality.” This was their justification.

This plan also makes people become terrified of the cabal and its factions through the belief that they control time. Do you see a common thread among bad guys sowing seeds of disinformation upon your Internet?

A group of powerful spirit guides known as the Ancient Builder Race, otherwise known as the beings of Ah Tah Moh, a civilization 10 billion light-years away within our cosmos (not the Gathering universe we speak of), joined the great Saga of the Earths by helping these survivors recollect their parallel reality lives, beginning especially with names like James Corey Goode in the early 2010s.

However, these recollections were outfitted with certain false memory engrams. Among those false memories was this concept the cabal has power over future-based time travel (or any time travel.) Such is impossible. Yes, let’s all believe the terrifying faction Monarch can just… go into the past or the future at will. Hell no.

And so, these insiders appear across your Internet, especially in the mid-2000s, but they rise to awareness through forums like Project Camelot as early as the years 2003 / 2004.

We are Nordic extraterrestrials, as your people understand us…Why do we know these things? Ah, because we study all of it. For this is the Saga of the Earths and it is so important.

Many in the communities surrounding this saga are not yet aware of most important victories. They are too caught up in fear that the cabal and Monarch control time and people’s lives. All across your Internet, we see these stories spreading so much fear.

Instead of focusing on the true terrifying stories plus the misdirections, there are also very important victories to note, including against the Draco Reptilians and their force of terror known as the A.I. / nano-threat.

This terrifying threat was utilized by the Draco Reptilian Empire to augment themselves with fierce collectivized power, altering their personalities and using these nanites to actually embed themselves with evil energy.

In an attempt to corrupt the Earth of Yezara’dara (Not your Earth, the parallel reality Earth spoken about before), the creators of the A.I. nanite threat tried to sow these machines into populations. This arrived in the form of what your Internet calls the Black Goo.

Good news, this Black Goo never existed on your Earth; however, who could have known? What I’ve just explained is so complex, people simply hear testimonies from elsewhere and apply it to your own world, with a perpetual sense there is some other reality that borders on the fantastic, constantly.

Fortunately, despite their drastic attempts to ‘corrupt that planet into evil’ through mass nanite-infections, it was impossible. Satanic forces like that one [the A.I. creators] never succeed in trying to ‘corrupt innocent souls’ despite their endless attempts to do.

Great horrors can be perpetrated, but a divine soul cannot change into evil unless that soul chooses it. Terrible lying Satanic forces would love for people to believe otherwise; and the paranoid masses on your Internet eat it up in a most faithless way. “This beautiful woman was possessed, and now she wants to kill people.” No, this cannot occur unless she allowed the corruption into her soul.

And that is also what would define as “sin.”

And so, the A.I. threat was uncovered finally, and it originated from a civilization 8 billion light-years away known as the Zaltfrokar. A break-away from the machine-based android collective known as the Nimkan, who are now a powerful ally of the Earth alliance.

The Zaltfrokar worlds were giant, terrifying, industrial machine planets full of arachnid-looking monstrous robotic entities.

There are certain accounts online of their vast power when starships would try to make contact and face severe destruction. Please see the testimonies of Johan Fritz. Some of these accounts are disturbing.

And thus, during this time of great victories, the Angelic Order would overcome their corruption through a civil war, merge into the Earth Alliance, and align to great powers like Solar Warden.

Further, countless forces from the multiverse would also join this alliance.

The Angelic Order in their trademark, beautiful battle armor—are great warrioresses who always thought of themselves as living saints and angels prepared to battle evil.

Yet, their Order had gone so terribly astray.

To learn about them [The Angelic Order of Shangri-La] would seem like something out of a great science fiction novel (much like our own civilization.) Yet, the nature of The Gathering Universe is so wondrous, the Angelic Order and the tales of Shai’nara would seem like a science fiction novel even to us! And we are Nordic aliens for crying out loud! That’s how outstanding your neighboring magical universe is.

Now, quite recently, at the time of this writing, many of the Angelic Order, after overcoming insurmountable obstacles—manifested into true Angelic Forms, complete with beautiful wings.

