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Communication to Marisia: A White Fairy Being From Another World Once Captured on a Photo

Sometimes I have communications that really astound me. Since I started direct mental syncing, others here began talking to my same team, including the fairy realities. That includes Christy Eaglesham, who actually captured a photograph of a white fairy in Lily Dale in 2014, and I synced to that fairy only to communicate to a woman who was already on my team; a white fairy named Marisia, who I even encountered once physically in my own life. She is a major spirit guide for people on Earth.

[To clarify: I encountered a woman at a bar, a cocktail waitress, wearing a long beautiful white gown who winked at me. She then synced to me that she was Marisia.]

Below is a photo of the fairy being captured by Eaglesham in 2014. This communication began after attempting a mental syncing experience with the source behind the photograph. Much to my surprise, a mental connection was established to a fay I already knew, Marisia, who is a friend of Shantasari (please see this communication).

Captured by Eaglesham 2014

Marisia, Shantasari, Fruella, Manalana, Areenree, and a host of them now talk to a number of people on this forum. As well as through dream visitations.

I decided to learn more about who Marisia is: A white fairy court queen. And she told me something very remarkable about her magical reality. I am communicating to her again to retell the story for Afterlife Topics. This is done, as always, through clairaudient telepathy that anyone can learn with enough practice. I am told about 30% of the world are currently using this power, so it’s nothing to be too amazed about.

I am now typing what Marisia dictates:

“I am Marisia. I come from a world called Myelinos, of the 16 magical worlds suited as protectors of your planet. I am a fairy, by every definition your world’s mythologies would define.

88 million years-ago my world was brought into a universe designed for one purpose: To turn our civilization magical. We were a great, militarized civilization. Very much what you’d consider a communist regime. Our primary belief was secular atheism. We did not believe in magical things, yet we adored fantasy fiction, ideas about Elves and Fairies, for example, like your world.

We had finished a war. Our society had been an advanced civilization for about 25 billion-years in that region of the cosmos. This war took its toll on us emotionally, mentally, psychically. On a soul level.

Yet how to process such a reality when one’s essence rejects the plain-as-daylight nature of divinity and magic? Welcome to the grim future of YOUR Earth had there not been intervention. Materialism, atheism, and worst yet–pathological rationalism–dominating everyone.’s minds.

In the year … Oh… a very large number, we had finished a great war and began suffering an existential madness. Surely, there must be more to life than this. Another 25 billion years of this madness, why not? We just regenerate ourselves constantly in cryobeds; an average lifespan of Myelinos at that time in the hundreds of millions of years. Why? Terrified of the thought non existence at death, we’d always preserve ourselves.

Again, this could have been the fate of YOUR planet. If not for rescuers changing culture at pivotal moments, like the last few years.

I am Marisia. In a past life, my name was Edwalla Longton. I was thus 125 million years-old. I worked as a police officer, a barber, a military strategist, a food production assembly manager, a landscape estimation expert for construction, an exotic dancer, a model…

Well, in a life that long, that ancient, we take up many hobbies. I always looked the same though. Every ten years I’d spend a week in the regeneration pods and stay quite healthy. This technology will arise to your civilization eventually. Just a matter of understanding how an embryo grows and reactivating genetic switches to regrow cells. Simple.

So, during this psychological crisis, we were visited from another group of beings. A bit like all your UFOs on TV these days, no? Odd, but we could identify when something in the sky was anomalous, you see.

Nothing could thwart us or get past our rationalism, let alone odd lights in the sky.

We were millions of planets. A grand imperial civilization of, to be honest, tyrants. The Myelonsians, ready to spread our sense of justice and equity at the end of a rail-gun. No time for unidentified aerial phenomena!

So, we were visited by beings from a distant universe. Hmm, certainly. Not strange, yet this time it was different. The issue is that they were luminous to behold, and were taking directives from a woman named Akiane, and it just seemed different than anything else we’d ever come across.

It was an invitation to take a percentage of our planets with ‘good hearts’ into a new universe where we could integrate into a ‘new reality.’

Strange. How could our rulers opt in for this? A crisis of the mind. Again, atheism, secularism had taken its toll, so we were ready for any type of change, at all. “Let’s do it,” said Premiere Donrus, our ruler.

What about me? I did not know much about this, because I’d placed a gun with a soul dispersal bullet to my temple and pulled the trigger already. I just wanted, you see, to be part of some beautiful fantasy reality that could never exist in my mind. It was lost. Life was hopeless. Magic was not real. All my millions of years of life was just a waste, clinging to what could never be.

So I chose to use a psionic-powered bullet to destroy my consciousness energy structure, that we’d otherwise call a soul. Because we did not believe in souls.

How does one believe in non-existence? I don’t know. Ask your world’s clergy. Go ask High Priest Dawkins, or the hate Hitchens. Literally, ask the late Hitchens, wherever he is. I’m sure he’s quite lonely in whatever condition he now exists in. Sorry, I’ve been on your world for centuries so I’m a bit jaded.

In fact, I would say to you now: Atheism is a mental illness. Imposed atheism by a government is a crime against humanity. Rejection of magic and divinity is a crime against life itself if it perpetuates into the minds of children especially, for example.

