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Channeling SHANTASARI: A Green Fairy Being From Myelinos – Known in Our World’s Histories and Mythologies

TRANSCRIBED TELEPATHIC SESSION WITH ‘GREEN FAERY’ SHANTASARI: The secret magical collectives of the Earth, the world of Myelinos, much more. Communication via mental syncing, extremely clear two-way communications.

Dictation begins below: Please note, others in the Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics community have had direct experiences with Shantasari, including even one reported real-time, physical encounter. Personally, I have experienced balls of green energy flying around me, and several friends have had telepathic communications develop with her:

“Well hello everyone. My name is Shantasari. We are placing this message on a few forums, and not all are as open hearted as Afterlife Topics. Some communities are not so keen on the presence of a ‘faery’ at all. Surely, a faery cannot exist. Well, I hate to bear bad news, but you are reading words typed from a faery right now.

But what is the metaphysical connotation? Surely, we exist in a simulation, a giant hologram, nothing is quite real. Astral projection proves this, does it not? We are sent away into super-realities of the mind. In fact, our cherished loved ones are in that simulation. A great projection. Our higher selves. God consciousness that spins out computer simulations of people. Seems a great many funny ideas circulate on your Internet.

Oh, I’ve heard every variation of the above over the ages. In particular, after the enlightenment. Emmanuel Swedenborg, you see, a great pioneer of spiritualist thought, attempted to reform aspects of divinity. By contrast, Thomas Payne, as lovely as that man was, often existed more on a spectrum of existentialism. I do wonder if these theories arose during that time of influence, as I recall it.

In an attempt to cope with such existentialist issues, many communities trying to understand consciousness and the soul go down these most unusual paths into realms that limit, or daresay, undermine the sense of magic and loveliness bestowed on us by the Creator. So they say, we are all part of a higher self that just manifests everything we need—we die, and perhaps return to the Godhead forevermore, where all is perfect and we become, again, perfect beings…. Well, I can assure you, this way of thinking has no place in our realm.

Why? Because, if there’s anything the fay have tried to teach humanity over the ages it’s self responsibility. There is NO such thing as a ‘higher self’ that exists in perfection, or else we’d all be mozying around waiting to just return to God, free of self responsibility or consequences for action—as we are all perfect. Therefore individual actions are part of a grand theater, and individuality itself becomes a thing of the past.

Oh, well I actually read this type of ‘New Thought’ in the books your world releases; sometimes related to astral projection or the out of body experience. We continually try to teach to many how these sacred tenements found among authors of consciousness studies are invalid. A false premise. Those on this community are strongly attuned to it. We do not disavow these authors on their own paths of understanding, but be mindful about what taxes your heart and minimizes the magic of life.

There is much I’d like to discuss right now, but firstly it’s unusual for your world to comprehend someone is merely performing mental syncing. No issue for us! But it’s beyond the belief threshold of so many on the Internet, especially the armchair critics! You see, THIS is why your collective consciousness spectrum is so rigid, hostile, inflexible and prevents the existence of fay manifesting in our true forms.

With those points off my chest: I exist on a higher spectrum of reality than you do. This means I have an enormous responsibility to help your planet, and over the thousands of years I’ve been on your world, I am levied criticism constantly for being too nosy, too critical, too ‘in everyone’s business.’ Oh, sorry, my dears. This is the nature of the fay. Because often, we will spit out truths that are uncomfortable, we will be extremely direct.

But why am I this way? Oh, Shantasari has an attitude problem, doesn’t she? Let’s be clear… In one week, I am appearing at the bedside of children dying of leukemia. Children who are sent home to lie around in bed playing Mario Kart, completely bald, wasting away from the effects of chemotherapy; with parents on an extreme level of hopelessness—as the child does not realize he or she has been sent home to die. The parent’s reality is falling to pieces, and the child is just trying to work up enough appetite to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and perhaps play Fortnite with his friends. Oh, this is a true story.