I, Daniela, became an Angel and joined their order after I overcame a great struggle on my world as we faced and defeated a terrible corruption (within my own soul, as well). As such I have now dedicated myself anew to both the Spirit of Christ Consciousness and the Salvation of the Multiverse; after seeing so much now in the dawn of a new light, a new era for the Great Cosmic Multiverse.

Yes, even an ancient ruler like myself can become fallen. For even at the onset of my life upon High Ashtar of the Andromeda Galaxy, there was a design flaw in my soul. It never settled itself. In recent times, believing no other way, I would resort to the worst political maneuvers, including thoughts of mortal treachery against my own beloved son.

The extreme sorrow when one’s conscience activates, and a soul understands they are doing something so inexorably wrong, is what can cause a soul to become Angelic… or at times, Archangelic. Many angelic beings are, in fact, the saved, the born again, and the redeemed. All must understand this concept within a new society.

Ah, we have covered so much ground, my friend. Let us imagine this essay you are reading as a great adventure… An adventure into the truth.

Now, let us take a moment to understand how and why your Earth was ‘copied’ into these parallel reality states full of parallel social memory complexes.

The great, presiding cosmic powers, including the force known as Archangel Ariel—otherwise known by names like Alessa, and Akiane, construct such systems as parallel reality duplicates of planets. It is that simple.

A parallel reality world is created when all the souls of one planet are ‘copied’ at the exact moment in time, until their lives are synchronized together, but in a different universe. These are the same souls in twin bodies. Their awareness structure may shift in and out of both realities, sometimes without realizing it. Their subconscious minds pilot their ‘other selves’ when their primary focus is elsewhere.

This is often done for strategic purposes, or to keep a civilization secure and protected with ‘backup copies’ in case a very important planet, like Gaia, faces terrifying outside existential threats.

The knowledge of a parallel reality is generally kept secret. The only clue occurs when two planets that are synchronized suddenly become desynchronized and twin copies of soul start leading different lives; like in the William Tompkins story outlined before.

So, all this time, we of the Magical Ashtar Secret Societies are looking out for Planet Gaia. And the time came, some ages ago, when we learned about parallel copies of Gaia.

The final proof of parallel realities to Earth occurred during the time of Atlantis. The true name of Atlantis is ‘Surivaya’ and its real location, oh I must not say… It would spark controversy. However, that was an example of a great, magical Annunaki colony.

Through studying Atlantis, we came to find there was another copy of Gaia / Earth within another foundational universe connected to the sacred, mystical, and quite mythological parallel reality universe to our own: The Gathering Universe! The same magical reality where our Taygetan brothers and sisters dwell.

We discovered how Atlantis existed independently among not one, but two parallel reality Earths. The third Earth existed within a universe was known as The Protector Universe, which we already knew about as it is overseen by the primary Ashtar civilization: The Protector Ashtari ruled by Lord Sananda.

This man, Sananda, incarnated on your world as Jesus Christ and remains an influencer of your religious faiths while also being recognized as the King of the Ashtar.

Therefore, an extremely desynchronized version of Planet Earth exists in correspondence to this universe of King Sananda and Queen Mandrasa (also known as Mary Magdalene).

The name of this world is seen in our literature as Krom’dar. Some of your same historical elements came to pass on Krom’dar until this planet completely desynchronized much earlier than Yezara’dara. To imagine: On Krom’dar there is a Great Britain, but no Islam, as upon that timeline Islam never came to exist. Instead, Zoroastrianism arose as the central Middle Eastern religion.

Readers might ask: Where were we during all these recent events? FLABBERGASTED! Our connection to these parallel worlds and universes was always discreet and SECRET! Such as my prior point about our relationship to our Taygetan allies under the command of King Daryl James within a parallel reality construction of our Pleiadian star system.

To most in my cosmos, the existence of The Gathering Universe and even the Annunaki in general would be superstition. Yet, I, Daniela, understand the truth about our Taygetan kin and the existence of grand, mythical realities like the Protector Universe of King Sananda of Christ, and, of course, The Gathering Universe which is so influential upon your world’s awakening community and pop culture.

