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PRIMARY TRAINING FOR MEDIUMS: Always Critically Evaluate Where a Soul Resides! PERIOD!

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Let’s begin.

How to Avoid Connecting to Hollow Heavens

My ability is direct, two way clairaudient communications. I like to call it cosmic social media. All mediumship can develop to this point. Psyche blocks (fear of complete thought sharing) is all that stops it.

Regardless, once in communication, a percentage of all deceased enter mental reality fabrication zones as some call it.

It is a medium’s duty to rescue people from these areas. My students do so frequently rather than encouraging an Earthbound soul to migrate into fabrication realities, which many untrained mediums do.

It is also irresponsible to assume a soul is Earthbound because their description does not match your own myopic, often selfish ideas of pearly gates and cherubs (This is called tough love.)

See how mediums cause massive harm unless trained properly?

Several celebrity mediums I can think of without naming names, work exclusively in fabrication realities.

The worst (Mark Antony, I won’t even hide that name) claims when we die we become spiritless electromagnetic energy signals, maintaining only an illusion of what we once were.

I actually sat in his audience in Scottsdale, 2018, while he told grieving people this concept. (Remember, the more famous you are, the more money you have, as a ‘Psychic Lawyer’, the more credible you are.)

These are spirit worlds where you can be and do anything you want. So delightful. Or manifestations of what a religion or society expects. Or even collectivized beliefs in extreme rationalism (e.g.: Antony’s electromagnetic reality theory.)

“Beverly can be anything. She is now a pop star and eats chocolate cake for dinner.”

“The world of spirit means you are part of God. God merely creates holographic projections of itself. Your loved one does not exist anymore except as the creator of the holograph.”

“The Light means Sandra is at the gates of Jesus as Jesus’s humble servant. There she is surrounded by the saints and looks down from heaven.”

“There is no negativity in the afterlife. It is impossible to experience anything but love. Not even sadness exists. Only eternal love and eternal rest.”


None of these descriptions are accurate or even ethical if you use some common sense.

Eternal rest? Catholic concept.

Life is a giant hologram? Existentialism from let’s say consciousness rationalists.

Anything you want is instantly made for you? That is another concept that arises in people about “heaven” because they just want everything / anything, like children, as these are people in life lacking discipline and education. So, people’s consciousness separates at death and they construct *GIANT SHARED DREAM REALITIES* to fulfill that concept.

These are ALL shared dreamscapes, even sometimes states reported in popular NDEs.

– Every single person who dies is now at the throne with Jesus: Fundamentalist Christians.

– You get anything you want instantly: Materialistic people who do not prioritize love / spirit.

– We are electromagnetic energy signals: Rationalists, debunkers, atheists, who die and cram their weird concepts into a dream state.

– We exist in pure love endlessly, nothing else, forever: Emotionally unstable people who cannot cope with varied expression and states of mind.

God is a giant computer system, we are its holograms: My Big TOE Fans (Sorry, I couldn’t resist, but absolutely everything ever written by Tom Campbell is false in the context of an afterlife. This is a real mental bardo state I have rescued spirits from who each individually think they are the only thing in existence, AKA SOLIPSISTS!)

How Does This Arise And What To Do About It

I am going to be extremely blunt: You cannot as a medium EVER try to make claims like, “We are all on different paths in life and heaven for one person is different from another person.”

No, then you are condemning the deceased into false realities. I don’t care if a false reality is written by the world’s most prestigious author describing forays into the Solipsist Heaven, it’s not true.

#1: Discriminate where your communicator is arising from.

Don’t just assume, “Sarah is in heaven which is perfect. This is so beautiful.” Wow, never do that. Just because they aren’t ‘earthbound’ does not mean any of the above states are suitable for Sarah.

So communicate and try to evaluate some information critically. Also, how strong is your communication? Work on telepathy practice (see this guide linked for example). If it’s just little impressions, maybe strengthen it.

#2: Do not lecture the soul that they are in a false reality, play along; use intent to hide your own thoughts.

This is important. They will often become hostile and defensive if you bring up suddenly, “That’s a fake heaven!” Instead, just coax them along. “Wow, so lovely, you’re now more popular than Kim Kardashian…”

#3: Request assistance from an integration facility

Integration facilities help the deceased manifest into actual other lives and worlds. These are professional institutes that evaluate the situation on our world constantly. Set an intent to contact an Earth world integration facility, become friends with them, and learn about actual conditions. They have psychologists on call who know how to wean someone out of such states.

#4: Follow-up with the integration facility to find the status of the soul.

Find out if they have that spirit ‘on file’ (They might make a few Ghostbusters jokes). This will help the bereaved loved one learn if they are going to be integrated into a true new reality, or not.

#5: If the soul cannot be reached, we can assess it is likely a reincarnation case.

Help the sitter understand reincarnation is often put together with help of their guides, and is because a soul wants a ‘do-over’, sometimes on Earth, sometimes beyond Earth. This can be hard for people to process.

#6: More rarely, a soul is in a very troubled (nightmarish) condition. This is because of an extreme guilt-ridden psyche and / or they’ve done legit terrible criminal deeds. Not an easy situation, either. A white lie about their soul being reincarnated can be appropriate, and see if you or an integration facility can enable reincarnation for that soul instead of being stuck in such a condition.

#7: Understanding WHAT the Afterlife Is

Let’s put it this way: The film Nosso Lar depicts an actual other reality; complete with an integration facility. Although, that world is maintained by a strong fundamentalist religious take that I am told is not accurate for many people. However, it’s a ‘true’ higher density reality.

The film / book What Dreams May Come, my team informs, was a real, physical ethereal existence. Although, I am told that reality long ago disbanded itself.

Higher reality states are never going to be these mental states where everything just appears and exists in a type of vast dream spectrum, where thoughts = things. To finish these points: Reality is two sides of the same coin, the mental reality and the physical reality, and the physical reality can become very ethereal, very amazing, and most who pass away end up on real other worlds, a universe apart from us, but existence is designed for life. And that includes the cosmos.

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  • Vincent Belt

    So you write about the central integration facility. This seems to be of critical importance to everyone. Can you, Cyrus Kirkpatrick tell us which of your contacts are a part of these integration facilities?

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