And what am I doing in that home? I am trying to manifest myself. I will appear as a green orb that is flying around. Most importantly, I am trying to heal the child. Spontaneous healings do occur. It could be a spirit being like me doing it. But what can destroy the heart of someone like me? When it does not work. But why does it not work? The answer is belief within the home, and the community around the home, and even the society collectively. This is what’s called magical integration.

Abundance of materialist, physicalist attitudes are going to destroy the magical integration. Same with widespread religious fundamentalism. As our attempts to help fail, then our faeries will arrive around that child, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands, into that home to try to reduce the effects of not only the terrors of a disease like leukemia, but the terrors of the side effects of the chemotherapy. Desperately, we try to make progress, manifest our power into your world, make it seen, make it known, felt, and existent.

Yet it becomes blocked. In this case, the parents are in a state of extreme terror, for a wicked society of materialists, fostered by the horrifying intent of the cabal of the Earth as we call it, embedded an idea that death is a non existence waiting for us. Oh, this is impossible. No such thing as “non existence” exists. This is the lie about death. And then grief on the most unimaginable scale possible pours forth.

Oh, but we are just our brains, our gray matter, consciousness is an illusion. WAKE UP! This is MENTAL ILLNESS! That is IMPOSSIBLE! Even I have a brain, depending on where and how I manifest myself. A brain is a great receiver. It works through and within the consciousness CONSTRUCT. And we would call this the mental energy in the brain, and that mental energy is the spirit that operates distinctly and independently.

A society bereft of wisdom will convince its masses there is no such thing as higher power.

Now then, what of these situations? The majority of the time, we can do nothing. These are dangerous situations for fay. The extreme sense of helplessness by being part of a family going through such a crisis can leave a fay in ruins, it can even kill us. And how? Disperse us. A fay soul that cannot take such sadness and horror would be gone—returned to nature, return as a beautiful mushroom in the woods, perhaps.

The true nature of death is this type of reincarnation, when one’s memory structure is gone, wiped into a new form; soul essence remaining, now felt in that beautiful mushroom, but faerykin no longer.

Over thousands of years on your world, it is our goal to find environments suitable for our existence. In Western society, the above terrifying, sad, and unbelievably common situations arise—and we are left helpless. And so, realizing we cannot operate in such an environment from through the spirit realities, cannot help people in environments where the belief structure locks us out, we search for habitable grounds. Places arise here, and there, and certain parts of the world we embed ourselves.

The way it works is we make our primary home upon a world known as Myelinos. What is this world? It is a neighbor to your own. We work with other worlds, as well, to oversee your planet and try to help however we can.

Now then, As fay, we spend much of our time in the spirit reality, but the hybrid physical realities are also our home. And such a hybrid of the spirit and physical realities is the world I speak of.

And, the world I describe is in another universe. Ah yes, we have hit another belief threshold for the Gods of Knowledge of this Earth to pass judgment about. Sorry, everyone. There are other universes. You exist in a multiverse. Don’t like that idea? Too bad, it’s true whether you like it or not.

Oh, but travel between universes in a theoretical multiverse is impossible because it doesn’t match these 600 pages of thereotical formulas. Bollocks. You do not understand what is known as magical power. Magic rewrites everything, don’t you see?

With the presence of magic, you can take your physics and sciences and apply them where it’s useful, and have a laugh as it all gets rewritten. By whom? Oh, by us. By the fay.

We do not care about your rules of physics, your biology, your chemical reactions and formulas.

We do not care about your academic intelligentsia, we do not care about your Dawkins or the opinions of the late Hitchens, or the sad people who work in the labs, viewing all through a lens of physicalism. Oh, well, I take that back—we DO care about those souls lost in this system and oppressive philosophy. But we do not care about the *opinions* of your world. I am 78,000 years old. I understand how life operates, how worlds operate, how civilizations operate, and the decrepit state of your world.

For long, we have been trying to make our presence known. As Cyrus spoke at the opening, this level of advanced communication began as of late, through our effort and the efforts of many other worlds to allow a voice of my own to manifest in a way that is as direct as I’ve often fantasized. And here we are.