Most societies in your regional, higher, magical cosmos never even knew about these other universes.

As all these outstanding events occurred among your cosmic neighbors… We, as the ancient Ashtar ally of Minerva, were busy dealing with crazy Andromedans.

In our cosmos, among our greatest challenges were the massively broken Ashtar military worlds with populations terrified of brutal drafts; where new Ashtar Knights, in their chrome battle armor, were continuously sent on eons-long, merciless training protocols to eventually die in war against the collectivized Aldmari factions.

For ages we had to deal with the Ashtar Collectives ruled by Queen Mornosa, who is now an Archangel after her redemption from crime and tyranny.

Mornosa was once considered among your higher cosmoses’ major gangsters and among the chief threats.

She was constantly manipulating, spying, and seeking vengeance against myself, Daniela! With her own army of silver armored Ashtari Mercenary Knights at her disposal.

Sometimes Mornosa’s Ashtar knights wore black or grey armors signifying shadow operations. These feared mercenaries were known to create holocausts and genocides, including against innocent Aldmari planets.

Your planet has the benefit of never having had to think about; nor deal with; the long eons of pain, hardship and struggle in your higher density reality which is supposed to be a magical afterlife for your Earth. It is so sad, so shameful to think about our struggles.

The things your Internet channelers never talk about! Most communications to your world from Ashtar High Command or The Galactic Federation of Light concern philosophical messages, self-improvement advice, or hijacked and altered communications that read as trite as your newspaper’s horoscope.

Information deemed too outstanding, too scary, for your planet to bear has always been withheld. And then, the information we do get out is terribly distorted.

Sometimes distortions occur to fit a channeler’s ulterior motive to be seen as a messiah. People on Primitive Gaia Earth typically lack the maturity to tell the difference, or even understand basic right from wrong.

OK, time for another shot of Massipino. Where did I put my glass?!

Now perhaps people see why the Galactic Federation of Light is where many of the Ashtar mystics resettled, focusing on work around your planet Earth and trying to integrate a peaceful acceptance of the Ashtar while promoting the 5D ascension event which requires precise global collective consciousness integration; hence our continuous struggle to spread socially inspired messages.

This practice truly began in 1977 with my husband Vrillon’s message to your planet through mass radio broadcasts (which extended beyond Great Britain, by the way.)

Vrillon of Ashtar High Command: The mass broadcast message, Daniela warns, has been “‘heavily attacked, dismissed, debunked, and hated upon by the negative starseeds of your world desperately trying to control the narrative away from positive extraterrestrial help. Oh, joy.”

There were other attempts throughout history to integrate civilization to our presence. One such example is Maria Orsich’s infiltration of your evil Nazi party. She is an Ashtar Queen who now works alongside myself, Queen Mornosa, and Queen Minerva within the Angelic Order of Shai’nara.

Maria Orsich, Pleiadian Ashtar Infiltrator

Other examples include attempts by our Arcturian neighbors to make mass contact. This is done by ‘pulling away the curtain’ bit by bit. How? Oh, UFO sightings!

In 1997 a great wave of UFO sightings occurred. They were all Arcturians. They were extremely present at that time in southern Arizona, around your cities of Tucson and Phoenix.

It culminated with what is known in your culture as the Phoenix Lights event that transpired in the skies above a sacred city named after a true mythical entity.

The Phoenix Lights, however, were not what your society believed. They were a cover-up attempt by forces trying to reduce attention upon a massive event that occurred several days prior around your Sonoran Desert, in particular the Ironwood National Monument where massive Arcturian ships were arriving in sight of the I-10 Freeway system.

I, Daniela, recall this operation. The Arcturian High Council told me, “It will be a monumental event, because the collective consciousness can go in two directions. At this precise moment, the people of Earth are open to our existences and are less likely to psychically attack and destroy us.”

