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Conversation With a Mysterious Multiverse Authority – Relationships and Fidelity on Other Worlds

I was recently talking to a communicator named Veranda. These communications are growing in caliber, migrating into ‘real life’. In this case, a very mysterious blonde woman nodded and tried to talk to me while I was downtown. That was her.

I simply began mental syncing to her and learned of her role in the multiverse and observations of planet Earth. She is Veranda of an ancient Angelic Order.

(Don’t forget to learn about how to mental sync at this link or how to get involved at this link.)

She jokes about our world’s pop culture, “A lot in imagination taps into true things. Put into your Google ‘Sisters of Battle’. Hmm. That is us. Similar style, uniforms, and so forth, from one of your games. Most of us are angels.”

The way it works is we have our local major authorities, like the Arcturians, Lyrians, Pleiadians, but over and above are the multiverse authorities, like Mimi I communicated with last week. These forces oversee major aspects of reality across trillions of universes and planes of existence. Everything, basically.

This communication delves into the extremely important subject of how romantic relationships are taught in civilizations where life expectancy shoots from 75 up to the millions, in worlds that are eternal and unbelievable in contrast to our own.

To continue: Here is the conversation with Veranda, via 2-way telepathic conference,

“Perhaps tell your community, Afterlife Topics, one of the hardest points a struggling human population must come to terms with concerns romantic relationships.”

Veranda continues, “The first point is outer human realities are not your planet. People can stay whatever age they desire. Older in appearance creates a soul alteration of maturity; and so elders remain in their elder years. Others, like the Tritara Soralis, my order, tend to stay perhaps in their twenties in spirit and appearance.”

“We exist in higher density, energy bodies where you’d think of us as higher dimensional in all our capacity in ways that could not be expressed or understood adequately via description alone. I am octilions of years old by your years. My original soul dates to cosmic creation points which can be understood in ‘years’ but it is so large, so vast, you don’t try.”

“Your civilization is near an extinction point. A primary reason concerns the upbringing of new souls.”

“It’s important to understand the source of extreme pain, drama, sadness, and destruction of family homes is a result of toxic relationships.”

“These relationships are never addressed properly in schools. Instead, there are women using their sexuality to exploit boys, and boys refusing to do work to become sexually attractive and masculine by true definitions; and they instead become crude, lazy.”

“The girls, despite not feeling attracted to those boys, seek them as sexual conquests for the purpose of status ascension. Who? Maybe the rich son of a banker, who looks most physically ‘macho’, and is also on the basketball team. He might be a lovely man, or maybe he’s not at all. It does not matter either way with these types of young so called ‘women’.”

“This is taught by television shows. It is taught to get with such men for the purpose of higher status. Perhaps for popularity on your Instagram or peer approval, money, or other mis-priorities that are pure wickedness.”

“On the other end, relationships develop among youth who do not understand themselves, do not understand life, do not understand cosmos, are taught someone like me does not and cannot exist, and they are thrown into a social arena where they also develop romantic relationships.”

“They do not understand the power of romantic coupling. They go from a state of insecurity to experiencing the vast, divine creation energy of a romantic relationship.”

“Your world’s regional, higher density planets, in their education system, use a film called Romeo + Juliet starring DiCaprio and Danes, to illustrate the terrors that occur.”

“Young souls, experiencing romantic affection, when there is no ordinary affection to be found in their homes, their friends, their schools, their societies, grow into states of extreme codependent behavior when exposed to an energy so extraordinary, so massive.”

“Then these ‘couples’ become absolutely obsessed, unable to think straight, often going mad. This appears to be true love, absolute affection, right? Wrong These are tropes your failed civilization produces. To make matters worse, what I observe on your planet is ‘young adult’ fiction heralding such ideas.”

“In a typical higher density high school setting, by junior year the students must all learn to become their most attractive selves possible. We mean sexually attractive. This is to avoid caste systems developing of who is more attractive than the next, and to allow everyone to potentially be romantic partners.”

Think of a one semester personal development ‘boot camp’ including physiological development and a heavy emphasis on learning what is known as tantra. Learning how to be lovers on a romantic, spiritual level, including even how to touch a partner in energetic ways.”

“Those with behavioral dysfunction, unable to lose weight, A-sexual, or perhaps on a different path entirely (LGBT) are separated. Men who cannot show actual masculine qualities that provoke sexual arousal (having conviction, protecting loved ones, compassion) are separated. Women who see their sexual qualities as something to control boys with and are ruthlessly ambitious, are also separated.”

“Everyone then ends up in different settings. Some end up in special education curricula to avoid persecution / mocking by other students (LGBT etc).”