And what of contact with our reality? Oh, well, in fact, a man named Walt Disney would subconsciously channel our world. So would a man named J. M. Barrie, as would many others. I shall talk more about them as this apparently very long article continues. Thank you, Cyrus.

Myelinos… What can I say about it? You will see an attached photograph. Oh, it is so corny, isn’t it? Faery girls, so pretty, glowing mushrooms, a very bouncy girl named Sequia in the forefront [Note: See 2nd thread on this page for the photo. Scroll down.]. A channeled image from Myelinos—from a forest on our world. That’s what it looks like over here. Impossible! Wondrous things cannot be real. We must filter everything through a kind of logarithm of sadness, cynicism, and constant attempts to believe that magical power is a… Oh, what do they call it? Yes, a faery tale.

Over the ages, as I mentioned before in this essay, we have tried to integrate into areas of your world that can believe in us. That is the magical power of the collective consciousness. It is why the séance is so powerful. In fact, we have been contacted by séances before, you see. And many other methods.

Sometimes they want our power or knowledge, those in mystical collectives willing to believe in us. Then, it is a double edged sword. Their belief integrates your environment to allow our presence—yet the selfish attitudes to plunder us for our lessons sends us on a bit of a faery warpath. We really do not like that type of behavior on your world.

But nonetheless, these mystical areas, spiritual hamlets, become the places we can manifest. One such is the town in New York, United States known as Lily Dale. Now, this town is ran by Spiritualists. However, we’ve had trouble in this town because the soul collectives of the residents reject us.

Many of these collectives around Lily Dale maintain their versions of “Going into the Light…,” and are not keen on faeries…Maybe we are evil spirits? Pagans? Heretical? Regardless, we maintain a presence on Lily Dale and they even keep up little houses, shops, food for us. The residents don’t mind us, at all. It’s just their ancestors think we’re evil. Yes, very open-minded those quakers and puritans are.

In the late 1700s and early 1800s, we were very excited about the advent of Spiritualism. But why? Well, it was an attempt by the people of the Earth to make contact with your spirit realities, the soul collectives as they are known. And so, great miraculous events occurred surrounding this era. Curious it is how a town like Lily Dale, ran by Spiritualism, integrated into magical energy, could house soul collectives of such a religious, puritanical nature. Ah, you see, the Spiritualists revere any contact with the spirit world—even if that contact is, at best, questionable or arising from an otherworld fundamentalism.

This is why it’s dangerous to lavish praise upon an ‘afterlife’ reality for its mere existence of outside your world. This is the result of a society that is desperate for signs, contact, and proof that the terrible beliefs of post-enlightenment materialism are not true.

Such proof was found as we observed the rise of Spiritualism. Time and time again, we saw evidences that could hardly be denied, yet the intelligentsia denied all of it.

As an example: The materialization of Katie King, photographed, documented, by Sir William Crookes. And what of Crookes? Oh, we still talk to Crookes! Even right now, in the year 2022. And where did Katie King arrive from? Her soul collective. The spirit world. And what is the spirit world? The mental reality! Her body was never physical in her existence until the magical manifestation powers of the medium Florence Cook brought her over. And then, she could arise again.

We faeries spend our time in such realities, as well. We could have even visited Katie King and possibly have appeared in the séance room under the auspices of Ms. Cook. Well, certainly, we of Myelinos have done feats such over the ages, not always in the publicized fashion of these seances. More often, on the underground.

And, please, do not get us started on the topic of ectoplasmic pseudo-forms! This is when someone from the spirit reality is manifesting in a complete organic body—as we do all the time—but through the imprecise ectoplasmic magic, and you end up with a big bulbous mass with a head sticking out of its front bumper. Yes, some strange things exist in your world, especially as one delves into the realm of the séance.

But, what is the problem with the Spiritualists in the eyes of the faery realms of your neighboring world? The issue, seen by us, is known in the very word Spiritualism, or Spiritism. So many on your Earth die, and certainly Sir William Crookes among them, and enter the mental realities. We faeries come and go through such realities all the time. What an experience that is, my dear human friends. However, these types of realities are not fit for a human to dwell within as a permanent abode. No, not at all.