My heart sank. I do not like indefinite pronouncements. “Less likely” is very scary to me when dealing with psychic bombardment that can disperse a soul, force a soul into reincarnation. I prefer being Daniela.

So, in early March that year, forces of the Arcturian High Council landed a mothership among Arizona’s southwestern mountains. Many witnessed it across the town of Marana and her sister city of Tucson. It was so outstanding, no one could rationalize it away. Yet, this was a time before smartphone cameras. It came, it went.

A couple of days later, a powerful group on your world known as the Freemasons felt they had to cover up the event as fast as possible.

Why? Fear the collective consciousness would integrate into the wrong direction; imagine the collective psyche of Earth suddenly accepting visitors from beyond without rejecting their existences. Then, suddenly, a legion of terrifying Raulian Aldmari from Andromeda descends into the lower density, foundational universe.

The reason forces that wish to conquer your planet cannot is because the collective consciousness rejects their existences. Their crew would all die. Their ships likely to completely demanifest, including those on board.

So, we see how contact is a terrible, double-edged sword. On one hand, integration and acceptance allows contact. On the other hand, this could cause even your own terrestrial space programs to become extremely functional, tipping the balance of power in favor of occult Earth factions with immense underground technology who could suddenly operate in plain daylight.

In your own universe, there is a huge civilization in a neighboring galaxy known as the Libra Galaxy. This is not a higher density civilization from another universe like most of your ‘UFO’ visitors. No. They are the Spekdar people from your own reality. Very powerful, with eyes that had been set on conquering your planet. They also had colonies set-up around your universe’s Pleiades cluster. A stones-throw away. What if they had invaded?

And so, your Phoenix Lights were powerful flares thrown into the sky, so they could be decried as flares by the Arizona state government, and people on a collective psyche level would believe it because of the phenomenon of sensing truth.

And thus, eyes were taken off the major Arcturian event, and people started to disbelieve again. Whether the Masons made the right choice by doing this, is arguable. Nonetheless, it happened.

And now we see why certain powerful factions of your society cover-up contact events. Typically, they are worried it could cause a catastrophe if there is widespread belief and acceptance in the celestial.

As you may have guessed from my prior story about our friend Travis, we of the Ashtar Mystics, the Manzerans and the Galactic Federation of Light Magic, take great interest in Arizona for our contacts. There are many reasons for this, within the spectrum of the mystical.

Presently, we have physical bases setup in different areas around this state. It will be a major staging point during forthcoming events; including your cities of great magical power: Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff.

We are affectionately named The Nordic Extraterrestrials and you may see us walking around, pondering who all the Russian immigrants are. At that stage, you can talk to us and we’ll just admit openly who we are. Let’s go have lunch together at that point.

Now then, to return to the story of the most incredible cosmic events: The Earth Alliance comes to power, the entire multiverse arrives, and mass arbitrations ultimately occur against the Dracos, the cabal of Earth, and many other forces—including the Raulian Aldmari factions of Andromeda that were most terrifying.

The Great Karmic Wars occurred among different universes: including my cosmos, ruled by the Ashtar, the Gathering Universe of our legends ruled by the Annunaki and others, plus, to a lesser extent, your own foundational universe that is a kind of frontier in a low-density, non-magical space, yet still a great powerful cosmos with its own history.

The creation of your massive frontier wilderness harkens back to the Goddess Minerva of Ashtar 7.7 billions of years ago. She effectively copied our own universe into a new one that is foundational versus divine. This is why your dating measurements reflect the age of our cosmos, which is 13.7 billion years. Although even this number is inaccurate. It’s actually 14.1 billion years. I am certain a scientist will go blue in the face to disagree with me, which is why your society is very cute.

Your planet was situated in place, on purpose, 88 million-years ago, into your own universe, which is foundational and as such, insulates it away from great threats, necessary for the enormous power of your planet take root and eventually be used for its purpose: a weapon system to defend creation from evil.

Your planet, the parallel reality versions of your planet, and the higher reality versions of your planet in our cosmos, plus adjacent versions in The Gathering and Protector Universes was a project put in place by your civilization’s curators.