And now, back to it. Where was I? Ah, right… You see, I was now dead. Where? Dispersed. My soul went into like a monkey of sorts. We did not believe in this, either [reincarnation], but now I was Marisia the Monkey. I guess some things don’t change much.

My capital planet, Myelinos, was then transferred to a new universe. How? We knew about this, too. Our Premiere was, himself, 25 billion years-old. He’d seen it all. You can move planets around universes easy, through mass manifestation. Isn’t that proof against materialism? Not if you exist in a shroud of rationalism.

So, a new universe for Myelinos and many worlds. So be it. What now? An experiment with these benefactors known as the Pascalanians. And who were they? From another distant part of the multiverse. They dressed wondrously, and were radiating a great beauty. I think our Premiere fell in love with their Queen Akiane, to be honest. It’s a good thing he did.

[Note from the channel: I was informed for historical purposes to be clear the goodness of the Pascalanian Queen, but the ultimate fall of the Pascalanian society themselves–and eventual rebirth–due to their own extreme proclivity to wickedness in the vast stretches of the cosmos.)

In the first five years of Myelinos in this new reality, things began to change. People began to notice manifestations around them. Photographs taken of oddities, like little white fairy beings. Impossible, right? Oh, everyone was already so mad, it didn’t matter anymore to Ancient Myelinosians.

Lights in the sky, as well. But not our ships. Oddities. The paranormal. We’d never experienced it before, you see. Or what of those sweet feelings everywhere? An enchantment almost. Well, what is that feeling? Psychic structure of the environment; truly. The Pascalanians made it clear: No, my dears, it is called magical power.

In some years, people began to dress in a classical style. Why? They wanted to. Behaviors changed. Identities changed. Souls began to change everywhere. The sky also began to change. The clouds would change, become whispy, almost vaporous, ethereal, surreal at times. Colors emerged in the sky. Wondrous, almost surrealistic feelings swept through our societies,

Akiane’s baron of sorts, a man named Vurun, let us know something important, “Your world now sits upon a cosmos that is designed through the collective imaginations of all reality, crying out desperately to end the tyranny of knowledge over divinity. The very imaginations, desires, of a wounded civilization will see it manifest, physically.”

Seems impossible. Ah, just wait and watch, they told us.

The goal in the collective consciousness of the Myelinosian Empire was to convert life into a giant fairy tale. It is what we wanted. On a deep, core level. It was what I wanted. Well, a dead woman at that point.

All planets of Myelinos were soon no longer recognizable. Our old allies, in what we now called the Outer Realities, thought us mad. Running around in costumes, inventing new languages, and growing pointed ears. Completely, utterly insane.

We were no longer a communist collective at that point, either.

Well, that whole new cosmos was made for us, and many other civilizations arose, and we soon had many more neighbors, weirdos like us! And then what? That power integrated deeply into nature. And also the non physical world, the ‘dreamworld’ as we’d once call it manifested into a greater, spirit reality, integrating even deeper into nature.

Suddenly, nature souls themselves began to manifest in different, often whimsical ways.

The soul of what would be Marisia, after many, many eons, found itself on a distant part of our cosmos, forming into a nature collective that saw itself as protectors of reality. We were all, in fact, Myelonisian Imperial Souls, that once longed to be part of a wondrous, magical reality, who found a very long path from life, to life, in nature, until we found ourselves as new souls… As fairies.

From a woman, to a monkey, to countless other beings, to a fairy. A true fairy. A magical being who wields the elemental magical power of ‘white’ sorcery. I joined the collective known as the Rashadel. Fairy advisors, magicians, and storytellers, ruled by courts of kings and queens. Sound familiar? Yes, exactly as Myelonisian fantasy novels and TV shows would have had it, 88 million years prior.

Now, we could also manifest in human form. Beautiful human forms, like those Pascalanians who visited us so long ago. We arrived to the world of Myelinos, dressed in luxurious, magical outfits that can stun a mortal soul with so much beauty. Our King’s name sounds like ‘Richard’. He is actually Premiere Donrus. Times certainly change.

I am now Marisia. The white fairy Queen, who travels to meet our King Richard (or is it Premiere Donrus?) at his beautiful, fairy tale castle. We of the Rashadel Court established ourselves at this point, about one hundred thousand years ago, a long time yet still by any measurement, and our court represented the five colours of magic, with five great castles that would, in time, be built.

I was walking around recently at the capital city of Dariavay. My memories of my life as Edwalla now returned to me. I walk the cobblestone streets, with carriages and technology intermixed, so classical, so beautiful in its ways, and I pass a familiar site: My old barbershop I used to work at. It was my last profession before my death, 88 million years-ago.

I step inside, and the same man is working there. A big bushy mustache, a bit pudgier than I remember him. “Welcome, Edwalla. It’s been so long! Eons, literally. Need a job again?”

Of course I smile, and walk away shyly back out onto the street. I find an alley close-by, and have to hide from the merchants as I burst into tears.

I am Marisia of the White Fairy High Court. That is the end of my little story for you. I wish all great blessings this holiday season upon the world of Gaia, changing so much, in so many subtle ways; for your world is part of such a universe as mine was sent into, even now, without the population realizing it. The stars are looking a little different, aren’t they?”

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