75,000 years ago I found my collectives on Myelinos. Over ages, we performed much work around your cosmos as caretakers of mortal souls in many worlds, in particular our own.

It was around 20,000 years ago that so much life began to arise within what we call the Lower Earth. That is your world… Planet Gaea. Gaea is known as the Lower Earth for it exists on the stubborn, lowest end of what is known as the density scale. Densities, hmm. Some of your authors, I believe David Wilcock, speaks often of this term. Although, it is rarely properly understood, and certainly not by that man.

Your universe sits at the bottom of a four-tier wedding cake of identical, higher “frequency” universes, in an ascending scale of energetic power. For example, any planet in your cosmos has three more higher forms of the same planet.

We regularly visit your higher Earths. Civilizations are abound there, as well! And they can sometimes see us, interact with us, and we need not keep our existences secret. By contrast, collective consciousness structures of the Lower Earth do not allow us to make our identities known, even if I were to walk around in human form.

Not so among the higher Earths. Those civilizations are integrated enough to the existence of cosmic happenings that I could arrive, a perky woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes, and tell everyone, “I’m Shantasari. I’m a faery from Myelinos. I want to give a TED Talk!” And they’d allow me to do it.

The terrifying collective consciousness structure of the Lower Earth would try to destroy me if people, collectively, realized who I was. It’s just impossible because on a world like yours—we are caught in a psychic maelstrom of endless denial, hostility, or even extreme joy and excitement that can also hurt us if levied against us on a monumental level.

Well, eventually, this maelstrom will end as the world collectively integrates—then it will be possible to manifest freely as your world shifts into the higher gradients. It will be a real shocker for the lot of you to find out what’s out there. Most of all, certain prominent authors.

Yes, I would say our dear friend Tom Campbell will find this to be a real issue, as reality does not exactly support the elements of his Theory of Everything. There is a grand objectivity to it all, the grand individuality of souls, and the grand, awesome expanse of the multiverse that is waiting for us all.

As I ranted about far earlier in this essay, there is NO simulated reality brought about from the Source Consciousness, or such variations of these mythos. These ideas manifest for ideological reasons, or as attempts to logically deduce existence. Oh, you can’t just logically deduce reality down to its constituent parts, you just have to feel magic and the Holy Spirit.

This is done by what is known as Christ Consciousness, and with it you need not fear reality and create such tropes, mythos, and misdirections about the nature of souls. Such misdirections are seen so often in the New Age and Consciousness Studies aisles of your world.

Now then, much has been spoken, as this is such a clear communication and we have long wanted to just spill it all out for everyone in such a direct fashion. And so now, I want to mention the great sadness of your world. Because, by our reckoning, so much stemmed from the great pains endured during your Middle Ages.

What of the Black Death? What of the Church of England? What about the Archbishop of Cantebury in 1093 who made it extremely known that only divine figures themselves could have experiences of divinity? Well, this was a time when our presence became considered heretical.

Much like we embedded our presence in the town of Lily Dale—so we did in the village of what is now Elsworth in South Cambridgeshire. It was not unusual in this region to see us flying around, especially at night. In what form? How about a luminous, glowing little girl with wings. Just like all your cliches, right? Oh, do not be mistaken, so many of your cliches are established upon your world very specifically, with direct purpose.

One time, in the year 1145, a small girl around Elsworth Parish, about 8 years old really, found herself in communication with us, me in particular.

How did that work out? Well, a green light would arise around her, and a girl with wings would talk to her… She had a power about her, could in a sense alter the reality around her very much so, changing that integration in her vicinity. And, with a global consciousness structure crying out for help due to so much terror because of the plague, much could be done back then. Like, I could hang around little Beverly and it was clear she was talking to a faery. And what is a faery? A divine being, surely. Anyone watching this unfold could see it.