Those curators are known as the Pascalanians, ruled by a deity we know as Archangel Ariel or Archangel Alessa. Another name for her incarnated existence on your world is Akiane Kramarik. She is a public figure, and like all of us, keeps her true identity secret.

Archangel Ariel also battled the Pascalanians, reinforcing the concept of original sin. Her own civilization fell into deplorable depths of corruption, that unfortunately manifested into your Catholic Church, explaining endless cycles of terrifying, evil popes.

The Pascalanians are a human civilization trillions of years older than your own, from a very distant universe. Their deep state was considered the most wicked of all. They hid themselves within Ariel’s project by curating elements of Roman Catholic culture in the likeness of the good Pascalanians, while inserting their most evil political rulers.

During these most important end times, we saw the destruction of the horrifying Pascalanian monsters, which will end the succession of evil popes, cardinals and bishops once and for all.

We suggest to visit some of Archangel Ariel’s paintings that reflect ancient Pascalanian society. One such is the following painting: which relates to the founding mother of the Pascalanians, which is likely tied in to your own planet’s secret mythologies.

Now then… Let us continue. By the time people read this, it’s very possible your world will have been taken away from Minerva’s Universe into our Greater Cosmos. It is hard to tell at first, because our celestial bodies are the same.

Evidence for the intelligent design process can be found by looking up at your night-sky. Try to tell me with a straight face that constellation Orion is a naturally occurring star formation. Absolutely not. It was arranged through the manifestation power of Goddess Minerva.

Tell me with a straight face a solar eclipse is natural when the sun and moon are in somehow absolute mathematical consistency with one another. It is impossible. Your scientists know it is impossible, and so they hide under their beds like the little cowards they are without confronting it.

There will eventually be hell to raise upon your planet against such cowards.

Great arbitrations also took place against the Sun Risen Ashtar; the Ashtari people most known for horrific practices—plus the Ashtar Collectives ruled by Queen Mornosa which saw their population shrink in certain planets as evil forces would fall over dead on the streets.

Soon, absolute balance befell the regional universes. However, why did it take so long?

The reason for this is that the higher density universes around your planet were always closed off to outsiders.

That’s right, both our cosmos and our neighboring Gathering Universe and Protector Universe have always been insulated from the multiverse beyond.

Forces from the Greater Multiverse of Orcas, where our universes are just one community among a multiverse 621 trillion universes strong, were completely unable to access us.

Why? Because each of these local universes used vast manifestation power to actually seal shut the borders out of fear that outside forces could ‘invade.’ Really, we of the Ancient Ashtar would interpret this as being fearful of outside justice being dispensed upon great tyrannies.

The Annunaki of the Gathering Universe, the Krygalians of Sananda’s Protector Universe, and the Aldmari / Ashtar of Minerva’s Sun Risen and Progenitor Universes, ultimately ENDED any type of connection to the multiverse for BILLIONS of years; until local residents of such universes actually forgot a grand multiverse even existed.

Fortunately, we always knew the truth, along with our friends the Aldebarans and Pleiadian / Dastaratians, and others. We kept it very secret.

Our link to the grand multiverse, for ages, was the Piscarnians. The enigmatic 17 worlds that mysteriously appear from one end of space to another.

Who were they? They are still around but are now renamed the Cassiopeians. These are the great, religious icons of the higher universes for they can manifest across many universes, where they oversee countless societies, while transposing beliefs into populations that they are vast Gods.

Ah yes, the ancient process of seeding rulers into a new society as deities. This is done to maintain a level of psychic power in a society. The Piscarnians, as well as the Ashtar, and the Aldebarans found themselves in unlikely places like people’s horoscopes, Zodiac charts, and so much else.

The Piscarnians were ruled by Queen Pisces, and other presiding creator beings including Queen Cassiopeia, the great manifesting power of creation that led to the summoning of our universes through Big Bang events outfitted in particular ways through her essence.

Other ancient builders include Queen Andromeda and Lord Skariki (Scorpio); plus the rest of the great Shamesaran Elders.