“Some end up in behavioral health education centers (behavioral dysfunctions, continuous ‘creepy’ behaviors). Others stay for a while in personal development / weight loss / psychological health curricula to heal…”

“And others end up either in behavioral health or kicked out of school entirely for toxic feminine or masculine issues. The latter may end up, depending on levels of indecency and immorality, either in young adult prisons, or executed. They are psychically arbitrated to see how ruthless they are. Executions are normal in a society when thinning out deplorable sociopaths. Sorry, does this upset you? I do not care. Your civilization is a failure and to think otherwise would make you part of the problem.”

“The rest, a majority of the population (usually 70% of the women and only 50% of the boys) are leftover by junior year. What happens then? All types of classes to completely deconstruct these issues. The students will watch Romeo + Juliet on your higher density worlds you regard as your afterlife. We also enjoy that film’s soundtrack, the song #1 Crush by Garbage, that illustrates toxic codependency. The singer from that band, I believe her name is Shirley Manson, is a woman from the world of Shai’nara and your local Angelic Order. Sometimes Angelic warriors take on similar motifs, no?”

“William Shakespeare himself also wrote Romeo and Juliet as a warning about this very phenomenon. That man is still very active among your Earths as an educator now more than a literary genius.”

“Next, after yet more education on all these issues, students are matchmade with each other. Typically 6 matches per student per semester long Sexual Ethics class.”

“Their assignment is to go in private, it might even be an empty classroom, for 10 minutes at a time, with one other student match. They will practice getting to know each other, and the women must learn how to use this opportunity to understand themselves while sitting on a boy’s lap which could elicit sexual feelings. They will be separated before the practice gets out of control; and then, they’ll meet again only after the woman has time to decide if the young man is somebody who likes as a partner. This is to help a society learn how to get along with the opposite sex and not jump directly into dangerous, regretful sexual experiences at parties.”

“Near the end of this semester, they’re all forced to intermingle and work on projects together. Now the boys are with other boys who (oh no!) also made out with Sarah. Sarah is now meeting Alice who has definitely gotten busy with Robert.”

“Will they all fight and kill each other? Hopefully not. But the aim is they’re all friends anyway, and totally fine dating each other and being romantically involved. In the best case scenario, this creates social harmony. Everyone’s romantically (or sometimes sexually) involved with everyone else. And is just happy and no issues. Well, that’s the aim, anyway. It’s just hard.”

“This same class occurs again in senior year, then again in university, and at the end of university. In a higher human society, this continues endlessly. Even into marriage. Imagine your husband is with his female friend and they’re out at a park holding hands and hugging, kissing, and she returns home and you cook her dinner? Unimaginable. But we are extraterrestrial planets by your reckoning.”

“The Sexual Ethics class, when implemented, destroys toxic monogamy and codependent obsession-based relationships out of a culture. It can also result in an 85% reduction in crime and social issues in a human society.”

“It teaches students The Great Lesson known as the Romantic Collective Consciousness of Humans. This is the true concept every man and woman who could be romantically paired, are already paired, and already know each other.”

“When a man meets a woman he finds beautiful, he is rediscovering her. Why? On a vast psyche basis, everyone already knows each other, and is already romantically connected. This is also why separation does not occur among romantic couples. Even if you have not seen each other for 100 years, you are literally in psychic communication on a moment by moment basis. The same goes with others you’ve never physically met, septillions of human souls that you already know and are romantically connected with. Just subconsciously. Impossible, right? Ah ha! Welcome to divinity, and how it operates.”

“I am Veranda. Your planet was going to be destroyed if not for recent advancements in your collective consciousness structure redeeming it. It would have been mercy killed with antimatter power. It would have happened within moments. Why would your world be set for extermination? A completely failed civilization on a social, spiritual level. All the souls would have been reborn and remanifested in appropriate places, those worth saving… Which, at certain points in your world’s history, were always a minority. Instead, your world barely redeemed itself, and will get to experience its cosmic shift in coming months and years. With love, I am Veranda of the Multiverse Authorities of Human Culture, as we are known.”

[Transcribed via communications with Cyrus Kirkpatrick]


  • Wendy

    I feel that I have this capacity to deeply love many partners at the same time and wish to divide my time among all of them while allowing them the same opportunities. If only our societal rules would allow for it, still it would be a challenge to find others without the jealousy or neediness to allow a free flow of interactions. I have had other world memories of societies that lived in family groups of usually 32 adults of differing ages who all got along well finding all their needs within the group, spiritual, sexual, emotio al, intellectual and nuturing. Children produced within the family were raised equally by all the adults through the specific gifts they had to give. No jealosy or pettiness, just admiration and respect for one another. I felt it inside of me as I believe I have been a part of that somewhere in my multiverse.

  • Christiaan

    So this ancient Angelic Order exist in a society where “Executions are normal in a society when thinning out deplorable sociopaths”, not just sorting out fat people to conform to beauty standards, LGBT are kicked out , etc.