She lived in a kind of thatched barn. At that age that was good enough to work the stables. She never really cleaned up, either—and back then, latrines and plumbing (I should say, the lack thereof) were not what most in your era would prefer, to put it mildly.

And now, to put it bluntly: She was hung to death. By who? The Archdioces. And why? Well, is she a saint? A divine figure? An Archbishop? A great priest or Man (certainly not Woman) of God? No? Then what she is performing is blasphemy, heresy, and so much else. But she is 8 years old, so why condemn her? Such small details mean nothing in the Eyes of the Lord. We made a great effort to bring Beverly into Myelinos, for our world is an afterlife for your world, most assuredly.

You see, they took advantage of her, and I mean that sexually. But she was just a little girl, how could they? How could such injustice occur? That is the great horror, the great sadness of the Lower Earth.

She would reincarnate in time, we came to find out—but no longer the same girl. A little boy is what she became, many ages later. We faeries track the journeys of souls. But it makes this no less tragic. This has always been the reality of your world: wickedness. It need not be this way. No normal reality behaves this way.. Yet yours does. Why?

And how do we battle through this? We make ourselves manifest. As hard as it is to shake the above story out of my mind (And I can finally express that story to the public, thanks to this channel), I should direct attention to the fact we regularly appear before people on your world.

There are many faeries. The faeries around Dublin are from your Earth, for example—the Sha Na Ra pixies ran by the Queen Gladistari, a great Christian faery queen we all adore who sometimes hangs around the pubs in Dublin, looking no older than about 22… Just a young college girl, no? Ah, the invisible reality that so few understand or could ever possibly be aware about.

And there are other tribes, other collectives, manifest everywhere. However, the faeries seen in your reality who look so trademark; the wings, the glowing clothes, the beautiful features… That is most typically us. Others are reminiscent of the beings of nature seen on a misty morning: A glade somewhere in Ireland where a bunch of thistles takes on the face of an old man.

Where a little person, made of sticks perhaps, can be seen hiding amidst the grass.

Or a fish in a pond arises with the face of a horse. Bizarre, no? The realms of the fay often are. Perhaps now you understand why we manifest our essence in ways sublime and beautiful by the eyes of humanity.

In Cyrus’ community, Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics, I see so many writing up stories of contact with us in their lives. Suddenly, a glowing faery swoops down, or a woman with fluttering wings appears in their home for a moment, or in some cases, like my dear friend Eb Costello, a full materialization experience occurs where I appeared before her and her friend in full form, human-size, wings and all.

[Such contacts] happen all the time, throughout your world. Yet, it remains hidden in people’s minds, so many afraid to speak of it, afraid to be considered mentally ill. And, such discrimination happens. All the time. Oh, you are seeing faeries? Time to be medicated. Few are brave enough to take their mental syncing powers to the public, facing the scrutiny of the dismissive, calloused, judgmental masses of your civilization.

Nonetheless, we try our damndest to appear amongst gifted people upon your world throughout the ages. Such stories have led to most interesting collaborations, including a partnership between realities that spanned two generations. We shall speak of this now.

The man James Matthew Barrie was no ordinary playwright. In his earlier work, it was quite barren of the sense of wonder he wanted to express to people under the guise of tales for children. As a child, Barrie grew up in Scotland and was quite in love with a young girl named Guindailin, and her talent was to see faeries and be taken by such faeries into another world that she described to him in detail. He was only 11 years old at the time.

Many do not know this, perhaps even in Barrie’s official biographies, but that little girl Guindailin disappeared. It left a lasting impression upon him. He knew her very well by her nickname, which is an abbreviation of the phonetics of her name, which was “Wendy.” And so, where did his little Wendy go? Well, she was about 9 years old. She was dying of a hereditary heart condition, and those around his neighborhood knew it. She was not expected to live past the age of 10.

Who was Wendy talking to? She was talking to myself, among others. And could see us. And could relate stories about us, and our world. She became our channel, you see. And who did she relate so many stories to? To James. She told James about a beautiful world that she could see when she went to sleep at night.