All such beings are still in existence, presiding over the new factions of the Piscarnians.

To give illustration: Cassiopeia, known by some as a Great Mother Goddess, is 15 billion years old. In fact, as caretakers of Earth, many on your Earth who die are taken to a heavenly, paradise planet among the Piscarnian / Cassiopeian solar system.

I recall when Pisces directed my channel Cyrus to some of your world’s near death experiences (NDEs) that are written in lovely, tangible ways describing almost surrealistic and beautiful environments that are true, living breathing worlds. Such depictions of your afterlife could easily be Aldebaran or Piscarnian planets.

In the midst of so much information in this essay…We arrive near the end. So much to cover, so much to explain, so let us deliver some final points as they relate to YOU:

As mentioned previously, this higher density universe is on a spectrum of great magical power. Our universe, and other such realities known as ‘5D’ are places your people often migrate into even after death of the body. And by the time you read this paragraph, your world may have already discretely migrated into such a reality (You may be able to feel new power in your body! The beautiful presence of magic as you lie down, as if there is a supernatural power around you. Hallmarks of our universe and being up the higher density.)

Your Internet thinks this great ascension event is going to knock everyone unconscious in some traumatic way. No. Migrations to a magical 5D universe are never this way. So much wrong information. It must always be discrete.

Your world will slowly acclimate to our presence. To a point where you will see us walking around, you’ll recognize what we are, and you can simply engage us in free dialogue, as I pointed out earlier—take us out for coffee.

This is only possible after years of integrating the collective consciousness. Even that unusual incident with my lieutenants and Travis Walton had the enormous impact of celestially integrating human civilization due to Travis’s forthright, honest nature in his retelling.

Sometimes integration has been done through different channels on your Internet, like Anjos e Luz Terapias, James McConnell whom we are happy to see delivering Archangel Michael’s true message of personal accountability, Vilma Tintel, who has been delivering messages about our arrival in no uncertain terms, and others.

This is always what we mean by transferring your vibration into 5D, to move beyond the 3D / 4D existences. To alter your Light Vibration to create ripple effects around the world. Because this is the hard facts: your civilization must adapt its collective psyche on a positive level to reach our cosmos. Why?

Because your world has been infested by sociopaths. Among our channels, we are often hesitant to tell people straight that so many on Earth are narcissists, sociopaths, demented, and evil. It is long a strategy to encourage people to spread vibrations of love, light, and radiate positivity by learning empathy which is the great lesson of the Pleiades.

Sometimes, dark souls switch over as they discover they never did experience happiness in conditions of constant competition, constantly trying to outsmart, out-thwart everyone, competing for the greatest selfies, the most likes, the most validation, while eating people’s souls and magic.

Yes, people will hear our messages, which are often modified by negative forces, yet the core message still goes out.

And, instead of integrating into Light Consciousness, empathic ability, care for others, and a vibratory resonance with the world; and all karmic beings, what do they do?

They take these messages and use them to feel like Gods. “I read the messages of the Star Gods, of the Ascended Masters. Therefore, I am more spiritually enlightened than everyone else.”

We see people wearing their trite spiritual clothing who walk among the streets of your cities, passing others with judgment that they are less spiritual.

Some of your channels accurately speak of our arrival. That we come in peace. Yes, it is the Ashtar who will arrive. The Galactic Federation of Light. My people, the Manzerans. And also, the great Earth alliance. And when we do, let us say… We will come in peace, to those who deserve our peace.

Many shall not deserve our peace.

I am Daniela La’Shandiera of the Manzeran People, of the Galactic Federation of Light, of Ashtar High Command on the Higher Density Universe, from both the Gemini Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. We greet you warmly. Expect to see us in your skies.

As you read these final words, expect to feel my presence around you. A sweet feeling. Or perhaps a telepathic message by myself that you will hear in your thoughts. That activation could occur at the precise moment of right now. If you felt or experienced anything, kindly make it known.

Channeled by: Cyrus Kirkpatrick. All channeled messages can be found at the Reddit page, as well:

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