    And she reckons our civilization is a failure?

    Remind me to stay away from this sexual Utopia higher density super troopers killing each other for social engineering, never mind in galactic wars.

    You couldn’t make this shit up.

    • admin

      This is so great, because my team is informing me that ‘Christiaan’s’ weird comment is a Class-A example of Earth society hysteria, insanity, and so forth. It’s a complete inability to adapt to ‘real life.’ How can we count the ways?

      LGBT people are weeded out? NOPE… Sent on a special curriculum in other civilizations that caters to their needs and keeps bullies away from them. THE HORROR. See the entitled attitudes? Akin to the ‘woke community’ who will be offended by literally anything.

      Executions are absolutely normal in a civilization that weeds out extreme, terrifying sociopaths who create Satanic cabals. The horror! Why does Christiaan hate this idea? Because he is ‘cabal’ and wants that kind of horror. Christiaan gets off on it

      A sexual utopia? Christiaan is the one demanding a sexual utopia. Because he wants to enslave and control women. Higher human civilizations find ways to destroy this weird terrifying sh– out of society. Nowhere in this post is any mention of a sexual utopia or anything even remotely of the sort. So where does this projection originate from? Christiaan’s bizarre mind.

      Christiaan is literally the reason why humanity won’t advance.

      • Christiaan

        Ok, I admit it. I am a mutant who is remembering my life as chief male sexual dominator of the Cabal, and therefore I want to try and influence you not to spread the truth about life, the universe(s) and everything.

        I have locked onto your soul psychically, and will be waiting for you in any higher density you may wish to escape to, and will keep on misdirecting your pitiful mind to reincarnate endlessly to this particular lowest density earth. Not only you, but I’m thinking, your whole team as well. At least for the next 3.78 billion years until this sun expands and eats all the planets.

        Oh, and as sexual dominator I will ensure you never find a compatible partner of any sex during these 3,78 billion years.


        You can believe the above, or use Occams Razor and get that I am actually worried about you as a person. You contributed to my understanding of the afterlife by your website – not that long ago – and now you lost me totally as you move into a total mindfack of aliens and a multiverse of superior beings with not so superior morals or lives. You believe in this stuff to the extent that you don’t consider the alternative – that the afterlife is just that – not a science fiction multiverse of good versus evil space sagas and secret societies and misinformation on multi-universal scales. You believe at the same time that you have the powers to see through all this psycho-misdirection and subterfuge and you will expose the “truth” because you are special or the chosen one or just luckily stumbled into contact with the “good guys”. You are NOT being played, YOU are in control.

        It’s scary to read most of this stuff. Ron L Hubbard came up with Dianetics as a psychological method of releasing past trauma – all good – then went on and started Scientology and invented Thetans and space people and souls locked up in volanoes… A whole rabbit hole.

        So no, I am not a Cabal or space alien in disguise. I’m just me, a stupid human who have your interest at heart – and I am saying you have taken a direction heading down a rabbit hole which does not seem kosher to me.

        I’m concerned for you and I just pointed out a little bit of what was obvious to me – and it seems you are rationalizing my points away. There’s already a lot of weird shit on the internet – and I just hope you can keep perspective.

        Anyway – I’m not going to engage with you about this any further, as I think we are diverging in direction and intent. I’m into ego free, spiritual development, not science fiction-like alternate reality as an after-life.

        I will gladly be proven wrong about stuff as long as it is assisting me going the right way. Towards Unconditional Love.

        Good luck,Cyrus.

  • Lily B Copple

    I suppose I’m confused because I like my partner and am happy with him. We are older and do not espouse marriage as we have. We share a name not a piece of paper. We choose it everyday. I know in the future one or both of us could be attracted to others and we will talk about it then. I do not feel all relationships need a sexual component. Must they have it to be rounded??

    • admin

      No, it’s just a matter of overthinking a bit, because Earth life is different than a life where you are one million years old, and age 25 in appearance that entire time. Life gets very different in a higher density.

  • Christiaan

    And this is our enemy?

    “The cabal: A criminal banking enterprise that maintains occult power through consumption of adrenochrome – blood harvested of children.

    This power allows them to perform reality alteration manifestation, including alteration of people’s lives, psychic control, extreme physical paranormal power.”

    Cyrus, if you believe this, really, you are going to have a hard time getting out of that rabbit hole. It is textbook paranoid, right-wing, fictional, conspiracy theories. It’s so dumb it boggles the mind. Flat earth stuff. For f—sake, just duck-duck-go it.

    I was going to say I’m sending some guys over with white coats on to give you some tranquilizers – but you are probably too paranoid by now to even smile at my jokes…

    So long, and thanks for all the fish…

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