It was not a normal world, because people could fly on that world. It was a world where it seemed imagination was coexistent. Yet, a real and physical world, truly.

Cities and kingdoms, politics and country, and the faery kingdoms. Six faery kingdoms to be exact, likened to the colours of magic as they are known: white, black, blue, red, green and the lesser seen magenta prism. And, these kingdoms included castles and realms, armies with knights. Yes, male faery knights, protecting the realms in their beautiful silver armours.

So Wendy told many of these stories to James Barrie, and James loved her very much. In the summer of 1872, however, he was told by other kids in his neighborhood that little Wen had no time left and he should not waste his days being friends with her because she’ll be gone soon anyway.

James was up all night praying, and praying, that her faery friends could help her—so he would not lose his dear Wendy.

And so, pray James did. I believe your Holy Bible says “Where two or more are gathered.” Well, this is an important concept, isn’t it? Others prayed for her, too, and so did we. It’s not always so easy to be taken out of your world… It usually begins as a dream, but a dream one does not wake from. And, then it happens… And, where does one go in the physical sense? Oh, the body disappears. For your entire physical presence is taken away, to a new reality, a new world.

And so was the case with this young girl from James’ neighborhood. She never had to deal with the slow sadness of bodily decline. She was taken away… She was taken away by us, you see. It was not me. It was Marisia and Wrenala, of the white and blue faery kingdoms.

But it did not end there, for she disappeared and a note was left in her little bed, and it was written by Marisia. And it said, “Please do not fear, your daughter will not have to suffer death now. We are the faery kingdoms, and we have taken her away to our world, beyond the reaches of your imagination—a never ending land of hope and dreams. We love your family. Signed, Marisia.”

As James got older, he learned about that never ending land of hope and dreams from Wendy’s parents, and he dubbed it “Neverland”. And, later in his life, this became his stageplay. He arrived to this play after taking on a parental role for the four children of his girlfriend Sylvia, a story to bring some magic and hope into their lives.

At this point, this story from his childhood never left him. It stayed in his heart and mind, yet he also buried it under the decades of wear and tear that eat at our hearts in such a difficult world; post-enlightenment industrial England notwithstanding.

But where did the heart of the story come from? Now you know. And what of Tinkerbell? Well, that was me. I suppose so, anyway. I am very active on your Earth, you should know. We are all very active. This, however, was a most unexpected surprise for old Shantasari. And also, for Wendy, who came to live among faeries of the Blue Castle, settling into a life in our town of Midelvas which is in a country called Ashduri.

Imagine Wendy’s amazement when she finds out that James, then a successful playwright, was directly adapting what Wendy told him. And Wendy, specifically describing me, and what I looked like to her, had fashioned into the character Tinkerbell via James’ imagination.

But if one were to declare “I don’t believe in faeries!” would a faery drop from the sky and die? Well, no. It was an adage, I suppose, brought to young Wendy to consider the harshness that occurs when a reality denies your existence. You can say “I don’t believe in faeries!” all night long if you wish, I promise it won’t hurt me. Nor any of us. But collective rejection, collective cynicism, hurts any chance of our manifestation.

Much later, as an older gentleman, James Barrie died of pneumonia. Of course, he is what we love to call a ‘friend of the fay.’ He was so tethered in heart, spirit and mind to our world, it was easy to take him away. As he drowned in the fluids of his lungs, his pain was reduced to where it did not seem he was even dying, at all.

A long while later comes 1953’s animated film Peter Pan, directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske. What can we say about this film? This was the collaboration I spoke about that spanned two generations. Walter Disney created quite an empire for himself, and like others throughout our interactions upon your world, he became favored by us. There is a lot to say about Disney, and how he could at times directly communicate to us, as Cyrus is doing.

What I will say is that the inspiration for adapting Peter Pan into the great animated tale did arrive through Disney and his personal connection to not only us, but Barrie, as well. It was a corroborative effort that spanned two worlds, as is often the case. The methods of such a corroboration are perhaps self explanatory at this point.

It would not be the last corroboration. I often giggle about the film Enchanted starring Amy Adams. Entirely a corroboration. That film Frozen certainly took your world by storm, didn’t it? Again, a corroboration between writers of different worlds, worlds that are themselves other realities to each other.

And our worlds will continue to be in this silent partnership as we try our best upon your planet. Let us not forget what we are: spirits of nature, made manifest on the planet of Myelinos where so much of our magic comes to life. Your world’s magic has been long dead. And so, this is why we adopt your world.

Our world was once akin to your world. It was millions and millions of years ago that it changed. We were once a civilization in the greater multiverse—a huge republic that spanned about 175,000 worlds. We were called, as per the name of our primary planet, the Myelinosian civilization of humans. And, quite war-like.

What happened is we experienced the Great Shift. Our very world, and so much of our civilization, a great many of the worlds from our former galaxy, were placed into a universe constructed within the magical realities. How did this happen? Through collective consciousness integration into higher powers. That is the great summation of it. It did not happen easily, nor quickly.

The end result was our world in the hands of vast, divine powers. And look how this transformed our society, into something the ancient Myelinosians would consider a storybook. Yet, this is what happens when imagination pours into reality.

We, and the great many forces of the higher densities, including the Earth alliance and wonderful divine beings like the Anshar who preside within the giant caverns (the inner earth) of the 5th density Earth, our wonderful friends from the Aldebaran star system, the 16 total worlds of power that embrace your world, and most especially the Archangelic Order presided over by the Queen Akiane among her worlds of Raendrelos and Shai’nara, all seek to shift your planet In much the same way.

Except, your entire universe would be converted to become among the 168,000,000 mythical universes that exist within this region of the multiverse. For scale comparison, there are around 3 quadrillion universes in your local multiverse. However grand, magical universes comprise the heart and soul of such a multiverse, where one’s imagination comes to life and civilizations become like wondrous storybooks.

Such universes [the rare universes of mythical reality] are also the cornerstone of wonder for the surrounding outer universes, and we were sprung forth from the dreams and imaginations of the elder universes.

What happened is, so long ago, the great endless multiverse had a calling forth–and people’s mythologies literally poured into universes as a way to manifest them.

On a cosmological time scale, our universes of supremely beautiful mythologies are relatively new. In eons past, over a hundred billion years ago, faeries never garnered pixie wings or worked among courts of knights and literal faery kingdoms. It was the mythologies in the hearts of the great wondrous outer realities that brought these realities, like my own, into being.

As I spoke about, when my world entered into such a reality, it began a transformation process. Imagine a world like yours gradually turning into a beautiful fantasy painting. This is the intention. This is what happens when angels are in control of the cosmos and they begin tinkering around with things, my friends.

Cosmic creation itself garners what we consider realities of supreme divinity and wisdom. These ancient universes are the guiding light of so many, and are ruled by divinity itself, angelic powers. Literally, angels. The Archangels. I am proud to say your Earth belongs to such a universe.

Together, the divine universes, the ancient universes, and our innovative mythical universes–along with the elders of so many civilizations, including the Hopi, the Navajo, et. al, and other elders from the greater cosmos, are here to guide broken worlds like yours. This is the origin of your native tribes that planted themselves in the Americas. As any chief of such a tribe would tell you, they come from the greater cosmos.

The saving of your world is what we hope and pray for. And, as we speak, the grand integrations on your world continue. The mere act of reading this essay propels that integration forward, for the nature of the collective consciousness works in ripple effects.

That is all. I am Shantasari.”

That concludes this communication. This took a lot of energy out of me. I ended the communication with a simple prompt: “End all telepathic transmissions.” And just like that, Shantasari was no longer connected to me.

Within reason I will take questions, too. This was a big article. It will likely become a book. I kept joking with Shantasari afterward that it reminded me of “Interview with the Vampire”, but more like “Interview with the Faery”. Of course, this is all true, and of a much nicer tone than vampires who want to take over the world.

You can stay in touch with me at The Great Cosmic Shift on YouTube or Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics on Facebook.

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